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Bad-Boy (Tue 07 Sep 2004 23:13:42 GMT)

Re: Arm Humper

What's up Dude ? wow a post directed to me !! I feel so special (sniff) lol. Nah, i respectfully disagree with point 1, Like Brother Sho' i have always had a fondess, dare i say fetish for ass, especially black and Latino ass, white women with asses has been a new phenomena for me but i was dancing with this chick in boston once wooooo !! Tall white girl with a big soft ass ! I hit the West Ind

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arm humper (Wed 08 Sep 2004 01:45:15 GMT)

coming from behind

I did not make myself absolutely clear with point 1(b) and so caused some confusion. The basic idea of all 3 first arguments is that some men may prefer admiring women from behind because that way they are more in control psychologically as it were, not that it is easier to get away with frotting a woman from the rear. The idea is a little abstract I will admit but I thought I would include it sti

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Arm Humper (Wed 08 Sep 2004 10:56:27 GMT)


I like your term "donkey-ass". We don't use that word where I am from but I can see clearly what it means and it seems very appropriate for some of the specimins I see around here. Here a well-built woman with long legs and a large curvaceous bottom is sometimes referred to with admiration as a "horse". Other local terms are "bone-bird" for a skinny girl and "red-pole" for a thick light skinned wo

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The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Wed 15 Sep 2004 02:35:57 GMT)

Re: Ninsowean - Big Butt Asian

Oh yeah??? Where have you been looking then? That's the first time I've ever heard anybody suggest that in my entire life. I mean, somebody might like Asians, but defintely not for having phat asses! I've been a butt lover all my life. Or, at least since I found that a girl's butt could be a wonderful thing.

I've even lived in Asia for 5 years :-) If I didn't see it in the homelands, I don't know where else it could be. I'm sure not seeing it here either. Anywhere I may go. My conclusion is based on years and years of observation as an ass man. Don't know what you been smokin'.

Black Shogun

Ninsowean (Thu 16 Sep 2004 00:49:37 GMT)

Re: Black Shogun -Uhh :)

Uh, damn! I must have been fooled by the few I seen lol. There sure isn't a better person who would know about this then a person who has been in Asia :)

Actually come to think about it, it is probably just because i used to work in a hotel who hired good looking chinese and filiphinos. :) Those sure where the good days, when i would love staying late at work just to chiken:) The hotel was located in the Dubai, UAE. Right now i'm in the US to study, and i'm sorry to say that Chicago doesn't seem to have a lot of places to go to chiken. Unless someone would guide me to a good place here :)


Latina Slayer: JMONEY (Thu 23 Sep 2004 01:31:40 GMT)


Shout out to all the NYC Chikans. I don't here much activity anymore from NY? Where do u folks get your ass grabbing on? I recommend staying away from really big stations like 42nd on the 2 line, cause I notice much more police presence lately. I was about to grab some butt cheeks today while coming up the stairs and I see a cop just standing at the top. I did get my ass grab on later with a nice

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The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Fri 24 Sep 2004 22:51:41 GMT)

Re: Opportunist - The Roots (VIP) Concert

Nice stories Oppy. I was wondering when you were gonna stop leaving us hanging. I wouldn't have spunked on that girl's ass in that situation either. What, with 3 plus hours left, it would have been too easy for her or her friend to discover the cum, then contact security. But, if it had been in the dark in a packed crowd in front of the band . . . SPURT!!! I keep it real. I've never tried to

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Dr. Dry Hump (Fri 24 Sep 2004 23:52:15 GMT)

A few questions

You finally get your spot situated in a very crowded concert when you discover that a girl with the sexiest ass you ever saw is standing right in front of you. But! She is the ugliest duck you ever saw. Do you hump her anyway?


Where is the best place to do dry humping ...

1. Crowded Concert
2. Crowded Train
3. Crowded Bus
4. Grocery Store Line (women bending over)
5. Crowded Club (line outside)
6. Crowded Elevator "Going Up"


The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Sat 25 Sep 2004 00:01:28 GMT)

Re: Dr. Dry Hump - A Few Questions

You left out one of my favorites: Crowded Club (inside). This, along with concerts (indoor or outdoor), is my favorite. And, it depends on just how ugly I think she really is. Sometimes, you overlook the face to get the buttcheeks.

Black Shogun

Con-Sensuality: Opportunist (Sat 25 Sep 2004 02:29:56 GMT)

Re: Dr. Dry Hump My Opinion

As someone who's done all those and more, nothing compares, hour per hour and event per event with a writhing mass of bodies at a sold out concert. No line hump or parade, even with a willing participant is going to feature a nubile 20-something humping away on your dick while you just stand there. Nowhere else will you and another middle aged perv get to grab half drunk girls by their asses and crotches under the guise of helping them up on stage to dance with Dr Funkenstein. That was just a taste of my wednesday night concert experience.

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Sat 25 Sep 2004 10:49:31 GMT)

Re: Opportunist - My Opinion

Agreed. AND, a concert with all those bodies packed together is a prime place to wet hump . . . if you're into that.

Black Shogun

Latina Slayer: JMONEY (Sun 26 Sep 2004 04:46:30 GMT)

Re: Dr Dry Hump's question

I agree that crowded concert action is the best but my preference is latinas. To be honest the last two concerts I have been to were spanish but I really am sad I missed the Warped Tour this year. The stories I heard about the grabbing are nice. What kind of tickets do u guys mostly get at these concerts. That is one disadvantage getting your nuts off at a concert will cost some dough. I prefer crowded trains or parades. That is just the methods I have been doing.

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Sun 26 Sep 2004 06:30:10 GMT)

Re: JMoney - Dr. Dry Hump's Question

Yep JMoney. Concerts are the best. But, you must pay to play. That's true. You know what they say. You get what you pay for. If you want to hump and grope girls for hours and hours on end, and shoot your load to boot, then a general admission ticket to a packed concert is defintely the way to go.

While I was dorking that brunette in her ass at the bar this weekend, I found myself fantasizing about having the same situation at a concert instead. My thick boner would have been buried way deep in that "paydirt" in the same way, only my shirt would not have been in the way, and I woulda jerk fucked her up her butt till I spunked and left a "pretty mess on her dress". Sho nuff.

Black Shogun

The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Sun 26 Sep 2004 12:12:32 GMT)

MsDarkSoulDesires - A Matter of Cum

Juliana, are you out there? How would you feel about a buttfucker chikan cumming on your clothes? I know that most women are like Lauren who posted here earlier who said that maybe she wouldn't mind getting a chikan's stiff dick rubbed against her big ass, but she definitely wouldn't want the cum on her clothes.

However, you're no ordinary woman, having expressed in this forum an affirmat

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The Practice of Chikan: Black Shogun (Sun 26 Sep 2004 12:32:28 GMT)

Opportunist - Pleated Skirts

Now that I think about it Opportunist, I believe I actually may have chikan buttfucked a girl wearing a pleated skirt. It was that pretty little blonde named "Jessica" in my story "Doin The Bum Diddly". I do remember that her skirt was plaid, but it may have also been pleated too.

And regardless of whether it was pleated or not, I definitely remember how I sunk the big head of my dick so deep down in between her buttcheeks that I could literally feel her little blonde, pink, suburban butthole. Definitely one of my best chikan buttfuck experiences of all times. I'll never forget her or how I got so deep up into her ass cheeks.

Black Shogun

Latina Slayer: JMONEY (Sun 26 Sep 2004 19:45:32 GMT)


For all you big butt lovers, In the olympics I wonder how many watched womens beach volleyball. I can't front these girls wear next to nothing. A few years ago all the chicks just looked like men but now some of these chicks are hot. The camera is right in there following the action so u get some nice ass shots. Today on nbc, was some volleyball Misty may, white girl with some phat ass cheeks, and Walsh too has a nice ass. This black girl Davis has a nice ass as well. There is another black girl Jennie Jordan, a nice phat ass on her as well. IN THE olympics I remember some of the teams like 2 different teams from brazil all with nice big asses. Check this out in the future if anyone didn't know.

Latina Slayer: JMONEY (Mon 04 Oct 2004 22:57:23 GMT)

Re: guest

That was a good story. I mean to be able to butt fuck the same girl on the bus for a period of time seems like a hard thing to do. I started to ass grab and butt hump girl at the age of 12 myself and have been doing so for about 12 and a half years. Now, I am more of an ass grabber (If u read my stories, you'll know) I feel like I can't get away with humping on the buses and trains as much anymore

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unreformed (Mon 11 Oct 2004 15:35:59 GMT)

a chikan on a bus.

You may meet a chikan on a bus even when it is not crowded. If you sit down on a rear seat, you may be in a everybody's blind spot. Also if you take a window seat, you are in blind spot. So, if you take a window seat on the most rear, you are in the blindest spot. That is where a groping hand works most freely.

indy_wife_voyeur (Sat 16 Oct 2004 20:27:45 GMT)

Chikan-ed wife from India


Here are a few pics of my wife (from India). She gets 'chikan-ed' a lot in buses and trains. Whenever she tells me the incidents she had that day - i really get turned on (she knows this and likes to tease me).

Anyways, check out her booty here -

Would any of you 'chikan' her?


Concert Master: Pervman (Sun 17 Oct 2004 22:50:57 GMT)

Re: Vancouver chikan

I don't know anything about the venues in Vancouver, but the best kind of concert for chikaning would be a popular alternative, punk or metal band. Best of luck!


gropr1 (Mon 18 Oct 2004 06:43:11 GMT)

ATTN: Vancouver chikan

I am a very active vancouver chikan as well. I have been a long time lurker on this board, first time posting. You are in luck, there is an extremely good concert for chikan coming up this Friday at the PNE, still tix available too. Email me and I'll give you more details, and let you know the other shows that are coming up that are good as well, there are quite a few in the next few months. I go

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H sensei (Tue 19 Oct 2004 05:22:38 GMT)

japanese mums

here in japan, chikanning is a national pastime. i often enjoy the feel of students and office ladies on the crowded trains. reently, i have found a new target: young mothers with kids. since they have little kids and pushchairs to worry about, they cannot put up much of a fight. shooting fish in a barrel.

FEATHER (Sat 23 Oct 2004 21:41:42 GMT)

Be careful, folks !

Hello everyone at the board, hi master ayashi,
I was quite active last year on the board had some stories to tell. But in may 04 I made a bad mistake, which brought me into a shitty situation. I'd like to tell you what can happen if you are not careful enough being a chican. At last I came out clean off the charge but it was close. I'd like to tell you the story as a warning, always to use your

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Latina Slayer: JMONEY (Sun 24 Oct 2004 05:07:17 GMT)

Re: Feather

I hear what you are saying feather. I notice I have been much less carefull lately grabbing ass on the trains. I think it is not that I go too far but people in general are more alert these days. I feel like sometimes people even from distance will see me grabbing an ass or rubbing up on someone, but I luckily was not arrested or anything. I had always thought of this in the back of my mind. I was wondering if I were ever caught in the streets or on the train. I wondered about being charged with extra bullshit like attempted rape or even robbery ( even though i am just getting my ass grab on) If a chick has her wallet in her back pocket she could think I was a pickpocket, I guess that is a fair assumption. I will be careful definitely in the future. Thanks for the lookout feather..

Latina Slayer: JMONEY (Mon 25 Oct 2004 02:45:41 GMT)

Welcome Xeno

Hey Xeno what's up, welcome to the board. Yeah it is funny to think these things like rubbing a girls tits by accident happens alot in general but there are many many instances when those incidents are on purpose. What city are u in by the way. I am in New York City, so there are plenty of crowds on buses and trains for your typical ass grabber. I mean you can always grab at bar becuase they are so crowded but to me that is not the same. Anyone can just cop feels at a bar, but on the trains or bus you need some timing and such to your motions..Post some stories you have, that will be cool.

(Webmaster) see selected sensual stories for the original story.

Garry Groper (Mon 25 Oct 2004 09:43:16 GMT)


Xeno - I guess most of us are all-around-perverts. See e.g.
"As with most paraphilias, frotteurism is usually concurrent with other paraphilias and, in this case, other courtship disorders."
I must confess that I have committed to steal used panties :-)
How about others, what "hobbies" you have?


webmaster: ayashi (Tue 26 Oct 2004 21:43:28 GMT)

Re: More Jap stories - LuvJaps

Although some alleged that the true gropers do not hesitate to go out in bad weather, no story has backed their words. But more join the speculations.

Some guess that the bad weather causes the public transport disrupted, which causes big congestion then, which is conducive to groping. Those who argue against them think that they need umbrellas in nasty weather, and the rain things hamper groping - only one hand is free. Pro-bad-weather counterargue that you can use an umbrella to probe a female butt (and her reaction) or poke her tits. One even said that he would bump his unmbrella upon arriving at the station - to free his hand to grope - and buy new one to leave the rail line.

Kass (Fri 29 Oct 2004 16:07:53 GMT)

melbourne cup

greetings fellow chikans.. i havent posted for a long time, mainly due to the facts that ive had no internet for a long time, and really, the stories i got are not impressive at all, being winter and all in australia... plus ive not really been to any events, most my groping is done is shopping centers and ive had several close calls already which put me off a bit...

i noticed ozzi is no longer posting... does he still read the board?

is anyone else from the board going to the melbourne cup? its on this tuesday, and it is gropers paradise... thousands of good looking women in silk/very thin dresses, drunk or tipy and crushed together watching the races

ozzie if u on and u read this, let me know if u going or not

neverachance (Sun 31 Oct 2004 23:25:24 GMT)

chikan film

Have any of you guys ever seen the brazillian actress Sonia Braga's films? She did a movie called "The woman on the bus" and another called "Dona Flor's two lovers". In both movies there are some very steamy frotter scenes. The "woman on the bus" she plays a "frugal" wife who loves to jump on the bus and squeeze in front of men. One man begins to hump her butt vigorously, and then her hand. T

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Spike (Mon 01 Nov 2004 21:10:24 GMT)

Pro Cheerleader groped

Anyone here of the Colorado Rapids cheerleader that was knocked down at a jr high school and groped by a bunch of boys? she was there signing autographs I guess....

X (Tue 02 Nov 2004 02:25:31 GMT)


Yeah, dozens of students mobbed her for autographs, there was pushing and shoving, she got knocked down and molested.

webmaster: ayashi (Tue 02 Nov 2004 22:09:10 GMT)

Re: Pro Cheerleader groped

Satyr: Satyr (Thu 04 Nov 2004 05:08:21 GMT)

Location, location, location

Gentlemen! Thanks for the welcoming word. Its good to share some stories and experiences with the board.

Re: Krakken subway line question - one of the most rewarding lines used to be the downtown N train. It runs through Chinatown in the city and heads towards Chinatown in Crooklyn. Before the finished working on the bridge it always used to run late and packed. It still does but only whe

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(Webmaster) this is about New York City.

Concert Master: Pervman (Fri 05 Nov 2004 21:16:31 GMT)

Re: satyr

If you're looking for a good concert to go to i would suggest:

Modest Mouse
11/9 Radio City Music Hall

Jimmy Eat World
11/8 Webster Hall Map

Avril Lavigne
11/8 Continental Airlines Arena

These would probably provide a good turnout, all though i don't know anything about the venues. Avril Lavigne would probably be the best, but you might look kind of out of place. If you wanna try concert groping just be prepared for some rough crowds.

Good luck,


Satyr: Satyr (Sat 06 Nov 2004 05:27:51 GMT)

Concert groping

Thanks for the band suggestions. I am considering Modest Mouse on Tuesday. Rough crowds are fine as long as they are not all male! I'm sure I can adapt my techique toa different venue. I'll keep you all posted.
Went out today but didn't have much look. The weather is colder and choices are getting more limited. I grabbed a mouthwatering blonde's ass as we were boarding the train, so perfectly soft I ran my hand along her panty line. She was not willing - mouthed off at another guy - so I gave up.

Latina Slayer: JMONEY (Tue 09 Nov 2004 15:00:19 GMT)

Re: jimmy's story

I witnessed a middle age white man on the train the other day grabbing this asian woman's ass, he didn't leave right away but did move away from her. Then the both were leaving on the next stop and she kicked him in the leg but he was in the process of moving so it barely grazed him. She was pretty hot but I think it just wasn't wall to wall crowded so not as easy to disguise. I was not in an ass grabbing mood that day but this was funny to watch.

Krakken (Wed 10 Nov 2004 02:13:05 GMT)

Hey JMoney...

What did the guy do when he groped the Asian woman? Did he merely brush her ass? Or did he actually palm it (or pinch it?).

The most I see on the trains are guys who stand REALLY CLOSE behind girls when they are exiting...I am not sure if they are actually touching them, but the girls seem oblivious either way...

Latina Slayer: JMONEY (Wed 10 Nov 2004 04:33:49 GMT)

hey krakken

Hey whats up, the guy just kinda palmed the ass. I feel what u are saying about just crowding up on a girl near the exit of the train.This was the kind of guy just looking at him in the face looked like a creepy dude, escaped from a mental institution kind or just not wound too tight. The girl will be more alert even if u don't grab if u stand right there by the door. I usually stand a few people away when I am planning to grab then slowly move closer.

registered member: Stath2 (Fri 12 Nov 2004 20:58:14 GMT)

Odd coincedence

I know its just a coincidence but awhile ago I wrote about a girl passing out drunk in my car and I used the oppurtunity to hump her and cum, We were both clothed so I know nothing happened from it but soon after she got pregnant and now doesnt drink. I just recently got a female roomate who got drunk on a regular basis. I have been able a few times to go in her room and hump her. Again, both fully clothed. She just became pregnant, now no more fun with her either. Is this God trying to get me to stop??? who knows, just really ODD

poser (Sat 13 Nov 2004 17:53:13 GMT)

taking pic w/ phone

Besides humping and groping, i takes pictures of girls with my phone camera too! Anyone have that hobby? Maybe we can set up a site and post our pictures there. I am taking asian girls, chinese, i would love to see western girls!

bubba (Fri 19 Nov 2004 01:19:29 GMT)

gyno exam groping

hey everyone, im new here but i like very much these groping stories, i have a few of my own ill post sometime although i cant compete with pulling my dick out and cumming on a girls ass, at least not yet. theres two thngs i wanted to mention, has anyone seen the DOCTOR OFFICE VOYEUR series pages 2-5 at i swear its the hottest thing. these girls are led onto a doctors exam table a

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Guest (Mon 22 Nov 2004 15:28:43 GMT)

Re: guy_in_the_back - nature surprises

Love it. I've had it happen to me many times also. Not much you can do about it except enjoy the moment and wonder if you'll ever get to see her again in better circumstances. Usually the girls are just awakening and their curiosity is fearless. They're still young enough to sit on guys knees without arousing suspicion, but make sure they arouse our slumbering cocks... and they know how to act all innocent.
Girls that age aren't necessarily as cautious as us older guys and sometimes take extraordinary risks to get what they're after, which would be obvious to anyone watching. And of course we let tham! I guess that how some of us can get into trouble.

(Webmaster) see selected sensual stories for the original story.

guy_in_the_back (Tue 23 Nov 2004 02:52:34 GMT)

I still shudder

you are so right. It was a late discovery in life for me. But our "culture" sez do not touch such ones. Meanwhile, a half-globe a away, such ones may be married or promised in marriage.
I'm not going to make an argument for either side here but I will say it does happen. They find away to get that "itch" scratched and I admire the way some set up a situation where they are at least partially in control.
Man, I'm scared of it and really cautious and never over pursue those encounters, but when one of those little blessings "falls in your lap", what are you supposed to do????
Will you kindly relate a couple of your experiences along this line.

Pakistani Bottom Groper (Fri 26 Nov 2004 21:39:56 GMT)

I am Giving Up Groping

Hi WebmasterGuruAll,

I have decided to throw in the towel and give up groping for good. I almost caught previously and feel that some change is required in my life.

It was nice knowing everyone, take care.


Garry Groper (Sat 27 Nov 2004 10:06:16 GMT)

About videos

Hi Krakken!

I have some new videos but I have some problems with my video editing software that I need to sort out. It is simply not working. I have not been around with camera lately for simple reasons: I noticed that when I go out with camera I concentrate on operating it. I'm not enjoying chicaning as much as otherwise. Also the filming puts severe restrictions to the groping techniques

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guy_in_the_back (Tue 30 Nov 2004 07:46:54 GMT)

still active

I found your day to be very interesting. In a way, you did 3 females, since 3 females were aware of what was going on. Maybe 1 or both of the 2 original schoolgirls will volunteer for some butt service a little bit at a time, if you are patient. For instance, they may do a bump and drag across your cock as they exit the bus.

As far as the "arm incident", I'm waiting for an ap

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Latina Slayer: JMONEY (Tue 30 Nov 2004 21:31:58 GMT)


I say wow because I am a little surprised by these sudden retirements by PERVMAN and PBG. I agree with you if you feel you need this out of your life get out. I totally agree but I am not done yet however.I feel when it is time I will try to stop before I hit 30 so I have a few years to go. This week didn't do anything so far and last week was thanksgiving week no activities from my part, but mayb

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Arm Humper (Tue 30 Nov 2004 23:34:10 GMT)


Thanks for your interest. I think it is a great thing to talk freely about this habit and communicate with other frotteurs.
Yes, in a way I did 3 women yesterday, but for me, I'm not happy unless I have an orgasm. One of the schoolgirls might oblige me I suppose, but only if she's on her own, without a friend who knows what is going on. That is what I meant by the 'sisterhood's rules of solidar

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Arm Humper (Wed 01 Dec 2004 00:34:08 GMT)

Talking to others about your habit

Someone mentioned recently that he had told some of his friends knew about his habit. A girl once told me that she used to press herself against men when travelling to school on the bus. Later on I told her what I did and at first she was understanding but, notwithstanding what I said in my last post, she changed her attitude when I told her that I also did it to schoolgirls. She was probably infl

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afro d (Wed 01 Dec 2004 06:36:24 GMT)

Re: Arm Humper-Talking to others about your habit

i guess the beauty of dry humping, chikaning or what ever you want to call it is when you do it discreetly. whn you talk abt it to someone who is'nt a chikan, thn the response might not always be desirable.
but try telling your chikan experiences to a fellow chikan

Curious Chikan (Wed 01 Dec 2004 15:04:16 GMT)

Re: Arm Humper-Talking to others about your habit

Hell! I would never discuss with anyone about what we do, except maybe another fellow chikan. You don't want to leave the possibility of it coming back to haunt you. It's a bit like masturbation: you don't discuss it with anyone. The main difference is that most will accept that masturbation is ok.
And you're right about women clubbing together. They want to be seen in the correct light by their peers. But on their own, they are free to feel and do as they please. But even here, if you confront them by starting to hump once they have shown some interest, they quickly feign that they are not interested, and are perhaps embarrassed at being caught out.

Arm Humper (Thu 02 Dec 2004 02:46:52 GMT)

afro d, Curious Chikan : Talking to nonfrotteurs about your habit , plus 'I have a dream'

I agree with you both that it's not something advisable and I would never encourage anyone to do it, as I said there are all sorts of dangers. However, as I suggested, my particular cultural climate is more tolerant of this particular weakness than yours probably is. People sing songs about rubbing themselves again women when dancing, and you see pictures of this in the papers and on tv regularly,

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Man_in_the_back (Thu 02 Dec 2004 03:43:08 GMT)

talking to others about your habit

Arm Humper,
you raised many interesting issues but I advise you to always stay within the realm of plausible deniability.

As I type, know this, there are more people involved in the penal system now than ever before in the history of this country. It's not just an increased population but actually more in jail PER 1000 people.

The laws are being enforced as if we were in an actua

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man_in_the_back (Thu 02 Dec 2004 12:03:12 GMT)

a shoulder to cum on

Hey Arm Humper,
if someone could start a local board with men and women, the frot bus idea could become very interesting. But how many women will admit they enjoy an anonymous hump.

This board is open to the world and look
how few women write in. (and are they really women???)

Locally, the man/woman frot club could set some visual sign of participation like a clothing arrange

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Arm Humper (Fri 03 Dec 2004 00:05:09 GMT)

A few points

1. Nice work Opportunist. I operate in different circumstances, that is, on buses with limited time, so unlike you I usually try to climax without too much delay. And frotteurism is my only source of outlet, so it is important that I come and avoid becoming frustrated. I remember the gymnast Nadia Comenech, I think that was her surname, from my childhood. I think she was actually Roumanian but sti

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Old Timer (Fri 03 Dec 2004 03:22:28 GMT)

Re: Arm Humper - A few points

I agree with you. If more women would open up, it would definitely promote a positive attitude and more opportunities. I don't think more women would report it than now, since most would find it difficult to prove that it wasn't an accident in the first instance. If we take it further, as I sometimes do, in spite of signals that they are unwilling to continue, then that might always raise the poss

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Arm Humper (Fri 03 Dec 2004 19:09:46 GMT)

What local girls say about dancing with a man's erection pressed against them

Somebody raised this in a local forum. Women often dance with their butts in sustained contact with men's pubic regions. Here are some of the responses translated from the creole.
"When I am dancing with a fellow and I feel that his dick is hard, I really push it back because it feels REALLY good...girls you know I'm not lying..."

"It is a competition to see who is going to back off firs

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Garry Groper (Sat 04 Dec 2004 06:39:33 GMT)

Hard man

Arm Humper - you really got in the point. To my understanding many women feel flattered when they make man hard. However, if someone else has already made him hard, they feel insulted. Aslo if you have had a positive first contact with the gil - looked in the eyes and smiled etc. - you have much better changes to succeed. In that half second contact you have made the first impression and the girl has decided that she "likes" you. Chikaning is many times really about psychology - and that goes deep in the instincts that have developed thousands and thousands of years ago!


man_in_the_back (Sat 04 Dec 2004 13:24:08 GMT)


First, you are all invited to Las Vegas New year's Eve to enjoy the drunken crush trying to see the fireworks. The crowd on the strip will be in the hundreds of thousands.

Second, every town I've lived in has a park or a men's room where the homosexuals congregate. My question is how do they get the word out? Is there a pattern there that can be bent toward our purposes?

Any thoughts out there?

A "nude beach" for frots....hmmmmmmm

Guest (Sat 04 Dec 2004 14:50:37 GMT)

Already Hard On Approach

There is one flaw in Garry Groper's last post. If you approach a woman with an already hard dick, that doesn't necessarily mean that some other girl already made your wanger hard. It's just as likely that the girl you have approached made your tee tee hard from afar. So, if the issue is who has made your dick hard, the girl you are approaching shouldn't automatically be insulted because it's just as likely, if not more, that it was her in the first place who did it.

man_in_the_back (Sat 04 Dec 2004 18:50:24 GMT)

search engine terms///also: any Asian humpers out there?


the best return I've with phrases that perhaps have something to do with a frot discussion is "rubbing against me". Try it in Google. I havn't got to any new forums yet but definitely, a dozen erotic story boards I hadn't known of.

Somehow, the big business, mega-porn sites missed this phrase.

Are there any Asian humpers out there anymore? I miss those stories from the east. Somebody, please....step up and represent.


man_in_the_back (Sun 05 Dec 2004 18:48:06 GMT)

hell of a poem

hey OT,
good work.....I don't know why my copy function didn't work. Could have been something I picked up on another page....cause I went to a lot of pages yesterday.

The most responsive search terms (use the quotes)

"rubbing against me"
"rubbing against her"
"rubbing against him"

try using a kicker outside the quotes such as train, bus, airplance, mall, line

Man I love that sort of validates my existence as a deviant character. (hee hee)


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man_in_the_back (Mon 06 Dec 2004 09:11:57 GMT)

still more thinking


you know girls at the age of discovery and experimentation are nice prizes but I don't think a prize necessarily has to be that age. I'm excited if I can get any fem to participate.

I think any forum or chat room can be "influenced/exploited", if fems are on there discussing their sexuality. But like OT, one's gotto really step into character.

Let's say you get a conversat

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Old Timer (Mon 06 Dec 2004 16:15:54 GMT)

Re: still more thinking

You are right about Japan. Mr Ayashi can confirm. I think I read it somewhere on this board. It's really a whore house, but the women get into their sailor suit school uniforms, and then you go and molest and chikan them to your hearts content in a "train" they have all set up for you.

In my "impersonation" my aim was to essentially promote a love of chikan amongst that generation, and to e

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webmaster: ayashi (Tue 07 Dec 2004 22:22:47 GMT)

Team play or what?

Asia University baseball team in Tokyo has made the headlines today. The team has won many championships. But today's headlines have nothing to do with baseball. Five athletes, all of them 20 years old, have been arrested for gang grope on Chouo line, on the outskirt of Tokyo. According to TV news the victim, 20 years old office girl, had been molested by five men about one week ago. She had a talk with the police and plainclothes policemen has been secretly guarding her today. The five men followed her to the train and four of team players surrounded her acting as wall and the fifth started to touch her ... And they were all arested.

Guest (Fri 10 Dec 2004 01:48:15 GMT)

it may have been me


it may have been me that you read mentioning Las Vegas. I can't think of any particular bars where you could get your grind on. But the 109 and 113 buslines are often packed to the ceiling. The 109 goes by UNLV so their are often some real honeys aboard.

But New Years Eve will offer some delightful opportunities for chikans of every taste. The Venetian may have an outdoor concert around 9pm. Tourists pack close to see the fountains at the Bellagio or the new outdoor show at the
Treasure Island. the pedestrian bridges over Tropicana and Flamingo are always jammed.

What the heck??? With several hundred thousand people packed clit-to-clit and tit-to-tit, I don't think you can miss New Years Eve.


Arm Humper (Fri 10 Dec 2004 16:11:23 GMT)


Recently I have been trying to think of a way I cd. operate without spending any money on busfare or anything else. On Monday night I came up with a solution that I shd. have discovered earlier. With some of our buses the fare is collected by a conductor after the vehicle has left the station. What I did on Tuesday and Thursday was board one of these buses at the station when it was filling up, hump a woman's arm to completion, then disembark before the journey started. On Thursday a schoolgirl let me do this to her while the driver was talking to policeman standing outside. I was able to learn her name because it was written on her bag. This method is a little riskier than doing it a moving bus but it is fun enjoying sex that is free in both senses of the word.

Arm Humper (Sun 12 Dec 2004 06:34:38 GMT)

Old Timer: Technique

That between-her-arm-and-side technique never really occurred to me, though now that you mention it ozzi groper did talk about doing something like that. He also experienced that folding of the arms response. Thanks for reminding me of something I can expand my repertoire with. Maybe I can impress some girl by using more than one technique. Something I did once was put it against her chest.

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Arm Humper (Sun 12 Dec 2004 07:08:29 GMT)

Old Timer: Indian Girl

Sounds to me as though that Indian girl was in two minds. I have come across girls who will let you rub against them for a while, even a good while, and then 'move'. Some of the Japanese women who posted hear in the early days wrote about liking it and not liking it at the same time. Maybe this was the case with the Indian girl or maybe she just wanted to tease you.

Old Timer (Sun 12 Dec 2004 13:40:43 GMT)

Re: Arm Humper

You're right, of course. Taking it out is frought with risks, but the thought is exciting. What I could do is move slightly to her front, and make sure she sees me undoing the fly (but not taking it out), then moving back to her arm and leaving it up to her to proceed or not.

I have also got it against the chest of a few of my consensual conquests (if you can call them that). One I remember

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man_in_the_back (Thu 16 Dec 2004 03:28:52 GMT)

ghetto blackjack

Hey Feather,

Over the years I've had a number of ghetto bitches figure they could kick my ass. One hit me with the sweetest left hook that loosened about every tooth on the right side of my mouth. (I never saw it coming!)

But I'm not throwin' down with no bitch, 'cause anybody that jumps in is going to jump in on her side.

Just thinking about it made me remember also the ghett

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Old Timer (Sat 18 Dec 2004 17:11:27 GMT)

Re: Arm Humper

You didn't think that her resting her head on your belly was also some sort of signal of approval? She was obviously comfortable with you there.
In such cases, I often take may arm that is furthest from where I am standing and in their eye shot when I know they will see, and with my other hand I try to gesture by rubbing my hand on my arm, that they should fold their arms, or at least take their arm across to the arm that is in contact with them, and touch what is obvioulsy exciting them (and me). It has led to success a number of times, but of course never as often as I would like.

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Arm Humper (Sun 19 Dec 2004 00:14:49 GMT)

Old Timer: Girl's Head on Tummy

I did in fact take this action as signal of approval. I love it when girls do these things to spur you on, but it's a very long time since I've felt 'her' head against my tummy. She wasn't actually resting it there, but rather touching me with it. After a while a friend of hers got on and the head contact stopped when they started talking.
You continue to be a source of interesting ideas with this arm-crossing thing. I thought about trying the between-the-arm-and-side technique but it seems that our bus seats are not high enough to let me do it.

Garry Groper (Wed 22 Dec 2004 07:08:15 GMT)

Christmas present


Krakken and other fans - five new Garry-clips are available at:

...and some more are waitnig for posting =o)

Merry christmas to everybody!


The Latin Groper: Carlos (Fri 24 Dec 2004 00:31:11 GMT)

An elegant groper could be more successful as a chikan

I believe that a groper who is dressed with an elegant business suit is likely to increase his success groping certain targets such as schoolgirls, teenagers, young secretaries, receptionists, and female employees below management level, during rush hour everyday. This does not mean that an elegant business suit will guarantee your success since every woman might react differently to a groping han

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billybigbuns (Fri 24 Dec 2004 05:15:06 GMT)

new clips at billybigbuns chikan post

Visit our site, many clips up now as a xmas gift to all.

The Latin Groper: Carlos (Sat 25 Dec 2004 23:42:39 GMT)

I GOT AN IDEA: We need a CHIKAN SUTRA animated toons gallery or Photo CHIKAN SUTRA Gallery

We need a gallery of CHIKAN SUTRA ( instead of KAMA SUTRA)
KAMA SUTRA is a technical guide of the art of making love.
CHIKAN SUTRA would be a technical guide of the art of chikaning a girl in a crowded subway, bus, concert, long lines and other crowded environments.

In KAMA SUTRA guide all sex positions have a name, such as missionary, doggy style, spoon, etc.

In a gallery of C

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man_in_the_back (Sun 26 Dec 2004 02:36:55 GMT)

Wai Wai stories

Mainichi Daily News is one of my favorite reads. This online newspaper seems to drudge up every weird sex story from Japan. Some are funny, some will give you a great big boner. I never know for sure where the homepage is because there are so many stories. Try this URL:


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John Homes Smith (aka) sfbayareagroper (Tue 28 Dec 2004 12:36:26 GMT)

The Places I like to go

Ok I been looking at the board for sometime without writing anything. Use to live in New York City Washington Highs area. Still go a couple of time a year just to get my CHIKAN on. These are just some of the thing you can do in New York City each month.

In Janurary

1. New Years Eve in Time Square : Lots of women to grope the best place is near the MTV studio @ 44th. and B'way and

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buttluver (Wed 29 Dec 2004 04:18:28 GMT)

nyc groper

the only way you can tell is by testing the ass out. I lived in NYC for a long time but I moved so now the only time I get to hump on some ass is when my wife goes to sleep. I came on only 4 asses on the trains. What I used to do was stand there and let the train move me into her. When I make contact i would always say sorry and make sure she hears me. You would be surprised how many women say tha

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FEATHER (Wed 29 Dec 2004 10:12:32 GMT)

The lesson be learned: don't be greedy, never loose control. Dr. Dry Hump made the mistake to follow this blonde bitch. But if a target shows the least sign to be uncomfortable - let her go, there are thousands more to be tried out, and there are real players for shure to be found. So you have to watch your target, and watch the place, and the surrounding crowd - if tere COULD BE any kind of plain clot

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Arm Humper (Wed 29 Dec 2004 14:52:21 GMT)

nycgroper: more response to your question

If you are interested in being able to predict before you do anything whether the woman is likely to say yes, I for one have never been able to do this. If we cd. target or profile players, life wd. be much easier. What I have been able to do though, over the years, is to identify accurately a certain type of woman who is NOT going to say yes. She is the type who looks as though she has, as they s

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The Latin Groper: Carlos (Wed 29 Dec 2004 19:26:38 GMT)

I found a site with a lot of pictures of groping girls

This site is called "HOT CHIKAN". It has a lot of picture of men groping women. Although some pictures are unrealistic, I enjoyed looking them.

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