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Opportunist (Wed 14 Jul 2004 19:36:03 GMT)

I'm back

I just wanted to let Tech, the incomparable Shogun, Jay, who's my second favorite contributor, and anyone else who's interested know that I'm ready to resume taking part in the bbs. I've written my usual, a long rambling contribution, to explain my absence. Anyone looking to read only about exciting chikan exploits please skip it. One of the reasons I stayed away as long as I did was a dissati

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Opportunist (Thu 15 Jul 2004 20:12:20 GMT)


Tech I am currently writing the story of the Roots concert on Tuesday. You have got to keep your ear to the ground partner. There are so many things going on in Philly every week that you can't help but find action somewhere. Read the Philly Weekly and City paper. Alot of these events are free. Look at the list in my previous post. If I remember correctly you are a relatively young guy. You would

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Con-Sensuality: Opportunist (Thu 02 Sep 2004 23:43:04 GMT)

The Last Straw

Iíve been tempted to post comments and stories almost constantly since I resumed activity last summer. Realizing that a couple of guys may be interested in the reasons for my absence was the motivation that I needed to finally rejoin the board. I not only stopped participating on the board but I completely ceased all activities in the game after it became obvious that I had lost a great degree of

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Con-Sensuality: Opportunist (Thu 02 Sep 2004 23:48:10 GMT)

The Roots Concert (VIP)

Pt 1 The Cock Block

So Iím walking down South St., the funky, artsy section of downtown Philly just trying to recapture a good vibe by girl watching. I was walking off a mild funk. Iíd just had a slightly frustrating encounter with an obviously willing target of opportunity in one of the local pizza parlors. The only reason I entered the pizzeria at all was that I was following this willowy

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Con-Sensuality: Opportunist (Fri 24 Sep 2004 17:19:17 GMT)

Asshole momment

I got in at 2am from an especially hot night seeing George Clinton and the Parliament/Funkadelic, my favorite band of all time. Not only was the music great but the humping was exceptional. I fired up the laptop to begin putting my keywords down for my eventual contribution to the board. I was reflecting on the scarcity of stories contributed recently, when it hit me "Hey asshole you havent c

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Con-Sensuality: Opportunist (Fri 24 Sep 2004 17:22:54 GMT)


The return of the cock block

Iím late! I got held up at work and have already missed the Roots autograph session at Tower Records. Rather than dwelling on having missed what Iím sure was a grope fest I will concentrate on the free concert at a new, at least for me, venue. I decided to take the train in rather than have the hassle of parking my car at 2 different locations, when I had origin

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Con-Sensuality: Opportunist (Fri 24 Sep 2004 17:32:31 GMT)


Nuts to Butts

It filters up through the line that it is so packed inside that they canít guarantee that everyone in line will be able to get in to the show. Conversation had buzzed about how far the response surpassed expectation and how the club was already packed beyond capacity. This info came by means of people already inside in touch with their friends still in line by cell phone. A me

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Con-Sensuality: Opportunist (Sat 25 Sep 2004 02:29:56 GMT)

Re: Dr. Dry Hump My Opinion

As someone who's done all those and more, nothing compares, hour per hour and event per event with a writhing mass of bodies at a sold out concert. No line hump or parade, even with a willing participant is going to feature a nubile 20-something humping away on your dick while you just stand there. Nowhere else will you and another middle aged perv get to grab half drunk girls by their asses and crotches under the guise of helping them up on stage to dance with Dr Funkenstein. That was just a taste of my wednesday night concert experience.

Con-Sensuality: Opportunist (Thu 02 Dec 2004 18:36:00 GMT)

More Nuts To Butts or OPPY rises again

Greetings all. It was great to see one of my favorite posters, Filmbuff is still in circulation. I especially liked the fact that his posts reminded me of my own interests and experiences regarding the consensual possibilities of Chikan. I want to thank bubba for his interest in my brush with celebrity. Iíll post my Dawn Stensland story as soon as I contribute my next two stories. I may have menti

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Con-Sensuality: Opportunist (Thu 17 Feb 2005 19:41:15 GMT)

Oppy's goin to Hell

In accordance with my pattern of attending all types of concerts Oppy,the worlds oldest Hip Hopper, decided to take in a Patti Smyth performance. It gave me the single unique night of concert action yet. For a change I hadn°Įt bought my ticket ahead of time and the sight of my fellow ticket buyers wasn°Įt encouraging. There were more potbellies and baldheads than I°Įd seen all summer. Reassu

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Con-Sensuality: Opportunist (Fri 11 Mar 2005 19:23:43 GMT)

Just Catchin Up

Greetings perverted brethren. I would 1st like to give belated thanks to Ayashi-Sama and any other members who felt my contribution merited the monthly award for Feb. My pick would have been Carlos for his many varied contributions throughout the month, including the crowd surfing pictures. I donít know whether I would have voted for Skipís story. As great a story as it was it was sort of 2nd hand

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Con-Sensuality: Opportunist (Thu 17 Mar 2005 18:17:27 GMT)


I am intrigued by the question posed by Chikanovice. I won't presume to advise on the form of Chikan practiced by the Swashbucklers, best represented by The Shogun and the retired Perveman, but I will share my thoughts on practicing primarily consensual Chikan. The advice given by MITB is excellent. I dont have time to go into detail now but will expand on these tips tonight. 1st pick the right

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Con-Sensuality: Opportunist (Thu 31 Mar 2005 15:36:12 GMT)

frott buddies

If any of you are unfamiliar with the term ďfuck buddyĒ it refers to the practice of having a relationship primarily, or at least partially based on infrequent sexual liaisons, colloquially someone to whom you would make a booty call. I have had a number of long-term ďfrott buddiesĒ over the years. These were women with whom I had some sort of relationship either school, work or perso

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Con-Sensuality: Opportunist (Thu 31 Mar 2005 15:56:16 GMT)

Interesting Phenomena

Manual Explorations
Iíve come to recognize a number of Chikan related phenomena. The first that Iíll mention is by far my favorite. Countless times over the last few years, primarily at concerts, I have had women reach behind them while I was riding their crack. Their hands have come in contact with the unmistakable contours of a fully erect penis. I try not to let this happen u

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Con-Sensuality: Opportunist (Fri 01 Apr 2005 15:40:21 GMT)

Attempted Clarification

Sorry for the sloppiness MITB. I rarely try to throw a story together on the fly. I thought that this embarrassing anecdote from my past might give you guys a chuckle, so I included it just prior to submission. Hereís the breakdown. Iíve worked as a consultant for IT companies for years. At an out of state project I started getting a vibe from one of the employees of the company. We both worked on

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Con-Sensuality: Opportunist (Fri 15 Apr 2005 21:55:32 GMT)

OPPY meets the Main Line Matron

I hope this comes out ok. I rushed to reconstruct this experience this week. I had to redo it because of an accident that happened earlier last week.

4th of July 2004

Oppy is not happy. It is 4th of July on Benjamin Franklin Parkway and nothing is going right. Okay, on the one hand the sweltering heat has not dissuaded the expected ĺ of a million revelers from attending. In fact Iíve

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Con-Sensuality: Opportunist (Tue 19 Apr 2005 14:27:20 GMT)

10 shows in 18 days

Before I forget if itís not too late go see the Backstreet boys go. I didnít go since my wife had roped me into a rare evening with her family. I regretted missing the concert only when I drove by the venue where it was being held. Since I knew I wouldnít be able to attend I had forgotten about the show. I went to the venue to get tickets for another show. They were lined up around the block 5

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Con-Sensuality: Opportunist (Mon 13 Jun 2005 13:05:54 GMT)

Post Marathon Hiatus

My marathon of shows, beginning April and ending early May, came to an abrupt and painful end when Oppy was busted unpleasantly in his favorite concert venue. The authorities were not involved. But picture being surrounded by a hostile crowd, while a woman screams insults threats and curses at you. I broke camp as quickly as possible. A couple of factors made this event even more unpleasant. It oc

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Con-Sensuality: Opportunist (Mon 13 Jun 2005 13:18:53 GMT)

Oppy's Spring Marathon First Installment

1st Hour
OPPY & the waiting game

KRS-ONE, a highly respected old school MC, was performing at a venue I rarely go to. Last nightsí DJ concert was ok but it broke my streak. I was working on 5 straight shows with a successful wet conclusion. Last night things just never came together right. I had p

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Con-Sensuality: Opportunist (Mon 04 Jul 2005 12:01:48 GMT)

Live8 Attendance

Philly was practically shut down on Saturday for Live8. We had estimates of over a million people. I had mistakenly thought that some of the previous 4th of July celebrations had numbered that hihg but I was wrong. The Parkway has never ever been covered so completely from the steps of the Franklin Institute to the base of the Art Museum. Have you seen the pictures? It was 12 hours of humping, gro

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Con-Sensuality: Opportunist (Wed 06 Jul 2005 04:04:03 GMT)

MCH visited Philly?

First, MCH let me say, welcome to the board. Iím not trying to out you, but since Philly was the American site for Live8, and water was being sold for 3$ a bottle, I'm assuming you were down there with me. I'm amazed that you would be so reckless with the kind of police presence we had on Saturday. It doesnít indicate necessarily where you live since I spoke to people who drove from as far away a

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Con-Sensuality: Opportunist (Wed 06 Jul 2005 04:12:48 GMT)

My favorite experience from the summer of 04

The Cowgirl and the Ballerina Part I
Iíve outsmarted myself this time. In an effort to allay any suspicions the wife may be harboring I let her talk me into allowing her to drop me off in Center City rather than drive myself or taking the Regional Rail. Sheís done her usual dithering around and my intended arrival time is long past. I canít even complain because, according to my cover story, I

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Con-Sensuality: Opportunist (Wed 06 Jul 2005 23:34:50 GMT)

The Cowgirl and the Ballerina Part II


In the midst of surreptitiously grinding into Ginís ass I paused long enough to take a look around and saw the Mom seated on the shelf projecting from the base of the bank building across the street. She seemed content to watch the waiting throng from a comfortable distance. When I turned my head back Gin shifted forward off my dick, took her shoulder bag off her

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Con-Sensuality: Opportunist (Sat 09 Jul 2005 11:19:06 GMT)

warped tour lineup

Slick's suggestion is a good one. My Chemical Romance had a huge hit this spring, and a lot of women may still be interested in seeing old time bad boy Billy Idol. I don't think you can go wrong at any stage. I've seen a number of the lesser known bands such as Reggie in Full Effect, when they opened for New Found Glory. They are wild boys, who give a hell of a show. They also have very rabid fans, who love to crowd surf. I'll have 4 chances to see the tour this year within driving distance. Greedy man that I am, I'll probably catch it twice.
Happy Humpin'

Con-Sensuality: Opportunist (Sat 09 Jul 2005 11:31:19 GMT)


That band is Reggie & Full Effect. Atreyu and Hidden in Plain View also had packed houses when they came thru.


Con-Sensuality: Opportunist (Wed 20 Jul 2005 18:00:52 GMT)

Cinnamon Skin


Switching channels one night while watching cable TV, I happened upon a video for a particular band on Spanish MTV. The name of the band seemed familiar. I realized that they were scheduled to appear I n Philly this week. I decided to check them out. This would be a new type of concert for me to attend. I had never been to a Spanish show before. After parking a couple of bl

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Con-Sensuality: Opportunist (Wed 20 Jul 2005 18:05:14 GMT)

Shogun's return from hiatus

Let me be the first to welcome the king of the swashbucklers back to active duty.


Con-Sensuality: Opportunist (Wed 20 Jul 2005 21:39:17 GMT)


I may have been unclear mitb. Zorro was not Cinnamon's escort. Zorro was the dude on my right. Sorry for the confusion. I agree discretion was his better course. I had about 50 lbs on him.


Con-Sensuality: Opportunist (Mon 25 Jul 2005 22:24:47 GMT)

Fourth of July 2005

The Visual Portion of Our Program

Anyone only interested in reading about physical contact please skip to the next section

I said, when I posted to announce my intention to come down to the 4th of July celebration being held only 2 days after 1 million people packed the Parkway for Live8, that my expectations were low. On my arrival at about 4:30 PM things were worse than I had expec

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Con-Sensuality: Opportunist (Tue 06 Sep 2005 20:28:08 GMT)

Oppy and the 4th of July triangle

I know that itís been about a month since I posted part 1, which I admit was light on humping action. Hopefully this section will conclude the account in a satisfactory manner (I know that it did for me!). For those who might need a reminder of whatís gone before this is what happened on the 4th of July celebration this year. I was so intrigued by a MILF seated next to me that I passed on the o

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Con-Sensuality: Opportunist (Thu 08 Sep 2005 20:06:20 GMT)

MITB: Neither does a wet pussy

That's twice you've used one of my favorite sayings. It may interest you to know that the original title of the experience with Penelope, Showoff and the Amazon was "A stiff dick has no conscience". I changed my mind when I started reflecting on the whole issue of women and their actions in the presence of their significant others, and decided to use that saying as the title of an exploration of that aspect of consensual experiences. I'll post it tommorow, rather than trying to polish or streamline it because I'm interested in your opinion.
Happy Humpin'

Con-Sensuality: Opportunist (Thu 08 Sep 2005 20:11:16 GMT)

Booty Bandit: African Booty

One of my Frott Buddies was a Liberian girl. Her ass was truely amazing.

Con-Sensuality: Opportunist (Mon 17 Oct 2005 19:37:24 GMT)

Oppyís Farewell Performance

Iíve spent most of the months of September and October alternating between a frenzy of attending a show a night and being in a deep funk. My employers have done what the authorities, bouncers and meddlesome onlookers and even April's Psycho Chick have been unable to do: bring Oppyís reign of pleasure to a close (hopefully temporarily). Iím part of a team traveling to work long term at a clientí

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Con-Sensuality: Opportunist (Mon 17 Oct 2005 19:45:53 GMT)

If Oppy wasnít going to Hell beforeÖ

OPPY in the Ring (violence)

Itís the last week in August, and Iím about to enter an involuntary hiatus of concert attendance. The major GA venues have no dates at all for the next 2 weeks. The consensus is that itís due to the students all returning to local colleges this week. They are giving them time to settle in before resuming full show schedules. The schedule for mid to latte

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Con-Sensuality: Opportunist (Thu 20 Oct 2005 18:07:23 GMT)

How to herd an Oppy

Dťjŗ vu all over again

In my second of four concerts this week I had an experience that started out like so many others but had a pleasantly unique variation. I again got to a show within minutes of the opening act. I hate that because it doesnít give you enough time to adequately scout for a playmate prior to the show. I was too late to snag one of the spots on

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Con-Sensuality: Opportunist (Thu 20 Oct 2005 18:47:17 GMT)

Oppy's cent and a half

A stiff dick has no conscienceÖand other ruminations

Most of this in one form or another has been on disk for months. My newly enforced idleness and some recent posts have prompted me to throw it together and see if anyone wishes to discuss some of it. Whether it is a threat or a promise you'll be hearing a lot from Oppy in the days to come.
I referred to a question that mitb asked

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