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GROPER (Thu 23 Dec 2004 19:53:58 GMT)

Subway story from net

Hi guys.....just came across this story on the net..thought that it deserved to be on this page.......



It had been ages since I had been to New York City and friends had told me
how bad the transit system was but I just had to see for myself. I mean we
have a transit system in Dallas but it's just trains and doesn't have the

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registered member: man_in_the_back (Thu 23 Dec 2004 20:06:56 GMT)

young experimenters!

Strategically placed body parts
Carlos and Old Timer,

my first post on this board last month was about a young girl who slow dragged her ass accross my cock. Oh! man was that good.
I have had the hands and breasts and arms and thighs coming in contact with my cock also.

I got it going with a player by making "accidental" contact with her lower leg with my lower leg. Eventually we were pressing our legs together very hard up to the thigh with a little grind rhythm, too. that gave me such a hard on I tried it on every woman who sat next to me on the bus for a month.
The subject has aroused my taste for a slow handjob!


ps: Carlos, thank you for the translation. It was a lot better than the computer job.

pete (Fri 24 Dec 2004 06:25:23 GMT)

London underground

Once I was stuck behind a lovely blonde office girl and placed my hard cock up against her lovely bum. She loved it and pushed back into me. I still remember the feeling.

Arm Humper (Fri 24 Dec 2004 21:22:59 GMT)

Christmas Eve Humping and Elegant Gropers

Elegant Gropers
When I first heard Carlos talking about elegant gropers I thought he was referring to the way they operated rather than the way they dressed. His point is well made though. Masher reported that he got better results when he was well attired. His stories are interesting but you should note that some people thought he was an embellisher.
Christmas Eve Humping
I satisfied m

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seano (Sat 25 Dec 2004 00:36:07 GMT)

christmas eve shopping

This has to be the best Christmas ever and its not even Christmas yet . Today my mom dropped me off at a local target store to go shopping for the family. As soon as I got there I noticed that there were no carts out which ment packed store. I manoverd threw the store looking for someone that I can shoot a load into. then I saw her she looked about 40 half Mexican half white (I am only 16) dar

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KHABIR (Sat 25 Dec 2004 18:09:55 GMT)



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man_in_the_back (Sun 26 Dec 2004 04:13:26 GMT)

a girl's fantasy

uuummm i'm not a writer at all.......i was daydreaming about this and some one suggested that i post it so please be gentle with the criticism.......

I wonder what your schedule is like. I wonder where you work because sometimes I see you in a suit, sometimes jeans. For a year now riding the A into Manhattan there's never been a pattern that I can detect. Sometimes jeans on a Monday and

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man_in_the_back (Sun 26 Dec 2004 04:36:09 GMT)

Lucky Puerto Rican

getting an anonymous fuck on the subway is a recurring theme for young female writers. I'm finding more and more stories...Is there a social movement going on that favors anonymous public sex....hmmm


I ride the subway each workday from Queens to Manhattan. It usually gets very crowded in the morning, with too many pe

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man_in_the_back (Sun 26 Dec 2004 04:46:23 GMT)

from Cecelia Tan's "Career Track"

I'm beginning to think we chakan's are doing a social service.

259 words from "Career Track" by Cecilia Tan, published in Penthouse magazine, "Bedtime Stories" column -- one of the very first stories I ever sold, about having sex on an Amtrak train
I closed my eyes for a nap. I reclined my chair all the way back and wished the train car were empty

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man_in_the_back (Sun 26 Dec 2004 04:59:08 GMT)

Guy Gets Groped

here's one from, specifically:
First Person
Getting groped on a Japanese train, male style

Who says only women get groped on those packed Japanese comuter trains? Here's a story from a generous reader about

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man_in_the_back (Sun 26 Dec 2004 19:50:46 GMT)

damn, I hate thinking

I've been on Google again, this time using the search string: ["fondled a 12" bus] (keep the quotes and the word bus, but lose the brackets)

I came accross the article below from a "The Review", an internet newspaper.
I like buses and trains for my activities so this article gave rise to some questions:

Is this man a chikan? or something else?
Was he treated fairly?


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The Latin Groper: Carlos (Mon 27 Dec 2004 13:41:33 GMT)

Groping in elegant parties when I was a teenager

Some years ago, when I was a teenager, the Venezuelan high class society families used to make elegant parties to celebrate the 15 year-old-birthday of a girl. We used to call it a "15-year-old party " (15Y-O-P). Those parties were very elegant. Men would dress tuxedos and women elegant night dresses. These parties would be held in elegant big houses, the decoration of these parties would be beaut

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nycgroper (Tue 28 Dec 2004 01:58:02 GMT)

100% true

well i finnaly found a place where others r like myself so here is an expearance i had today i was riding on the subways of nyc and finnaly got onto one that was just starting to get packed when there was a spanish female with tight jeans and a tight little ass.when i got in the train i got right on the door and behid her so she couldnt back her self into the door of the train . she was about 1 fo

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seano (Tue 28 Dec 2004 07:32:43 GMT)

my first good concert

Sunday night I went to my first concert with intent to grope. I told my mom I was meeting up with a large group of friends when I was really going alone. I had been doing research on this concert and it was more like a dance it wasn't rock it was hip hop and there were no famous DJ'S or anything but still it was so popular you had to get there like 3 hours early to get your ticket. I pre ordered

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seano (Tue 28 Dec 2004 20:18:14 GMT)


there was a group of about 4 girls and they offerd to this guy i was talking to and i took them up on it they seemed very desprate so mabey they needed to get a cab home or just wanted to get drunk as most people started doing eather way even tho groping is more makeing things happen sometimes its good to let things happen to you :)

Arm Humper (Wed 29 Dec 2004 05:27:55 GMT)

Old Timer: Arm humping women in low seats or short women

A problem I came across more than once today while 'hunting' was how to achieve orgasm where the woman is so short that you can only touch her with a half or less of your soft wanger. I tried standing with my legs at an angle to my torso, effectively making myself shorter, and sort of leaning into her. This can work but you might draw attention to yourself by your unusual posture. What worked to

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Dr. Dry Hump (Wed 29 Dec 2004 05:32:03 GMT)

Just like I thought!

For years I have been the casual humper. The get in the way of the booty so it can fall on my dick type. Because I have used that tactic I have never been accused of grinding on an unsuspecting female. You would think I would have just have stuck with that right? Wrong!

After reading stories on this site I got kind of bold a few weeks ago on a crowded bus. Actually more greedy than b

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Arm Humper (Wed 29 Dec 2004 17:12:04 GMT)

MITB: How I got started

I promised you this a few days ago. I actually said something about my history last year. If you search for the word 'heyday' you should find the article. I will try to be brief and avoid repeating things I said earler.
I made my first attempt (on a woman's ass) when I was 13. The woman told me in a soft voice but also definitely: "Don't rub up on me."
I was lucky months afterwards on my sec

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Bum (Wed 29 Dec 2004 22:57:04 GMT)

semiretired frotteur

I've been enjoying this board for last few days. Several years ago, I did a bit of ass groping on buses. It started during a Xmas season, with crowded buses a rule on the main drags. I was on the way home one night, and was behind a woman who was probably in her early 40's. She was tall, well dressed, and looked like a professional/managment type on her way home from work. The swaying of the bus p

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neverachance (Thu 30 Dec 2004 09:35:28 GMT)

am I becoming like you all?

I must admit to you all, I am not a regular frotter, but this site must be getting to me! I don't think that is a good thing. I will tell you why you are all influencing me. You see, I have been noticing opportunities like crazy that I had never seen before. And case in point, at work.

You see, I work as an assistant manager at a restuarant. And there are quite a few young ladies tha

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Guest (Thu 30 Dec 2004 12:24:23 GMT)

am I becoming like you all?


that was a hot story! It brings back such memories of my assistant manager
days at Arthur Treacher"s and Wendy's. Your girl here seems pretty genuine
and certainly noticed your dick in her crack.

I would keep it occasional and very friendly. Make sure you know what kind of mood she is in. Try briefly jiggling the meat with your finger tips.

If things keep

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Anthony (Thu 30 Dec 2004 23:32:34 GMT)


Many years ago in good ole NYC while waiting for the "F" train back to my Brooklyn stop on a Saturday afternoon, to my utter surprose and delight, the platform at Jay Street was very crowded because a train had broken down. Right away I knew that some female was going to make my day by winding up with my dick in the crack of her ass and that she wouldn't be able to stop it, either. heeheehee! So,

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Arm Humper (Fri 31 Dec 2004 21:24:36 GMT)

'Tis the Season to be Jolly! Doing it on the Last Day of the Year

I don't remember ever doing IT on the last day of the year, which probably means today was a first. When I went out I realised why I had never been too keen to see out the old year this way before. It was pretty quiet for a weekday afternoon, certainly for a Friday afternoon.
Despite the lack of heavy traffic, I was still able to find a full bus and was lucky too to find a player on my first

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The Latin Groper: Carlos (Sun 02 Jan 2005 16:39:38 GMT)

Groping in Europe when I was a teenager

When I was a teenager the Venezuelan rich families used to send their 15-year-old daughters to Europe in a summer tour. The trip was supposed to be a birthday gift. The tour was organized by a reliable Venezuelan tour agency. The groups were composed of 30 teenage girls each. Boys were allowed to go with them, but there rarely were any boys in those groups because girls were more interested in Eur

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nycgroper (Sun 02 Jan 2005 17:33:15 GMT)

re latin slayer

i was down there and humped very little but i did manage to grab a nice asian girls ass it was big but tight wow what an ass at first i thought she was waering tight black pants that were made of a satin or something but turned out to be jeans but couldnt really tell it was so packed u were there so u know what i mean. There was another asian chick she was skinny and wearing black cotton spandex

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Gentlebrush (Sun 02 Jan 2005 22:59:55 GMT)

Last Concert 2004

I went to a free concert last week in a small venue place which were mostly college students and a few people my age, I enter the venue place early and went to get my soda at the bar and headed to the center of the stage were the people where already filling up the three-first row from the stage. In front of me to my right there this blond with straight hair shoulder length about 5'4 140 pounds s

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Gentlebrush (Mon 03 Jan 2005 00:52:39 GMT)

Night Clubin

This Night club wasn't to far from the concert venue just a few block away I walk from the Concert to This Night club it was about 11;00 PM There wasn't a big line yet, I got in the bar was ten feet from the door and behind the bar toward the back was the dance floor with a few table around it and the had two small what you call a little dance box with a rope around it like a small boxing ring t

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Butt trainer (Mon 03 Jan 2005 07:28:19 GMT)

opportunities in the job

Man you all something! I never thought I'd find freaks like myself, I guess I may have found a home. I've been doing this dry humping thing for a few years, although not quite as successful as you all.

But I have a good access as a personal trainer. I have to be very careful, for I work for a big gym corp (we'll keep it under tabs) and I have to be smooth and make sure that the women I s

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Chikanery (Mon 03 Jan 2005 19:11:50 GMT)

Bar Grope

Hi All, Been meaning to relate this experience but havent had the time. I was in a bar in nyc a few weeks back when and older couple and a twenty something couple came in. I gave up my seat at the bar for them and wandered around awhile. A while later the older huy and the younger guy went to shoot pool. I just happened to walk back to where the older woman and younger woman were standing and then

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seano (Tue 04 Jan 2005 04:44:46 GMT)

lunch time

Today was a regular day only the lunch lady dident open the cafeteria until half way into lunch. I made sure I was in the most possibly crowded area you could be in and started looking for an ass . I found this girl I had seen around before I think she's a senior she's white with a nice round butt and small hips. She was a burnet and dressed very well she had on a sweat shirt and a knee long t

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man_in_the_back (Fri 07 Jan 2005 15:04:21 GMT)

Hand Full of Ass

Another Chikan

You bet having a full, warm handfull of a woman's ass is a total lift-off. When I first got out here I worked a lot of temporary cleaning jobs. One day I was tasked to work with this extremely pretty Mexican senora. We talked all day and I learned that she was married, had a couple of kids and that her husband would pick her up after work. Occasionally, I'd let her know I th

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ALFONSO (Sat 08 Jan 2005 19:55:13 GMT)


Quiero relatar, como el pasado dia 5 de Enero y en el desfile de Navidad(Reyes), consegui entre una gran aglomeracion, frotar mi pene en el culo de una niña de unos 14 años a la que le acompañaban dos amigas mas, su culo era grande y calido, y mientras yo acuñaba mi pene en su grieta, con la mano izquierda ahuecada le tocaba el culo a su otra amiga, las dos se miraban y se reian. La que yo tenia acuñada por mi pene en su grieta no paraba de moverse frotandome hasta que ya notaba una eyaculacion inminente. Era tanta la muchedumbre que me permitio que yo sacara mi pene fuera del pantalon para dejar que tocara directamente sobre su tela, al poco rato tuve una abundante eyaculacion que le mancho completamente su pantalon y jersey. Fue una de mis mejores frotaciones.......

man_in_the_back (Sun 09 Jan 2005 06:31:53 GMT)

one second chikan

I can't get this incident off my mind...

there she was, in the company of 3 men talking about "stinky pussy" and she is the only one using the "p" word.

I was within earshot and I immediately thought, "that's got to be some trash...What kind of decent woman would allow that discussion in her presence?
...and not just talking about it, she's the loudest one over there."


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seano (Mon 10 Jan 2005 01:25:30 GMT)

the history of seano

When I first started groping I didn't even know what I was doing. I had always admired female asses of all shapes and sizes. I don't remember when I started brushing against milfs asses in the grocery stores with my elbos and lower chest the sensation was so great and my desire for ass was so high I would take any risk to get it. I know I can get in trouble for groping but I haven't yet so I con

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The Latin Groper: Carlos (Mon 10 Jan 2005 04:00:03 GMT)

Translation:ALFONSO (Sat 08 Jan 2005 19:55:13 GMT)

The teenagers are the best……
I want to tell you the story, about how, last 5th of Janaury, in the Christmas parade, I could get in a big crowd, I rubbed up my cock against a 14-year-old girl who was with 2 girlfriends, her bum was big and warm, and while my cock was stuck hard in her butt crack, I was fondling the other girl`s bum, and they kept giggling and looking at each other. The girl who I was grinding wouldn`t stop moving rubbing her buttocks against me until I was about to come. It was so crowded that I could take out my penis from my pants so that my cock would touch her clothing, after a while I ejaculated a lot of sperm that stained her pants. It was one of my better frottings……

Dr. Dry Hump (Tue 11 Jan 2005 12:47:20 GMT)

New Year's Eve Hump!

New Years Eve was great for Dr Dry Hump. I got my drink on and got some consensual humping action as well. The action took place in a crowded bistro around 10pm. I was standing at the bar (my favorite position in bistro's) right next to a cute short white girl with a nice round butt with her ugly friend and a short black dude. The black dude was flirting with the two girls while and the ugly o

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Arm Humper (Tue 11 Jan 2005 19:29:52 GMT)

Report on 3rd encounter of 2005

When i was on my way to work this morning, this dark, slim, long-limbed schoolgirl helped me get rid of five days worth of semen by letting me rub my thing against one of her long arms. I found it exciting to picture IT in my mind, free and unleashed in my trousers and rubbing against her.

The Latin Groper: Carlos (Wed 12 Jan 2005 03:24:42 GMT)

I have enjoyed arm humping in a crowded bus

I must say that I have done arm humping to young girls in crowded buses, and I have enjoyed that experience. I would use pants made of thin piece of clothing. I loved to see my semi erect cock resting on the girls` arm. I liked to see when the head of my cock would brush her shoulder as the bus would rocket back and forth. That was great.

Arm Humper (Wed 12 Jan 2005 23:20:57 GMT)

Another Encounter

So i exploded against the arm of this young woman today. She was the sort Don Carlos might like: she was very pretty, but her face also suggested distinct intelligence, and in fact it became clear when she opened her bag at one point that she was a student.
Yes, arms and shoulders are not private parts (who likes handjobs or oral sex?) but i'm glad they are not. I can walk along a crowded street and become aroused by seeing numberless bare female arms. Its a case of association that has almost become a reflex: i don't really have to think about what i cd. do with the arms or how many i've come against. Its like when Carlos says that a school uniform can turn him on.

George (Thu 13 Jan 2005 20:03:24 GMT)

cum on butt

I just wanted to ask you guys if anyone has shot their load on a woman in public. I have a few times. One time stands out for me. I was in the hellfire club in nyc in the late 80s. A couple came in and was walking around watching the goings on. The woman was in her forties. She was wearing those black stretch pants with the stirrupps that go under the foot to keep the pants tight. And had a killer

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Blue (Fri 14 Jan 2005 23:11:30 GMT)

Not exactly groping?

Alan is a friend who has known Mary for about two years and brings her to parties and dinners where we meet. Mary is quite pretty and slim and is very quiet. Whenever she talks to me she stands to one side, slips a hand under my upper arm and pulls herself close to whisper in my ear. I always feel her breasts pressed against my arm and I'm aware of her pelvis pressed against my thigh. She does the

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Arm Humper (Sun 16 Jan 2005 05:25:01 GMT)

Re MITB: More details request

Actually, I had another succesful encounter on Friday (#5 for the year). This time the woman was wearing a brown dress that left her arms and shoulders completely naked. And yes, of course she and the other 2 women last week were aware of what i was doing and let me do it, it doesn't count for me otherwise. If i am brief it's not because i don't want to make the Green With Envy Party jealous, just that i can't make a big song and dance every time i score.
That was probably my last experience like that for a while. I am taking a vacation that may be permanent. I might still drop in, but not to fight with, or get in the way of people who are still getting on with what this board is about. Happy humping all and take care.

seano (Wed 19 Jan 2005 02:25:49 GMT)

car ride

Sunday night I went to a party with some friends there were a hole bunch of people there. I started eyeing this smaller girl 13-14 years old she was about my height small chest very skinny with a small but, long bubble butt. I walked over to her and could immediately smell alcohol on her breath I took a different approach this time and began to talk to her and get her comfortable. She was wea

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Guest (Thu 20 Jan 2005 00:09:26 GMT)

Jailbait or worse?

A few years ago I was in New York City and walked past one of those small parks between high buildings and heard a band playing. The place was full of young and older people all crammed together. There was a young Latina girl, maybe 15 or 16 who was jumping about at the back of the crowd and I moved to stand behind her. She bumped into me, but kept moving and I could feel her butt move against me

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Latina Slayer: JMONEY (Fri 28 Jan 2005 17:30:13 GMT)

I found this pretty funny on Craigslist, Subway slut

email this posting to a friend

Subway SLUT

Reply to:
Date: 2005-01-24, 4:50PM EST

i have to admit. i am a subway slut- i love to just rub up agaisnt a guy in a crowded train.
but as long as the guy is handsome and not creepy looking
its random, b

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man_in_the_back (Sat 29 Jan 2005 21:01:23 GMT)

A Beautiful Bus Journey

A Beautiful Bus Journey

I have read a lot of stories on your site. some are beautiful and some are fantastic. I am mentioning my very own experience during recent journey to Eluru. Before that, let me tell u the bus journeys in cities will be so erotic during monsoon/winter seasons especially in double deckers. Aunties/girls can be touched/squeezed whole of their body

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man_in_the_back (Sat 29 Jan 2005 21:17:03 GMT)

Train by Old Fart


Old Fart


I would never sit next to a girl travelling by herself on an empty train as I have no wish to cause offence or upset anybody but a full train is a different matter. It wasn't a case of looking round for the best seat - I was lucky to get any seat at all as there were peop

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man_in_the_back (Sat 29 Jan 2005 23:35:31 GMT)

The Bus Encounter

Title : The Bus Encounter

Hi Friends
I am Chithra. I would like to share my experiecne with you. This happened recently. I am in my early thirties, married still in shape. (my stats are 5 ft 7" tall, fair and 36C 30 38 ). I normally wear saree every

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OUTLAW: br0wn5huga (Sun 30 Jan 2005 10:35:06 GMT)

Reverse Chikan

Whassup peeps, Man I just got back from one hell of a night up in Seatown. About 15 of us headed down to Pioneer Square to hit this Club. We met up with about 20 of the homies and tore the club up! After about 10 Beautifuls, a brother was startin to feel it. We all just started socializing with the honeys and I had game with this Mexican female. She was bangin too. About 5'6 with dark brown hair

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Latina Slayer: JMONEY (Mon 31 Jan 2005 03:21:59 GMT)

To: Outlaw

Whats good br0wn5huga, good to see you back on the board too. I have enjoyed your stories in the past. I finally had some unwilling contact with ass for the new year but it wasn't exactly with a stranger's ass. I was out friday night with some friends just dinner at pizzeria unos. I had the new dominican and hondurian shorty there with me, 4 of my boys there, and 2 of them had their girls.One fr

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seano (Thu 03 Feb 2005 02:52:56 GMT)

im back

Sorry for my absence from the board my computer stopped working so Ive been waiting for my new one. I recently had a very nice encounter with a white woman in her early 40s late 30s. She was blonde pretty face big boobs and a big ass. She had on a white long sleeve shirt and tan slacks. Every time she moved her ass jiggled like jello. I was at a play with my little cousin in a library there w

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FEATHER (Fri 04 Feb 2005 00:55:54 GMT)

Nice Evening

Last weekend I was on a local pub party. A band was celebrating its 10th anniversary. The place was quite packed. We came to stand at a table with two other couples around we didn't know. One guy kept small talking to us. He was a load of shit and boozed too. After a while he began touching my girl but only at the shoulder and at the elbow. Nothing to worry about. This idiot was completely neglec

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Guest (Fri 04 Feb 2005 14:31:08 GMT)

Train Humping

I'm from SG, a very small but developed country

I've been reading post in this board for 3 years but have yet to contribute any. This is my first post though. what i enjoyed most is humping young school girls asses until i jerk off in my slacks. I've been train humping for 2 years now, i started humping after reading posts on this board.

One of my best ecperience happened yesterday, i

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RETINA (Mon 07 Feb 2005 23:45:08 GMT)

RE: Superbowl halftime show

Hey Black Shogun,

YES! you are correct that a crowd of that magnitude provides many opportunities for you and many others. This last weekend one was invited to a private record company release party and "GEEZ" shogun you would have been very busy working on butts that night.

A crowd of about 1,600 people showed up for a club which only holds a capacity of about 375 people.


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registered member: man_in_the_back (Wed 09 Feb 2005 15:46:13 GMT)

Year of the to a dud

Thank my creditors that I worked yesterday. Thank my supervisor for the surprise, nearly compulsory 2 hours overtime I worked last night. I was beat but still game, but much too late to catch the afternoon shopping crowds I thought would give me the best opportunity to "doink" and grind.

"Doinking" is a form of chikan I discovered a couple of months ago when I accidently on purpose rammed m

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Neverachance (Sun 13 Feb 2005 05:04:08 GMT)

the wrestling advantage

Hello all!
It has been some time since I stopped in, but I had a situation about two days ago that I thought I would share with you. Not too long ago I told you guys my first story on this forum about a latina friend of mine who I "stayed over" too long at her house, so she left some blankets for me to stay on the couch, and, well, I snuck in her room and if you remember the story, you know wh

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Con-Sensuality: Opportunist (Thu 17 Feb 2005 19:41:15 GMT)

Oppy's goin to Hell

In accordance with my pattern of attending all types of concerts Oppy,the worlds oldest Hip Hopper, decided to take in a Patti Smyth performance. It gave me the single unique night of concert action yet. For a change I hadn't bought my ticket ahead of time and the sight of my fellow ticket buyers wasn't encouraging. There were more potbellies and baldheads than I'd seen all summer. Reassu

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Guest (Fri 18 Feb 2005 11:34:31 GMT)


today i was on the subway. an attractive married fortish office woman was going to the airport. she had several pieces of luggage held between her legs. she was sitting, dozing on a crowded train. i was standing next to her, i was facing her, my body pushed up against the rail by the commuters. my cock was inches away from her face and mouth. the person sitting next to her got up at he ne

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FEATHER (Tue 22 Feb 2005 13:02:27 GMT)

Hot story for you

registered member: man_in_the_back (Tue 22 Feb 2005 15:22:31 GMT)

Feather's noted story

Feather, this story is so hot I cut and pasted it here. Good looking out young man and thanks for another site I'll have to thoroughly check out.

Waiting in Line for Space Mountain
Published: February 21, 2005 (Story #14102)
Category: Male-Female
Author: Skip
Age: 44
Comments: ~no comments

During the summer of 1990, when I was 28-yrs-old, my immediate fami

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Anthony (Fri 25 Feb 2005 22:01:37 GMT)


Many years ago in the 1980s my brother and I were returning from Madison Square Garden in Manhattan one late Saturday afternoon and to my surpirse the F train was crowded. I wasn't planing on any frottage moments but when the opportunity presented itself I was always more than willing. My brother was standing diagonally to my right and two black girls, in the early 20s, were in front of me. The on

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Krakken (Sat 05 Mar 2005 04:01:34 GMT)

Seeing other Gropers

Hey guys,

I once again saw a groper in action. It was on a NYC train during rush hour. There was a super hot Indian girl wearing tight black pants and a tight pink blouse.

The train was really crowded and a lot of people were standing. She had a seat but I immediately noticed a guy lingering near her. I sensed that he was up to something.

When the train came to a stop, the guy

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T (Sat 05 Mar 2005 08:39:35 GMT)

Old habits

Old habits die hard....hard on I mean.Today I slipped out of work to get on the train and get some booty in a crowd.

I got on at 145th and grand concourse,#4 at around 4:30pm. I wore sweat pants to feel the ass cheeks better. I was going downtown first but saw the uptown side crowded on the platform. I sized up the booty around the area and found a sexy young gal with tight ass blue jeans

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Krakken (Sat 05 Mar 2005 14:43:36 GMT)

To Br0wn5huga


I do know what you mean about details of a story. I must admit--I was pretty tired when I wrote about my experience, so it is pretty lacking.

The Indian girl on the train was either Middle Eastern or from the country India. Her dark skin was very attractive but she stood out because of her tight black pants and her tight pink blouse. Actually, her pink blouse was open at top. Al

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OUTLAW: br0wn5huga (Mon 07 Mar 2005 00:30:31 GMT)


That reminds me earlier 2004 when me and my homeboyz hit up Muckleshoot Casino in Auburn Wa. We ran into some females we knew and that had some fine ass friends with them. Well I'll get str8 2 it. I became cool with this Italian girl name Mariana. She was 5'7 and about 140lbs. And about 100lbs of that was in her ass. Man I wish I had my camera phone back then. Well I was teacher her to play cra

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Hotsutuff (Mon 07 Mar 2005 11:05:22 GMT)


i just wanted to say ive been reading this site for ages im a great fan of chikaning and ive done abit here and there mostly whilst i was at uni st all the student gigs. this incident happened last week, ive got a sister she is 35 and married ive always secretly fancied her and as a kid i used to spy on her whilst she used to undress and once or twice ive brushed up against her whilst shes been i

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Latina Slayer: JMONEY (Mon 07 Mar 2005 19:03:37 GMT)

What's up Shogun

I was just curious what latin american country were u talking about with the strippers. I have been to the island of St. Martin and man they party over there for real. In summer 2003, I was chillin in one of the strip clubs there for like 7 hours man, I got to grab all kinds of tits,ass and get them rubbed all up on me for honestly 60 bucks the whole night. I was chillin with 3 different chicks, t

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buttluver (Mon 07 Mar 2005 20:50:37 GMT)

Black Shogun

Hey Shogun, I have never wet humped on the train but I usually ended up cumming in my pants. The most memorable time I had was with this older lady. She looked about to be in her late 40's or early 50's. she was rather large and had a big soft watermelon ass. It was like jello. I have found the best way for me to get some good meat was to enter the train car near the end of the car next to the sta

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LikeGreen (Wed 09 Mar 2005 01:54:30 GMT)

Felt a little weird...

...and probably looked it, too.

Finding Ayashi-BBS got me thinking back to my ass grabbing days and about checking it out again. I usually don't get on the A train during the most packed times to get the good crowded rides, but I've had a few subway 'walk by's' slid my hand across a few asses, etc. Just easing into it. I hadn't realized the whole concert thing has been going on all these ye

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beez (Wed 09 Mar 2005 11:12:32 GMT)


o.k. so it was last call in my favorite grind club when i noticed this fine tall brunette that i hadn't seen before heading to the dancefloor accompanied by this little oriental kid.I've been at it since around noon and its now @;30 am on sunday morning.i hadn't come yet so i was smokin'.i mean i gotta get off NOW or its off to find a damn crackwhore.i gotta be carefull and right on time.Do not w

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beez (Wed 09 Mar 2005 14:57:38 GMT)

where i been

i gotta tell ya i been a perv all my life. i gotta feeling i come from a long line of them.If homosexuals are born the way they are then i'm a for sure a natural born pervert.i pursued the art of frottage on a generally limited opportunistic bases most of the time spending most effort in the areas of legal and semi legal forms of voyeurism and later on heavy flirting and nonverbal comunication wh

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elephantstusk (Wed 09 Mar 2005 20:42:07 GMT)

update on wife's ass...

Hi everyone, an including buttlover and man_in_the_back: YOu all deserved an update days ago...but aren't our lives busy...sorry for the delay. Well, those SO FUCKING TIGHT pjs of hers have something special written all over them (not my cum, funny):"Candy Land", with pictures of candy canes. yep, my candy cane was all over that Land! Okay, spoon position it was, as usual. before i got starte

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GSA (Wed 16 Mar 2005 03:35:52 GMT)

hello everyone

I just found this site and i thought you guys might like to hear this story. Me and my friends are all in our first year of high school. We ( me, and my two friends phil and mark) are all virgins, but we decided to start a club and get as much action as we could.

This all started one day after school last year when we were all in middle school. I won't tell you where we're from, just in cas

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frankafone (Wed 16 Mar 2005 16:08:24 GMT)

new to the bbs

hey all.. i am new and live in north america... i have been groping and grinding for many years but have just recently discovered this board. i have slowly been reading all the stories and have had to leave the office many times to visit the bathroom.

my best work has been done at general addmision concerts, subway's and clubs.

i also play a public groping game with my wife, where

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buttluver (Thu 17 Mar 2005 04:03:40 GMT)

good story GSA

That story reminded me of the good old days in NYC. Getting on those crowded trains and buses and having a nice ass bouncing into you. I'm surprised she did not turn around when you shot one off on her. If you leaned into her she had to feel it. Or maybe she just thought it was the movement of the bus. Tell us some more stories of how you guys got some more of those young asses.

chikanovice (Thu 17 Mar 2005 07:15:02 GMT)

no luck

man, i am a chikan novice. one day i hope to be a chikan master. my first experience was totally by accident. at a concert, i was pressed up against a short brunette girl wearing tight jeans. i was really worried, as i rapidly got an erection. i thought "man, there is no way she can't feel that. what if she thinks i am some kind of pervert?". i tried to push myself off her but was pushed by the pe

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Lardface (Thu 24 Mar 2005 23:49:57 GMT)

Flea Market Hump

Well it was a fine afternoon, the eve of a holiday where I come from (and extremely dangerous place to be caught doing this shit).

I passed through the flea market with every intention to make sure i get away with more than just brush pasts and bumping into boobs of oncoming flea market goers.

I was eyeing the small crowd building up at the end of the alley, where they sell an assort

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John (Wed 30 Mar 2005 19:57:50 GMT)

spring in chicago

I went out at lunch today and its one of the first gorgeous days we've had yet. So that means the coats are off and the women are out shopping. I went to a store and looked for some women to rub up against. I was in the childs clothes section, when i found this asain women looking at clothes. she was a little older but had a very nice ass , she had on black dress pants. Dress pants are my f

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webmaster: ayashi (Wed 30 Mar 2005 20:24:37 GMT)

She is a legend - man_in_the_back

Few years ago, all Japanese chikans are talking about her - "a woman with dirty legs." When she was found first, she had many insect bites on her legs. Thus she was called a woman with dirty legs. And she was getting on saikyo line everyday. She was very receptive - and easily turned on. With the help of Internet Imformation Revolution, the talk about her spread far and wide and quick. Many chikan

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me, myself (Wed 06 Apr 2005 04:00:55 GMT)

frottage on DC metro

disclaimer first - i dont do this non-consensually

was on the DC metro - it was crowded. I saw a cute red head seem to try to lean against a guy. When he moved, i got next to her, my side to her back, and brushed my hand against her butt. She pushed gently back, and i stayed like that for while - she also my shoulder to her back as well. later she turned a little, so the side of her hip was against my hand. at one point i even pressed my hard cock against her butt, but it was difficult to maintain this position while being discrete. this went on for about 10 minutes till she got off. She had red hair, blue eyes, was thin, and cute.

guest (Wed 06 Apr 2005 18:30:59 GMT)

Set up

I live in NYC with my wife and we commute daily on the subway. We travel to work for the first 10 minutes on the same train and then we go in seperate directions. It is usually so packed that I am able to grope other women without her even knowing. That is really exciting feeling on another womanwhile talking to my wife as if nothings wrong. Over the past few months I have been groping my wife

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webmaster: ayashi (Wed 06 Apr 2005 21:26:15 GMT)

re: a woman with dirty legs - ok, some of you want to know more about the woman

In spite of her nickname, she is not dirty nor ugly. Her looks are average and of medium height and build. When she was found, she must be in her early twenties.

At first she didn't like chikans. Yet saikyo line is very crowded line so that she cannot avoid coming across molesters' hands. And her temperament is nothing but gentle. Many men presumed on her good nature. Then, nobody knows wha

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