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registered member: man_in_the_back (Sun 10 Apr 2005 01:59:14 GMT)

when in Rome...bend over??

All's another story based on the same search term as before: "against my ass" bus

Your chocolate is in my peanut butter!
07:36 AM, Tuesday, 28 October, 2003
True story
The proliferation of "groped in public" porn made me think of the first time I was in Rome, at age 20. I was on a bus with my boyfriend, a cad who had snagged the last seat and left me standing in the ai

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aise hi masti (Wed 13 Apr 2005 13:37:01 GMT)

theory of chikaning

Based on several recent and past experiences, I'd like to propose the following theory: Many women allow chikaning as long as it doesn't get overly sexual. The reason they do so is because they like the attention and are flattered that yet another man desires them sexually. However, they themselves rarely feel aroused by this kind of limited chikaning.
On a recent flight, I was seated next to a

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Latina Slayer: JMONEY (Wed 13 Apr 2005 16:45:17 GMT)

Ass jacked

Today I got ass jacked again this morning, hadn't grabbed anything for I'd say over a month but was in the city early this morninng and saw a fine dominican woman in her 20's and was all set to brush against it. Anyways, I got ass jacked an old white male in his 60's I guess, beat me to it, positioned himself in front of me and gave that ass a quick palm. He just beat me to it, then by the time I got near she of course move that booty to the side-it was too risky then anyway this would've gotten her alert really up if she is grabbed twice in like 20 seconds. So there it is, it happens, beaten to the punch.

FEATHER (Wed 13 Apr 2005 21:19:50 GMT)

re: Theory of chikaning

Hi aise, welcome back to the board. I missed you voice.

My thoughts: a lot of women like to play - just for the sake of the thrill. And they succeed very well to hide their arousal. You can touch and feel them but as soon as you come near the real thing they give you the stop-signal. A lot depends on the circumstances, too. In a plane, bus, train one can easily be observed. In my experience

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Con-Sensuality: Opportunist (Fri 15 Apr 2005 21:55:32 GMT)

OPPY meets the Main Line Matron

I hope this comes out ok. I rushed to reconstruct this experience this week. I had to redo it because of an accident that happened earlier last week.

4th of July 2004

Oppy is not happy. It is 4th of July on Benjamin Franklin Parkway and nothing is going right. Okay, on the one hand the sweltering heat has not dissuaded the expected ĺ of a million revelers from attending. In fact Iíve

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FEATHER (Sun 17 Apr 2005 16:39:54 GMT)

Marathon - Mixed Emotions

Well this year's M. wasn't half as good as the one before. But I have to relate one strange experience: after a lot of walking around checking I realized that the finish line where all the crowded action tookj place was situated right in front of the main police office of our city. Cops everywhere - they could - and a lot did - watch the show from their windows.

At last I found one ass rig

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Anthony (Mon 18 Apr 2005 03:01:32 GMT)


In the 1970s I remember riding on a # 6 train along the Lower East Side of NYC when a well dressed and beautiful white woman, in her late 20s, got on the train AT THE 77TH St. stop. She was blonde, too, with a nice dress on. The train was fairly crowded and when I tried to manuever behind her this asshole young Latino got the same idea and we were both trying to move each other out of the way by p

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chikanovice (Tue 19 Apr 2005 10:01:14 GMT)

success at last

The first time i posted this it turned out all fucked up, hope it works this time. Firstly, what's with some of the friction on the board lateley?

i'm sure we all agree that of the many types of friction we chikans enjoy, this should not be one of them.

anyway, being a relative newcomer (pun intended) to the fine art of chikaning i have been honing my talents and appreciate the sto

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Con-Sensuality: Opportunist (Tue 19 Apr 2005 14:27:20 GMT)

10 shows in 18 days

Before I forget if itís not too late go see the Backstreet boys go. I didnít go since my wife had roped me into a rare evening with her family. I regretted missing the concert only when I drove by the venue where it was being held. Since I knew I wouldnít be able to attend I had forgotten about the show. I went to the venue to get tickets for another show. They were lined up around the block 5

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loganski (Wed 20 Apr 2005 03:39:23 GMT)

the bump

When I used to live in the city, I took a fairly crowded bus to my downtown job.
One time I just stood with my back to a 20 something girl. We were back to back in the narrow aisles of the bus, so that whenever it stopped or started suddenly, our asses bumped. This happened about a dozen times before she got off and I could feel myself getting off each time we touched. I think she liked it because she didn't move from her spot.
And when she exited, I looked right at her. She turned around and gave me a look. I love that bus line

arm humper (Wed 20 Apr 2005 22:18:46 GMT)

Remembering July 14th, the date of the storming of the Bastille...

As we all know, the French Revolution 'began' with the storming of the notorious prison known as the Bastille. This was on July 14th, sometime towards the end of the 18th century.

On July 14th, 2003, a woman I later got to know, let me rub myself against her plump arm until I ejaculated.

She works in a bookstore attached to a school of which her father is the respected headmaster.

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newbehavior 1 (Thu 21 Apr 2005 03:49:05 GMT)

great memories

This site has really brought back many of my teen year memories riding and "working" the NY subways and stations. What a flood of fun remembrances. One of my favorite "hits" occurred on the stairwell of one of my favorite stations-the stairwell leading to the street.
I might have just turned thirteen and had spotted my prey sitting at the other end of the subway car with a woman who mu

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registered member: man_in_the_back (Thu 21 Apr 2005 11:50:05 GMT)

statuesque midriff


one of the few times last year when I found myself in a crowd, (I think it was the last night some place was going to be open), I found myself within touching distance of a seriously cute but drunk blond of at least drinking age. She had a midriff top that allowed a lot of breast jiggle. The girl had the nicest skin and the best abs I'd seen in a while or seen simce. She and her fr

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newbehavior1 (Sun 24 Apr 2005 03:55:05 GMT)

Wonder What They Thought

Thinking back to all those wonderful times as a teen on the NY subways, I have to wonder what those many working women thought when they realized that those fingers stroking their legs, backsides, and thighs belonged to that young 14-17 year old punk who just left the train. Worst negative reactions any of them ever showed was the shift away move in the seat or the standing over the shoulder glanc

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newbehavior1 (Sun 24 Apr 2005 17:05:51 GMT)

Great Pic-Thanks!

TERRIFIC pic, "man in the back!" Love those subway rider shots. Thanks.
And you sure are right on about "girls are "sugar and spice and everything nice" That's shit unless "everything nice" includes big libido and a sexual agenda" -This most definitely includes those early teen angels-the sweet and fresh faced, angelic,butter wouldn't melt in their mouths, wide eyed fresh faced bloomers.

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newbehavior1 (Sun 24 Apr 2005 19:12:57 GMT)


That Day Camp Counselors Summer Job was a teen Male chikan Paradise Not only during the weekly bus trip.
Throughout the rest of the week, except on rainy days, our duties included taking the youth groups by NY Subway from the Day Camp Center to the Public swimming Pool which was located five NY subway stops away.
Naturally, for safety's sake (heheheheheh) we counselors would sheph

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newbehavior1 (Mon 25 Apr 2005 02:05:16 GMT)

Talk About Mortal Sins?

Hey Man In The Back,
Funny you should mention the mortal sin thing. LOL
Recalls to my mind the volunteer work i would do in our Parish church's Bingo games on Tuesday and Thursday evenings as an eighth grader and even sporadically into my freshman-sophomore high school years. Working the light refreshment stand wasn't the best of thrills even though it provided a good view of those

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registered member: man_in_the_back (Mon 25 Apr 2005 11:15:34 GMT)

do the drunks count?

if they groping them gives you wood, they count.

I got two recently. First was my neighbor from accross the courtyard, an older British woman. I know she's fantacizing doing me. She's not getting any 'cause her husband of nine years can barely move without assistance. Wherever she sees me she must converce and quite closely. Wednesday they were at the neighborhood watering hole, the Funhog

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FEATHER (Mon 25 Apr 2005 21:22:07 GMT)


I like them if they have this classical look, fashionable hair-cut, glasses in their hair...and if they smell good by some alluring parfume. Had a fine evening tonight. There was this bands which plays songs that makes everyone lock their arms and everybody begins sway. In Germany it's calles "schunkeln". It has a lot to do with carnival. Older people there - but still mixed.

For me one wom

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registered member: man_in_the_back (Tue 26 Apr 2005 01:56:21 GMT)

thanx Feather

I would have never seen Vegas the first time if it were not for classy, rich older woman. She kept herself looking good and dressed good and all those little personal things that distinguish a lady from a piece of ass. Man, I have a lot to thank her for.

One night we made love in San Francisco and because I was just plain fucked out, I didn't cum. At 7am the next morning she w

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newbehavior1 (Tue 26 Apr 2005 04:27:42 GMT)

for mitb -a player nun

Yes I have some terrific memories of one nun in the player category. She hadn't taken her final vows yet. Still had lovely hair underneath that habit's headpiece. Couldn't have been older than 25. Which for me was very old, me still being in the eighth grade. She did some sub teaching in our Catholic grade school. But my real contact with her came during those winter bingo games.

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newbehavior1 (Tue 26 Apr 2005 18:58:49 GMT)

Owing Sister C

To answer your question right to the point MITB, yes Sister C did eventually come very close to my young dickie with her hands after a few of those initial times working in the class cloakrooms with her after grammar school on Fridays. When she went for her active role in the touchy feely games between us, she did so under the excuse of helping me to brush off accumulated dirt and chalkdust from m

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Daivari (Wed 27 Apr 2005 18:10:00 GMT)

Bus of Lust

This time it was an office going woman around 33-34 age, typical middle-class type slim well shaped body dressed in a tight black and red churidar-kameez properly highlighting her healthy balls and buttocks. I was seated when she came and stood next to me. Every time another passenger passed by her, her ass pushed into my face mesmerizing me with its soft warmth. Since she didnít apologize or mind

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Daivari (Wed 27 Apr 2005 18:11:21 GMT)

Bus of Lust II

Mumbaiís BEST buses are really the best. Not only because the buses are better kept, or they are more frequent or anything like that. I really love them because it is one place which is so jam-packed with people of all types (including females of all shapes and sizes) that you can do what you want and no one can help it when the bus is so over crowded. Most of the commuters have got used to the ha

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Daivari (Wed 27 Apr 2005 18:19:51 GMT)


I am a butt worshipper, a true connoisseur of asses. Be it a nice roundish cute tight ass of a 16 yr old in a denim jeans. Be it a sexy hot ass of a working sales in a salwar kameez which protude as if it will tear apart her salwaar and say,"fuck me ". Sometimes you see the garment going in the crack of the ass. Be it a nice full big or plump butt of a hot bhabhi or aunty of 25 yrs -50 yrs. There

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Vivek (Wed 27 Apr 2005 18:33:31 GMT)

Training in a train

Those of you who know what Mumbai local trains are like during rush hours, may very well know how much of pushing and fisting takes place in the men's compartment or even women's compartment for that matter. It becomes even more fun when a female gets into the men's compartment, and that is what this story is about. I have mostly travelled in the 1st class. One day in haste I accidentally entered

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RETINA (Fri 29 Apr 2005 06:19:32 GMT)

Diddling darlings left red-faced over private escapades

Emi Masuda traveled into Tokyo on a packed commuter train running through the suburbs. Forced up against a young high school student, the 23-year-old ad agency worker was surprised when his body reacted like most testosterone-packed young men's would.

Rather than be alarmed by the experience, Masuda found it a thrill. In fact, she enjoyed it so much, a trip to the bathroom shortly after arr

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Butt Handler (Fri 29 Apr 2005 23:10:09 GMT)


My best score of the day was after dinner. I got up to use the restroom and saw the hostess. She has not been working for a while, but she's back. She has dirty blonde hair, about 5'6, mid 20's, nice butt. I've had my hands on her bottom a number of times. Still, she pleasantly surprised me by backing up her fine behind into my hand. I got a nice feel of her butt.

I'm going out to the bar tonight and would like to help some of the other guys score. Maybe I can generate some positive vibes or find a girl that's consenting and share.

Slick (Sat 30 Apr 2005 04:26:38 GMT)

Christmas Shopping

Back during the Christmas rush, I ventured to a local Walmart. It was a zoo and I was doing brief attacks from behind. You know crowded aisles, woman bent at the waist, me in jogging pants, and the dirty deed is done. I would slowly start at one butt cheek drop in the middle and push through to the other cheek. I did that many a times this day. But, the most memorable experience of the day came wh

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newbehavior1 (Sun 01 May 2005 03:44:43 GMT)

Helping Sister C In The cloakroom

Looking way back to my first after class Friday helping Sister C in the classroom cloakroom, its easy to figure out now that while my game was to get in as many stolen brushes against her as I could and as many stolen glances at her gorgeous bottom as I could sneak, Sister C had her own agenda. Clearly over a few short weeks she would succeed in redirecting my hesitant youthful horny aggressi

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Guest (Sun 01 May 2005 16:50:54 GMT)

Beware of gay gropers groping males

I don't know if i'm the first one experiencing this...

I'm on my usual groping adventures during peak hours... but i soon notice a guy who kept following me as i alight and board at crowded trains... I thought it might be accidental as he grope my penis a couple of times...
but a couple of days later i met him again and he did the same gross thing again to me, i knew something was wrong...he is a gay groping guys' privates!
I gave him a stern stare and it scare him off, i did saw him a few days later but he did not dare to come near me again but he continued to prey on other guys....Retribution perhaps

Solid Man (Sun 01 May 2005 16:59:49 GMT)


I had just finished college and joined work when I went to a hill temple in S. India; its called Tirupati. Generally it is my practice to offer prayers before starting on something auspicious. I had gone on one of those daily operated conducted tour buses. After we reached the temple, our batch of 35 passengers had to wait in a special compartment of approx 1000 people for about 2 hours to be let

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GSA (Sun 01 May 2005 17:55:10 GMT)

Trip to the pool

I'm sorry it's been so long since i posted, but i've been busy and stories take me a while to write. Also everyone on the board seems to be fighting, even though i don't see any real problems. I've got a ton of stories to tell, and i'll try and write them out more regularly. I think i'll try and do one a week from now on.

This happened last year. It was a few months after me, mark and

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Guest 2 (Tue 03 May 2005 01:17:44 GMT)

Re: Beware of gay gropers groping males

I don't know if i'm the first one experiencing this...

No you are not! I am bisexual and love to have my bottom touched on the train and am in the habit of sticking it out. There's many a dirty old man who will oblige and i have had sustained gropes and sexy bumps & brushes that have given me a throbbing boner in my briefs on several occasions.

My favourite thing is to wear my jo

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newbehavior1 (Tue 03 May 2005 12:48:08 GMT)

Non Subtle Group Grope

One of my best remembered witnessed moments during my usual subway ride to and from school from the bronx into Manhattan STILL remains as vivid as if it were yesterday instead of so many decades ago.
The subway car I was seated in, on one of the two seaters by the far door was crowded enough this morning before that petite very light skinned, long brown haired angel got onboard. My arm w

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Jim (Tue 03 May 2005 14:57:26 GMT)


Many years ago I got to hump and palm my godmother big round ass on a regular basis.I would do her while she was asleep.She was a deep sleeper.She always wore panties.She has a full shapely body and mountainous booty shakes like an earthquake when she walk.Man,I was in booty heaven!Her bed was higher because of it's had two boxsprings.She always slept in an S position with her big hefty backside p

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Richard (Tue 03 May 2005 17:29:23 GMT)

I'll never forget it.

newbehavior1's story reminded me of something that I witnessed a little over a decade ago when I was living up north. This particular incident took place at the nation's largest shopping mall (figure it out). I was a voyeur at the time and working a crowded toy store (once again, figure it out) with my bag cam (camcorder in a shopping bag) on the weekend after Thanksgiving. This is the busiest sho

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Richard (Tue 03 May 2005 17:41:52 GMT)


Oh yeah, I forgot to give proper credit for "I'll never forget it"...I got that story from The Voyeur Web.

Credit: The Voyeur Web

BreastGroper: BreastGroper (Tue 03 May 2005 20:38:46 GMT)

breasts in Times Square

I usually just briefly put my hand on their breast as I'm passing them on the street. It is usually very crowded so it is not difficult to touch a breast for maybe half a second and have it seem accidental. I only do it if her breasts are clearly on display--a lot of cleavage showing--so I usually only do it in summer.

webmaster: ayashi (Sat 07 May 2005 22:32:55 GMT)

from chikan diary

Osamu Yamamoto (Sam) is infamous chikan, the author of two chikan books. One day he groped a woman as usual in the train back home. He got off the train with usual satisfaction and dropped in on his favorite cafe as usual. What was unusual was there he met the woman. She pointed at him and said "he is!" She had been grumbling to the manager of the cafe about the train pervert. They never met before but were regular customers of the cafe. So the manager knew them very well. Nowhere to hide or run, Sam made a thousand apologies. From that time on they happened to meet at the cafe again and again - and they got married.

newbehavior1 (Sun 08 May 2005 00:35:17 GMT)

Tough Tony

Back in high school as freshman, Tony and I became fast friends. This in spite of his anger issues and quick temper. Already at 6 feet tall as a freshman and long into lifting weights, his quick temper and aggressiveness kept all the other students at notice, as Tony would say- that "you just didn't want to mess around with this PR." Tony and I got along from day one and we even took the same

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Solid Man (Sun 08 May 2005 12:14:10 GMT)

interludes with the camp director?

New behavior, tell us more about your interludes with the camp director? Did you get the chance to be working in her proximity? Could you meet her on a daily basis? I too have come across lots of mutual groping with a serious subject being discussed all the while with a serious face until it finishes with the act. It has happened to a lot of my friends and me. I guess this phenomenon is universal

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FEATHER (Sun 08 May 2005 20:43:56 GMT)

Re. MITB Titty Gropers


at first I'd like to congratulate to you for the April Award. You deserve it for adding positive impulses to this place. You try to make the best - even of the ugly faces here at ayashi. For my part the spook is over... .

You asked about Titty-prevs. Well I don't have any. In my practice up to now I never went so far as to twist niples (in groping). Just like the feel of the

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registered member: man_in_the_back (Sun 08 May 2005 22:54:50 GMT)

Feather...for you

Welcome back and thank you for your kind mentionings before you left.

Yesterday I was assigned to work with a young woman. She is attractive but not overly so. she was dressed in a T-shirt and bra. We had perhaps a walk of 2000 steps to get where we were going and along the way she spoke to at least 6 men
with greetings and with a few some hugs too.

When we got where we were go

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Dr. Dry Hump (Tue 10 May 2005 16:39:41 GMT)

Forbidden Fruit! (from Nasty Grind)

Is it just me or are muslim women that are wrapped all up like mummies so attractive. They don't want us to see anything so they cover their bodies and their hair.

The one thing that most of them can not cover is that fat booty that sticks out.

This past weekend I got a close up feel of one of those juicy booties on the bus.

The bus wasn't really crowded but the section wher

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Dirty Uncle (Fri 13 May 2005 22:02:02 GMT)

Lunch Time

I went to get a sandwich today and the shop was full of schoolgirls buying lunch. As I stood at the counter waiting to be served I felt a small hot hand on the back of my trousers. There was some giggling behind and I quickly looked over my shoulder. I guessed it was one of two girls a red head or a brunette.

I placed my order and moved away from the counter. The shop was really full and t

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Guest (Sat 14 May 2005 01:02:28 GMT)

Re:nyc chikans grindoff

That really sounds like a good idea MITB, two different stories of the same club....I have not really been doing my thing grabbing ass and all until yesterday, it all kinda fell in my lap or hand...I was on the train and there were alot of cute young girls,it was a packed train, not sure the age maybe 8th or 9th grade. These days u just don't know, I mean two of them looked really good and their b

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registered member: man_in_the_back (Wed 18 May 2005 01:10:13 GMT)

Nippie-tweaking is admired!

Hey Feather,
what happened? you were having to lucky a day and you got bored? I'll tell you, when I hit upon a hard nipple (development-wise not necessaily aroused), I get so turned on.

When I was a kid I accidently burst into my sister's room, and there she was with these hard looking knots on her chest. Oh my... did I get kicked out of there fast. About a year later I got my first gir

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FEATHER (Wed 18 May 2005 13:29:45 GMT)

RE. MITB - Boring ?

Nope Sir,

I was as eager rubbing as always. But my technique keeps repeating. And I don't wanna bore the board. The problem is: at this concert the girls were teens and twens. In my experience they let you do your thing and hardly show any reaction. It's hot to feel their pert tits, but the game is one-sided. Lately I think there is more gameplay and tension with elder women. My techniques

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FEATHER (Thu 19 May 2005 22:41:46 GMT)

Re MITB Couples


that might be an explanation. I had it once at a concert. I watched a young couple. Both looked sweet. She a real angelic but horny beauty, he nice young hero tall, broad shoulders, but long hair, tough hippy if that is possible. They were really making out, tongue-kisssing. Most time he stood behind her embracing, rubbing his dick into her ass. This was humping close to backfucki

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(Webmaster) see also memorable comments for the related story.

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Fri 20 May 2005 02:01:32 GMT)

Buggering Around Couples

I love buttfucking strange women in the presence of their husbands and/or boyfriends. Especially when they are kissing. I remember one New Year's Eve when I was hunching my dick up this big ass brunette's butt as she deep-kissed her significant other at the midnight hour. I almost spermed in her crack but didn't quite get there. Then, there's always the drunk, dick tease sluts in the bar deep-

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The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Fri 20 May 2005 04:28:55 GMT)

Re: MITB - "Chocolate Starfish"

You wrote: "Apparently, when this fem gets drunk her agenda expands to include more than one kind of stimulation."

Actually, the reason why I had to keep following her around was that she would move after feeling my probing dick between her cheeks. But, she eventually got into a spot with this guy and stayed. After that, I was in her ass for a long, long time. It was amazing (and excitin

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chikanovice (Fri 20 May 2005 07:41:52 GMT)

choose wisely

interesting occurence at a concert last night. was almost at the front as usual, but unluckily stuck behind a tallish brunette who hadn't really reacted to my initiating nudges. once she actually stopped dancing and kind of half-turned around, so it looked like a no go.
as it indeed it turned out. but why i'm writing is because of what a chick next to me did. short and stocky i had ignored her

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Tommy III (Fri 20 May 2005 17:34:51 GMT)

Fun time for me and maybe a pic for you

Iíve lurked at this web site for some time and now Iíve decided to post. Iím into younger girls, like most of you, and have had my fair share of them. The young ones are more gullible and are more exceptable to having a good looking guy grind them. I have younger sisters and have grinded and groped their friends more times then I can count. About two weeks ago my parents went away for the weekend

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guest (Sat 21 May 2005 04:39:21 GMT)

boys and girls club dance

tonight i went to a dance for middle school kids now the thing about this is im sixteen so i was able to freak with 11-13 yearolds my friend snuck me in and i instantly started looking for a nice ass to freak with, i found a 7th grader named nickey with a very big ass she was with a few other girls so i started talking to her and then i asked her to dance instead of just rubbing on her she was wea

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Slick (Sun 22 May 2005 04:18:15 GMT)


Well, I was not in my chikan gear today but I did make the best of the day groping me some blonde bubbles. Two milfs stand out in particular. One in the grocery store, with her daughter. She was probably late 30's, blonde, black shirt, and see thru white shorts. She was in a crowed aisle and I quickly made my move. She was bent at the waist and passed her real slow, dropping my palm on her left bu

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Slick (Mon 23 May 2005 01:21:34 GMT)

Today- Flea market/Mall

Well, I ventured to the local flea market this morning which is 5 indoor buildings with close tables/vendors. I was in full chikan gear and excited at all the prospects. I'm a young guy, only 18. But, I love the MILF's and sexy bubble butts. I rode so many asses and rubbed so many bubbles I don't know where to begin. There's one that stands out, man was she...boing! I had my dick up in my sweats

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FEATHER (Mon 23 May 2005 07:55:18 GMT)

At the Zoo

The weather's slowly getting better over here. So I decided to visit a large nearby zoo. It was not as full as I expected but full enough to have some fun. The highlight of each visit are the seals. They have a show in the afternoon, where crowds gather to watch. I ended up with three possible targets between the railing at me. Two Teens, one asian milf. I started by giving the first teen some bre

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Slick (Tue 24 May 2005 13:48:26 GMT)

Wanted her sooooo bad!

When I was getting my grope on at the grocery store over the weekend, I seen the most incredible sight. A late 20 something milf, blonde hair in ponytail, black tanktop, and tightass pocketless jeans covering her delectable bubble butt pushing her cart w/ kid in tow. The amazing thing was her red thong underwear were pulled up WAY past her jeans. I was in the bread aisle when I laid eyes on her. I was trembling just at the thought of being near her! I follow her down the aisle but she heads right for the checkout! I quickly go back down the aisle to grab some bread to purchase but by the seconds that passed someone has already lined up behind her. Damn, was she something! I couldn't even imagine how tight her ass was!

Slick (Wed 25 May 2005 03:02:32 GMT)

Todays dirty deeds.... and camera shopping

I again went to the mall today a different one from Sunday. This one is huge, and I was there about 6 hours. There were quite a few experiences that stand out. I went there to find a small digital camera and get in some ass crack! I was prepared in a pair of black sweats and no boxers. I canít really remember the order of things but there were a lot of them. The most memorable happened in JC P

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Slick (Wed 25 May 2005 22:36:35 GMT)

Today 5-25-05: Run in at Wal-Mart

Het MITB, I think she meant she can take me at the register when I'm ready. But, I took it in a different way. She knew what was going on, even talking about her boyfriends shirt size saying I was about his size, when I was on her ass. I regret not going a bit farther with her.

I went to Wal-Mart today. I brought my camera with me but am still having problems with it.... this time it was of

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Slick (Wed 25 May 2005 23:22:56 GMT) careful

I agree MITB, I have become very careless as of late. Mostly due to cockiness on my part. But, I do need to slow down but the high from shoving my cock in a strange MILF's ass is unmatched. I love that feeling of nervousness ans the danger that comes along. I will not slow down but I will be more careful.

As for the camera it is very small and compact and has a memory card that can be easily

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Slick (Thu 26 May 2005 22:02:43 GMT)

Today 5-26-05: Grocery Shopping for asscrack.... and pictures!

Well, today I stopped at a few places & brought along my camera. The first place I stopped was a shoe store. Much to my delight I find a lovely sight. A woman brown hair woman, blue shirt and tight jeans maybe early 30's with 3 young kids running around and a stroller blocking the aisle. She was bent over trying shoes and I just stand behind her snap pictures of her ass. Only one came out though.

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buttluver (Fri 27 May 2005 04:26:04 GMT)

married Indian co-worker

I have an woman that works with me from India. She is married with 2 older boys. She is 46 yrs old and not that pretty but she has a fairly fleshy ass. Her hips are wide and her cheeks are very soft. Afew months ago I noticed she would stand close to me at times and let her hand brush across my butt. I told her she should stop doing that because I don't want to touch her wide big butt. I was lying

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Slick (Fri 27 May 2005 21:37:39 GMT)

Brief Notes

Today I went to a church thrift store to volunteer and have been rubbing asses all day in the cramp basement of the church where the store is located. Story is coming, no camera today though.

Yes, feather I agree. But, this is never much in the way of events, concerts, parades around here as of late. I agree though I don't come in action but it is great the hit & run style because I have be

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Dr. Dry Hump (Sat 28 May 2005 01:43:59 GMT)

"A Familiar Booty returns!" (Nasty Grind)

(Last Saturday Night)

A girl with a big butt that i used to hump on in my favorite bar returned to the scene after being away for a long time.

I quickly got positioned behind her at the bar while ordering my beer and stayed there afterwards. She knew what i was doing but she danced and grinded on my dick anyway. I think she wanted to get me excited and errect.

Mission accomplished.

Her ass felt as good on that night as it did in the past. Maybe I'll see her again soon.

Her booty, that is!

Guest (Sat 28 May 2005 03:16:34 GMT)


I discovered this site after my wife had her encounter with a "chickan". I didn't realize what it was until someone we confided to told us about it. I found you on the net, and read through the posts.

My wife and I took a train into a basketball game recently, and on the way out it happened. For the game (and for me) she wore one fo those basketball logo minidresses. As soon as we go

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buttluver (Sat 28 May 2005 04:11:34 GMT)

re: you crossed the line...

Hey MITB, Listen....I have worked with this woman for a long time. For the past few years she has always pat me on the ass in a playful way. I just started doing the same thing to her a little while ago. Every now and then I would brush my dick across her cheeks and all she would do is smile and push me away in a playful way. As far as breaking up a couple, that is the farthest thing from my mind

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Slick (Sat 28 May 2005 18:16:40 GMT)

Hallelujah! I'm Ready To Help/Hump!

Well, yesterday found me volunteering my time in a church funded thrift store thingy. It's located in the compacted and cramped basement where all the clothing, food items, knick kacks ectera are located. This was this one woman who was also volunteering there with her 2 young children. I helped her unload the donations and put them in the proper places. She was a nice piece. Mid 20's, long curly

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Guest (Mon 30 May 2005 12:00:43 GMT)

my wife in Japan - to MIB


Sorry for the long silence. Well I do not know what to write becos I am not too much of a writer. Yes my wife got groped very bad in Japan. most of the times it seems that men used to pull and pinch her ass crack, run their fingers on her crack, squeeze her cheeks and many a times dry hump her. On her last day there she had to attend some party so she was in her long skirts that had

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Gentlebrush (Wed 01 Jun 2005 01:27:26 GMT)

Vegas Report

I had fun in Vegas. I went to the house of blue to hear a band play, there were a lot of people but it wasn't pack in front of the stage. People were spread apart were I did get some rub here and there on some booty but briefly as I past by them. What happen in Vegas stay in Vegas.

I took the 113 bus to get to the flee market North part of Vegas in the neighbor hood on a Saturday like mitb

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Tef (Fri 03 Jun 2005 19:37:48 GMT)

Old guy gropes teen

Hi long time lurker first time poster here. First of, my appreciation to all of you who write such great accounts of your activites. Though Ive done the occasional accidental on purpose bottom grope Ive never had the courage to do much more so I admire you guys. Over the years Ive learned to spot incidences of groping and have witnessed quite a few the most recent one happened last Saturday at my

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clay (Fri 03 Jun 2005 23:06:20 GMT)

stories found

Posted on Sunday, May 01, 2005 - 05:33 pm:

I posted this story before so I will just post the short version( no pun intended) I work part time on an ambulance rig with one or two other emts/paramedics. The best partner I've had is Kathy and here is why.... She was always very outgoing and fun but she as

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voyboy_us (Sat 04 Jun 2005 06:16:54 GMT)

Great memories

Hi there! Iím a first time poster. Iíd like to say your stories are great and remind me of my teen years. As you get older, the risk to get in trouble by grabbing a good teen ass increases.

I remember when I was 14; I was in line for this rock concert back in Colombia. . All of a sudden, a bunch of people started to cut in line. We (the ones in line) started to push forward to avoid more pe

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dannywijethunga (Sat 04 Jun 2005 15:59:53 GMT)

Groping on bus


got a nice piece of ass today.

The bitch was probably 17 to 20.

She was wearing a tight denim and a t shirt.
When I got on the bus which was fairly crowded, she was already getting a good grinding by a guy.
Seeing that made me rock hard, so when he got off, i naturally took over.
Guess she must have been releived when he got off.
She didn't see it comming, lea

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Latina Slayer: JMONEY (Sat 04 Jun 2005 20:43:54 GMT)

Hey whats up guys

I was at a concert yesterday morning gma shakira concert. I was there more for video on some hot girls than for groping. I saw the concert video of that. Then randomly scanned the crowd and got some nice spanish asses. Concert ends and as I am leaving the park see these two hot white girls. Both about 18-20 each. One had some nice white basic see thru pants on with a nice ass on view. I saw this r

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kingdom (Sat 04 Jun 2005 22:00:17 GMT)

going for it tonight

I'm going to my favorite dance club tonight haven't been there in a while bad weather but today it got into the 80s so tonight should be good got some good feels there last year i'm going to try for a up the skirt feel see if i can pick out a girl who looks drunk with a short skirt on hopefully i can follow her to a spot were its crowed i have done it before it doensn't happen to often and you hav

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chikanovice (Sun 05 Jun 2005 05:09:47 GMT)

fine tuning

hello all. another show, another opportunity to work on technique. basically my modus operandi involves getting there early and securing a front row spot. then i leave a little room in front of me. if people try to move in, i just step toward the stage/barrier and close it off. after the warm up acts and before the main show begins, almost inevitably some chicks will squirm their way through the c

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FEATHER (Mon 06 Jun 2005 00:03:37 GMT)

Rain - the Chikan's Friend ?

Hi MITB, sorry about such a shitty not-temptating evening.
Chikannovice. THX for sharing your concert approach. The problem seems to be that you have to be so early, spending a lot of time just waiting. So you need a lot of endurance. But I took it into my Chikan-Treasure-Box...for the right time. Should it ever come ? I had a main Chikanrun on Saturday, which brought me to consider changing my

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kingdom (Mon 06 Jun 2005 00:32:47 GMT)

last night

Last night at the club wasn't as good as I though it would be never got crowed enough but did have something interesting happen I was sting on the end one of those big sub woofer things they have by the dance floor and 3 girls came over wanted to sit down so I started to get up one of them a not bad looking grabbed my arm and said that's ok you can sit next to me she was sort of drunk I knew th

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titluver (Mon 06 Jun 2005 16:35:17 GMT)

love rubbing girls tits

I have a tit fettish,espcially girls with small perky tits.I also have a fetish for girls wearing silk.Where i live in the USA the new style in fashion is for girls to wear slinky little silk camisoles as tops.This is heaven for me.I like to go to crowded clubs and can almost always find a hot young girl wearing one of these little silk tops.Last friday i saw a girl.probablly in her late teens,wea

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Maple Leaf (Tue 07 Jun 2005 03:26:42 GMT)

Great Subway Ride

I had a great subway ride recently. On the way home from work one day I went to take subway. As I got to the platform I was shocked to find it was completely filled with people. I thought to myself... "This is going to take a while!". I stood at the platform and a train came in. But it was already full! The crowd built up more and more... and then finally another train came in. There was a

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registered member: man_in_the_back (Tue 07 Jun 2005 05:10:40 GMT)

reply to Feather

No Feather, you never really know. Even when you are pumping away in some vagina you don't know. A woman's most precious possession is not her pussy it is the truth about her motivations.

You wrote:
MITB. You have some more examples of mixing seduction with chikan, plz share!

I just learned once again to be careful with the romance thing following intimacy. It's taken me out of t

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registered member: man_in_the_back (Tue 07 Jun 2005 12:52:31 GMT)

detailed version

you wrote:
Hey Sir, no teasing please ! We want the whole truth !

ok. I went out of my way to meet her on 2 for Tuesday night. We drank quite a bit. I made it clear that I wanted something. Gave her my number. Dropped her off very late. Went home and went to bed. She went home and had an argument with her male "roommate" and 3 hours later called me for a place to stay. Of cour

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Guest (Tue 07 Jun 2005 17:16:24 GMT)


Hey im back.

Guess what, today I got to touch a hot pice of ass.

I was on the bus, when a cute little (maybe not little) bitch was about to get off from the bus.
I got a bit bold and just stuck my hand out (it was covered by my bag)
She walked right in to it.
She waited there for about a minute.
So I got down to work and sqeesed it a few times.
She didnt even look back.

Unfortunatley she had to get off.
It felt great.(She was wearing a skirt)

Well, gotta go.

pete (Thu 09 Jun 2005 00:11:35 GMT)

foam club

I went to a foam party at a club last week. For those of you who dont know, a foam party is where loads of bubble bath stuff is fired on to the dance floor until its about 7 foot deep. Anyways There was this group of Turkish girls dancing all wearing those tight cotton/lycra pants, and where they had got wet you could see the black panties of the one wearing the white pants. As the foam got higher

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