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The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Thu 30 Dec 2004 00:03:32 GMT)

Getting To "Yes"

I don't know about other forms of Chikan, but over 20 years of practice proves to me (it's not a guess . . . it's years of field data) that no more than 1 woman in 10 openly says "yes" to being chikan buttfucked. That's a mere 10%. I said "openly" . . . meaning a clear and unambiguous sign of acceptance.

That's not to say that you can't get away with successfully chikaning a much higher p

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The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Thu 30 Dec 2004 01:14:47 GMT)

The Numbers Game

Back in December 2002, I wrote a piece entitled "It's All In The Numbers" wherein I referred to a "1 out of 20" ratio. I just wanted to point out that I was talking about something a bit different then.

I stick to my claim that if you're a damn good and perverted chikan ass jacker, then you have a great chance of getting an unmistakable "yes" out of your buttfucked prey about 1 out of ever

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Arm Humper (Thu 30 Dec 2004 01:38:58 GMT)

Re: Dr. Dry Hump: Just Like I Thought

Like Feather said, following that girl after she had moved away from you was a major mistake; you are not a rapist after all. You said that at first she had nowhere to go but started to fidget and look around. That shd. have told you something. One of the reasons I gave up butt humping was that if I was on a jampacked bus with a woman and she let me do her, it might just be because she cd. not get away from me and for me that wasn't satisfactory. With arm humping the woman is always free to accept or reject my propostion.
To get back to the first point, don't confuse humping with aggression or think that because you had a bad first experience that everything you read here is creative writing or embellishment. Feather was right: There are real players out there for sure.

FEATHER (Thu 30 Dec 2004 16:04:12 GMT)

Real Players

Re: neverachance As mitb said please be careful these girls can bring you a lot of trouble. I prefer playing with women I know very well or totally anonymous situations.

Re: Armhumper

I'm always amazed how much goes. I think that every third or fourth target will let me/us have some kind of fun. I need just a minute to decide if a women feels molested - or is in for more. This time

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nyc chikan (Sat 01 Jan 2005 23:55:31 GMT)

new year's eve

Hi people. I am new at this game and I have been enjoying your stories. I went to Times Square on New Year's eve, and to say the least it was a disappointing experience. First, very few good looking girls there. Secondly, all were dressed with thick clothing and thick winter jackets. I think the Times Square event is a little overrated.

Latina Slayer: JMONEY (Sun 02 Jan 2005 08:15:51 GMT)

Just wondering

Anyone in New York get their hump or ass grab on in times square this year. Believe it or not, I was there in times square but not in a great position and didn't get to hump or grab any ass. It was crowded as fuck but I guess was just in the ugly girl section. I was not able to even witness another ass grabber in site. It was cool though just being down there in the atmosphere seeing the ball drop, but would not have minded grabbing a nice bubblebutt latina ass or white girl with a phat ass. There is always next year.....

Latina Slayer: JMONEY (Sun 02 Jan 2005 19:22:47 GMT)

To NYCgroper

Good for you, you got your ass grab on in times square. I don't know how early you got there but I would've been better off alone there, I wait for friends to meet up with me and by the time I got down there it was like 9:15. I heard to get the best spots had to be there about 4:30 or at least 6:15. Hey the asian groping sounded nice. I really don't try to rub the pussy anymore. I guess I am more cautious of being caught. I love to rub a girl ass with like black tights on. I would probably go for the pussy area then, just finding a chick with black tights is not that common but at least u get a real feel of everything.Closest street I got to was 39th and 6th ave on new years eve.......

man_in_the_back (Sun 02 Jan 2005 19:32:37 GMT)

I love seduction but....

I used to be the master of the one night stand before I wasted my time getting married. I love seduction but think of this: what a seducer does in 2 hours a good chikan does in 2 minutes (sometimes 2 seconds).

They both bring a fem to a point of decision about sexual conduct.

Which one has the most skill? Is it a fair comparison? hmmm...we'll find out a little more tonight. A honey I met in Key Lago last night just might fall at the Boston Sunday tonight. I'm going to use a combination of chikan and seducer techniques on her.

She might stick me with a long hat pin or I might stick her.

I'll give you the real, real truth on Monday.


Gentlebrush (Mon 03 Jan 2005 00:26:00 GMT)

Re. How did I know about concerts?

Black Shogun is the one who got me going to concert after reading his concert post and found it can be a consensual act or just pressing against them with the crowed behind me where there nothing they can do about it. but the main thing is to get a good grind or hump in to cream my pants and go home happy while there date take them to wine and dine them where chances are there not going to get any just pay out a lot of money for one night. while already bust my nut in there crack and does not cost me a cent but my concert ticket lol

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Mon 03 Jan 2005 09:20:19 GMT)

Butt Trainer - A Question

Say Butt Trainer, I don't know exactly what kind of gear you wear when you work out, but is it possible to wear underwear underneath some dark clothing? That way, maybe you could spudge in these women's deep ass cracks without the wetness showing up so much. I know from experience that without underwear, even if you're wearing some jet black spandex, the cum can be very noticeable. When I first started concert buttfucking, I tried wearing some spandex type stuff to outdoor shows, and it was good. I've worn spandex and been dick to booty hole crack against girls wearing spandex or other thin clothing! I stopped wearing the spandex because it was too hard to adjust muh dick in um! Hahaha! Just wantin' ya to blow on that ass dude (and tell us about it)!

Black Shogun

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Arm Humper (Mon 03 Jan 2005 14:06:06 GMT)

Messages for Butt Trainer and Man in the Back: Public Sex Environments

Butt Trainer: Welcome to the board. I think you are the first person who has talked about doing it at the gym. I wd. think though you wd. have to be very careful about doing that sort of thing at work. Someone quoted the proverb: 'A bird does not befoul its own nest' when this question came up in the past.
MITB: You put it very well in your post before the last: consensual anonymous sex is what

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Guest (Mon 03 Jan 2005 15:32:14 GMT)

to latin layer :jmoney

i got was in the city all day i was hanging round 42nd but then they hearded us like cattle and i just simply went in stride looking for opertunities when i got through the check points i wounded up between 47 and 49th oh yea i forgot to mention the one where we were all packed in trying to get to a check point and one hot chick was in front of me i was being nice and easy with her then heard her say on the cell phone that some guy is trying to fuck me in the ass and then she lol so i poked at it a few more times then back offed like a ninja in the night he he he

Arm Humper (Wed 05 Jan 2005 01:11:49 GMT)

To MITB: Anonymous sex in a public place

Yes, these people using Public Sex Environments are behaving very much like some of our members: not only are they having anonymous sex but they are also doing it where there is a possibility they can be seen.
Now, we normally are forced to try to avoid being noticed, but there is no doubt that doing it in a public setting adds significantly to the excitement. And this is one of the likely reas

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Butt Trainer (Wed 05 Jan 2005 03:16:43 GMT)

answers to the masters

Black Shogan (you seem to be one of the "coaches" here in this joint),

I actually do where underwear, but one time while playing around with one of the front desk girls (she was sitting up on top of me in the office, and dancing to some music while sitting on my hard on) I exploded (which she felt, by the way, and laughed) and it still showed. I had to change my shorts.

As far as

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Arm Humper (Thu 06 Jan 2005 00:02:31 GMT)

War and Peace

There was a time, not long ago, when the female's arms and shoulders were widely regarded as sexy, and still today, women's evening dress reflects this perspective. If you can make it through Tolstoi's novel War and Peace, in some editions well over 1000 pages long, you will often hear him complaining about women immodestly displaying bare arms and shoulders.
On the topic of 'stories' I am going to suggest that perhaps this board is too story oriented. There is a limit to how many interesting variations our one theme can produce. There could still be a place for Tolstoi's rivals, both presently active and retired, but I wouldn't mind the emphasis being more on just generally socialising and conversing in a friendly, civilised environment.

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Fri 07 Jan 2005 13:21:27 GMT)

Gentlebrush - Applaud Call for Stories

Gentlebrush, I applaud your call for more stories. You understand that stories are the heart and soul of Ayashi BBS. They're what attracted all of us here because that's basically what the board has been, and people stuck around. Nobody in his right mind believes Ayashi BBS is or should be a literary society. However, there can be no doubt that well-written, detailed stories that describe emotions, full tactics, engaging details, slick escape, good/bad outcomes, etc. are highly enjoyable to the real chikan. Not only that, but many, such as a true chikan like yourself, find aspects of stories like that to be instructional. That information is highly prized by a real chikan. Feather is right. Let people be who they want to be and take care of yourself!

Black Shogun

man_in_the_back (Fri 07 Jan 2005 15:23:26 GMT)

men talking about sex

Arm Humper,
I don't like stories with just selfish gratification as the major element.
To me good stories have:

1)the moments of decision...when she decides to participate

2)cultural cues...there is a difference between a Japanese schoolgirl, a Moslem woman in full burka, a business woman, an Italian shopper. How does the cheetah choose the antelope?


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Latina Slayer: JMONEY (Fri 07 Jan 2005 18:42:25 GMT)

Hey pervman good to see you are Rookie of the Year

it is cool to see that u checked back on the board. It is hard to give this up, I have been trying on and off to give this up myself. I am 25 now and have been doing this shit for over 12 years on and off. I really intend to have 2005 be my last year however.I think my actions with groping and such have never gotten in the way of my personal life of dating until this past year 2004. There were som

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The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Sat 08 Jan 2005 14:58:32 GMT)

Silence Is Not Consent

I say once again that silence is not necessarily "consent." It certainly is tolerance, but tolerance and consent are not the same thing. To consent, one must "agree". Sometimes, given a certain set of circumstances, you might reasonably conclude that by one's silence, one has given consent. But, the two do not automatically go together. There can be all kinds of reasons for why a woman may remain silent, her agreement to being molested not being one of them. It is a dangerous and foolish assumption to conclude that just because a woman remains silent, she is consenting to what the chikan is doing. In fact, making the opposite conclusion makes for a much safer and long-lasting practice.

Black Shogun

Experienced and GOOD: Old Timer (Sat 08 Jan 2005 16:41:59 GMT)

Re: Arm Humper - Developing my 'argument' a little further

To Arm Humper, Black Shogun and others.
I think most of us delight in reading the detail of how a chikan session develops and progresses. We can learn a great deal from the detail which can often point to something else to try or avoid or look forward to on our next encounter.
Early stories by the Black Shogun, Feather, Ozzi Groper, and others (if I left you out, don't read anything in to it

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The Latin Groper: Carlos (Sun 09 Jan 2005 02:01:01 GMT)

Silence, tolerance or acceptance. Why is Mona Lisa smiling ? Is this the same enigmatic smile of a lady who is being groped ?

The first time I saw the Mona Lisa in the Louvre Museum in Paris, I figured out that this particular lady would let you grope her. Why is Mona Lisa smiling ? I thought that the enigmatic smile of Mona Lisa is the same enigmatic smile of a woman who is being groped, but we don`t know if her silence is of tolerance or acceptance. A woman who let you grope her could be as enigmatic as the Mona Lisa smile. This painting shows a woman with an introspective expression, smiling slightly in what is sometimes described as an "enigmatic smile." The Mona Lisa is often described as the most famous piece in art history. The enigmatic lady was painted by Leonardo da Vinci in the early 1500s, but the painting doesn`t show any crowd surging.groped?

Latina Slayer: JMONEY (Mon 10 Jan 2005 05:29:00 GMT)

To: Seano

wow, starting at age 10 now that surprises me. The normal age for this is defined as I think 12 or 13 -24....I read it in a post a while ago mentioning the true definitons of frotteurism. Seano, you have to be careful don't have that attitude I will grab till I get caught. I am telling you, I had that attitude as well and I am just lucky I was never busted. It is on you though, if u cannot control

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FEATHER (Mon 10 Jan 2005 09:06:26 GMT)


Yes Jmoney, you got the right one. It was during a place of event for thousands of teens. I simply stuck out from my age (40s) and could be easily observed. I even noticed the cops and took them for fellow chicans !!! This crowd in front of a stage was so perfect and hot that I forgot my principle to change places after a grope. It was clear that such a place is a target for all kinds of youth interested perverts, and as such under close surveillance. But I couldn't think for a penny in this situation...

Experienced and GOOD: Old Timer (Mon 10 Jan 2005 14:58:55 GMT)

Re: Soft dick ejaculation

Well it is possible! Being a lot older than most of you, I don't get it up for intercourse so often, yet I seem to do ok when I am chikaning. There have been occasions that I have masturbated a totally "loose canon" and cum. There is not a lot of ejaculation at my age, but then, I always had a "low sperm count" - I don't know if that translates into "cum". There is some firming of the penis, but I wouldn't call it an erection, since it is still small and hasn't risen for the occasion.

The Latin Groper: Carlos (Tue 11 Jan 2005 04:46:30 GMT)

Hooker Heroes

I found and interesting web page about prostitution
...."Prostitutes enabled the famous men listed on these pages to spend their valuable time achieving instead of courting, and provided incentives, inspiration, and rewards for their great accomplishments. Mankind's best and brightest have always enjoyed the company of prostitutes.
The author of this site says….." My goal in creating this We

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The Latin Groper: Carlos (Tue 11 Jan 2005 04:48:02 GMT)

Hooker Heroes electonic address

check this out

Guest (Tue 11 Jan 2005 05:01:10 GMT)

Re: Silence Is Not Consent

Greetings All,
I've been reading the posts on this website for a couple of months now. I live in a major city where concerts, premieres, and awards shows are common. I chikan and know several other guys that chikan (though we call ourselves "riders").
This issue touched a nerve because I've observed other guys who've operated under the same premise - only to suffer dire consequences as

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Brazilian Master (Fri 14 Jan 2005 09:15:22 GMT)

My first post folks! Some humping concert pictures!

Hey fellows... this is my first post here! This place here is amazing! I have a lot of good stories to tell u all! I didn't see anyone from Brazil here and I think u all have doubts about chickaning in brazil including the master shogun! I can solve all of then since i lived my entire life there... we have some hot chickaning homepages in brazil but they r all in portuguese and I don't think any o

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RETINA (Fri 14 Jan 2005 18:04:19 GMT)

Professor in hot water for feeling schoolgirl's buttocks

The ratio of arrests for groping(butt fondling is about 8 arrests an hour on a busy day) according to source: Japanese prefectural governments 2001.

FUKUOKA -- An associate professor at a taxpayer-funded university was arrested for molesting a high school girl on a train here Friday morning, police said.

Masahiro Nagase, 37, an associate professor at Kagawa University, is accused

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Brazilian Master: Brazilian Master (Sat 15 Jan 2005 13:22:02 GMT)

I got it!

Hey fellows! Hey webmaster!

I guess I got it!

Hey... if you guys don't think Brazil is a good place for chikaning, maybe I can change your idea! That's a girl from Brazil, and you can find a lot of those on the crowded buses and subways, specially in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro... wouldn't you hump this ass?

Brazilian Masterbubble butt

Brazilian Master: Brazilian Master (Sat 15 Jan 2005 13:48:20 GMT)

Thank you gentlebrush and others!

Thank you guys for the welcome!
I hope I can add good stuff here and be useful since i don''t remember seeing anyone from brazil here!
Shogun, Brazil is a paradise for chikan! No doubt about it! The subways and buses are all crowded and there are NO separate places for women! I will tell you guys a lot of stories soon! But I can assure that there are good places for humping there! Specially

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Brazilian Master: Brazilian Master (Sun 16 Jan 2005 23:52:30 GMT)

Answers to Shogun!

Hey Master Shogun!
I am happy that u are now interested in Brazil! Well let me give a few more details about this wonderful country:
I am from São Paulo as you asked... but I live in Los Angeles right now!
Good places to chikan in Brazil specifically talking about Sao Paulo city:
- subway (east-west line from 7 am to 8:30 am and from 5:30 pm till 7:00pm);
- almost all the downtown b

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Brazilian Master: Brazilian Master (Mon 17 Jan 2005 00:06:14 GMT)

Water Park doubts!

Answering to shogun questions about the water park:
- the name of the water park is wet n wild!
- is located 50 miles away from sao paulo in Bandeirantes freeway;
- It gets really crowded shogun. In the front rows it gets really jammed. And all the girls wearing small bikinis....ohhhhhhhhh.
and it's good when sometimes the singer says: "Heyy guyssss let's jump and let's through water all over!!!" Shogunnnnn the girls start jumping and water gets all over... so you just rest your NAKED snake in their cracks and let them masturbate you! Of course I took my snake out from my shorts! Nobody can see it! And the wet feeling of naked buttocks in your naked dick is fantastic! I miss that for sure! But I am getting used to it...

Brazilian Masterbikini girls

Brazilian Master: Brazilian Master (Mon 17 Jan 2005 00:15:29 GMT)

If I may...

Haha, I am giving some hot clues about my country Brazil!

but if I may, I will give some clues about here as well!
I went to Tijuana (city located in the border of mexico and USA)...goshhh very good! girls get wild there!!! All the americans under 21 who cannot drink here , they croos the border to show their asses in mexico!!! And they get really drunk!
There is a club called Safari,

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Dev (Wed 19 Jan 2005 18:11:45 GMT)

Got popped!!

I copped a feel on a store clerk today & she got loud! I was stupid though-I did it while her co worker was around. The woman co worker must have seen it for the owner of all that aZZ said something! I'd copped 1 be4 & she'd not complained! Later on when I apologized she said that it was "ok-ok".

RETINA (Fri 21 Jan 2005 03:07:48 GMT)

Message: getting Laid In Japan (mitb)


To answer your query regarding "Getting laid In Japan"
Ummmmmm! let the thoughts begin, well to be honest
with you it's all a matter of perception of getting laid.

Are you referring to Japanese hookers, or regular Japanese
girls who you could possibly meet?

Let's begin with the first by saying that getting laid in Japan
can be quite challenging for the ave

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RETINA (Mon 24 Jan 2005 19:46:19 GMT)

Club HELP!

Black Shogun,

Club help used to be one of the hottest clubs in Rio and believe that it still is on the main strip facing the beach near Copacabana beach.

Tons of super hot scantly dressed HOT! Brazillian girls with very little on and usually packed like sardines on the weekend (Saturday). This spot is frequented by many USA athletes football, and basketball players.

Do not know if the current owner is still around, but under the past owner, he hailed from NYC.

One thing is for sure is they (the Brazillian girls) get very wild and crazy in HELP!


RETINA (Tue 25 Jan 2005 18:56:28 GMT)

Tokyo railways reluctant to introduce 'women only' carriages

Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) officials are pushing for the introduction of more women-only carriages in Tokyo trains to crack down on molesters, but railway companies are digging their heels in, saying such a system would cause delays and be difficult to introduce.

In recent years the number of groping incidents in trains has continued to climb.

Last year the MPD made apprehe

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The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Sat 05 Feb 2005 02:00:53 GMT)

Re: Guest - Train Humping

I liked your story there Guest. Wearing black pants/sweats is always a good way to conceal the spunk stains when chikan buttfucking makes you sperm in your trousers. I might also add that if you're wet humping a strange girl in her butt, if she's wearing black or dark clothing, this can help to conceal the load you later plaster onto her butt cheeks . . . unless it's a big, hot, gooey, steamy me

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registered member: man_in_the_back (Mon 07 Feb 2005 06:13:11 GMT) to find girl's stories

Hi Bill,
I have been somewhat successful finding girls' stories by putting phrases into the google search engine.
example: train bus "I could feel his hand"

note: the words train and bus may appear in the search return. They qualify the seach string which will absolutely appear in the search return.

In other words, all the returns will contain the words "I could feel his hand

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registered member: man_in_the_back (Tue 08 Feb 2005 02:43:02 GMT)

Bill Cosby: GROPER

Well, well, well....maybe Bill will contribute his little adventure to Ayashi-BBS soon. I'll tell you one thing, his people sure know how to bury a story.
Found this in my Sunday paper(2/6/05) but be aware, most wire services--hence, most newspapers didn't carry it.

This is a shortened version of the story, which I cut and pasted from the
New York Daily News.

>>Cosby hit

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RETINA (Thu 10 Feb 2005 10:55:09 GMT)

Tokyo Crime Files Videos

Hi Black Shogun,

Sorry for the long delay in sending you the link for the Japanese company Total
Media Corp VHS and DVD Midnight Video series.

Series DMN-001 thru DMN-007 features Tokyo Police files of actual past criminal cases re-inacted from Voyeurism to Rape to Groping on subwa

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RETINA (Thu 10 Feb 2005 11:08:41 GMT)

RE: Tokyo Trains

Hiya Mitb,

The answer to your inquiry is YES! several different companies operate train and subway service in Japan with Japan Railway company being the largest.

Two divisions JR East and JR West. The JR East Saikyo Line has the highest incident of groping/humping complaints since that line is very busy daily. The people pack into the cars like sardines, in which professional gropers

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RETINA (Fri 11 Feb 2005 08:51:56 GMT)

Accused molesters form network to counter false accusations

A group of Tokyo men claiming to have been falsely accused of molesting women on commuter trains have formed a network to fight in courts and the conditions that saw them placed there in the first place.

The Enzai Higaisha Network (Victims of False Accusations Network) aims to help accused men who protest their innocence, support the families of falsely accused molesters and pressure railwa

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SexyAngel (Fri 11 Feb 2005 20:11:16 GMT)

Tokyo Subway

This page has links to an interesting series of art that takes place in the Tokyo (and also Paris, NY, etc) subways. Some of the short films are very interesting.

registered member: man_in_the_back (Wed 16 Feb 2005 01:25:02 GMT)

cool site


100 Most Recent Binary Posts to BBSPink

kill a couple of hours ez at this most interesting site. Yes there is some chikan interest there, but mainly quirky sex videos.

First, remember bum fights?? This isn't a bum fight but it is similar.

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Brianna (Sat 19 Feb 2005 01:27:27 GMT)

Bull Dyke???

I found a link to this site at I am a lesbian and I am offended at the guy who said that the nazi who posted must be a "bull dyke". I have never met a neo Nazi who was a dyke and most white supremacists I know of are extremely homophobic. So please do not lump lesbians with Neo Nazis.

Krakken (Sat 05 Mar 2005 18:47:39 GMT)

To Man in Black


'The Amazing Race' is a reality show that is on U.S. t.v. It is currently on its 7th season.

The premise of the game is that 11 teams (each team has two people) race around the world. Along the way, they have to perform a series of pre-determined tasks.

Here is the link:

It is a fun show to watch. It actually won an Emmy a couple of times for best reality show.


The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Sat 05 Mar 2005 18:58:55 GMT)

Re: MITB - The Amazing Race

The Amazing Race is 1 of only 3 of the "reality TV show" programs that I have ever gotten into. The premise of the show is that teams of 2 (started with 11 teams this season) are challenged to be the first team to complete several tasks and overcome various difficulties in order to reach some preselected destination in the world. The team that's in 1st place after the final challenge wins 1 mill

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The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Sat 05 Mar 2005 19:19:19 GMT)

Other Shows Where I've Seen Groping Scenes

COPS - Saw an episode where this guy had reached under a girl's mini and grabbed her lil' pannies and shit. The chick's boyfriend took on the groper and his friend . . . and won! The police were called in, and the bloodied groper was arrested. COPS is on the FOX Network.

Lonely Planet - saw an episode where hostess Justine Shapiro was traveling in Italy. She sat down next to this Italia

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registered member: man_in_the_back (Sat 05 Mar 2005 19:32:50 GMT)

Wikkipedia covers the frot spectrum

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
(Redirected from Frottage (sexology))
This article is about the sexual practice. For the art technique please see Frottage
In the context of human sexual behavior, frottage or frotteurism is the act of achieving sexual gratification by rubbing one's (clothed or naked) body against another person. Frotteurism carries a connotation of "

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elephantstusk (Sun 06 Mar 2005 04:40:24 GMT)

The Wife

hey everyone. well, it's late and the wife is fast asleep while i "work" on my laptop. By the time i get my sorry ass to bed, she'll be off in neverneverland. The preview of tonight's bed attire: dark panties under a mostly white pajama bottoms...tight-ass pj bottoms. Very Tight. That cush ass is soo happy to be wrapped up so will be happy, too. She also left her black bra on, u

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LikeGreen (Sun 06 Mar 2005 09:44:36 GMT)

HBO Subway Stories

Y'all might want to set your VCRs or DVRs to record HBO's Subway Stories.

It's a collection of 10 short stories all taking place in the subway. It's pretty good in general, but one vignette may interest some here. In the story the guy takes the subway every day and one day he gets involved with a player girl who gets into grinding against him, and that starts an ongoing thing. I won't ruin the story, but the shots of him grinding the girl are nice.

With Rosie Perez grinding against him in the subway, and Gretchen Mol kissing him goodbye every morning, no wonder he starts to look confused!

Damn! Why can't I find Rosie Perez on the A train?

registered member: man_in_the_back (Sun 06 Mar 2005 10:05:16 GMT)

something doesn't compute...

elephantstusk & buttluver
...but then it does. Reminds me of one part of marriage I really hated. Because my automatic question is: if it's your wife just laying there, why don't you wake her up and fuck her or fuck her before she goes to sleep? But I think I know the answer: you've reached that point in your marriages where your wives think giving you some pussy is doing you a big goddamned f

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registered member: man_in_the_back (Sun 06 Mar 2005 10:14:40 GMT)

Rosie Perez has got a nice ass (or used to)

hey LikeGreen,
thanx for the head's upon the HBO program. I still remember "White Men Can't Jump" and I dug that Gloria Clemente character. That was back in 1992.


Latina Slayer: JMONEY (Sun 06 Mar 2005 19:31:13 GMT)

Hey whats up guys

I agree with the Point T said a few days ago. I love subway groping but shit the cops are everywhere these days.I saw that about the guy getting busted on the path train. I think I need to change my appearance more. I wear the same winter coat alot and shit might be recognized since I go on train mostly at rush hour too a few days a week. What the fuck, are they only after pickpockets or what. I d

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registered member: man_in_the_back (Sun 06 Mar 2005 21:42:12 GMT)

police presence is political

Sex sells. Sex sells newspapers and evening news show ratings. Sex arrests make the police look good. Sex convictions make prosecutors look good. Sex crimes will get you fed into conviction machine quicker than any other kind of average crime.

I get the feeling many of you live on the East Coast, NYC area perhaps and you got the trains to hunt on. I suggest this. If you ever think that a w

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The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Sun 06 Mar 2005 22:17:09 GMT)

Humping in Casinos

You raise a good point about the casinos MITB. I mean, I would think that humping in a casino would be high risk just because of the "electronic eyes" and facial recognition technology that could catch you in the act. The casinos are more concerned with catching card counters, cheats, and those types, but a by-product of all that surveillance could be catching a butthumper doing the "humpty hump

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registered member: man_in_the_back (Mon 07 Mar 2005 00:57:36 GMT)

don't get caught brown handed

Hey Shogun,
if I have been right in identifying undercover cops, I'd say they have a few things in common
1) basically in shape: they have to chase, tackle, fight and gain submission
2) where's the gun, cuffs and radio? usually they have a garment over the gun
but the cuffs and radio could be in a bag
3) a way to hide their eyes so people don't know they are being stared

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Guest (Mon 07 Mar 2005 06:06:53 GMT)

to man_in_the_back

1) where can I get that cartoon wall paper? I'd love to see it full size

2) Reading the stories here, I've come to the conclusion that different people like chikan for different reasons...
For a some people, its "getting soemthing for free"... you see that hot girl in the tight pants just begging for it... and you take a little taste for yourself... and she's never the wiser.


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registered member: man_in_the_back (Tue 08 Mar 2005 02:16:14 GMT)

Dominican huhhh?

yeah buttluver,
Dominican huh? I have heard that girls from that part of the world have the highest libidos. My best fuck ever was a Puerto Rican girl. When I first got out west, I got to work with about 8 Cubanitas. I got a good short grind on with 2 of them. They catch on real quick when there is a dick up against their crack, even if their married. I had a online thing with with a DR chick and she leaped into the fuck talk before I did.

How about blessing her once a gain with a big cold spot tonight also. The girl must be healed.


registered member: man_in_the_back (Tue 08 Mar 2005 02:22:10 GMT)

Vegas clubs

get on that Jet Blue and come on out. 2 clubs I recommend are 'the Boston' and the SRO. Both are off Flamingo a couple of miles easat of the strip. They both have Latin night and Hip Hop night.
I'm going to NYC near the end of the month. When I come back I'll try to get in there and write some reports.
I did hear that SRO overpacks regularly.


registered member: man_in_the_back (Tue 08 Mar 2005 02:57:57 GMT)

answer to guest


The full size was too large a file for this page, so I kept halving the size until it fit. If you get me an email address I can probaly send you the fullsize version.

Much like Dr. Dry Hump but a little more aggressive I try to keep my humping
and doinking low pressure, never a pattern, never a routine. BTW, doinking is my little joke on the world. I try to ram my dick righ

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registered member: man_in_the_back (Tue 08 Mar 2005 03:42:33 GMT)

vegas clubs 2


since you are headed this way, I'll definitely step up the research on those 2 places I mentioned, and others.

You might want to tour the Green Door 1pm to 5pm. My buddy went today said people were naked and fucking in there, and some guy offered him 2nds on his chick. Costs $40 and is best from Wednesday on. The afternoon tour is free.

Don't get sucked into those high

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registered member: man_in_the_back (Wed 09 Mar 2005 04:18:14 GMT)


oh hell yeah!

Before I got a car, I used to get some on the 109 bus, the 13 bus and the strip bus.

The strip bus is great because it's nothing but drunken tourists going downtown.

At this area they call the Freemont Experience when they have free concerts in the summer. They always bring in these bands that are past prime like Blue Oyster Cult, War, Ohio Players, etc. They hav

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(Webmaster) these buses and clubs are in Las Vegas.

RETINA (Wed 09 Mar 2005 05:37:53 GMT)

The Human Sensory that Creates A ChikanThe Deviant Mind

The story of the admitted Japanese frotteur Hideotoshi is a somewhat indicative social dysfunction, yet Toshi did recover and quit his deviant behavior before any negative long term damage (getting caught) took effect.

I found Toshi's story sad and disturbing. Was the author suggesting that we frotteurs and frot sympathizers got to be what we are through some missteps early in life? Is Toshi

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The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Thu 10 Mar 2005 00:18:52 GMT)

Upskirting Receives National Media Attention

This morning on the Today Show on NBC, Katie Couric did a major segment on upskirting. It was funny to hear her say that it was something she had never heard of before until just a few days ago. Hard to believe, especially since she lives and works in New York City!

Anyway, the segment got into how "disgusting" upskirting was, and it told of how this one mom had caught a guy filming up he

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Gentlebrush (Thu 10 Mar 2005 02:59:15 GMT)

Re. Vegas

Hey M.I.T.B You really know your Vegas. I too like to catch the strip bus along Boulevard Ave # 301 302 it gets pack during rush hour and at night. But I never knew about the # 109 and #13 what time is the best time to catch it and what street is it on? And the best show is to go where it pack every night is the Pirate show out side of Treasure Island. I had a lot of booty there and after the show the people getting out of there is so tight where you can really ram your dick in those women crack in a stand till. Yes I had a lot of Experience in Vegas.

registered member: man_in_the_back (Thu 10 Mar 2005 05:15:51 GMT)

good ol' Treasure Island

damn! I forgot all about Treasure Island. That place is trying not to be so family oriented now. They've changed the show but I havn't seen the new one yet.

The 13 is a major bus going out to North Las Vegas, the Swap Meet, Nellis Air Base and the Racetrack. Typically evry 13 is crowded but from 2:30p to 7p, it's insane. Lots of moms and kids and some community college girl

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Latina Slayer: JMONEY (Thu 10 Mar 2005 22:18:48 GMT)

RE: Vegas

Vegas is a real nice spot for any sexual activity. I never got to get on any of the buses during the daytime to see some ass. One night though I was right outside or a block or two away from the MGM grand and after losing most of my money in the casino that night I decided to just walk around and try to clear my head. I stood at a bus stop right there at about 12 midnight, now I knew the buses we

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RETINA (Fri 11 Mar 2005 08:41:54 GMT)

Lawmaker resigns over groping arrest

Kazuyoshi Nakanishi, a Lower House member of the Liberal Democratic Party, tendered his resignation Thursday over his arrest the previous night for alleged indecent assault on a woman on a street in Tokyo's Roppongi nightclub district.

Nakanishi, 40, allegedly pressed himself against a 22-year-old woman, reached inside her dress and grabbed her left breast at around 2 a.m. in "High Touch To

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Krakken (Fri 11 Mar 2005 15:02:49 GMT)

Watching Pervs...

My talk with Jmoney made me realize how easy it is to see someone doing pervy things if you know what to look for.

It is always enjoyable to watch them in action.

I used to date a girl who I was very close with. I told her about upskirters and she thought it was funny. Then, one day, I spotted one. It was on a college campus and he was following girls to a staircase in one of the bui

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Latina Slayer: JMONEY (Fri 11 Mar 2005 15:26:43 GMT)

Re: more vegas

Whats up man_in_the_back, Yeah I even called up one of those chicks who comes to your room and shit from one of the many mags with all the phone numbers. The pic was a really hot thick white girl and as I talked to her on the phone I was really down for it but it was bit pricey. I think it was $85 bucks just to come to the room then she sounded like she'd renegociate the price when she got there,

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Vegas Poker Man (Sat 12 Mar 2005 01:10:47 GMT)

Vegas..THE BEST Grind Spot

The best grind spot in Las Vegas is at Rum Jungle in Mandalay bay. On friday and saturday nights, starting at 11pm, the place gets packed. ALL CHAIRS are removed from the large bar at this time. So you are forced to rub up against the person next to you at the bar.HEHEHE.

registered member: man_in_the_back (Sat 12 Mar 2005 01:55:38 GMT)

Rum Jungle??? really?

hey Vegas Poker Man,

I have walked by the door of the Rum Jungle and seen a line to get in but the place just didn't resonate with me...probably because the Mandalay Bay doesn't resonate with me.

To me that means all the big resort clubs are probably good grind spots.

I have not been a clubber. Being a Vegas resident I tend to avoid the strip and go to locals spots. When I g

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FEATHER (Sat 12 Mar 2005 11:40:56 GMT)

Re. Opportunist Suspicious Bouncer

In that case I would move so that I stood BEHIND him. If he moves with you you know that you are being observed. If he doesn't you know he was accidentally behind you AND you can do your thing behind his back.

registered member: man_in_the_back (Sun 13 Mar 2005 18:50:34 GMT)

Carlos---is it really frustration?

This is my personal point of view: I don't think more regular sex would stop me from being a frot. I'm almost always going to be thinking about frotting and groping.

Tokyo has that Red Light district called Roppongi (sp). They still have frots and gropers. Same here: We've got and inch and a half of the yellow pages devoted to adult entertainers and they still have me (and I'm sure 100's m

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Latina Slayer: JMONEY (Mon 14 Mar 2005 16:49:25 GMT)

What is acceptable and what is not

It is funny I came across an article I had from a philosophy class I took about a year ago, it lists the sexual norms to the extreme Taboo things

Number 1. Heterosexual intercourse in missionary
2. Heterosexual intercourse in other positions
3. Oral sex (male or female)
4. Masturbation
5. Homosexuality
6. Group sex
7. Anal sex, heterosexual or homosexual
8. Voyeurism

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RETINA (Tue 15 Mar 2005 18:12:29 GMT)

Schoolgirl games of frame the pervert turn deadly

For years, female commuters on Tokyo trains have been tormented by malicious molesters who take advantage of the packed conditions to let loose a frisky fondle. Some railway operators have even gone so far as to set up women's only carriages to counter the gruesome gropers. But, as Weekly Playboy (11/20) notes, other crafty female commuters have found a way to make a buck out of being felt up --

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RETINA (Wed 16 Mar 2005 20:18:16 GMT)

RE:question for Retina


you wrote:

Did you ever "get any" on a Japanese subway?

Although humping and touching is usually never on the agenda let's just say the opportunities are limitless and abound in the Japanese subway system especially the packed ride on JR from Shibuya to Ikebukuro. People do get pressed tight against each other.

Also, in the clubs many partially drunk and totally

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PUNJABI LUVER (Thu 17 Mar 2005 05:58:53 GMT)

White canadian girl loving the sikh

The punjabis and pakistanis really love me. They say it's my vudda bund and vudda mamas or booms. Really, just wondering about the whole punjabi/white women bit. I met this punjabi guy (sikh) who was extremely gorgeous. He didn't smoke, drink or barely do anything but work long, hard hours and have sex. I met him at the club and we hit it right off. Although he was quite a bit younger than I, we h

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registered member: man_in_the_back (Thu 17 Mar 2005 06:57:41 GMT)

take the best, leave the rest

Dear Punjabi Luver,

You've been told the truth but you havn't accepted it. To them it's about having something good to fuck. If you are attracted to them, keep fucking them... but you'd be dumb to marry one thinking he was going to evolve into Ward Clever (dad on the old sitcom Leave It to Beaver). You marry one one and six months later you'll be his beast of burden. I'm serious. It's a male dominated culture.

If you want to marry, you need to withdraw from that circle of friends first.


RETINA (Thu 17 Mar 2005 07:53:08 GMT)

RE: a man's got to do what a man's got to do


You wrote:
To me the totality of your response is that although groping and grinding really aren't your thing, you've cashed in on opportunities that any man would. Nothing too particular, and that's all right.

Very well said MITB, in that a Frotteur's libido revolves strictly around the sense of touch and feel, and a Voyeur's reaction focuses strictly on sight the visual. T

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