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Rider in the Crack (Thu 09 Jun 2005 21:59:37 GMT)

Latin Streety Fest Booty

Last weekend I got some good action at a latin street festival a few blocks from my apartment. It involved a 40ish Latina milf with a mega ass.

What first attracted me to that ass was what she was wearing: a black halter top and white stretch capri pants with black platform flip flops. Those tight pants on that thick round ass were obscene. You could see her panties through then. She didn'

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Rider in the Crack (Fri 10 Jun 2005 21:05:59 GMT)

Big Blonde Sweater Dress Booty

Thanks for the feedback MITB.

Last time I told my homies about how I got me some milf Latina booty. If that's not your speed fear not fellow gropers. Stay tuned for my tale of teen booty in cut off shorts on the post 4th of July fireworks subway.

But first . . .

As for early experiences, my first time was totally by accident.

I had just moved to the city and was taki

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FEATHER (Sat 11 Jun 2005 20:01:47 GMT)


Man, I was with you on your first experience. I bet she smelled good ? My first was also totally accidentally. A 18y-old beautiful girl(standing to my left) pressed herself against me during a concert, while my wife was sitting to my right. I got so excited, that my Frotteurs's career got started at 42. Did I miss a lot... . The whole story is described here at the board.

Big welcome to RITC !


kingdom (Sun 12 Jun 2005 22:52:07 GMT)


I went back to the club last night not that crowed again last year at this time this place was packed I did get a few brush by's I had my eye on this one who was wearing a short tight black skirt on she was with I a bridal party her friends were dancing on top of the bar it just wasn't crowed enough to get close to her a for a feel just as I was giving up thinking I could she walked by and stopped

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Con-Sensuality: Opportunist (Mon 13 Jun 2005 13:05:54 GMT)

Post Marathon Hiatus

My marathon of shows, beginning April and ending early May, came to an abrupt and painful end when Oppy was busted unpleasantly in his favorite concert venue. The authorities were not involved. But picture being surrounded by a hostile crowd, while a woman screams insults threats and curses at you. I broke camp as quickly as possible. A couple of factors made this event even more unpleasant. It oc

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Con-Sensuality: Opportunist (Mon 13 Jun 2005 13:18:53 GMT)

Oppy's Spring Marathon First Installment

1st Hour
OPPY & the waiting game

KRS-ONE, a highly respected old school MC, was performing at a venue I rarely go to. Last nights' DJ concert was ok but it broke my streak. I was working on 5 straight shows with a successful wet conclusion. Last night things just never came together right. I had p

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Kass (Mon 13 Jun 2005 18:15:44 GMT)

oppys story, one of my own

absolutely fantastic mate.... just fantastic, really enjoyed it, ur a gifted writer with a way with language that makes the story seem that more more exciting

just letting u older cats who remember me know, im still alive..

ive moved from australia to bulgaria, and recetly i have been working on developing my techniques

up until now, i just palmed butts, with blatant approache

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Vin (Mon 13 Jun 2005 18:16:03 GMT)

Puerto Rican Day Parade

hey, anyone have as much fun at the puerto rican day parade as i did? i'm not puerto rican but i couldn't pass it up. i was rubbing and grabbing so much tits and ass. over clothes, under clothes, it was free range. a few of the girls got into it. there was this one drunk lady who was about 35 who felt me grinding on her and pushed back and started grinding the hell out of my dick. she let me have

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Rider in the Crack (Mon 13 Jun 2005 20:32:43 GMT)

"Roc-the-Mic" Rump

I got a chance to grope some teen booty at the Roc-the-Mic concert, featuring Fabolous, Sean Paul, and Jay-Z. The venue I saw the show at is great for groping and humping because behind the standard seating there is a large standing room only lawn section. Since the tickets are a lot cheaper than the actual seats, it is always packed and real rowdy. Imagine the Kentucky Derby or Preakness infiel

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voyboy_us (Tue 14 Jun 2005 02:58:23 GMT)

Re: Puerto Rican Day Parade

Viva Puerto Rico!
I was there, too! It was insane! You could see these hot women taking off their clothes and moving their hot asses to the rhythm of reggaeton! I love this parade. I was doing some upskirting video, humping and groping women from start to finish! I have to admit, I'm more careful groping than Vin, so I don't get in trouble there. Puertorican women are serious shit… some of the

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Rider in the Crack (Tue 14 Jun 2005 20:40:28 GMT)

Bomb Scare Booty

What up, fellows?

I've told you about 3 of my best experiences, but like all the veterans know the best gropes are few and far between. Practically, most of the time a full fledged grope is out of the question. Unless you want to share a cell with some guy named Bubba. But that doesn't mean a perv can't, to quote Gary Hart from the 80's presidental primary, "sin in his heart." Or, in this c

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Kass (Wed 15 Jun 2005 17:59:39 GMT)

rider in the cracks story, another of my own

great story rider, really enjoyed it.. the boyfriend guy sounds like me, lol, i remember once where i was at a mongolian barbeque with my girlfriend at the time, and a friend of hers... you had to line up with a plate, select what u wanted, and they cooked it for u

in front of me a medium height mid age blond, with a tight body, and a beautiful, and i mean, BEAUTIFUL plump luscious ass in t

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Kass (Fri 17 Jun 2005 19:30:11 GMT)

Kass adviced by old man; rejected by hunchback

yes folks, i had a double whammy of rejection today.

i was wearing my ultra thin linen pants with no underwear, riding the peak hour trams and buses as usual, and about half an hour into the day, an old man who was riding in the bus with me (and must have been watching the 3 unsuccessful attempts i had where the women moved away) came up to me, and said in a nice tone (translated from bulga

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The Latin Groper: Carlos (Sun 19 Jun 2005 23:44:25 GMT)

I still think that It feels great to be standing pressed up behind a girl when doing a line to get into a crowded bus

It feels delicious waiting in a long line and being pressed up to beautiful girls that have large buttocks, while we wait to board a bus in the rush hour. In the city where I live, we have to pay the bus fare at the entrance of the bus to the bus driver. This would delay the long and disorganized waiting line even more. The passengers would never have the exact payment, so the bus driver has to d

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The Latin Groper: Carlos (Mon 20 Jun 2005 00:06:54 GMT)

It feels so good placing a hand onto a girl`s buttocks on a crowded waiting line

There are no words to describe this sensation in a crowded waiting line, placing my hand between her butt cheeks and then switching and placing the head of my cock, purposely out of my underwear, and looking at the same time the shape of my erect head of my cock resting onto her butt cheeks. It is delicious to feel her butt crack with the head if my cock, rubbing it from left cheek, to center and right cheek, several times OOOOHHHHH…………………. and then pressing the thigh of my leg between her butt cheeks while we wait to get into the crowded bus OOOHHHHHH .............and then placing the head of my cock again between her butt cheeks..........OOOOHHHHHHHHH while we move forwards and backwards.......forwards and backwards........ OOOOHHHHHHH

The Latin Groper: Carlos (Mon 20 Jun 2005 00:52:01 GMT)

Placing a hand onto a girl`s butt cheeks is simply delicious………..

I would be precumming by just placing my hand onto a girl`s bum for a long time in a disorganized waiting line, feeling up her butt crack and fondling her buttocks several times, trying to feel how warm and deep is her butt crack, and how round are her butt cheeks while I would be smelling and salivating the scent of her hair. OOOHHHHHHHHHHH......................

Erection: 8--------------> OOHHHHHHHHHHH

butt cheeks

Kass (Mon 20 Jun 2005 18:42:50 GMT)

more dissapointment

yeah, no great stories yet folks, since im filling u in on a day by day basis, so far ive had no luck at all... i seem to have an allergic reaction towards women, today ive had grannies (whom i wouldnt have humped anyways!) move away from me cus apparently i was too close (in the crowded bus)...

i got behind several good looking women but they all moved away as soon as they felt the first o

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registered member: man_in_the_back (Tue 21 Jun 2005 00:43:44 GMT)

Don't Worry Kass

Geez Kass, nobody seems to want to rub that red hot poker. Iwon't have much to do for awhile so I want to get a walking routine together. Today I took a 20min
walk to the strip, coming out right around the Stardust. My mission is to seek
groping opportunities where there is not necessarily a crowd. I got quite a few backhand smacks and I misstimed I few also. My first one of note was an Asi

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ulrike (Wed 22 Jun 2005 19:31:26 GMT)

frottage on a train

every day i go by a bus to my office. im 24 and i like tight trousersuits. for a couple of days, i go in my brown trousersuit by bus...but suddenly i felt a objekt on my betrouseret buttocks - whas it a imagination? but now i feel a hand slight soft over my right buttcheek! oh now, i think, please now - and i feel the tightness of my trousers on my back and front! my nippels are burning out throug

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Moshpit Groper (Sat 25 Jun 2005 07:00:05 GMT)

Punk Skirt Girl


Hey everyone, I know that I have not posted in 3 years but that is because I've been trying to stop the habit but with little success. I just didn't think it was good for my social habituation to keep writing about chikan. However, tonight I had an experience that excited me so much I figured I'd come out of retirement for one night only and write this one story. No others. I know s

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PULVERIN (Sun 26 Jun 2005 06:05:04 GMT)

I miss the NEW YORK CITY subways!

This story goes back over 15 years but it still brings fond memories to my dick whenever I think about it. At the time, I lived in New York City and was fortunate enough to ride the subways everyday. I say "fortunate enough" because I live thousands of miles away from NYC now and really miss the groping opportunities.

This particular groping opportunity came riding one of the subways on th

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buttluver (Sun 26 Jun 2005 06:30:54 GMT)

update on my Indian friend...

I got off a few good ass grabs on my Indian co-worker in the past few weeks. But this past friady was a good one. I finally humped on her long enough to cum in my pants. We were in the office looking over some reports. Whenever she starts asking me too many questions thats when I know she wants me to stay next to her a little longer. Again she gave me a little hint like she always does. She would

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FEATHER (Mon 27 Jun 2005 11:44:43 GMT)


It was the most memorable and erotic public experience I ever had. I was thirteen and things were sprouting up all over, pubic hair, height, shoe-size, erections. Lots and lots of daily, embarrassing, spontaneous and extremely public erections I was constantly hiding from view with jackets, shirt tails, books, whatever was handy whenever I couldn't get to a restroom or somewhere equally private to

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labulo (Mon 27 Jun 2005 18:45:18 GMT)

One Indian Girl's Story

One evening I had to work a little late at work and as a result missed My chartered bus to return home. Also no autorickshaws were available and having no alternative , I had to queue up to take a public DTC bus home to near Janakpuri. It was already 07.30 p.m . I was waiting for a DTC bus after a very long time and felt awkward standing in the crowded queue. After about 15 minutes the bus which w

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buttluver (Wed 29 Jun 2005 03:37:35 GMT)

one more time....

Still don't have anything really good to report but I did release some more sperm in my pants today on that Indian butt. It started out with me tickling her before she went home. She was bending over and squating down. I got behind her and when she stood up, her ass slid right up against me. I then put my hands around her waist and tickled her a little more. she was laughing alot and I started gri

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The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Sat 02 Jul 2005 18:26:07 GMT)

Re: Moshpit Groper - Punk Skirt Girl

Moshpit Groper I need to say that I was overjoyed to see that you broke your silence and decided to make a cameo appearance on Ayashi BBS. You were one of the early greats who made it possible for Ayashi BBS to ascend to its current status today as the world's preeminent English-language chikan site.

Just as you say I have influenced you, you influenced me. Totally. Your stories encourage

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Con-Sensuality: Opportunist (Mon 04 Jul 2005 12:01:48 GMT)

Live8 Attendance

Philly was practically shut down on Saturday for Live8. We had estimates of over a million people. I had mistakenly thought that some of the previous 4th of July celebrations had numbered that hihg but I was wrong. The Parkway has never ever been covered so completely from the steps of the Franklin Institute to the base of the Art Museum. Have you seen the pictures? It was 12 hours of humping, gro

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Mr Coldheart (Mon 04 Jul 2005 14:15:59 GMT)

Live Aid (part 1)

Hey its me MCH.
I have writers block sometimes so if I dont finish there'll be a part 2
first off Im a husky black guy (not fat) I work security so I have great freedom in where I go and on the other hand I have to really watch my ass or I get fired/blacklisted/arrested/asskicked.
Ok I like this sight because you guys do things that Ive done my whole life but you guys are kinda ninja abou

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Mr Coldheart (Mon 04 Jul 2005 14:18:47 GMT)

Live Aid (part 2)

if you where wondering...
I was not working security until after the concert at a bar down the street.
no I was not forcefull when I grabed her

Con-Sensuality: Opportunist (Wed 06 Jul 2005 04:12:48 GMT)

My favorite experience from the summer of 04

The Cowgirl and the Ballerina Part I
I've outsmarted myself this time. In an effort to allay any suspicions the wife may be harboring I let her talk me into allowing her to drop me off in Center City rather than drive myself or taking the Regional Rail. She's done her usual dithering around and my intended arrival time is long past. I can't even complain because, according to my cover story, I

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Con-Sensuality: Opportunist (Wed 06 Jul 2005 23:34:50 GMT)

The Cowgirl and the Ballerina Part II


In the midst of surreptitiously grinding into Gin's ass I paused long enough to take a look around and saw the Mom seated on the shelf projecting from the base of the bank building across the street. She seemed content to watch the waiting throng from a comfortable distance. When I turned my head back Gin shifted forward off my dick, took her shoulder bag off her

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Gentlebrush (Fri 08 Jul 2005 03:18:23 GMT)

Re.The Cowgirl and the Ballerina

That was a great story Opportunist that story will certainly be one of the classic stories added to the archives.
I remember one year on the 4th of July after the fire work catching the loop bus from the park to down town where all the people park and there where a number of buses to take people down town where there were a few thousand at the park and the bus where full and I stood behind a

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HORNYGUY (Mon 11 Jul 2005 19:44:08 GMT)

Groping A Jehovah's Witness

I was on my merry way when I noticed 2 ladies promoting their faith..a quick glance revealed that 1 was very well built in the chest area and as I circumvented the bench where they sat also noticed she had a juicy rump as well...after about 20 minutes of patien waiting..and getting hotter and hotter
as my eyes roamed over her body ..eventually I was on the bench right across
from my intende

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the tall one (Tue 12 Jul 2005 16:43:50 GMT)

groping fantasy

i had a sister who was 13 her friend was staying the night at our house she was probably about 14 at the time i much older. at first i diddnt even notice this girl but she was a cute girl it was bedtime my room was next to my sisters her friend came in my room and said hi im ashley i like your room its cool thaks i said she was wearing her night gown a short shirt with straps and short shorts with

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tallone (Tue 12 Jul 2005 17:01:18 GMT)

a great find

my sisters friend again is teaseing me she runs up on me and sits in my lap trusting her soft ass into my crotch while i watch tv shell sit on my leg and have me bouche it up and down to mimic a like shes riding a horse or bull shed giggle and shout yeah wee thats fun id come up and stand behind her and she woud bang her ass into my croutch and laugh cause she knew i was there behindher and i know

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The Latin Groper: Carlos (Sun 17 Jul 2005 03:34:26 GMT)

I liked tallone`s story of Tue 12 Jul 2005

I liked tallone`s story about the girls staying at his home. It reminded me my niece and her girlfriends staying at my parent`s house in the beach. She was 13 years old at that time. My niece used to seat on my lap to watch TV or play a computer game. I used to fondle her thighs and buttocks, and breasts while she was on my lap. She would wear a bathing suit, and I would wear light shorts witho

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Mentos (Tue 19 Jul 2005 09:25:12 GMT)

Joe's Adventure

Joe was shopping one day at a 99 cent store waiting for a movie to start in the theatre next door. When this cute brunette girl and her little kid brother walked in, she was young, in her late teens Joe thought. The only reason he'd noticed, was she was wearing an oversized Raiders t-shirt over a one piece bathing suit; but her hips, thighs, and buttocks were much more developed than her age appea

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Con-Sensuality: Opportunist (Wed 20 Jul 2005 18:00:52 GMT)

Cinnamon Skin


Switching channels one night while watching cable TV, I happened upon a video for a particular band on Spanish MTV. The name of the band seemed familiar. I realized that they were scheduled to appear I n Philly this week. I decided to check them out. This would be a new type of concert for me to attend. I had never been to a Spanish show before. After parking a couple of bl

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Mento: Mento (Fri 22 Jul 2005 04:54:51 GMT)

Overdevloped Teen (Joes Ad. edit #)

Joe was shopping one day at a 99 cent store waiting for a movie to start in the theatre next door. He noticed brunette girl and her little kid brother walked in, she was young, in her teens Joe thought. The only reason he'd noticed, was she was wearing a t-shirt over a one piece bathing suit; but her hips, thighs, and buttocks were much more developed than her age appeared and didnt match the glow

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The Latin Groper: Carlos (Mon 25 Jul 2005 00:49:04 GMT)

I am definitely obsessed by women`s buttocks.

I only think about women`s buttocks. Whenever I walk down a street and look female rears I put my hand in my pocket and start to masturbate myself.

If any place is crowded for any reason, for example a musical concert, I always try look for a girl of large buttocks (ONION BOOTY) wearing tight fitting pants or small skirt. I would position myself behind her. I would take my cock out of my

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Con-Sensuality: Opportunist (Mon 25 Jul 2005 22:24:47 GMT)

Fourth of July 2005

The Visual Portion of Our Program

Anyone only interested in reading about physical contact please skip to the next section

I said, when I posted to announce my intention to come down to the 4th of July celebration being held only 2 days after 1 million people packed the Parkway for Live8, that my expectations were low. On my arrival at about 4:30 PM things were worse than I had expec

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The Latin Groper: Carlos (Wed 27 Jul 2005 02:59:35 GMT)

I would like to lift up skirts and fondle women buttocks

When I see a girl in a crowded bus, I would like to lift up her skirt and fondle her buttocks. OOOOH yes. That is what I feel like doing. My obsession about women`s buttocks is so intense, That I would masturbate myself in the crowded bus to have my cock erect while I see a girl wearing a small skirt grabbing the handle of the crowded bus.

Sometimes a girl seats next to me in the bus, and I would masturbate myself feeling her legs and hips pressing my thighs. I always try that my bare arm be in physical contact with her bare arm so that I can feel her "skin to skin". I like to feel when she moves her arms to use her cellular (mobile ) phone and her skin rubs up against my skin of my arm while I have my cock erect and ejaculating beside her. AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH

rick 08 (Sun 31 Jul 2005 09:20:34 GMT)

gamers teens

Espero alguien haga el favor de traducirlo.

Hace unos días en el metro de la ciudad de mexico andaba buscando unas ricas nalguitas para poder gropear me cambie de uno a otro vagon y no encontraba nada
hasta que vi a una jovencita de unos 16 años que estaba recargada contra la puerta contraria a la que abre, ella iba platicando con otra jovencilla de unos 15 años, se miraba mas joven que

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The Latin Groper: Carlos (Sun 31 Jul 2005 23:12:19 GMT)

RE: translation: Story of Rick 08

gamers teens
I hope that someone would translate this story

Few days ago, I was looking for delicious round and plump booty cheeks to grope in the subway of Mexico. I changed to another carriage and I was not finding anything until I saw a young girl of about 16 years old who was leaning against the door that wouldn`t open. She was chatting with another girl of about 15 years old. She

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Mento: Mento (Wed 03 Aug 2005 05:45:25 GMT)

Joes Adventure 3 (Bound & Tied surprise)

Joe, like everyone else, liked to get away from the hustle and bustle of the daily grind every once and a while. Joe's Uncle Hector owned a beach house just outside of Los

Mochis Mexico and had often extended him the invitation to spend his down time tanning and swimming there.In late august of 2003 Joe decided to do just that and to take

him up on that offer. Hector wasnt exa

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Titsucker (Wed 03 Aug 2005 10:06:12 GMT)

Gorgeus blonde

I was walking down the street looking for someone to chikan when I happen to spot this drop dead gorgeous blonde. She was dressed in a tight, body hugging mini dress with thong knickers and huge knockers with bullet nipples. It was then that I vowed "must have her,must have her!!"
I went to grab myself a piece of her when she confronted me & threatened to call for help, I immediately grabbed h

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O-Kay (Tue 09 Aug 2005 23:12:29 GMT)

Groped in the Park

First Post
I am in the process of joining, but have not gotten my confirmation email yet.
Hi, ya'll.

I have been randomly groped on several occasions and this looked like the right place to share those experiences. My experiences are not stories or fantasies. They are totally true. I know most women do not appreciate being touched by strangers, and for the most part I do not either

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O-Kay (Wed 10 Aug 2005 18:57:13 GMT)

Story: Movies - Stuck Inbetween

Another true event:

At the age of 16 I went to the movies with a group of girlfriends. We argued about what we wanted to see, and I being stubborn, decided to see the show I was pushing for by myself. Then, we would meet up afterwards.

It was crowded in the middle section where the seats where the best. I ended up having to move over to the guy next to me to make room for a couple

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O-Kay (Thu 11 Aug 2005 17:24:14 GMT)


Here's a post (story) for anyone who wants to read it.
If you doubt my sincerity, feel free to skip it. :)

There are a couple of things that happened to me that provide a background of sorts to why I have reacted to groping the way I do.
The most impacting on me was a groping or one might say "molesting" by a family member. I was 15 when it happened, but I remember back to being 11 a

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O-Kay (Thu 11 Aug 2005 20:06:04 GMT)

Glad to Answer Question

The Black Hole wrote:
"Your background stories lead me to ask another question. What was your intention behind telling the stories? Was for it for our arousal or was it because you were trying warn us about the "evils" of this type of behavior?"

My intention has been to partake in the discussion of this type of kink in what I thought was the appropriate forum.
My stories are a self-i

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O-Kay (Thu 11 Aug 2005 21:00:37 GMT)


Another post (story)
This is mild, but it contributes to my willingness to sit silently and be groped.

I was 15 and I knew of two guys who were best friends that went to a neighboring school.
We had a mutual friend.
One day a girlfriend and I were walking past an apartment complex and we saw the guys there. We said "hi" and went on our way.
A few weeks later I found myself in th

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O_: Kay (Fri 12 Aug 2005 10:27:03 GMT)

Answering MITB

MITB wrote:
O-Kay and others,
"Let me ask you something O-Kay (please) was this before or after your grandfather got a hold of you? I'm thinking after."
Since you asked so nicely (wink) . . . It was before. I was "energized" previously, which sort of primed me for the wantoness of the experience.
I knew the guys to some degree and they were my age, so it was not like being with a str

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O_: Kay (Fri 12 Aug 2005 23:09:19 GMT)


(quickie)True Story:

When in college I picked up a guy around my age with a Burger King uniform on not far from campus.
It was a hot day and he needed a ride to his apartment on campus.
Harmless enough, I thought.

Not long after he got situated in the car and told me where to take him, he reached over and began fondling my tits.
I said "pardon me?!?", but he continued.

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registered member: Stath2 (Sat 13 Aug 2005 08:25:30 GMT)

Toby Keith concert

Before I start,,,Black Shogun, I didnt mean to seem like I was demanding stories and the reason I do not post stories very often is that I am not that good (see old posts and as you will see here)
to the are an Idiot, he is always welcome here , he is a hall a famer, and YOU are a nobody

OK Most of the concert was uneventful, actually all of it was but it was after. The conce

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O_: Kay (Sat 13 Aug 2005 13:10:31 GMT)

Ride Home


While in college I had some friends who were very active with helping low income and subsidized people. They worked directly with individuals and families to help them with housing and work. There was a center near campus.
One evening I had been there and I was leaving to go across town. A friend of mine asked if I wouldn't mind taking a man home, since it was on my way. He look

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O_: Kay (Sat 13 Aug 2005 22:29:29 GMT)



I lived 25 minutes from campus one year in college and I would find places to hang out between classes or things I wanted to do later in the evening.
I had some friends that went to a church denomination run campus union house where people could hang out.
I would go there sometimes, too.
Everyone was so touchy feely and would hug hello and goodbye.
There were some real hom

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Black Holes (Mon 15 Aug 2005 00:14:01 GMT)


As I said before, most of the time that this has happened to me has been in dark nightclubs. On the subway or on the bus, I have never been in a situation where it was so crowded that anything happened. I'm sure that chikan happens in my city on public transit (especially the subway), but I've never taken the trains during rush hour since I don't need to.

The last time this happened to

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O_: Kay (Mon 15 Aug 2005 21:27:16 GMT)



If you are offended by the author or stories that don't take place on a subway or train, skip this.
If not, read on.

My experiences can be classified as high school age and college age.
I don't want to get all mixed up and repeat myself, so I will try to focus on one time period and then the other as far as my posts go.
I find a big difference between high school and b

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seano (Tue 16 Aug 2005 17:24:40 GMT)

best memories

this story goes all the way back to 7th grade. there was this girl every guy always wanted to be around and her name was mel she had the nicest ass in the entire school and back then everything was about the ass. she would wear these baby blue dress pants with no back pockets and they were very tight and when she wore thos pants guys wouldent leave her alone including myself we wouldent let her ha

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O_: Kay (Tue 16 Aug 2005 19:12:31 GMT)



If you are offended by the author or stories that don't take place on a subway or train, skip this.
If not, read on.

Another Adventure with the Treehouse Boys

Charles and Rob were friends of mine from another school.
I wrote about an experience with them before.
Whenever I would hang out with the two of them, we would do normal things, but at some point (whereve

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O_: Kay (Tue 16 Aug 2005 20:05:07 GMT)


I've been busy writing.


This is a story of a groping by a complete stranger that I had never met or communicated with in any way before.

After my high school days I realized that men where not like boys. They would not be happy with a simple grope or peek like a boy would. I wanted to be safe and still be in a position where I could get felt.

I thought my answer

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O_: Kay (Wed 17 Aug 2005 20:15:05 GMT)

LONG 4 Parts

Rapid Fire Humiliation

Short Summaries:

In addition to the experiences I have already shared, I have sunk lower –
I met an elderly retired man (different one) at the park, convinced him to take me to his house (turned out to be a trailer) so I would have a place to hang out until I had to be home. I don't know if he was blind or dense.
I watched TV with him in the living

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aise hi masti (Thu 18 Aug 2005 14:13:13 GMT)

what do I make of this response?

I was on the bus this morning, with my fingers pressing down firmly on the mound of this mid-30s hottie sitting to my right with a big bag on her lap. For 10-15 minutes, I gently massaged the side of her pussy through her thick black trousers. Her breathing got faster, but she continued to stare out the window with a flustered look on her face. Not once did she attempt to look down and scare my ha

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The Latin Groper: Carlos (Sun 21 Aug 2005 01:17:59 GMT)

RE: Black Shogun --- Feeling up women titties

It feels delicious being pressed up to beautiful women that have big breasts wearing no brassiere, and feeling up their nipples.
One day I was in a crowded carriage of the subway. The doors opened and people surged getting inside the carriage. A beautiful lady was pushed against me by the crowd behind her. She had a light blouse wearing no brassiere and her well developed nipples like bullets

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Frustrated Frotteur (Thu 25 Aug 2005 01:48:02 GMT)

Nose Wedgie in bar

On the way home from work I stopped at this trendy nightclub it was packed full of fine asses in short skirts. I was at the bar drinking my vodka when i saw this attractive woman in a mini skirt Hardly enclosing her full ass stand beside me , it gave me an instant erection as i gazing at that plump ass I got up out of my seat and stoot behind her pretending to wait for my order and deliberatly dro

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The Latin Groper: Carlos (Sat 27 Aug 2005 06:26:08 GMT)

I like when a subway becomes overcrowded like this picture

Strike of workers in a subway
Crowded platforms and carriages during a strike of workers causing delays because the subway system was running slower during rush hour. In the picture there are a lot of women butt cracks waiting to be fondled and rubbed up with men cock. This picture was taken in the French subway.
Check out the article

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The Latin Groper: Carlos (Sun 28 Aug 2005 04:49:51 GMT)

Touching the panties of a young lazy girl

I was in a crowded bus in the rush hour. I was standing behind a 13 year-old-girl. I was feeling up her butt crack with my hand. I was fondling her bum a lot of times, feeling the rounded shape of her buttocks, taking advantage of the motion back and forth of the bus in the traffic jam. The young girl was wearing a light small skirt. She bended over several times to see the traffic in the window.

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aise hi masti (Wed 31 Aug 2005 16:00:34 GMT)

another success story

I was at a professional meeting yesterday when I sat myself down beside a sexy Asian woman in her mid-40s in an auditorium. I gently placed my right palm under her left thigh (her left leg was crossed away from me). As we continued listening to the talk, I inched my way in deeper and deeper, and was pretty certain that I felt her adjusting herself to give me better access. The next speaker hadn't

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aise hi masti (Wed 31 Aug 2005 22:13:54 GMT)

Re: another success story

Hi, MITB. The fondling was under the tablecloth, and actually, I'm pretty sure the waiters kind of knew what was going on. She was wearing a skirt which made it possible. And no, she wasn't visiting the U.S. from overseas, just visiting my town from another. And yes, she was married.
I do think there are many women out there who are willing to have their pussies felt up discreetly by a complete stranger. Thousands of people in the world, including many women, are sex-starved. As I've said before, the trick is to make sure that the target's perception of pleasure is greater than guilt.

Slick (Sun 04 Sep 2005 03:15:37 GMT)

State Fair time!

Just gotten back from a 10 hour chikan/grope fest at the gigantic state fair. There were literally hundreds of asses grabbed today and dozens ridden. I don't remember a majority of the asses that my dick was on, just a few major highlights. The order will be out of sequence though. The first memorable one occured at the cell phone covers/appliance booth. The whole fair was like a madhouse. Impossi

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Con-Sensuality: Opportunist (Tue 06 Sep 2005 20:28:08 GMT)

Oppy and the 4th of July triangle

I know that it's been about a month since I posted part 1, which I admit was light on humping action. Hopefully this section will conclude the account in a satisfactory manner (I know that it did for me!). For those who might need a reminder of what's gone before this is what happened on the 4th of July celebration this year. I was so intrigued by a MILF seated next to me that I passed on the o

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Wick (Mon 12 Sep 2005 16:47:04 GMT)

My story-hope you enjoy!

What an unusual site this is. I had a very erotic experience with frotteurism as a teenager (but only found out there was such a word recently!) and was googling for similar experiences or stories. I have really enjoyed reading some of the stories here (and found a few of them on the creepy side too I must admit). There is certainly a lack of posting from women, so I thought I would share my story

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Bad-Boy (Wed 14 Sep 2005 14:21:29 GMT)

I humped My Cousin !!

Yeah I went there......Last Saturday I was at home preparing to go to this club to "get my grind on" I been doing all my humping there lately it's safe and consenual to many cats been getting arrested for me to use publc transportation to satisfy my Fetish. Anyway, My Cuz calls me and asks me what i'm doing and would i like to go to a friends party with her. I was like what the hell alright, now

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hubby (Wed 14 Sep 2005 23:18:24 GMT)

three in one day

well id pretty much kicked the subway frottage habit, and gone to "look but no touch" routine.

But something was in the air today, and temptation was too hard to resist.

Temptation came first in the form of a subway train that was just the optimal level of crowding - close enough to discreetly rub the back of a hand against a butt, but open enough so nobody was trapped - if it wasn

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Frustrated Frotteur (Wed 21 Sep 2005 01:06:00 GMT)

Accidental Frotteur

I have been a frotteur since I was 15, it wasn't my fault I became a frotteur it was those sexy business women with their plump juicy butts that imposed it on me. It all started on my way to piano lessons after school, I would kill time by skylarking around the underground subway getting on and off the trains between museum and central little did I know that my juvenile horseplay would ultimately

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stainless (Wed 21 Sep 2005 03:59:29 GMT)

book browsing opportunity

Passing some time in a bookshop in town last week I could not help noticing a young lady(late teens)looking at some sale items in a sort of metal bin.From behind her lovely bum cheeks were so inviting that I had to have a closer look.I made it look as if I was browsing too,and shuffled by her as her back was about a half metre away from a wall.Very lightly my semi hard on brushed against her ass

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Max Mond (Wed 21 Sep 2005 16:28:54 GMT)

How i became a humper in the NYC subways

I usually travelled in the first cars to avoid the overcrowded subways in NYC for most of my life. One day I got stuck in the conductor's car on the 4/5 train as i was running late and could not wait for the next train. I was the last person to enter a crowded train. A girl in front of me started rubbing her ass on me. I wasn't sure what was happening until the girl to my right who was watching

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Frustrated Frotteur (Thu 22 Sep 2005 01:59:59 GMT)

Getting to feel a girl's Panties

This morning I went from carriage to carriage in search of a victim as when I saw these teens (about 16 or 17 ) in very short skirts one was a stinker the other was gorgeous I went up behind the gorgeous one and put my hand on her ass the gave it a quick squeeze then I got the nerve to slide my hand up her little skirt my fingers running up her pantied crack She screamed in shock and amassment then I moved off.

Ramrod: muff diver (Sat 24 Sep 2005 01:12:13 GMT)

the "ins and outs" of heavy metal

What's up everybody.I haven't posted anything in a while.Busy summer,lots of concerts,clubs and shows and lots of stories to write about.

One of the shows I attended was the "Sounds of the Underground" concert. About 20 metal/punk/thrash etc.. bands.It started at 12 noon and was to end at 11pm.A test of stamina to be sure.I arrived around 11am.The venue was actually 20 minutes from my house

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Latina Slayer: JMONEY (Sat 24 Sep 2005 19:47:26 GMT)

Hey, back in action after a while

I enjoyed the subway video from the 22nd of september. I have been back to the scene, but in bars this time as opposed to most of my subway groping or parade activities. I went to one club about 4 weeks ago. I was just walking around in the room and they happened to be playing alot of 80's music. It was still end of august and two for 1 drinks so by midnight some girls were wrecked there. It was b

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