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January award: Brazilian Master
and Brazilian beauties.
(Hey, Brazilian girls have really amazing asses.)

My first post folks! Some humping concert pictures! (Fri 14 Jan 2005 09:15:22 GMT)

Hey fellows... this is my first post here! This place here is amazing! I have a lot of good stories to tell u all! I didn't see anyone from Brazil here and I think u all have doubts about chickaning in brazil including the master shogun! I can solve all of then since i lived my entire life there... we have some hot chickaning homepages in brazil but they r all in portuguese and I don't think any of u speak portuguese right? So I am gonna be the link between here and then.... well just to start in a good way I am gonna post some pictures from a concert where we can see a guy having some fun behind a poor girl who is just amazed with the artist! hahahahahaha... the freak guy is having the time of his life right? hahahah... and she is fuckin hot...what do u guys think about that?
Let's do it!
Brazilian Master

I got it! (Sat 15 Jan 2005 13:22:02 GMT)

Hey fellows! Hey webmaster!

I guess I got it!

Hey... if you guys don't think Brazil is a good place for chikaning, maybe I can change your idea! That's a girl from Brazil, and you can find a lot of those on the crowded buses and subways, specially in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro... wouldn't you hump this ass?

Brazilian Masterbubble butt

Thank you gentlebrush and others! (Sat 15 Jan 2005 13:48:20 GMT)

Thank you guys for the welcome!
I hope I can add good stuff here and be useful since i don't remember seeing anyone from brazil here!
Shogun, Brazil is a paradise for chikan! No doubt about it! The subways and buses are all crowded and there are NO separate places for women! I will tell you guys a lot of stories soon! But I can assure that there are good places for humping there! Specially a place located near to sao paulo city... it's a Water park! and sometimes they have big concerts there! and guess what? The audience watches the concert inside a big pool located in front of the stage! And when a pop band presents there! mannnnn, a lot of 14,15,16 teenagers in that fuckin pool! and guess another thing? all with small bikinis like those in the picture! and they don't give a fuck of what is happenning behind them, they only have eyes for the artist! godddd...Ohh yesss mannnn paradise!!! you can hump those chicks in the water and nobody else can see you!!! once, i stayed behind a 15 years old girl for about 2 hours when a famous pop band went there! and she didn't even look back once! she was amazed about the concert and she seemed to be from some little town, not sao paulo! so maybe that was the first time she got humped! hahahahaha, and i was lucky!!! 2 hours behind some good onions of a 15 years old!! and NAKED onions! small bikini!!! goshhhhh!!! I releases a big load that day and when i was cumming the head of my dick was inside that naked crack, pushing her bikini deep into her ass! was good dude!! really good... she was a vute brunnette with and angel... man i didn't want that to finish!
There is no better feeling then humping a girl in a bikini!
And there are no words to describe a brazilian bikini !

Brazilian Master bikini buttocks

Answers to Shogun! (Sun 16 Jan 2005 23:52:30 GMT)

Hey Master Shogun!
I am happy that u are now interested in Brazil! Well let me give a few more details about this wonderful country:
I am from São Paulo as you asked... but I live in Los Angeles right now!
Good places to chikan in Brazil specifically talking about Sao Paulo city:
- subway (east-west line from 7 am to 8:30 am and from 5:30 pm till 7:00pm);
- almost all the downtown buses at the same period of time above;
- concerts: mannnnn those are the best! Any pop concert is perfect for chikaning! but you have to make sure that it's standing floor before you go! I remember once I bought a ticket for a famous pop band that attracts thousands of teenagers. I was really looking forward to getting there. But when I entered that shit I saw a lot of tables and chairs in the floor! Shittttt I said! Nobody standed! And the band sucks! I just turned around I left the place before even the show got started! I lost my money anyway! But that's the alert: make sure it's standing floor!
- well, I don;t think it's a big deal for you guys who don't speak portuguese! You can buy the ticket from the internet (ticketmaster) and it's easy to do it even if you don't speak portuguese. And besides that almost all the brazilians can at least speak some basci english...
- Sao Paulo and Rio de janeiro are the best cities to chikan cause they are the crowdest cities in Brazil.
- Nightclubs are not good ideas to chikan in Brazil. Most of them are big and not crowded enough to do it. Another point is that you cannot see people dancing like here in USA. Girls don;t grind while dancing! If you get behind a girl without knowing here there you are running serious risks to receive a punch or a kick in the ass. Even when they know the boy they don;t let them dance behind their asses. So, forget about nightclubs.
- The water park is called Wet n Wild and is located in Bandeirantes Road, about 50 miles away from sao paulo city.
- hey shogun of course you can ask my age. I am 25.

Best ones for me! (Sun 16 Jan 2005 23:59:14 GMT)


I don't about you, but those are my favorites pants for the best feeling when humping a girl: the gym pants!

Ohh, when I used to go the gym in Brazil....ohhhh all the beautiful girls wearing those pants! ohhh...shit!


Brazilian Masteryoung girls

Water Park doubts! (Mon 17 Jan 2005 00:06:14 GMT)

Answering to shogun questions about the water park:
- the name of the water park is wet n wild!
- is located 50 miles away from sao paulo in Bandeirantes freeway;
- It gets really crowded shogun. In the front rows it gets really jammed. And all the girls wearing small bikinis....ohhhhhhhhh.
and it's good when sometimes the singer says: "Heyy guyssss let's jump and let's through water all over!!!" Shogunnnnn the girls start jumping and water gets all over... so you just rest your NAKED snake in their cracks and let them masturbate you! Of course I took my snake out from my shorts! Nobody can see it! And the wet feeling of naked buttocks in your naked dick is fantastic! I miss that for sure! But I am getting used to it...

Brazilian Masterbikini girls

If I may... (Mon 17 Jan 2005 00:15:29 GMT)

Haha, I am giving some hot clues about my country Brazil!

but if I may, I will give some clues about here as well!
I went to Tijuana (city located in the border of mexico and USA)...goshhh very good! girls get wild there!!! All the americans under 21 who cannot drink here, they cross the border to show their asses in mexico!!! And they get really drunk!
There is a club called Safari, and it's dawn good!
A lot of american teenagers there and the club gets really packed! It's fuckin easy to hump the girls in the bar. And the barmen there, they take a long time to serve drinks there which makes you stay behind the girl a long time!!!
And besides that, of course, you just go to the dancing floor, grab a girl and start grinding dance! They don't care feeling your boner! Dude, they dance with you till u cum... and only beautiful girls there!!!
Well, that's my hint for u! that's a picture I took in that club!
Brazilian Masterdancing girls

February award: Opportunist
and his curlytop nymphet.
(You didn't be deluded by the quiet appearance.)

Oppy's goin to Hell (Thu 17 Feb 2005 19:41:15 GMT)

In accordance with my pattern of attending all types of concerts Oppy, the worlds oldest Hip Hopper, decided to take in a Patti Smyth performance. It gave me the single unique night of concert action yet. For a change I hadn't bought my ticket ahead of time and the sight of my fellow ticket buyers wasn't encouraging. There were more potbellies and baldheads than I'd seen all summer. Reassuringly a dippy trio of college age Patti Smyth fans showed up. Doors wouldn't open for another hour so I waited in a local Starbucks for the inevitable line to form. A half hour before show time I went out to join the slowly growing line when I noticed a shapely derriere at the end (no pun intended). She was a short cute brunette with a lusciously curvaceous booty. Though the crowd was huddled close due to the cold every time I got within a few inches of her she stepped aside clutching two tickets and looking around for whomever the other ticket belonged to. Rather than spend a half hour or so with "Nervous Nellie", I left my place in line and went to stand where I could watch the line grow around the corner. I didn't have to wait long. A portly balding middle-aged guy waddled across the street shepherding two teenaged girls. The more striking of the two had a cascade of reddish gold hair flowing down her shoulders, a broad pretty face, and an athletic, well shaped body. The quieter of them was dark, Mediterranean looking with very pretty features, a cap of tight jet black curls, huge dark eyes and a sharp chin. They were both about 5' 5''wearing short jackets over soft worn jeans. My only concern evaporated when Dad, the slim dark girls' father, got in line in front of them, leaving the rear open for me. A woman in front of us questioned whether there would be an opening act. The longhaired girl informed the older woman condescendingly that since it was called "An evening with Patti Smyth" there would be no opening act. Little Miss Know-it-all was standing only inches in front of me but like so many overly theatrical girls was constantly shifting around, seeming to pose for effect. She would swing around dramatically and brush an ass or hip against me softly. A few minutes of that was sufficient to bring my boner to life. She informed the other 2 that she wanted to check something at the box office. As soon as she disappeared Dad started teasing his daughter about her overbearing friend and pretended to lunge at her throat. I was distracted by the scene and was unprepared to prevent what happened next. In her giggling half turn to evade him she knocked her forearm solidly against the full-grown woody her girlfriend had initiated. I waited tensely to see her reaction. I half expected her to shift closer to her dad and away from the lurking pervert, or even worse lean forward and tell him what happened. To my relief she gave no sign that anything out of the ordinary had happened. Drama Queen returned and started urging her friend to take part in a scheme to get to the front of the line. I was glad the dad vetoed the idea, because Curlytop had backed up to accommodate her returning friend and her hip was pressed against my throbber. After that earlier hard contact there could be no doubt in her mind what was pressed into her. She then took a half step to the side so that her forearm was once again making contact. Realizing that Curlytop was now forcing the action, I lost all interest in the more voluptuous Drama Queen. The Throbber was jumping so solidly that it seemed to be moving the girls' forearm a fraction of an inch. DQ suddenly decided that they had spent too much time in line. She grabbed Curlytop and, over the dad's feeble protests, shouted over her shoulder that they would wait in the Starbucks across the street. It would be too obvious to leave the line just after they did so I used my time standing behind the dad to scope out other possible targets for inside. The line consisted primarily of couples in their 30's to 50's. Here and there were scattered couples of substantially younger girls. The best target close by was one of a pair of girls about 3 couples ahead of me. The object of my interest was tall approx 5'8" wearing worn jeans, I mean really worn! The black leggings or whatever she wore under them were visible in long strips. A substantially rounded ass jutted from underneath a short, thickly insulated denim jacket. The face was pale pretty and hollow cheeked. She and her friend conversed quickly with just the trace of some eastern European accent. The friend was older and while still curvy was much too big for my taste. There was another pair of girls, women actually, mid 30's, blonde and overdressed for the event. They had pretty faces and the flowing silken evening dresses were a turn on but both had disappointingly flat asses. Just as I had decided to dismiss the flat assed twins from consideration the line started moving quickly into the venue. Dad hurriedly called the girls on his cell to alert them. The girls returned in the midst of a conversation about a boy that the Drama Queen was interested in. Curlytop complimented the guy by stating that he was surprisingly cool, She then shocked me by saying, "how many cool 15 year olds do you know"? If Drama Queen was interested in a 15 year old then they must be that young too! The 3 of them left the line as it proceeded almost intact into the venue. I was strangely ambivalent about their leaving. On the one hand I regretted not seeing how things would continue with Curlytop, on the other hand I realized it was probably for the best since she was so young. The line flowing in so quickly surprised me until I realized that unlike my usual hip hop crowd there would be no metal detector sweeps or frisking taking place at the door. The show being all ages eliminated the hassle of checking ID's. The crowd filed in slowly. I easily made my way directly behind my target in the worn jeans. My 2nd pleasant surprise of the night occurred when we reached the stage. My little group was clustered just to the left of the primary microphone. These folkies or whatever Patti Smyth fans would be called didn't believe in maintaining any distance or personal space. Even though we were only 5 rows deep to start everyone stood right up against the person in front, though not quite touching. The big girl kept referring to my choice as Moll, maybe short for Molly. Moll was very accommodating. She would turn to speak to the big girl, bringing that rounded rump into contact with my dick, which stood a little less than half-mast. Moll seemed very cool with me nudging slowly into her crack. As I applied just a little more pressure she started moving to the music being played while the stagehands meandered about the stage. I began fantasizing about pushing my growing throbber into one of the ragged frayed areas in the seat of her jeans so that my dick would be separated from her ass only by the black leggings underneath. The flat assed blondes were on the other side of me but Moll kept all my attention as I also began moving to the music. Jimi Hendrix was taking us "all along the watchtower" as I pushed my fully engorged cock directly into her crack. She swung her hips to the left, I would rock to the right accentuating the friction and doubling the pleasure. I was resolving to carry out my fantasy of inserting my dick into one of the frayed spots when I felt an insistent pressure against my left hip. I glanced to my left and there was little Curlytop with her eyes glued to the stage. She never made eye contact with me just kept pressing her arm into my side. I was now in a quandary. Should I ignore this young (too young) girl and stay glued to the pleasantly compliant Moll or succumb to the attraction I felt for the girl pressing herself into me. I reluctantly extricated my pulsing throbber from Molls' ass and took a step back. As soon as I moved Curlytop wedged herself partially in front of me almost diagonally with her shoulder wedged into my lower chest and her forearm and wrist resting against the Throbber. By now there were 2 or 3 rows packed in around us providing adequate cover. Knowing I didn't have to be subtle I simply reached down with my left hand and lightly cupped her left butt cheek. She turned her head sharply toward the stage and went momentarily rigid. Almost immediately, though she relaxed against me and resumed staring fixedly at the unoccupied microphone. As her profile was turned to me I watched the play of the muscles of her throat, as she would swallow convulsively every few minutes as she slowly rubbed her forearm across my dick, which was projecting almost straight out through my lowered zipper. My dick twitched and jumped as I waited for her to push it to the right, rest her wrist against it on the right side for a minute, then push it to the left and rest her forearm against the left side. I wondered what her reaction would be if I were to come in the midst of her ministrations. I felt her abruptly change position as I glanced to the left to see DramaQueen had come up, placed her hand on Curlytops' shoulder and started chattering away about finding the best seats in the house. Curlytop, without breaking contact with me, turned her body to the left to chatter just as brightly to her friend. Her turning served to slide first her ass then her right hip against my straining boner. For the 2nd time that night I watched as my little playmate was pulled away from me to disappear into the crowd. Realizing she was gone I looked around for Moll. A space had evidently opened up to allow her to move in front of her Queensize friend. There was no way to get past Queensize to get to Moll again so I reluctantly gave up on those frayed jeans and looked around for my next target. There were a couple of possibles, but only one exceptional enough to make up for the loss of Moll. About 2 feet behind me was a sweet-faced vision with chestnut hair, an hourglass figure encased in a satiny looking green pantsuit, and a pretty kewpie doll face. This chick was squealing and gyrating to the canned music. I would have to do some maneuvering though to get to her but she and her girlfriend were in some strange little island in the crowd. Sometimes you see this happen in densely packed crowds. Everyone is nuts to butts until you find one area with space no one, for whatever reason wants to fill. There was an older couple directly behind me then the voluptuous chick and her girlfriend were a full 2 feet behind them. Just as I was putting together a plan to get my dick between those satin covered cheeks everything changed. Curlytop and Drama Queen reappeared at the front of the stage extreme left hand corner. I watched as the guy standing directly against the stage moved aside and allowed them to squeeze into his spot. The crowd wasn't as packed that far from center. Drama Queens' comment about "best seats in the house" made sense when I saw them boost themselves up onto the stage itself, right next to a bank of speakers. I was about 8 or 9 spaces to the right of them and 2 rows back. As a frequenter of this venue I knew that when the house lights dimmed for the show the girls would be evicted from the stage. Suddenly the dad appeared with bottled water for the girls. I decided not to press my luck going over there. The space behind the girl in satin was claimed by a couple of frat boy types who had obvious designs on getting better acquainted with that satin covered booty. In frustration I returned my attention to the corner of the stage where Curlytop perched. She had removed her thin leather jacket and was displaying a surprisingly lush pair of pomegranate-sized breasts. Dad bustled off to wherever he went to give the girls the illusion of independence. The lights dim and I realize I've done it again, like the greedy dog in Aesop's' fable, who dropped his bone in the water trying to snatch the one he saw reflected there, I'm now left with nothing. The show is starting and I'm wedged in behind Queensize. Being pressed into her big ass was no turn on. You never want to settle for 2nd or 3rd best. As I watched security usher the 2 girls down off the stage, a young couple pressed up behind me on the left. The guy was a nerdy little fella, and as is often the case his girl was fine. She was a curly haired strawberry blonde wearing a white peasant blouse and docker type pants, which she filled out quite nicely. They were either too cheap or intent on catching the start to check their coats. The guy bundled them together and put them on the floor in front of him. The girl was slightly behind the guy, and on the right closer to me. Hmm maybe! Patti strides onto the stage and breezily starts connecting with the audience. Through her 1st song I gave her my undivided attention and realized that I may still enjoy the music even if I don't get off. As the audience was applauding I looked to the left and noted that even though Drama Queen was still in the same spot at the end of the stage, Curlytop was now only about 4 spaces away! A middle-aged woman with whom I'd spoken earlier was among those between my little cutie and me. I offered her my space closer to her idol and she and her niece gratefully accepted. Curlytop took care of the rest. She smilingly slid behind the next 2 people till only the nerd and his girl separated us. I saw Curlytop look down when she attempted to close the distance and realized she had come to the barrier formed by their coats. I surreptitiously began attempting to shift the coats aside. It took another complete song to accomplish this. Finally when she felt no further resistance at her feet Curlytop went to take the last step to slide in front of me. The nerd turned his right shoulder forward and cut her off. I didn't know whether he wanted that cute little ass for himself, his maneuver put him right up on it, or maybe he was playing hero. Whatever he was doing wasn't going to work. In any territorial dispute in a crowd I usually have a distinct advantage I cross my arms over my considerable chest and swell up to fill as much space as possible. The nerd was game though. He did a little swim move to keep his right arm inside mine. That's what confirmed for me that he was deliberately trying to be a blocker. All right! so he's worried about this girl who is a stranger lets give him something to really worry about! Still swelled to the max I took a step back pressing firmly almost between him and his girl. This served to push my left elbow directly into the right boob of the girlfriend. It only took my rocking sideways 2 or 3 times before he gave up and returned to his original stance. That was all the opening the little chicklet needed. She slithered deftly in front of me and assumed almost the same position she had held an hour earlier. We picked right up where we left off. Our actions were hidden from view by my wide back and favorite concert jacket and the ample wide butt and back of Queensize. Curlytop resumed the intermittent rubbing and bumping of my suddenly reengorged woody by moving her arm back and forth. Her right hip was socketed into the front of my left. I couldn't forget the picture of how her breasts looked, as she sat on the stage arching her back and preening, while being ogled by all the middle-aged pervs, including me. She was turned directly into the left shoulder of Queensize so that the 3 of us formed a tight triangle the interior of which was blocked from the view of anyone outside or behind. I glanced at the attempted blocker and could tell that the nerd resented being cut off from the sweetness I was enjoying. He was powerless to say anything to his oblivious girlfriend for fear she would remember his earlier actions and put 2 and 2 together. With privacy assured I was determined to raise the stakes. I raised my right hand between Queen size and me, and placed it lightly on the front of the hip that was pushed into me. I slowly lifted my hand, under her jacket till it rested about where her navel was. Her breathing quickened even more the higher I slowly raised my hand up her stomach. The slowness was an attempt to give her the opportunity to shift away or even leave before I accomplished my obvious goal. Her only response was to burrow even closer and bring her forearm to rest on my Throbber. I finally reached the soft contour of the under side of her breast. However when I cupped my hand over her breast she spun her head around, eyes wide and for the 1st time stared directly at me. My heart seemed to stop. A dozen questions flooded my mind in that instant. How could I have misjudged her actions so completely? What was I going to do in the packed crowd if she raised an outcry? I might as well have spared myself the momentary terror. She took a very deep breath seemed to lose her balance for a second, but in an instant had regained her composure. She seemed to press even more steadily against my dick. We stayed in that position for a few minutes with me giving the palm full of resilient girl flesh topped by it's rigid nipple a squeeze as she pressed against my freely dripping boner. Unfortunately a woman next to Moll left her spot and Queensize moved up to her side. As she moved I casually slid my hand down Curlytop's side since we no longer had cover on that side. Our original position was now too awkward to maintain. Realizing this, Curlytop turned to the front facing the stage and took a full step to the right until she was directly in front of me. Without my having to move, my throbbing erection was firmly socketed between her ass cheeks. She began swaying her hips side to side, while I swayed counter point creating maximum friction. The sensation caused by our private dance coupled with the cumulative effect of the earlier stimulation had me right on the edge. I noticed Drama Queen standing a row or two in front of us over to the left. She would occasionally glance back at her friend. When Patti instructed the crew to dim the house lights even more for a poem I noticed Curlytop clasp both hands at the small of her back with her elbows pointed out sharply. Once Patti started her recitation, the hands unclasped and hung loosely down to her ass. In the almost total darkness, while I continued to push and probe the head of my dick into that tight little ass I could feel her fingers alternately touch my pulsing rigid shaft. She never grasped it in either hand, but would softly touch it with one fingertip then two almost as though she was playing a flute. I never slowed my insistent rocking to the beat of the music burrowing even deeper into the cleft of the slim softly swaying booty. My shaft, still encased in the confines of my boxer briefs was dripping and twitching away with the touch of each delicate fingertip. When the telltale signs of impending climax became impossible to ignore she returned her hands to the front as I spasmed so strongly that I'm sure I pushed her forward even tighter into Queensize. She remained in front of me, coolly swaying to the music, while brushing my still tingling groin with her lithe lean backside. Patti said goodnight. There was the obligatory clamoring for an encore. Drama Queen appeared, hugged Curlytop and began chattering. I suddenly began wondering how much she knew of her buddy's activities. Patti returned and launched into a song beginning with the familiar line (even to me)
"Because the night belongs to lovers"
The last image I have of them as I turned to leave was the two girls wrapped in each other's arms jumping to the beat like the giddy schoolgirls they were. It was hard to reconcile that picture with the memory of the nymphet who had so coolly gotten me off 20 minutes earlier.

March award: GSA
and Christy.
(Also other male members of GSA are worthy of mention.)

hello everyone (Wed 16 Mar 2005 03:35:52 GMT)

I just found this site and i thought you guys might like to hear this story. Me and my friends are all in our first year of high school. We ( me, and my two friends phil and mark) are all virgins, but we decided to start a club and get as much action as we could.

This all started one day after school last year when we were all in middle school. I won't tell you where we're from, just in case, but it's a big city on the east coast. The three of us all take the same bus home from school. It's a city bus, but it comes especially for our school and the middle school next to us, and it's jam packed.

One day i was pressed up against the sexiest girl, a high school girl named christy ( i didn't know her name then, but i found out) . She was gorgeous, 18 years old, big tits and a gorgeous ass. I was wearing my school pants, made of thin material and my dick started to get hard. It was the most amazing thing I'd ever felt.

I'd jerked off tons of time before, but nothing compared to rubbing my dick on this gorgeous girl. She was wearing her school uniform, tight grey pants ( the girls have the choice between skirts and pants, and most of them get the pants as tight as they can :) ) and a white blouse.

I was jammed up against her and i thought she was gonna yell at me, but she just turned and gave me a little smile. I was blushing furiously, my face was completely red and i was starting to sweat. I didn't know whether I should move. I was scared someone would catch me and think i was a pervert, but it felt so good.

The bus was shaking and her ass was bouncing up and down. My dick was throbbing and i was sweating. I started swaying back and forth, rubbing my dick lightly across her ass. It was heavenly. Suddenly the bus hit a bump and my dick was jerked into her ass.

It felt so good having my dick jammed into her ass like that. The little bump had pushed me over the edge, i could feel an orgasm coming. I held my breath and tried to stop it, but it was too late. I closed my eyes and leaned on her slightly and my dick started spurting away. I let out a soft moan.

When i looked down i saw my pants had a huge stain on the front of them. There was even a little wet spot on her pants. i was terrified someone would catch me. I could feel the cum dripping down my leg, it was gross, but at the same time exciting. I slowly moved away and held my bag in front of my crotch.

I spent the rest of the bus ride looking around nervously wondering if anyone had seen what happened, but no one was paying any attention to me.

Finally we came to my stop. Me, phil and mark all got off and started walking home as usual ( we all live about 2 minutes from eachother). I was just praying neither of them would notice the stain on my pants.

We came to marks house and when we turned to say goodbye to him he noticed the spot. He immediately assumed that I'd pissed my pants, him and phil were laughing there ass's off and calling me a baby. It finally got to be too much for me and i told them it wasn't piss.

I told them to come to the park just a block away. They both came and i explained what had happened. The whole time I had expected them to call me a perv or a fag or something, but when i was done they just looked at me in awe.

"That's fuckin awesome man" said Phil.

And that's when we started our club. We made a pact that we would help eachother get as much action as we could. I said before we were all virgins, and we were 14 and horny. I have plenty more stories to tell.

initiations (Sat 19 Mar 2005 22:38:14 GMT)

Hello again. I showed this site to mark and phil, but they didn't seem interested. They don't see the point of writing down stories for other people, but i think it's a great idea. I'm going to try and tell all of the stories i have, but it could take some time, I hope you will like them. I've been keeping a list of everything since the beginning, but i've never written them like this before.

We, The GSA, as we decided to call ourselves, decided that we would have to have an initiation. Each of us would hump a girl and cum before they would be in the club. I had obviously done it already, but mark and phil were going to have to do it too.

Mark went first, the very next day. The whole day at school we were all nervous and excited. We discussed it and decided on our plan. Mark was going to pick which girl he wanted to do while we waited for the bus. Me and phil would get on before her and try to steer her into a good position for Phil.

The day seemed to take forever, but finally we were there waiting for the bus. I could tell that mark was very nervous, he was practically shaking. He wanted to back out, but we convinced him to do it. He decided on a target, and i must say i liked his taste. She looked around 16 or 17, very petite, brunette and wearing her skirt hiked up as far as she could get away with. She didn't seem to have any guys with her, so we figured she was a good bet.

We could see the bus coming, so me and phil cut in line in front of her, and mark lined up behind her. We were near the back of the line, so we ended up near the front of the bus. Me and Phil lined up and prevented her from moving towards the back and mark came up behind her. Mark gave me and phil a big smile.

From then on, i couldn't see what was happening. By the time the bus got moving it was completely packed as usual. My heart was racing at this point and i wasn't even doing anything. Everything seemed to be going well at first, but it became more and more obvious that this girl wasn't very happy about the situation.

About ten minutes into the ride she started glancing back at mark with an unhappy look on her face. In any case, mark got scared and that was the end of that encounter.

We talked about it afterwards. Here is what happened according to mark. At first he was nervous, and scared about having too much body contact with her. But the vibrations of the bus and this cute girls ass got the better of him and in no time he was hard. He started pressing his dick into her ass, however she was not as accomodating as my girl from the day before. When she turned to look at him mark was terrified she would say something and stopped right away.

The whole day was pretty much a failure, but mark loved the little bit of action he was able to get, he said for the few minutes he was pressed up against her it was incredible.

We decided to try again the next day, this time it was phil's turn. He decided he wanted to try Christy, the girl i had humped, since she seemed to be very accepting of these sorts of things (This year, when we got to high school, we found out that she was probably the biggest slut in the school).

This time we got on the bus, Phil got on right behind Christy and I was on their left, where i could see what was happening, Mark was in front of her. She was talking to her friend and not paying any attention to the horny kid behind her. Today she was wearing a skirt instead of pants.

As the bus filled up she got pressed up against phil. He looked nervous, and took a deep breath. I looked down and could see the bulge in his pants, it was pressed right into christy's butt. The bus got moving, shaking and bouncing as it always did. I wished i was in phil's position.

Christy started giggling with her friend, and phil took a sharp breath. You could practically see this girl's ass cheeks jiggle as she and her friend laughed. After she stopped laughing i could see that phil was pumping his hips a little bit, hardly noticable, but i was curious how christy would react. She just kept talking to her friend either not noticing or not caring what was going on behind her.

Not much else happened for the rest of the bus ride, Phil was pressed up against her and she didn't seem to care. I never noticed it happen, but he came at some time during the ride, because when we got off there was a wet spot on his pants.

He was very happy with how the whole thing went. He couldn't stop talking about how great it had felt to rub his dick against this girl.

The next day was friday and mark was eager to try again. We figured we would be pushing our luck if he tried with Christy. Mark decided to go with a girl in grade 10. She was small and blonde, just a little bit chunky, but with a nice big ass and big tits. She was wearing a skirt.

Mark got in behind her and the rest was history. I won't go into all the details, because it was very similar to the other times. The only thing that stood out was Mark letting out a muffled groan when he came. Me and phil looked at eachother and nearly burst out laughing, but no one else on the bus seemed to realize anything.

We had all done it, and from then on we continued to do it almost everyday. The bus was always super crowded. We had lots of good time on that bus.

I would like to ask a question to the board. When you other chikans (i never knew there was a word for this before) hump a girl how much does it take you to come? I find after 5 minutes I am usually about to come. Is this because i'm young? Phil and mark are the same. Will it increase with age?

Untitled (Mon 21 Mar 2005 22:20:59 GMT)

Thanks for tha advice MITB, but this all happened last spring, so it's a little late :)
We did do pretty much exactly what you suggested. Right from the start we swore that we would never talk to anyone else about what we were doing. We got lots of fun out of christy, but sadly she graduated last summer.

We still stick together and are still out getting some action! I've been reading a lot of the stories on the board, mostly those in the archives and i think we'll have to plan a trip to a concert sometime.

Thanks to everyone who replied to my stories, i really appreciate it. It's good to know that we're not the only ones with this "hobby". :)

April award: man_in_the_back
and girls in Las Vegas.
(Did I mention casinos, too?)

you got a little bit...right? (Fri 01 Apr 2005 17:41:56 GMT)

Con-Sensuality: Opportunist
If you're ok with it, I guess I am. I am anxious to read your account of what went on in the secret, yet monitored liason between you and Vita. Hurry up and write it man...(gotta get my pants on sometime...>smile<). Otherwise, happy humping to you you titanium balled man!!!


a salute to potential (Sat 02 Apr 2005 04:07:56 GMT)

Man of the Month

I salute GSA and hereby nominate the main writer and his friends for the entertainment and the peak at an enormous potential. Job well done all around fellas.


PS:RETINA should get some mention also for the information value of his posts and consistency.

duuuuuuuuh ..Dr. Dry Hump's hand??? (Sat 02 Apr 2005 20:41:43 GMT)

Well good Dr....would you like to unload this experience on us? Leave out no details please.
Did she say: " I have no butt. Therefore, I have no crack. Therefore, you are not really doing anything...yankee masher"


nevermind the details Dr. Dry Hump (Sun 03 Apr 2005 05:39:51 GMT)

hey Dr. Dry Hump,

nevermind the the details. or Nasty Grind
had a similar story. I figure it was the same incident.

Reads to me like she was just indifferent and considered the touch incidental to the bus ride. Players are better but those kind aint bad either.


Me, Myself (Wed 06 Apr 2005 07:06:35 GMT)

I predict you are hooked on at least looking for consensual opportunities. Your cock will remember even when your mind forgets. If you are married, I suggest you give your wife's friends a look. You can always grab them from behind and give them a friendly squeeze. Work with the ones that linger.


PS let us know if you see that redhead again.

Question for Retina (Wed 06 Apr 2005 16:49:25 GMT)

thank you for keeping us informed on the fatherland of chikanery, Japan. Have you seen any reports where the women are saying they don't like the women only cars or they miss riding with men (something along that line)?


what'd I miss? (Thu 07 Apr 2005 08:00:52 GMT)

You wrote: "...girls get there own carriage so they are safer and hardly any of them seem to use it...! "

Really, where was it established or reported that the women only cars were not being used? It seems to me that that would be a major scandal with much irony.


Good Luck Seano (Thu 07 Apr 2005 08:05:24 GMT)

you will be missed young man for your sparkling yet temprature raising reports. GoodLuck with the new GF and the job!!! Be careful with the boxing and trust no-one to truly look out for you but YOU in that sport.


It's good to know Herr Feather (Fri 08 Apr 2005 01:52:25 GMT)

Herr Feather,
3 days in a row I've had that same thought about groping and grinding in the pope line. It's good to know that when I'm tossed in the eternal frying pan there will be a few in there with me.


what's coming now? (Fri 08 Apr 2005 02:07:13 GMT)


you wrote:

"The fact of the matter is this type of arrangement promotes a false sense of security for a social and societal problem that's not being addressed in Japan.

In essence, they are adding a small non-stick bandage to a very infected and bleeding sore that needs medical attention."

Wow, what an analogy. You know we humans seldom actually solve problems, we just move them to place or a level they can't be seen so readily.

My predictive reasoning and logic on the women's only car goes something like this. If Japanese women couldn't confront and handle Japanese men, neither will they be able to handle aggressive Japanese women. The strong will hunt the weak once again. It will just be the emergence of a different group of strong ones. Woman-on-woman crime, strong-arm robbery and pick-pocketing will be rising statistics, but the politicians will try to cover it up.


when you have too much time... (Sun 10 Apr 2005 01:15:19 GMT)

Well, I was in the 'too much time' condition evening, so I put the following term in the google search engine:
"against my ass" bus
The following account popped up.
floozy industries - putting the ass in asset

Too Close Is Too Close
From work it’s about a mile over to Civic Center station. There were no busses on VanNess, so I walked as fast as I could. Thought I’d see if it took any less time to go to Civic Center than VanNess since the train might be a little less crowded one stop earlier, but it’s the same, or a little farther and it wasn’t any less crowded. I was going to be late and had to take the J so I crammed on. Enough people had gotten off the car, there was definitely room for me even though I had an overstuffed bag and my mandolin bag to carry. I balanced them in my left arm and grabbed a pole with my right. To my left a big man was hanging on, standing close, his giant gut taking up a good portion of my personal space. Just before the train lurched into motion, some dude circled around and reached behind me to grab the pole with his right arm, shadowing me from behind.

Did the train car suddenly get more crowded? The shadow seemed too close, but I couldn’t move because my left arm was already sinking into the gut on the other side. I tried to shift my weight. The shadow was making nonchalant humming noises, as if somehow that would keep me from noticing that he was now directly behind me, and that his crotch was rubbing against my ass. His rubbing wasn’t in the rhythm of the train, the movements didn’t shimmy and shake with the rest of the passengers. My face started to squinch up. I tried to move left but the expansive gut was closing in. My expression was definitely noticeable to other passengers now. I thought about saying “DUDE! You are TOO close!” But my brain wouldn’t allow me to think that someone would do this on purpose.

A train never took so long to get from Civic Center to VanNess. I was seething: at myself for not demanding he move, calling attention to his behavior, shaming him, ridiculing him! For not protecting myself! At the fact that no one else dared to protect me! For not “accidentally” slipping and falling backwards ramming my tensed uncomfortable butt into his package and causing him some damage. But they just don’t train you how to handle these situations, even if they think they do. By now my face was rapidly cycling between looks of disgust, horror, outrage, and shame. Awesome!

At the stop when I was sure I could balance with my gear in my arms with no pole to hold on to, I grabbed the shadow’s arm, the one that had been corralling me in to his line of fire, and shoved it up out of my way. “EXCUSE ME, I’m moving OVER HERE!” I said, and started that direction though there was absolutely no room in that direction. Once I made my move the two middleagers in the seats nearest started reaching for my stuff “Oh honey! You needs to move!” They offered to take my bags, to make room, to openly talk about their disgust. The shadow, probably realizing that I was not going to continue to take it, disembarked and disappeared. Only now did the middle-aged farts tell me that he had just been doing that to someone else before I got on, that he had circled around to me like a hawk, and that it was completely obvious to everyone that he was doing something lewd, and that I didn’t like it.

Honestly I was grateful for their help, their offering to take my bags, their irate comments about him. The more I think about it though, the more these fucks piss me off as much as the shadow did. They saw the whole thing? Saw I was pissed and upset? Saw that he was basically sexually accosting me and they just tsk tsk’d to themselves? I have decided that is not good enough. If someone shadows me again I won’t keep my mouth shut. If I see it happening to you on the bus, I’ll ask you if you want to move now, not later. And I’d appreciate it if you’d do the same for me.

Oh, and if you wouldn’t mind, don’t touch me. Ever. Thanks.

Posted by allison at September 30, 2004 03:50 PM


when in Rome...bend over?? (Sun 10 Apr 2005 01:59:14 GMT)

All's another story based on the same search term as before: "against my ass" bus

Your chocolate is in my peanut butter!
07:36 AM, Tuesday, 28 October, 2003
True story
The proliferation of "groped in public" porn made me think of the first time I was in Rome, at age 20. I was on a bus with my boyfriend, a cad who had snagged the last seat and left me standing in the aisle as it grew more and more crowded.

I felt something press against my thigh. Correction: I felt a hard cock press against my thigh, but I was willing to believe that it was a poorly-placed prosciutto. I shifted away as far as I could.

I felt the cock press against my ass. Not being a delicate flower, I turned around and glared at the revolting little man behind me. He sheepishly looked away and moved back a step. More people got on at the next stop, and once again I had Sergio's salami pressing into my butt. This time he had the audacity to grope one of my breasts quickly, as well.

So, I turned slightly and drove an elbow into his ribs, growling (in Italian) for him to leave me alone. He didn't move. I pushed through the crowd away from him, and he pursued and pressed against me again, making humping motions as his cock rubbed my ass. As arousing as that might have been in other circumstances, I was embarassed and infuriated. I looked down and stomped on his foot with the heel of my boot. He grunted and moved back, but only for a moment.

Persistent bugger. I was aware that my fighting was only arousing him further, but I couldn't help myself. When he returned to humping me, I turned around to face him (which pressed my breasts into his chest... he didn't seem to mind) and brought my knee up sharply into his balls. I was astounded when he showed little reaction, so I began kicking repeatedly at his ankles and shins with as much force as I could muster in the confined space. Finally he moved away and jumped off the bus at the next stop.

Nowadays, hell, I might move closer so he could get a better angle.


does that ending mean she'd like to get done on the bus again? Whatever,...I hope you enjoyed these search term stories.


metro red head (Sun 10 Apr 2005 14:40:27 GMT)

Me, Myself

It's not really clear to me what is and is not going on with you and red head. But if she is still leaning on you, it's time for you to listen to your inner-MALE.

IMHO, (and other chikans please advise), I think you should do something definite with your hand(s): palm a bun or rub her back but let her know you're there. At this point she won't scream. If she doesn't go for it, she'll do an exasperated head toss and her body language will be away from you. If she does that, then leave her alone. If she accepts it, then continue to listen to your inner-MALE for the next step. You've got at least one free make it.


Taiwan Taiwan....can you hear me? come in Taiwan! (Tue 12 Apr 2005 23:58:19 GMT)

Taiwan chikans,
I just heard on the news that you are at the beginning of a 8 day festival to the god who protects men at SEA. I saw some of the footage today. The the crowds!!! There's got to be some booty grinding and titty groping going on!

Let's hear Taiwan! Take off those coke bottle glasses and type us some reports.

ok ok just kidding about the glasses ya freaks

get those reports online


whoa Gentlebrush! (Mon 18 Apr 2005 00:14:51 GMT)

I know it is a matter of individual taste but I feel that a groper is just as good--if not better--than a grinder. If things go wrong in a hurry, a grinder needs merely to step back. I think a woman who agrees to play with a groper has given a higher level of permission. There's more certainty with groping. Grinding can be accepted as a happy accident by a woman but if there's a finger or hand 2 centimeters from her pussy hole, there's no doubt, she is playing.

Oppy and Feather,
I so enjoyed both accounts gentlemen. Please don't think that I've ranked your efforts by the above statement. When you are out in the field, the only judgement is did you or did you not handle your opportunity...whatever it was.
I think you both performed splendidly, solving problems along the way.


vegas for nyredneck (Mon 18 Apr 2005 00:26:42 GMT)

all the nightclubs at the big resorts will be jammed. Don't forget off strip places like the Palms and the Hardrock. The Rio not only has a crowded club,
but you can probably squeeze one off right there in the lobby. I think the worst bargain is the Venetian. The new show at the TI (Treasure Island) packs them in every 2 hours startikng at 5:30pm. Get there early, pick a spot, then drop back behind the ass
The swap meet gets crowded but not that crowded. If you go, take the 13 bus and get some on the bus which is crowded 98% of the time.
I'll try to be more specific about concerts later this week. But you can always stick some generic term in the Google search engine such as "vegas entertainment" or "vegas concert".

hope this get's you thinking. more later.


point taken: projection denied (Mon 18 Apr 2005 20:36:15 GMT)

Black Shogun
you wrote:
Your assertion that it's a matter of individual taste is what goes to the heart of the matter. The rest of it doesn't hold up:

Why would something like that necessarily deemed a "lower level" of permission? In fact, it's logical to conclude that a "deep meat probe" of the anal cavity is far more intrusive than a finger near the pussyhole.

IMHO you are right here. I am pussy-centric and I was projecting my opinion and feelings of what a woman values most and what she likes most onto all women. Not fair on my part
Some women may regard getting caught getting booty jacked by a stranger more embarassing than getting caught with a stranger's hand up her ass. Viewed positively, she might enjoy an intense dick to ass grind over a cootchie tickle. What does she like? How does she weigh the risks? Women are different from one another just like we chikans are different from one another.

One thing is for sure, when their is the right amount of danger and safety and when the woman likes what the chikan likes, sparks are gonna fly and fluids are gonna flow.

In Oppy's story, I was wondering, wondering, wondering what the matron thought having 'wheel strut' in her ass. And man oh man to be a fly on the wall when they got home and had that argument about it. I predict that Oppy will be in her fantacies for a long time.


"novice" no more (Tue 19 Apr 2005 11:03:01 GMT)

It's new handle time as you are a novice no more. Man, I liked your account! Now you know why it is so important to stake out that front row territory and to be there in good shape (dressed well, smelling good, no drug nod).

Your story also included elements of frustration (which is a reality), problem solving, and guts.

I was with you.

I am wondering whether you could have also got a little grope on and tweaked her nipple(s) with your thumbs a time or two.

Very good job my man! Now negotiatiate with a the webmaster to allow you to activate a new handle.


question for Feather (Tue 19 Apr 2005 11:21:15 GMT)

Herr Feather,
what are your techniques for palming breasts?

I've done the thing from the side with your arms folded where my dangling fingers sort of follow my elbow in from the side...but that doesn't come close to giving me the whole palm.

Have you ever done anything on a bus, plane or train that developed from touching lower legs (outer calves area)? I got as far as hand on thigh.


I'll wait ....but hurry please (Tue 19 Apr 2005 18:54:43 GMT)

to Con-Sensuality: Opportunist,
you are one busy humping mf. I'm glad you found a way to organize yourself. I'm definitely keyed up for the groping story.

How do you get away with leaving your wife at home so much?

Your work is solid. Please continue (and hurry too!).


anonymous sex (Wed 20 Apr 2005 06:21:21 GMT)

it has been my assertion all along that much of successful chikanery--playing with a player--is anonymous sex. Somewhere down the line she has decided to go along with it.

Women, simply stated, do not think of sex, do not mentally handle sex the way that men do.

If you train yourself to observe and remember, in some detail, your encounters
with women you're going to strengthen your chikan game and your seduction game immensely.

I know some men who can do this quite easily and they are naturally smoothe with the women. The rest of us can look forward to improving.

So you bumped asses and got a thrill and she did too. I'll go out on the limb and say any part of your body can become and erogenous zone if it is in contact with a female body. If you choose the right series of moves you can arouse her and bring out the play in a player. You've just got to remember and try several different approaches without making her feel like an out and out target. Subtlety and naturalness will allow her to cross the line and she may never realize how she got there--that is how it is she started playing with you.

From the articles that RETINA has posted from time to time, I see Japanese this kind of chikan a "technician". Not a bad thing to aspire to.

In Oppy's story of the MainLine Matron, there was a contrast of a thoughtful chikan with a crass, selfish asshole, whom none of us would have minded getting hauled off to jail.

Then Chikanovice eased into that little bubblebutt, appearing the gentleman but was quite the germ...he got a nice thank you present!!

So you had that pleasant booty bumping experience and you've been reading this board: I think you are hooked. Let us know what's going on with you experience-wise and thanks for the vignette!


Webmaster, Feather and all TITTY LOVERS (Wed 20 Apr 2005 17:13:33 GMT)

Hi All,

I have listed this most entertaining, sexy website before. To make the video clips play highlight part of the address (like you are going to copy it) then click on it. In most cases you'll get a dialogue box where you can "open" , "save" or "cancel".

I open them. And if I like it enough, I'll click on the link a second time and then choose to save it. Some of the porn is censored Japanese stuff. But the Japanese porn makers are usually facinated with: A WOMAN'S SEXUAL AROUSAL AND ORGASM. Yeah, there's some faking on there but also some very good stuff. A lot of clips end with the woman getting getting her face jizzed up.

Feather and others just lift these URLs and plug them right into your browser. Make sure your Windows Media Viewer can be called and opened. Here you have women questioned by an unseen interviewer and then the hands of an unseen man rise and begin to fondle her tits. It's so great to watch these young pretty women try to concentrate on answering the questions as these arousing hands are driving them crazy. Each clip is nearly 11 minutes.

(It is good to do antivirus and spyware scans before so that you'll have smoothe streaming. Get rid of and close anything that will slow your computer down and then fire those clips up, you'll love them.)

Webmaster, will you kindly view the clips and give us an accurate idea of what the interviewer is asking them?

enjoy folks


arm humper returns!! (Wed 20 Apr 2005 22:51:03 GMT)

Hey arm humper!

I rarely tell another man that I've missed him but I can sincerely say I did miss you and your contributions. So how are you doing? Still impregnating your own jeans I see. Ha! Now you've gone over from anonymous sex to symbolic sex. I think that plump woman got your point and was indicating that she wouldn't mind doing you. That's on you... you'll get no advice here ( though I never advise two adults not to fuck....*wink wink*).

I guess you've been reading the board enough to know I'm still plugging for the anonymous sex angle. I really believe in it and it's connection of
seduced women to 'playing women', really the same decision mechanism just working much faster in the case of the player.

Please accept my warmest welcome back and plea that you not stop contributing.


pretty amusing huh, Feather? (Wed 20 Apr 2005 23:27:48 GMT)

Yes Herr Feather
"akizuki" does sound pretty hot. I like the way her eyes tend to roll back in her head and she can hardly speak at times. When those Japanese men go at it in porn they really work those nipples, don't they?

On the school uniforms, perhaps Webmaster and RETINA can comment more. From what I have observed all female Japanese celebrities are photographed in school uniforms. I have read that this goes waaaaay back in Japanese culture but more reliable research than I have is needed.

I put "Ozzy Groper" in the Google seach engine and it spit out part of that discussion you had with him about him feeling tits with his arms up behind his back: Pretty amusing and I think it could work.

There are some sites for those attracted to mature women (Japanese again) but so far, I havn't seen any clips of them having at young men. I saw clips of them bathing and showering....but no sex. That Pink Tower site will probably get some clips as soon as anyone else.

Have you ever went up a blouse or top to feel a tit? Do tell.


statuesque midriff (Thu 21 Apr 2005 11:50:05 GMT)


one of the few times last year when I found myself in a crowd, (I think it was the last night some place was going to be open), I found myself within touching distance of a seriously cute but drunk blond of at least drinking age. She had a midriff top that allowed a lot of breast jiggle. The girl had the nicest skin and the best abs I'd seen in a while or seen simce. She and her friends had a loud goofy conversation going. I wanted her near me. So I started up with these dumb riddles which they couldn't guess but were enjoying dumb answers. It worked! She kept sort of staggering around and I just kept looking at her fine body. She bumped me a few times and I touched her a few times and she didn't seem to mind. I was thinking I could wake her up sexually and she just might respond by leaning all over me. I kept wondering how I could get one of those nipples between my fingers. But I was running out of time and riddles. So I came off the bar stool, stood,hugged her around the shoulders, told her how great she looked but I was losing the race. Management was giving away stuff on the opposite end of this long bar. The noise was drowning me out and I was losing their attention. She and her friends joined the crowd surge. I dropped my hand to her waistline and spread my fingers on her fine abs. My index finger was an inch away from her jiggling boob. Damn! she jumped like she had been startled and pulled away from me. And that was the last of it.

Because of her starled reaction I didn't follow her. It's too easy for these young women to tell someone that an old guy is stalking them.

That was the closest I came to actually getting under the top of a complete stranger.

I know two bars here that have these barfly bitches that will suck your dick for $10. They'll come up while you're drinking and proposition you. I've gone along with it to a certain point. They rub my dick and I go under their shirts and fondle them while we're drinking. But I sure aint sticking my dick in them.


something strange (Thu 21 Apr 2005 16:14:23 GMT)

Black Shogun

you wrote:

"Not Gentlebrush

I bet it's not Gentlebrush but an impostor. That's been known to happen a few times on this board."

I agree...something is strange...causing Gentlebrush to seem like a grumpy old man. Will the real Gentlebrush please stand up?!


thank you webmaster! (Thu 21 Apr 2005 21:38:16 GMT)

Thank you so much for taking time to do the interpretation. I found the answers
Did you find the clips amusing and sexy? Which was your favorite girl?


Webmaster: Anna's story (Fri 22 Apr 2005 23:07:55 GMT)

Webmaster sir,
Anna was definitely the sexiest. I love the way she tried to suppress her arrousal. One thing though: She says that she lost her virginity in a love hotel at the age of 14. How can one take a 14 year old to a hotel? Don't they check ID like they do here in the US?

Well, she doesn't seem damaged from the experience and certainly seems headed for a bountiful sex life.


attention Pussy Lovers ( esteemed webmaster) (Sat 23 Apr 2005 00:00:45 GMT)

Fellow Chikans and Motley Perverts,
I hate to keep hyping Pinktower, but that is one entertaining site. I've got to go there everyday just like I have to check this board everyday.

They have two new series of clips featuring the "pussy". First is you are facinated with female orgasm, check these:

Mastubating with a vibrator, this woman gets involuntary twitches like you wouldn't believe. If you are eating some pussy or playing with some or humping a bitch on the bus, and she gets involuntary twitches, you have done it. You have set that bitch off. That's orgasmic.

this woman is sweet and hot. Each clip is around 43 seconds. After 001 change the number to 002 and keep going up. Pinktower has it up to 027 but the series may go higher. This is uncensored, starring a very nice pussy. has some cute white girls. Two of their cutest pussy-slingers are Jordan Capri and Little April. You can go to
but it is slow.

Pinktower has their clips from time to time. With Internet Explorer showing the Pinktower page do a "edit" "find" for the word extended, and you'll usually get one of these two. Jordan's "trip tease" is the bomb with that popping shaved pussy. (Just do a "edit" "find" for the word "trip", and that should put you right on it. NOTE: the URLs for extendedgallerie stuff are usually too long for Pinktower to display the whole thing, SO: highlight part of the address string and click on it and the clip should pop up after it loads.

If your down in the dumps, I hope this picks up your weekend.

happy whacking


question 4 AssGrabbinm Chris? (Sat 23 Apr 2005 00:03:29 GMT)

You are quite right about this fine woman. Do you know where there are any clips of her?


answer 4 Dr. Dry Hump (Sat 23 Apr 2005 00:18:00 GMT)

I havn't directly jerked off to story per se, but they do occasionally provide a setting or fodder for fantacy time. For instance, that Space Mountain account
disturbed me for several days.( and some of Seano's edventures had the same effects.

I like sex reading. is pretty good at times because there is the element of innocent everyday people in it.

hope this helps


I missed the blonde consevatives...damnit! (Sat 23 Apr 2005 00:26:35 GMT)

Hey Shogun,

I missed the blonde consevatives...damnit! But here's one of my liberal Vegas neighbors with a big ass.

mitbblack woman

thanx (Sat 23 Apr 2005 09:22:57 GMT)

thanx Shogun and Chris!

Shogun: watching that British bitch with the big ass get fucked was tops. Good lookin' out!


funny chikan clip (webmaster please) (Sat 23 Apr 2005 17:00:05 GMT)

Fellow Chikans and Motley Perverts,

I've paid for web porn before but I have to say some of the best porn I've gotten has been absolutely free. I found a girl-buys-a-bra clip on (you know it already). I then chopped the URLdown and it led me to a most interesting Japanese BBS (bulletin board) of about 20 pages.

Page 1 is the 2nd page (they often start numbering with 0) and I found a goofy anti-groping clip.

Watch them both. But if you still smoke pot fire up a doob right now. You'll have the giggles all night.

First the stupid girl-buys-bra-clip.
Excuse me, but doesn't it seem like girl and dad are a little to chummy toward the the end of this clip??

I figured there might be more where that came from so I chopped the URL down to

Well what do you know...a BBS. On the 2nd page I found this little anti-groping gem. Look at the Japanese chikans at the end. Do you make faces at the women you just groped. Watch it again and you'll see that it is implied that the fathead was grinding back there. Here's the URL:

Lucky girl got her buns worked for free and the nice man offered to lick her all over...or something like that.

Both of those clips ought to work from here but if they don't, go over to Pinktower ( and paste them right into the address bar.

Webmaster please, if there is anything weird or funny or overly dramatic in the audio, please let us know.


chikan's right hand (Sat 23 Apr 2005 23:35:34 GMT)

hey...I think his right hand may be why the heavyset brunette is smiling and the little blonde up front looks like she may be she may be pushing her ass back for some attention.

Oh well, a chikan's work is never done!


squirt! squirt! (Oh! to speak Japanese) (Sun 24 Apr 2005 01:07:20 GMT)

Fellow Chikans and Motley Perverts,

so much happening here. The Countdown clock! The chick in the red top who smears that jiz into her stockings.

You've heard of female squirters, now see one!
That 005 indicates a series so dial it back to 001, get the popcorn and watch all night.

IMPORTANT: The Ayashi server can not always reach the CH Box server but the server farm over at Pinktower has no problem doing so. So, for convenience sake, cut and paste the URLs onto notepad, open the Pinktower page and then lift plug them onto the address bar from notepad.

NOW: having writtten that let me say this: PINKTOWER and CH BOX and HOSTALL ARE HOT. Their server farms are working very hard to keep up with the traffic. So be a little patient. Looks like they are near peak capacity. 6PM. pacific time.
You've got to admit that the combination of Pinktower, CH BOX, Hostall is tops for female anatomy and orgasm. Here are two more series in which the clip numbers can be manipulated.
(try both sky_angels)

goofy game show. What are they doing? This is roach clip material.



good question (Sun 24 Apr 2005 04:37:38 GMT)


you wrote:
"my sneaky calf would begin its slow and tentative caress against their closest stockinged leg."

hehehe....I thought I was the only one. After I had big success during movie time in high school, I went nuts trying this for a while.

What do they think? I don't think a woman thinks about it until the next time she is chikaned. At that point they put their own program in motion. Sometimes it's to avoid you and SOMETIMES it's to get what they want.


poor door clip#85 (Sun 24 Apr 2005 14:26:40 GMT)

girls are "sugar and spice and everything nice" That's shit unless "everything nice" includes big libido and a sexual agenda.

gentlemen, chikans and motley perverts I'd like to submit as evidence clip number 85 at

when I was a kid we used to get on a chair, grab the top of the door, put our feet on the doorknobs and ride...BUT WE NEVER HUMPED THE DOOR!!!!


PS anyone seen this picture before?young girl

why'd you have to write that? (Sun 24 Apr 2005 20:31:26 GMT)

why'd you have to write that? The first time I chakaned a female older than me, it was like I had committed a mortal sin. The first time I did one younger than me, I had guilt also. Luckily, my dick brought me through or I'd be explaining this in some state paid psychiatrist's office on the occasion of my
3rd or 4th involuntary commitment. My dick said "fuck, it's 98.6 +, it's female, how could it be wrong??" I listened. I busted uncountable nuts. Whew! That was pretty close at first!

Your writing takes me me back. I really look forward to reading your adventures. Feel free to exaggerate a little. The fuck I care?? Get on it man.
You and Oppy got a lot of 'splainin' to do.


do the drunks count? (Mon 25 Apr 2005 11:15:34 GMT)

if they groping them gives you wood, they count.

I got two recently. First was my neighbor from accross the courtyard, an older British woman. I know she's fantacizing doing me. She's not getting any 'cause her husband of nine years can barely move without assistance. Wherever she sees me she must converce and quite closely. Wednesday they were at the neighborhood watering hole, the Funhog on Twain Road. yak yak yak yak. The more she drank the closer she got. I began to grope her nipple: touch it, circle it a couple of seconds, every few minutes. Then she had to show me how to play darts, a game called 301 on the electronic scoring board. Several times she stood so close I could feel her warm hips on my groin. I just casually took all she was giving up, even leaving my hand on her rump for about 5 seconds. Boy, did she yak and chatter but I still got wood.

Today was a different story. I made a little remark to the drunk 20 something next to me at Terrible's Sports Bar. She was all over me with conversation I found out the guy next to her was her brother and not her husband or boyfriend.
She was cute. About 5'2", auburn hair that reached the top of her breasats. Great features, including pretty eyes. She wore a soft, light blue sweater over jeans. She sat to my right. My partner, who was clearly charmed by her, sat to my left. She conversed intensely leaning over my arm rubbing those firm nipples on me the whole time.

I picked the right track, sincerely disagreeing with her on destiny and pre-destination. After awhile she was right into my Fish and Chips and I didn't discourage her nipple ripple on the back of my arm. Her brother, on her right,
started to get a little concerned: either that she was bothering me, or embarassing herself or getting taken advantage of ( I got her phone and email
after about 5 minutes and I'm sure he saw that exchange.)

Well, they wanted to go to the Hard Rock and invited us. I wasn't interested in going there but my partner perked up because he saw his chance to get himself next to her. Oh yeah, he got himself a lingering hug as they stood and passed behind me. She then turned to me again. Somehow, I was lifting her left hand with my right hand to kiss it . At the same time she grabbed me close
with her right hand for a hug, which pinned our hands in the middle, or more precisely pinned my hand to her left breast. hmm, so pert. I twiddled nipple and she did not really react. Neither her brother nor partner could see but I don't think the bartender minded. Well, right after they left we left for the Hard Rock. My partner wanted to jump her little drunken bones more or less immediately. So I had to go protect my interests. I imagined if we shared a table with them I could give her a good feeling up. Oh well, we never saw them.

My partner, what a dope. He says if I get into email contact with her to give her his number.....Right!


that's what they said (Mon 25 Apr 2005 11:17:00 GMT)

I am not Catholic. In fact there was just one parish within a couple of miles of where I grew up. Quite naturally the catholics had their detractors. They said you guys were up to sexual hijinx and now you confirm it. (hey, it's not like we wern't up to tricks in our church either!!) I think those moms knew what you were up to. You probably could have grabbed anything but the pussy.

I met a few young nuns but I didn't hit on them or feel them. I probably could have got some passive gropes in. Do you know of any nuns in the player category? Any incidents like that?


welcome Solid Man (Mon 25 Apr 2005 19:59:21 GMT)

Solid Man, I extend a warm greeting to you. We would so welcome your accounts of your adventures. Have you done other crowds and situations? Do you also grope when you have the opportunity? Would you hump at a religious place or religious event? Where do you draw the line on who's too young to be humped? or too old?

These questions come up on this forum from time to time.

Congratulations on finding is quite a resource.

Please tell the other "whalers" about us as we like stories and adventures from all over.

Thank you for today's SOLID contribution. Please write early and often.


Welcome (Mon 25 Apr 2005 20:18:42 GMT)

Solid Man,
thank you for today's SOLID contribution and welcome to this forum. Please write early and often and don't forget to extend our invitation for other "whalers" to write it. We want to read your adventures.

Do you grope as well as grind on women?
Do you act-out at other venues, crowds and public events?
Would you do your thing at a religious place or event?
How old is too old and how young is too young as far as targets go?

again, welcome and write in soon


thanx Feather (Tue 26 Apr 2005 01:56:21 GMT)

I would have never seen Vegas the first time if it were not for classy, rich older woman. She kept herself looking good and dressed good and all those little personal things that distinguish a lady from a piece of ass. Man, I have a lot to thank her for.

One night we made love in San Francisco and because I was just plain fucked out, I didn't cum. At 7am the next morning she was up sucking and fondling me
to make sure I felt her concern. After a little while she got what she needed to see.

A younger woman, even one of my ex-wives would have never done that one week past our honeymoons.

Neither you nor I are saying feel up every old woman you can. We are say, I believe, pick your shots and enjoy. As long as you don't embarass them or do something that threatens to disrupt their lives, I'm sure they know we are intentionally working their nipples and such.

Any of you chikans and motley perverts want to try it? Try really listening to whatever woman you pick out for groping, show appreciation for her efforts and point of view and bring some personality to the game. You follow this advice and you'll be tweaking nipples all night...and maybe more than that.

Don't forget, some of these women have outlived one or more devoted husbands and you might tumble into some nice advantages like I did.


PS Because the British woman lives right on the complex, there will be sex between us. She might need too much emotionally and end up screwing me up with my girlfriend. I don't have a problem fondling her more.

here it is. (Tue 26 Apr 2005 02:06:14 GMT)

Here it is and it is set to open Thursday. I'm talking about Steve Wynn's 2.7 billion dollar casino. The view in this picture matches the one I get when I look at the place from the middle of my street. (credit Drudgereport and whoever drudge got it from.)

My Vegas friends say that the best night to go to a particular casino is to go the night it opens (not later) as every machine will be loosened up to produce plenty of winners.

So Thursday would be a great night to visit Vegas. Steve Wynn has list of people waiting to kiss his ass that would rival the Shanghai phone book. Park at the Venetian, The Fashion Show Mall, The Frontier or the Stardust. That place is going to be packed with celebs and people wanting to gawk at the celebs.

mitbLas Vegas

amen to that! (Tue 26 Apr 2005 11:38:29 GMT)


you wrote:

"did she know how to enjoy sex. This is what I like about mature women - they know what they want, their life-experience gives them an air of calmness and wisdom and they are so thankful and tender lovers."

amen to that...especially the thankful and tender lovers part. Don't anybody get me wrong, that 20 something hardbody whose breasts I tweaked Sunday was very desirable. But unless such a girl is looking for a father figure, your relationship with her is going to be somewhat edgy and competitive. Who needs that at my age? I sure wouldn't try to live with her. I'd just fuck her as much as I could in a couple of days and then she's right out the door.


player-nun...what a concept!! (Tue 26 Apr 2005 11:44:39 GMT)


that must have been quite an experience for nasty little boy like you. I was with you man imagining all the little bumps, grinds, gropes and peeking up the skirt you must have got for a month.

hehehe...then she turns your little sex maniac ass free to terrorize the world.

Tell me, did she ever come close to your dick with her hands?


Concert Grinders Help Me Out Please (Tue 26 Apr 2005 20:32:00 GMT)

Last week, the nyredneck was asking about concerts and entertainment here in Vegas. I volunteered my help but then I didn't answer him.

The reason I wasn't any help is because of what I concluded he really wanted to know was where were the concerts and venues where he could get himself on some tender ass.

It does no good for me to tell him that Elton John and Celine Dion are at Ceasars or Gladys Knight is at the Flamingo or Barry mannilow is at the Hilton.

What he wants to know are venues and dates for the HOT touring bands, probably heard on alternative or college radio and such.

One such place is "Pink E's" , 3695 W. Flamingo about a mile south of the strip on the south side before the Rio which is on the north or the Palms
which is on the south. Their number is 702 252 4666. Start your research there.

The rage in Vegas right now is Karaoke. A hot karaoke bar that really gets crowded is Willy's American Salon at Paradise and Sahara on Friday night.

Will you concert grinders please post a list of bands and websites, perhaps. While I work on things on this end. We've got entertainment guides coming out the assover here but I think word of mouth is better. So I'm going over near UNLV today to get some information.


two hot stories (Tue 26 Apr 2005 20:32:24 GMT)

newbehavior1 and Solid Man,

welcome again to you both as you have lifted the spirits of this board with your contributions hear in this latter half of April 2005.

Speaking for myself, I'd like to say I just love it when contributors put me in another world in which I have never been but with subject matter with which I am quite familiar.

newbehavior1. your discussion of Sister C and Joan is enlightening. I recalled having once discovered a board on which child molesters were identifying career
options to younger molesters. (The were all NAMBLA types). I never considered that females with sexual agendas would communicate with one another with pretty much the same affect. Well, lucky had to be somebody...I'm just glad you had the balls to take advantage and have some fun.

Solid really opened my eyes to some Indian sexual mores. I met a young woman from India who was a medical tech of some type. She was about Americanizing herself but every journey has a starting point. I couldn't get where she was without knowing where she had come from. I simply didn't know where to get started in persuading her to screw with me. A short while later I met a Parsi mathmetician, married to a domineering physician who ignored her
and was otherwise unfriendly. Same story. Now I know India is a huge nation with many, many different groups and cultures. Thanks for the peek into one of them.

By the way, do you read Desi Fantacies? ( If you have not, will you read a few and report what you think of their stories. I enjoy the seduction ploys put into action by the writers.

I loved your opening account of how you carried on underwater during the festival. There have got to be many, many stories there. Don't forget please to have your 'whaler' friends to write.

So between the two you, newbehvior1 and Solid Man I hope this board has tapped into a rich vein of entertaining writings.

Also, please consider the board of Dr. Dry Hump, for some entertaining features.

I hope other chikans on this board will offer up names and sites that I havn't mentioned.


best bets in vegas (Wed 27 Apr 2005 00:37:46 GMT)

nyredneck and others
the best bets in Vegas this weekend

1) the opening of Wynn's casino on Thursday.

2) Hard Rock hotel and Casino 10th anniversary with Nine Inch Nails, Bon Jovi and Cold Play through the weekend

for details hit the search engine and find their websites. Better check on dress codes because HR enforces a dress code after 8pm.

You'd be shocked at how many young chicks just fucking flip over going to the Hard Rock.


Pollstar a helluva resource (Wed 27 Apr 2005 01:32:15 GMT)

Gentlebrush, thanx...that's a helluva resource. But you know I need a list of touring bands that draw the young ass. From what I read those are the ones the chikan's want. If I knew who to look for, maybe I could highlight them so chikans will know when and where to do that Vegas weekend.

My Mex buddy sez that there are bands that are hot in Mexico City and the word gets around Los Angeles and Las Vegas that they're coming and they pack whatever venue. The English only world has no idea that they are here or in LA. But a Latin chikan could really take care of business.

Parliment-Funkadelic will draw. House of Blues at Mandalay Bay will be packed as usual. There'll be some big butts up in that house!hehehe

So chikans, you've mentioned those bands before. How about somebody post a list of names of bands and then I can use that Pollstar thing.


Gentlebrush (Wed 27 Apr 2005 14:19:13 GMT)

Yes, the Wynn casino will open at midnight Wednesday with a 4 day gala before settling down to regular business.

Telephone: (702)770-7000 or 1-877-770-7077.
Internet site is at:

Between this and the Hard Rock 10th anniversary there will be a lot of celebrity ass to grope and grind.

I wish it were practical for us to give a prize to the chikan who rides the most luxuriant celeb.


how popular (Wed 27 Apr 2005 17:51:43 GMT)

Solid Man, (
I had tried this site before but then it began to get loaded up with pop-up ads and such. I had no trouble going to it today. Yes, the stories are mostly fiction but for someone wanting to know what an Indian's experience or point of view could possibly be, it may be useful to read a little.

By the way, if you want a link to appear as and operate as a hyper-text on this board, you must incude the "http://www." part.

I loved the mental picture your writing gave me yesterday of the woman lightly fondling your penis in response to what you were doing under the water.

Has it ever happened that a woman you felt up last year goes out of her way to have your help again this year?

What about the other attendants? do you know whether they are feeling these women too?

I'll bet not too many people beyond the regular readership of this board suspected you fellows were having so much fun. (we suspect people, male and female, are acting on their sexual agendas all over the place!!)

Tell us, did you ever ask your wife whether shes been "bothered" by frisky men on the bus or elevator or someplace? how did she answer?


Training in a train (Wed 27 Apr 2005 19:44:47 GMT)

I don't believe a word of it but who cares what i think: that was a good story.
I was with you from the mom's big tits to the daughter's hairless cunt. Good chikan skills, problem solving and good writing.

please write more and welcome to our humble, horny forum


Bus of Lust II and Aunt (Wed 27 Apr 2005 19:54:27 GMT)

like I just wrote to Vivek, who cares what I believe??? This is an entertainment forum as much anything else AND I WAS ENTERTAINED!!!
Very good writing and story plan with a lot of physical details that only a man who has been there would know. Geez, I could almost taste your aunt's bunghole.

all in all, these stories were outstanding efforts and I commend you!

please write more and welcome


PS have you ever come to the USA?

enthusiasm (Thu 28 Apr 2005 03:11:57 GMT)

Black Shogun,
maybe you've seen the names before, I havn't. My enthusiasm is partly based on
the expansion of the audience. Public relations firms say that for every letter written on an issue, at least 20 people hold the same opinion. So the appearance of new personalities may denote an expansion of the readership and future participation.

If these fellows can write, have an interest in chikaning eventually they will be submitting real stuff.

So I'm willing to extend the hand of welcome to Daivari and Vivek.

There may be something to learn hear, Solid Man appears, is welcomed, and we suddenly have 2 more persons from that part of the world. ( Actually, you know, I think it may actually be 1 person.)

There's no question, however, that real stuff is far better than creative writing. Stories like those have the value of an interesting picture to me.
Sort of like the videos which I'm sure are 95% staged; but they are entertaining.

Also, I am enthusiastic over the new names that came to the board this week. I think Solid Man and newbehavior1 are real, and if they just reveal a portion of their adventures we're in for a treat.


So when will be graced with the new song? I'm sure it will be entertaining.
Will it be creative writing or something real?

Wynn Report (Thu 28 Apr 2005 22:33:58 GMT)

I popped out of bed at about 2:30am, not right on time but within tolerances. I was dressed and out the door about 3:20am. (Remember, this place has only been open since midnight) I drove to the Sands Rd. entrance, valet parked then entered. The place is beautiful. The women are beautiful but there is a little denim and lycra in there to.

I walked the place and the only dense packed room was the poker room. You couldn't ride the elevators without a key. I carefully looked over the tables but there were no celebs playing. My game plan suggested that a crowd surrounding a celeb or a big machine payout or an elevator would provide the best cover for some deviouness. No chikan grinding tonight so that leaves fondling and winning some money.

The place as plenty of the high roller escort type prostitutes but a surprising number "Vegas phenomena" type girls around also. These girls are girls with regular jobs but sell pussy on the side. These girls can be fondled, "warmed up" as you make a deal with them. (more on this later).

On winning (1) it's opening night (2) find a machine near the door. They pay more.

HOT RUMORS: some chick hit for 100k but they won't pay until she comes up with some ID. If she is a foreigner, that's 36k in taxes right off the top.
Second rumor: the Hard Rock stalled their 10th anniversary celebration for the purpose of taking the shine off Wynn's opening. The could have had it last month. Wynn's will have 3 nightclubs competing for the rich, hip Californians and celebs that keep Vegas going and the Hard Rock going.

So I find a machine. The lady next to me sez that a woman hit 6/6 and 5/5 on keno before me. But for me it is cold...I'm going through my first $20 pretty fast. Then SHE sits down across the aisle facing me. Looks like my last wife:
the hair, the skin color, the mouth and she is getting drunk. She has on an office appropriate, light colored suit. She catches me looking. Fascinating. She strikes up a conversation. She's definitely one of those Vegas Phenomena girls. She wants a ride home. Conversation reveals that she's from LIttle Rock, my x's home town. Damn...probably my x's cousin. >>>BING<<< I hit 6/8 on keno paying 24.50 on a quarter, puts me $10 ahead.
I tell her I'm going to cash my ticket. I reason: I'm going to make this last a while. If she's there when I get back, I'll take her home.

In the car she takes her shoes off and puts her feet on my dashboard. Sez, "do you mind?" I put my hand down where her dress used to be my fingers are about an inch from her panties. I give her my most sensitive touch and ask, "do you mind?" She sez, "no" in a small voice. I continued to take "warm up" liberties.

We make two stops and so far no amount has been mentioned. I tell her nothing can happen tonight as my girl is going to call me around 8:30am to pick her up to come over for our weekly fuck. I get her number, tell her that I'll call and leave mine. We're friends and now she's gone.

Perfect: I got some finger play in the high thigh/ lower butt area (slick as a baby's ass). I can call her and she can't call me.

I take my Wynn's winnings up to Terribles, drink a couple of Miller Lights and feed the $10 to a keno machine. I get home at 7am, my girlfriend calls at 8:30am to pick her up 9:30am. I nearly overslept. The fuck is pretty good. Brunch was ok. So far, Thursday hasn't been bad at all.

NOTE: if you have allergies and you are coming to Vegas, be sure to bring your medicine. And if you deal with any "working" working girls please be kind to them. They can be a lot of fun and usually if they get their $50 or $100 they won't rush you. To find one here's a clue. They may be a dressed for the mall and look like they don't quite belong. They switch machines frequently.

There was a real cutie in Wynn's last night. Latina. Red and white leather jacket, tight jeans, red and white Nikes. I gave her a little extra look when I got there. She went out of her way to give it back on her way out.

I hope you found this report somewhat entertaining though the sexual contact was limited.

I'm going to try to go to the Hard Rock this weekend and maybe back to Wynn's. If I do, I'll report.


fact/fiction: probably no real worry (Thu 28 Apr 2005 22:42:33 GMT)

Daivari and Vivek didn't show up today. But time will tell. Personally, I'm not dissing anybody out of here even if there best participation is just a pipe dream.


PS: aise hi masti there a story behind your interesting handle? please tell.

and the 1st nominee is.... (Fri 29 Apr 2005 09:33:33 GMT)

and the 1st for "this cock is too big" award is

no, it's not chikanery but it is damned funny. After you watch this clip, cut and paste it onto the address bar and manipulate the "m" number from 1 to 6.

heh hehehe


PS you know where I got it from...if not roll back to last weekend.

3 ready to move up (Fri 29 Apr 2005 17:03:04 GMT)

chikanovice, Solid Man, and newbehavior1 are new contributors of great potential because of their enthusiasm for subject matter and in the case of two, their depth of experience.

I nominate newbehavior1,--- but only by a slim, slim margin over Solid Man---
to be man of the month.

If we could get Oppy to quit cataloging (typed with a smile Oppy!) and start writing and if we could tap the above mentioned depth of experience this board will be humming.

Plus folks, their is more to feel good about: scroll back through the month and see how many chikans, who predate me by a whole lot popped in to say a greeting.

Scientist call persons who practice frotteurism a courtship disorder. I really don't think it's a dominant "all that" because many come on this board with wives and girlfriends. I think frotteurism has a large chunk of opportunity in the formula. So frot activity ebbs and flows with an individual's life. For instance, I no longer ride the bus therefore I am seldom in a crowd dense enough to get a grind on. But my groping opportunities are rising as is my groping practice.

Here's the point, I'd like invite those of you who popped in this month, and those of you who read and no longer write, to TELL US WHAT YOU ARE DOING NOW!
A little peeping ...a little groping...yer doing something! please write us a little. Even your opinions on curret stories are interesting.


Feather: thank you for your kind mention.


if you couldn't see the "big cock" clip.... (Fri 29 Apr 2005 17:17:32 GMT)

Damn, I have to type the "p" link again. Well, let's believe that such a big crowd from Ayashi-BBS crashed a few servers between there and here.

Wanna see it? Do this cut n paste.
Copy this:
Go here:
Paste it on the address line and press "enter"; when the dialogue box pops up, click "open".

In a few seconds you'll see it.


No density flunks Willy's American Saloon in Vegas (Sat 30 Apr 2005 08:29:16 GMT)

Well I dropped in here about 1:30am last week and the bartender told me they had just cleared a wall to wall crowd. Where was that crowd tonight? At Wynn's? At the Hard Rock? I doubt it. There was just too much denim and sweatclothes to convince me that a significant number might fit inat either of those two places.

Scale of 10

About 50 women there, 45 had big asses with a lot of toot.

big asses:10

This place may be too local. Everybody knew one another

bar spirit: 10

There's too much karaoke in Vegas right now

talent of karaoke: 7.5

$2.75 per Miller Light
I paid this in NYC. I know they had to pay the DJ but damn, I can get an 18 pk for $9.99 which is about .60 per. Food is more reasonable.

price appeal: 1

You've got to be on the good foot when I'm there. Vegas has too many places for me to give any a second chance. Until I return on a Saturday night (which is live band night) I do not recommend Willy's for chikanery.


PS: thank you for your kind words Retina and Solid Man.

Slick does the doink and grind (Sat 30 Apr 2005 08:39:35 GMT)

Hehehe...I just love the look of realization when they know for sure that it is indeed a dick probing near their assholes. Do yourself a commercial.

Donation to the bell ringer: $5.00

Cost of Christmas presents: $500

Look on a chick's face when she realizes she is getting an anal probe from a real dick: PRICELESS!!


the patient stirs (Sat 30 Apr 2005 22:35:05 GMT)

Geez...I feel like a half-dead patient lying in bed while bunch relatives and Dr.s discuss me.

1st) thank all for the positive words. This is recognition and it feels good whether master Ayashi selects me as man of the month or not.

2) Solid Man, no I'm not the heart and soul of the board. I'm just an avid reader and I hate for this board to go dead like it did a couple of weeks ago.
I come to this group when I turn on my computer and I come here a few times a day before I turn it off.
Nobody signs on to a situation where they CAN NOT participate fully in whatever is going on here.
Man, if we can get your more of your stories, believe me, the group will be the stronger for it.
Never-the-less, if you can continue to read this board, you'll notice that the old-timers all check in with Black Shogun. That's an important continuity function.
How much you feel you must defer is totally up to you. There's a lot of room,
please continue to fill it with your spirit and your stories.
While I have time from work I'll do the best I can to keep the board lively.


Now that's wild!! (Sat 30 Apr 2005 22:40:14 GMT)

that series of pictures is totally wild! I've got to go back and look at those facial expressions.
When did that series of pictures first appear?


May award: Slick
for his reckless adventures.
(By the way, did God call you to a pious churchgoer?)

Today (Sun 22 May 2005 04:18:15 GMT)

Well, I was not in my chikan gear today but I did make the best of the day groping me some blonde bubbles. Two milfs stand out in particular. One in the grocery store, with her daughter. She was probably late 30's, blonde, black shirt, and see thru white shorts. She was in a crowded aisle and I quickly made my move. She was bent at the waist and passed her real slow, dropping my palm on her left butt cheek to the crack with a push and dragged to the right cheek with pressure. I made my getaway as she turns around. The other one was at the video store. She was mindblowing. Blonde, late 20's, orange shirt, and a tight bubble butt in the thinest cotton blue shorts. But, the store was empty. Just me, her, and her small son in sight. But I needed a touch. She was in the childrens movie aisle and her cell phone goes off. Nows the time to make my move! She is bent over talking looking at movies while talking and I quickly get behind her and stare at the lovely sight. I was trembling just thinking of touching her! I inched closer and place my hand on her left ass cheek and move tomahawk style to the crack. She turns her head, and I smile as I quickly slide across her right cheek. God! That was a tight ass! I wish I was in my chikan gear.

Today- Flea market/Mall (Mon 23 May 2005 01:21:34 GMT)

Well, I ventured to the local flea market this morning which is 5 indoor buildings with close tables/vendors. I was in full chikan gear and excited at all the prospects. I'm a young guy, only 18. But, I love the MILF's and sexy bubble butts. I rode so many asses and rubbed so many bubbles I don't know where to begin. There's one that stands out, man was she...boing! I had my dick up in my sweats with the bottom facing up. She was early 30's, long blonde hair in a ponytail, a tight pink hoodie, and the greatest bubble butt (at that moment anyway!)encased in jeans. She was with her small daughter looking at bracelet charms. The tables are really close together, thus not much crowd needed to touch. But... it was just blondie, little one, the vendor and me in this aisle. I entered the aisle and blondie was bent at the waist looking at the tables of charms. I ease up behind her and rubbed the back of my hand acrossed both cheeks slowly. She did nothing. I then start looking at the charms (Yeah) while I place my dick onto her left butt cheek. I ask the vendor if she has any licensed character charms, she goes on about no she can't sell them blah blah blah. I wasn't listening I was concentrated on the tight ass bubble butt I just landed on. Blonie shifts her weight onto her right foot and I push my cock right into her crack. Finally a reaction she looks back at me in disinterest. I then go on asking the vendor about the sunglasses she had. This is when I slowly rocked on my toes to dig deeper into her ass crack. I was plasted on her back, it's a tight space but it didn't call for that kind of closness. Blondies tight ass started to pay, and I knew my time was dwindling. I push myself hard out of her crack to the right cheek as I dragged my palm acrossed both cheeks. Man! That was great.It was just the start of the day.
Another inicident was at again another charm table. (Those things have become quite popular, you know those bracelets that people personalize with charms?) Well there was quite a lot of woman in this tight aisle. There was two male vendors who seemed to be watching me but I don't care, it's crowded what could I do LOL? It was hard to move into because of all the woman bent over looking at these cheap charms. I just hopped on this late 30's blonde, white shirt, and a large ass in faded jeans. Her ass was huge and engulfed my whole crotch. It felt great, I pushed and pushed against her and she would be forced into the table. I was in her crack and just stood there enjoying the crowd. I gave her a hard thrust and she was pushed hard into the woman next to her. I quickly got off the butt and put my hand in her crack as I left the aisle. I had many experiences like this at the market today as always. I can't even remember most of them.
I then went to the mall where not much happened. At the dollar store there I followed a 14/15 year old blonde around the store. She had blonde curly hair, white tight shirt, and a loose ruffled pink skirt. There wasn't much of a crowd but I would just follow her and place my hand on her ass when in a tight spot. One spot there was a sort of bottleneck and I was right behind her. I eased my dick right onto her ass, and gave her a slight humping motion. She looked to her side but not back at me. I dangled my hand on her left ass cheek while in her crack. After the bottleneck she headed right for the exit at a fast pace.
As leaving the mall I was in my last store, I came upon a lovely sight. A late 20 something MILF, blonde hair, white shirt, and tight pink pants made of thin material sort of smooth. She was pushing a babystroller and suddenly stopped and bent over looking at something on the shelf. I came up behind her quickly and dragged my right palm acrossed her left cheek to the crack as she turned around to look at who just molested her ass. Her ass was smooth and firm. She yelled out pervert as I lefted the store.

MITB (Mon 23 May 2005 23:24:10 GMT)

I've been around for a little over a year now. Just haven't posted much and noticed recently there has been a slowing down of incoming stories. Yes, I perfer Milfs to others because I can get a teen girl in the sack if wanted where as blonde bubble butt milfs are untouchable. But, not when I'm around to work my dick into there crack! I never really meant a player mostly just ignored. I'm gonna try and write about more experiences when they come in. I always look for situations to grope and chikan. I usually wear sweats/track pants all weekend on the prowl. I perfer stores/flea markets for the hunt. I enjoy the brief encounters/prick to crack attacks much like those which master frottuer wrote about. Leaving the woman stunned as to if there was just a dick in/on her ass, I find delightful. The one milf I wrote of earlier whose ass engulfed my whole crotch kind of looked like this (Not my pic but she is VERY similiar, just trying to add a visual!)

Wanted her sooooo bad! (Tue 24 May 2005 13:48:26 GMT)

When I was getting my grope on at the grocery store over the weekend, I seen the most incredible sight. A late 20 something milf, blonde hair in ponytail, black tanktop, and tightass pocketless jeans covering her delectable bubble butt pushing her cart w/ kid in tow. The amazing thing was her red thong underwear were pulled up WAY past her jeans. I was in the bread aisle when I laid eyes on her. I was trembling just at the thought of being near her! I follow her down the aisle but she heads right for the checkout! I quickly go back down the aisle to grab some bread to purchase but by the seconds that passed someone has already lined up behind her. Damn, was she something! I couldn't even imagine how tight her ass was!

Visuals (Tue 24 May 2005 14:16:43 GMT)

I'm thinking about investing in some kind of small digital camera, maybe even a picture phone? I would like some pictures to remember whose asscrack I jacked. I can never remember all the butts I rode at the end of the day much less in a weeks time. I know most of you have not ventured into this territory except for garry groper, but I think that it's a fantastic idea. I've taken to writing down my experiences in a journal recently, describing the situation and what the ass I molested looked like. But, most of the past years incidents have been forgotten except for the really memorable ones.

While I'm here I'll recount another time that just came to mind. It's short but it was exciting (Aren't they always?). I again was at the flea market when I spied a woman looked mid 30's, brunette, I forgot the shirt, but she had on a silk flower skirt that went to her knees. She was looking at the tables with her husband, when she stopped at a tight spot between 2 tables. I took advantage pretending to forged through the tight aisle, then stopped right behind her. I slowly rubbed the back of my hand on her cheek then placed my hand sideways in between her cheeks and just let it sit there. No reaction so I just removed my hand and placed my cock in shorts right upon her crack. Her skirt was so thin, I could feel everything! She had to work out because her ass was firm! I looked over her shoulder down at the tables while digging deeper into her crack. She showed no reaction but her husband started to eye me, so I gave her a solid push with my dick and made my getaway. I go to the flea market often, and I think many of the regualr vendors know what I'm up to. There are some police officers around also. But, I'd hate to give it up because there are dozens of NEW blonde cracks to probe every sunday!

This is a nice piece! (Tue 24 May 2005 14:42:12 GMT)

Sorry for the constant posting. I hope to run into this lady one day! I don't care if there was a crowd or not, I wouldn't be able to control myself I'd jump right on her ass!

Another sexy blonde milf-

That last pic reminds me of my art teacher. I'm a senior in high school about to graduate in a couple weeks. Man... I wish I could find a way just to get a feel of her! She's mid 20's, platinum blonde hair, smokin' face, full pouty lips, athletic body, and a fablous apple bottom. She usually dresses like a slutty teenager, or she often wears skin tight black dress pants that are really thin and reveal every little contour of her ass. Including her deep bone stiffing crack. I seriously have a hard on whenever I get near her, she is def at the top of my list of asses I want to jack. I only have a few weeks to fulfill that dream.

Re:female butt just goes dead--comments please (Tue 24 May 2005 14:47:53 GMT)

I tend to agree when a womans mind is concentrating on something(kids, cell phone, shopping) they are distracted and tend to ignore the surrounding actions including the one happening to her ass. Thats another I love MILFs is because kids are often in tow receiving much of her attention. And letting me poke at her behind with my pole. She is also less likely to make a scene when with her children.

Todays dirty deeds.... and camera shopping (Wed 25 May 2005 03:02:32 GMT)

I again went to the mall today a different one from Sunday. This one is huge, and I was there about 6 hours. There were quite a few experiences that stand out. I went there to find a small digital camera and get in some ass crack! I was prepared in a pair of black sweats and no boxers. I can’t really remember the order of things but there were a lot of them. The most memorable happened in JC Penny’s the clothing/department store. I seen an employee filling the sales racks. She was AMAZING! Blonde hair, early 20’s, V-cut white shirt and tight beige dress pants with thin vertical stripes covering her huge BUBBLE BUTT! I mean her pants were about to explode. I come up behind and immediately rub the back of my hand against her ass cheek while standing next to her. She visibly straightens and looks in the other direction. She was by the rack with her back to the wall and hardly any room behind her. I browse through the rack as she says all the shirts are $2.77. An excellent deal and an excellent ass! I again pass her from behind this time slowly rubbing my palm against her crack to right cheek and stay behind her. I ask her what these numbers below the sizes represent. She goes on explaining the numbers as she bends over at the waist to straighten the bottom shelves of the rack. I take that as the green light! I place my cock bottom up in my sweats and ease right into her deep crack. Her ass was huge and firm! I couldn't believe I was in the crack of this unbelievable beauty! It was heaven people! I stayed on her ass the whole while she was bent over even as she stopped talking. If anyone walked by at the time it would look like I was doing her in the ass in the middle of the store! She was very polite and knew exactly was going on the whole time. She stands up straight and says she can take me anytime I’m ready and leaves with a smile.
There were many hit & runs. Too many to speak of! In the Disney store blonde 30’s milf bent at the waist…. Bam! My ramrod connects her ass. She stumbles forward, as I apologize. In Borders the book store, lady, brunette, early 40’s bent over looking at books on bottom shelf. I pass slowly rubbing my cock sideways the entire length of her ass…. Left cheek to the crack onto the right cheek. She stands up as I go on my way. Boy did the crack feel good! I won’t go on because I would just be repeating myself.
I then went to get a digital camera. While looking at them, I backhand the ass of the late 20’s blonde, big butt in tan thin pants employee. She gives me a nasty look. As I decide what camera I want I go and get the girl whose ass I just molested! She had to bend over to get the camera from the case it was locked in. While she was getting my camera I was digging in her buttcheeks! She had trouble with the lock or she was just nervous because of the strange dick currently probing in her crack…. LOL I don’t know! Her purple Victoria Secret panties were on show while I was on her ass. I purchase the camera and on the way out rub my cock on the ass of a beautiful MILF, late 30’s, curly blonde hair, red t shirt, skin tight jeans showing lovely thick ass and crack. She was in the middle of the aisle near the exit and I turn sideways and wipe my dick acrossed her ass! She was not happy.
On the way home I wanted to test out my new camera. It’s really small about 2 inches by 3 inches and paper thin. But the camera quality is kind of dire. I stopped at Big Lots and spot my victim. A young twenty something with her elderly mother. She had a bubble on her blonde ass that was breathtaking. I take a picture of her ass while in the card aisle with her. Then I swipe my cock in her ass slot as I pass her. I was trembling during the whole time. I think taking the picture was just as exciting as the molesting of her buttocks.
When I got home I checked the pic. It came out blurry, but still you can see the magnificent ass in all it’s glory.

Today 5-25-05: Run in at Wal-Mart (Wed 25 May 2005 22:36:35 GMT)

Het MITB, I think she meant she can take me at the register when I'm ready. But, I took it in a different way. She knew what was going on, even talking about her boyfriends shirt size saying I was about his size, when I was on her ass. I regret not going a bit farther with her.

I went to Wal-Mart today. I brought my camera with me but am still having problems with it.... this time it was off! I was so pissed off when I got home. Because I rubbed 3 asses AND snapped pics of their lovely asses! You can imagine my anger when I discovered I took pics of their asses with a turned off camera!

The first crack was my type if there ever was one. Blonde, mid 30's, cutoff shirt with flower print, tight jeans on her tight ass revealing her DEEP crack. I mean you could get lost in that thing. She was in the shoe aisle bent over trying on a pair of black heels. I come up from behind and snap a pic of her ass bent over! I continue to browse taken in this beauty, looking a tad out of place. She then puts the heels back and slowly start to push the cart down the rest of the aisle. I make my move.... I quickly get behind her as she is about 10 feet from the end of the aisle which is VERY narrow. Her walking slowly, and me walking fast.... Bam! My crotch jams her ass. She looks over her shoulder in shock as I continue to push her whole butt with my cock. Man was her ass warm and firm. She started to walk faster while I continued to feign trying to get by her. All the while my dick remains in her crack valley. As we reach the end of the aisle I rub the back of my left hand acrossed her ass as I pass her.

While in the can vegtable aisle I come upon a MILF with her 7/8 yo daughter. Early 30's, dark blonde hair, white tshirt, and designer jeans. She is bent over next to her cart looking at the canned goods with her daughter. I was quite obvious in my intent. I turn sideways and rub my cock sideways acrossed her ass. She looks at me in shock and anger.... but did not say anything, as I spit out "excuse me". She seemed to type to make a scene but her daughter was present. The Child Factor I like to call it.

The last was a Wal-Mart employee I was following for quite a bit. She was late 30's, light blonde hair, fit, white shirt, blue walmart vest, and tight tan jeans covering her big butt. I must of trailed her 10 minutes in the kids clothing. It was quite obvious and she seen me watching her. She was stocking girls clothing from a box from the floor. She was bent over and seen me coming from the side and must of knew my intent because she stood up and muttered pervert under her breath. I pass with nothing. My cock was quite hard at this point and pointing down, thus my sweats showed everything. Not one to give up, I circled back around. She again was bent over and I come up full steam ahead from the side, quickly and unnoticed. I turn sideways and CREPT by her stuck up ass at a snails pace all the while gabbing her left hip while passing. My cock pointing downward parted her soft cheeks as I passed! She quickly stood up and walked the other way. I took that as my que to leave. But it was fun while it lasted! I was quite blantant today in my techniques. Also with the camera. I'm hoping I was not picked up by the security cameras. I am traveling tomorrow in hopes of getting more cock/crack action. I have had nothing to do this entire week and have been devoting most of it to store chikan. I am looking forward to the flea market this weekend! I hope to figure out this camera business by then. careful (Wed 25 May 2005 23:22:56 GMT)

I agree MITB, I have become very careless as of late. Mostly due to cockinesson my part. But, I do need to slow down but the high from shoving my cock in a strange MILF's ass is unmatched. I love that feeling of nervousness and the danger that comes along. I will not slow down but I will be more careful.

As for the camera it is very small and compact and has a memory card that can be easily lost or destroyed. I am thinking about not bringing it to stores while I get my chikan on but only to the flea market or open air places with large crowds.

Also, does anyone else do the store chikan on a regular basis? I love to follow a woman for awhile and just take in her actions.... and her ass. Then I make my desires known while I place my dick in her crack. Most woman are too stunned or unsure as to what just happened. I've only had one woman make a scene. It was during Christmas rush weekend at a large clothing store Marshalls. Blonde, mid 20's black sweater, and thin tight tan pants covering her firm ass. She was pushing her cart down a narrow aisle while on her cell phone. She stops in the middle of the aisle and places one foot on the carts bottom bar and stands there. I come up slwoly from behind and pretend to grab some item that is next to her, I had to reach to get the item that was next to her. While doing this I place my cock upright onto her crack and give a slight nudge... hardly noticeable. Or so I thought! She turns around and looks down at my enlarged cock and says to the person on the phone "Some guy just rubbed his crotch on my ass!" I turn around to leave and as I do she yells out "If you come near me again, I will punch you in the mouth!" A man standing at the end of the aisle witnessed the whole scene and was smiling as I passed him.

Blurry pic (Thu 26 May 2005 14:03:29 GMT)

Here's the one blurry pic from the earlier story of the twentysomething bubble butt with her elderly mother. Sorry the the bad pic but you guys get the gist of it. If I can keep a steady hand it would be a 1000x better.

Today's agenda (Thu 26 May 2005 15:16:17 GMT)

Well, I'm not gonna aggressively persue chikan today as I have the rest of the week. At least I think not. I am going out in my thinnest pair of shorts that I just bought for the purpose of crack mining. I know the feeling is gonna be majestic but I have to find a way to hide my bulging member. I guess putting my cock bottom up with the elastic waistband holding it. It does hide my erection but I do not get as much of a sensation as when sideways or pointing down while rubbing my dick acrossed a bubble butt. But, these shorts feel like I have nothing on at all!

I have to drop off dvd's at the video store. I'm really wishing I somehow run into that blonde Milf again who had on those thin short blue shorts who ass I molested last time. Our videos are due back by the same time today... I am ready for her today. One can only wish! Wish me luck fellas!

Today 5-26-05: Grocery Shopping for asscrack.... and pictures! (Thu 26 May 2005 22:02:43 GMT)

Well, today I stopped at a few places & brought along my camera. The first place I stopped was a shoe store. Much to my delight I find a lovely sight. A woman brown hair woman, blue shirt and tight jeans maybe early 30's with 3 young kids running around and a stroller blocking the aisle. She was bent over trying shoes and I just stand behind her snap pictures of her ass. Only one came out though. Then I brush by her bent over butt and palm her ass with my right hand. She looks over her shoulder and says sorry. I say don't be and pass her bent over ass again this time placing my cock right on her left butt cheek and just stand there. She trys to scoot over to make room and I proceed to rub my cock across her left butt cheek to the crack and out onto the right cheek. She says nothing this time and stays bent over. Well alright then! I go back around and try for another dip in her crack but she stands up. I smile as I brush passed her and rub the back of my hand acrossed her ass again!
Here's the salvageable picture-

Onto the grocery store! I was here for a good hour, and to my surprise it was very busy! The first one here was mindblowing. I wish the pic wasn't so shitty. She had light blonde hair in a ponytail, a light blue jacket, and tight black track pants with white stripes going down the side. But... her pants were sooooo tight that her cheeks were parted and her thick bubble butt showed her DEEP crack. I mean it had to be a good inch and a quater deep. My God! She was picking up a cake for her one year old son Jake. I overheard all this as I loomed behind her with a massive erection drooling (In more ways then one!). There was a cart downing down on the side of her..... I made my move. She leaned over the counter to make room and I pointed my cocked dowm and stepped right into her crack! I mean my dick was lost. I leaned against her while the cart past and then had to go on. Ooooohhhhh words will not do that ass justice!
Here she is-

Today every blonde milf was in this VERY grocery store. I go by the meat section and what do I find? A blonde milf, mid 30's, black tshirt, fine piece of ass in jeans, and with her 6/7 yo son! Jackpot!!! I followed her for a good while. She was against the meat container leaning over it with her ass sticking out and the cart behind her! OMG I couldn't think of a better scenario!
I slowly creep beside her and look around her at the meats on the other side, I then start to go around her. She sees this and leans FURTHER against the container making her ass available to me! I plow right into her with force rubbing my cock sideways the entire length of her ass!. She turns her head and looks at me in shock lol. She turns around and puts a package of beef in her cart.I then say aloud "Oh this isn't it" as I turn around and place my cock on her bent over ass. I give it three slight thrusts. She again looks at me in shock and pushes the cart to the dairy section. I of course follow her. All the while I am snapping pictures of her with my palmed camera. She bends over near the cheeses with her son as I take a picture. I then walk behind her and rub her ass with my hand. My palm sideways as I rub really slow acrossed her ass.
Here are some of her-

The last one was another stunner! I couldn't believe my luck, I wasn't even gonna bother stopping. I'm glad I did! She was mid 20's, blonde, very fit, and a protrudding ass covered in thin fleece sweats. She was with her toddler son. I followed her down the condiments aisle. The first stop was at the peanut butter, she stood on the side of the cart and was looking for a certain brand. I stand next to her as she starts to bend at the waist to pick up a jar. I swiftly walk passed her and with my cock pointing down pressed into her from behind and stood there. She moved forward a bit and I continued to pass while dropping in her crack to the cheek. OMG I could feel everything! She glances at my crotch quickly then back to the peanut butter. That was the signal! She spins around and places 2 jars of peanut butter in the back of her cart. While she is leaning against the cart I go back in the other direction and AGAIN rub my penis sideways across her ass while my left palm followed the path of my cock. She again quickly glanced at me, but said nothing. She ventured down the aisle and AGAIN bent over at the waist I then walk fast and bump her left buttcheek hard and fake getting my shirt caught on her cart benind me. She stands there bent over as I slowly hump her ass. I could almost feel her pooty hole I was so deep in her. I only had my thin running shorts on and I thought I was gonna blackout from the pleasure! While I was on her ass I tried to get a picture of my dick on her ass but I took it too soon.
Someone starts down the aisle and I reluctently got off her ass. As I continued down the aisle she remained bent over with a look of panic on her face. I took several pics of her but none really came out except this one kind of-

I leave a satisfied customer! So what do you guys think? I need a better/ quicker camera so I can take pics while I'm against the asses.

Brief Notes (Fri 27 May 2005 21:37:39 GMT)

Today I went to a church thrift store to volunteer and have been rubbing asses all day in the cramp basement of the church where the store is located. Story is coming, no camera today though.

Yes, feather I agree. But, this is never much in the way of events, concerts, parades around here as of late. I agree though I don't come in action but it is great the hit & run style because I have become very good at it. I enjoy the danger involved also, but I am going to lay low for awhile in a few stores where I have become familiar as of late. And yes I do need a better camera, but money is needed first!

Black Shogun, you are right about wearing bigger shirts. But, I'm one of those vain people who always trys to look good even while chikaning lol! I guess I need to get past that. I'm also glad to see you still floating around. Your one of my favorite writers on here amoung Master Frottuer & jay. I wonder what happened to those two?

MITB you are correct about me needing to slow down and I am planning to after Memorial Day, but I'm gonna get as much fun in as possible now. I do try to always wear a hat and pull it down low to hide my face as much as possible while in stores but it is not enough. It is a good idea to carry an alternate set of clothing, for you never know. As for the double dipping on asses. I have become aware as to how to read a woman who's crack I just investigated with my pooty detector. I see a dumb ass bubble butt as a positive, because if they do catch on I am long gone and got what I whated from her. Almost all are too embarassed to say anything to anybody. I also forgot to mention that while I was in the grocery store and on following the last ass down the aisle who kept bending over and I'd take advantage of. A large man who worked there came down the aisle while she was pushing the cart and me trailing. He asked her if she was having a good day and she replied yes thank you. Not a word to him about the guy trailing her lovely ass down the aisle!

Advice to heart (Sat 28 May 2005 03:03:59 GMT)

Thank you all for the concern of store saftey. I agree from now on I will not go searching for chikan in stores as often, only if the opportunity presents itself. But, it will be hard. Especially on weekends when the malls are packed with crack.

On another note chick out this guy grinding on this slutty blondes ass!

Hallelujah! I'm Ready To Help/Hump! (Sat 28 May 2005 18:16:40 GMT)

Well, yesterday found me volunteering my time in a church funded thrift store thingy. It's located in the compacted and cramped basement where all the clothing, food items, knick kacks ectera are located. This was this one woman who was also volunteering there with her 2 young children. I helped her unload the donations and put them in the proper places. She was a nice piece. Mid 20's, long curly black hair, tight white shirt revealing her tanned stomach and a pair of tight blue jeans. She was in front of the table unloading a bag of clothes and I was on the side of her with my crotch on her hip. Again tight area. Someone comesup beside me and I move to the back of this lovely woman and gently push forward to make room for the oncoming traffic. Thus me sending my rocket into lauch... right between her firm cheeks. I stayed there until the aisle was again clear to which I then helped the tight ass chick if she needed anything else before I went to do something else. She said yes to take this bag upsatairs. She then proceeds to bend over and pick up a bag of clothes and I ease forward and again massage my cock against her ass. I ran into her later in the kitchen area and was again behind her with my crotch gently resting on her right butt cheek. She was definately the best of the day.

There was also this blonde milf customer at the end of the day. She was probably 30, blonde hair, pink tshirt, and faded light blue jeans. I struck up a conversation while she was browsing. I brushed past her several times while talking alternating my cock and hand. At one point she bends over to a bottom shelf, as she is saying how much she respected me for volunteering. On that note, I turn my cock pointed down onto her left cheek and gently push to the crack placing an object over her head onto the shelf above her. I stay in this position faking a hard time getting a great feel of her deep crack with my dick.

That was the last memorable dick action I got that day. But, there was this one lady who's ass I copped a feel of. She was late 30's, black shirt, and SILKLY black shorts with a red flower design covering her nice big ass. She was in a corner facing the wall, in such a way that I couldn't get my cock on her ass. But, I turn my hand sideways palms up and gently glidw my right palm acrossed her entire ass! It was amazing! I could feel every little detail of her fine ass rump! But, she soon left without me getting another crack at her crack lol.

Re:Slick: Ready To Help/Hump! (Sun 29 May 2005 14:10:20 GMT)

No, in March/April I was in a slump of sorts. Actually most of the whole winter also, heavy/bulky clothing is not a chikans friend. I suspected that the other hot volunteer knew what was up also and was flattered to have turn on this 18 yo guy. This was very sweet! They have it every week, and I promised to volunteer a few times during the summer. When it is sweltering hot and many of the volunteers and customers will be wearing next to nothing! I really hit the jackpoy with this place!

Black Shogun, I really didn't think about the church aspect of my adventure. I forgot to mention that I was wearing a "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap" hat, which I got a kick out of. I have never really been religious, but do believe in something. Hopefully that something has a sense of humor!

Khabir-pics (Sun 29 May 2005 21:11:00 GMT)

No offense, but they are certainly not bubble butts. They do have HUGE asses but bubble butts they are not. A bubble butt is firm, tight, and tends to stick up and out in a compact way! But it is good to see you taking pictures of the asses you rode and posting them.

June award: Rider in the Crack
and all big booties you loved.
(Latina, blonde, asian, young and old, as far as the booty is big...)

Latin Streety Fest Booty (Thu 09 Jun 2005 21:59:37 GMT)

Last weekend I got some good action at a latin street festival a few blocks from my apartment. It involved a 40ish Latina milf with a mega ass.

What first attracted me to that ass was what she was wearing: a black halter top and white stretch capri pants with black platform flip flops. Those tight pants on that thick round ass were obscene. You could see her panties through then. She didn't have on a thong, rather full cut panties: they were white with red polka dots clearly visible. I say full cut, but they were soon to be thong like--you could see then already working into the crack of that deep Latina ass.

I followed her for a bit and to my surprise she went to the ultra crowded reggaeton stage. It was filled with young folks so she didn't garner much attention, except from me. I worked my way into the crowd and with out to much jostling got a spot right behind her. Right away I let my hand lightly run against those big cheeks. No respond. In the crowd I got bold and cupped her left cheek through those white stretch pants and to my surprise and delight she arched her back into me. Immediately I lowered my other hand and cupped her right cheek. Instant hardon--two handfuls of jiggly Latina milf ass. My lucky day. The gods conspired in my favor. All around kids were freak dancing, and that old chick wanted to fit in. When I move my hands to her waist and let my cock rest on that ass she backed into it, real eager like. Sure the crowd was aggressive, but she backed it up like her ass was straving for the salami. I adjusted my cock so that my hardon was pointed straight up, the bulbous mushroom head poking out the top of my boxers and above the waist of my khakis, leaking precum into my belly button beneath my white tee; then laid my pipe right between those cheeks.

Fellow gropers, this Latina had a super deep crack. Not the firmest piece of thick ass I've laid on, but definitely plush. The Reggaeton group covered a Daddy Yankee hit and the entire crowd around the stage were practically grinding.

Fellow chikans, I humped that ass for all I was worth, bending my knees every now and then to dig my cock head into that crack. Oh, if I had the courage to take my cock completely out. One of the hottest things, is I knew I was pushing those full cut white with red polka dot panties deep into her crack. I felt like I was about to cum, but I wasn't ready to nut on that ass yet, so I held her tight around the waist and laid my shaft been those deep cheeks. Man did she like that. She even leaned her head back on my shoulder. We stayed that way for a while, locked together sporadically bouncing to the hip hop infuse reggae. My white tee had worked up around my chest and while my shaft was between those plush ass checks my swollen purple cockhead was smearing precum on the small of her back, where there was bare skin between her pants and halter top. So fucking hot, brothers. Did a little slime on the back bother her? I guess not because she had her Latina milf tongue in my mouth. What had started as a grope was now a full blown hump and make out session.

I could hear some of the young guys around me laughing, but I was in heaven. Between songs, she turned around and when I got a look at her face for the first time I could see why they were laughing--Fugly, fucking-ugly--but I didn't care. I just got two handfuls of thick ass and made out with her some more, this time with her tits pressed against my chest. Talking about soft! She had about a c-cup and that halter top was the only support, no bra. Fuck man. Now my cockhead is smearing her stomach. I love ass. I love reagaeton. I'm not against the PDA (public display of affection), although a dark club would have been better than a street fest at sunset. So I grabbed her hand to see if I could get her out of there. Eueraka, we're away for the Reaggaeton tent and off to the beer tent for a drink. For a quick second I lagged behind her to examine my cock work. YES! I had made those white with red polka dot full cut panties into a thong, deep in the crack of that ass. And then, off to my apartment where . . .

But then this is a groping board, so that's a tale for another areana.

Happy groping,

"Rider in the Crack (RITC)"

Big Blonde Sweater Dress Booty (Fri 10 Jun 2005 21:05:59 GMT)

Thanks for the feedback MITB.

Last time I told my homies about how I got me some milf Latina booty. If that's not your speed fear not fellow gropers. Stay tuned for my tale of teen booty in cut off shorts on the post 4th of July fireworks subway.

But first . . .

As for early experiences, my first time was totally by accident.

I had just moved to the city and was taking the subway at rush hour. I was standing in the ailse and this older woman squeezes her way in at one of the stops. She was a heavy set blonde. She was wearing one of those one piece knit sweater dresses that used to be in style. It was black and came down just above her knee. She was wearing sheer black hose, and a pair of white sneaker like a lot of female communters. You should have seen had that black knit sweater dress hugged her hips. Standing close behind her, looking almost straight down I was fixated on the little black lint balls populating that round ass. She had an ass like a shelf, you could sit a dress on it. Not sure what kind of panties she had on, but I always hunt for visible panty or thong lines and I couldn't see any from that angle (I like to believe she had nothing on under that dress except for a pair of black sheer to the waist hose).

Anyhow, I was content to take in, stare at that big blonde booty, but things changed at the next stop. It was central station and the train got packed tighter than I ever imagined (not being from the city originally). Next thing I know that black sweater dress covered blonde booty is right against my crotch. The train starts moving and two seconds later my cock is rock hard, extending down my thigh like a lead pipe, pressed right up against that big ass. If there was any space between my crotch that prime hunk of thick booty it was created by my cock acting like a crowbar. Being a rookie, I was super nervous, scared to death. Sometimes fear and anxiety kill a hardon, but in the presence of that big blonde beach ball booty my rush hour wood wasn't going anywhere.

And then something that has never happened outside of a club or concert happened. The lady turns her head and says, "What's that?" Now I'm freaking out. I stutter, "I don't know." And she responds, "Whatever it is, it feels good," then turns her head forward. Man, now my cock is super hard and I can feel the sticky precum on my thigh. Shit. Oh I wish I knew then what I know now. Alas, I didn't reach down and get my cock in the upright position to fit between those cheeks. No. I didn't see how far I could go and really get my hump on. No. I just rode the subway with my hardon pressured tight against that big blonde booty covered by that black knit sweater dress, savoring the sensation every time the train went bumpy . . . bump . . . bumpy . . . bump.

When she got off at her stop was I was still rockhard, and I had two stops to go. Fuck! The thought of that booty was so vivid in my mind my cock wasn't going down. I had to hold my backpack in front me until my stop to keep my hardon from the crowd. Out of the train, I couldn't get to my apartment soon enough to pop in a video (some Ryan Conner and her breathtaking ass) and do the dirty deed to stave off a case of certain blue balls.

Man, sometimes the first time is the best time.

Later homies,

"Rider in the Crack (RITC)"

"Roc-the-Mic" Rump (Mon 13 Jun 2005 20:32:43 GMT)

I got a chance to grope some teen booty at the Roc-the-Mic concert, featuring Fabolous, Sean Paul, and Jay-Z. The venue I saw the show at is great for groping and humping because behind the standard seating there is a large standing room only lawn section. Since the tickets are a lot cheaper than the actual seats, it is always packed and real rowdy. Imagine the Kentucky Derby or Preakness infield, but instead of a horse race the main attraction is a hip hop concert.

I spotted my target teen booty early in the afternoon when the crowd first started to form and I maneuvered to get a spot near her. She was with a guy and a girl and from their interaction I guessed that it was her sister and her sister’s boyfriend. They were hugged up and the teen I eyed for some prime groping was kind of a third wheel.

I suppose I ought to tell you why I wanted to grope this teen booty so bad. Especially since the place was loaded with lots of hoochie booty. With all the Hoochie booty, beer, a packed roped lawn, and hip hop, I knew there ought to be lot willing booty to hump. I wanted this particular teen though because she had on a pair of cut off jean shorts--Daisy Dukes. Not only Daisy Dukes, but my favorite variety--the ones where you can see the bottom of a girls butt cheeks hanging out. A few times I saw her tugging down the edges, but more often than not her buttcheeks were showing. I had dreams of just pinching the bottom of her asscheeks. Of course, I wanted to palm all of that tight teen booty too. That bubble butt teen: she was a skinny redhead, looked to be around 17, kinda awkward because although she was thin her ass and tits seemed out of place, jutting back and front. A rail thin teen fuck machine. Her long teen legs were sunburned, but the bits of cheek hanging out of her shorts were milky white. Instant hardon brothers. When I saw her from the front, I knew that if I could get a semi downblouse shot that her tits would be creamy white frame by red too. A tanline fetish! Who knew?

As the crowd got bigger and everyone drank more and it got darker I was in prime position. Right behind that teen booty and a little off to the side, just enough of an angle to make her doubt if I was the groper. While I waited, built up my courage for the grope, I got a nice warm up view. The girl's sister had jean shorts on too, not as short as the teen but they hugged her much fuller ass. They were really tight around her cottage cheese thighs. Unlike her sister she had a hanging teardrop ass rather than a bubble butt. Those shorts were straining to contain it. If anyone likes a truly big ass on a girl that has a few extra pounds but isn’t a real whale then this ass is for you. It’s the kind of ass that just swallows a cock. If she had had on a pair of shorts like her sister she would have been arrested for obscenity. The thing that got me though was her boyfriend. When he didn't have a beer in his hand, he either had his arm around her waist with his hand in the her back pocket; or, he had his thumb hooked in the waist of her shorts, pulling down enough so that you could see the top of her red panties, his other four fingers resting on that dumpy ass. Is this guy some sorta perv boyfriend?

When Sean Paul took the stage it was dark and the crowd was thick. The boyfriend was now directly behind the sister, hugging her from behind, ready to hump. Why does reggae always make folks want to hump? I didn't waste any time testing the waters with the teen. I slid my hand down and ran it across the top of her ass. No response, so I waited a bit then reached down and cupped her left cheek, making sure to get that butt cheek flesh too. A quick grab and release. She looked toward me (I made like I was dancing, bobbing to the music). She tried to move over closer to her sister and her boyfriend. It was so crowded she moved like two inches. I inched over too.

And then things got interesting. I looked down and the boyfriend had the sister in front still, but now he had one arm around the teen in a protective hug. Protective, I though, until I saw his meaty paw move down to the teen's bubble butt. Not sure if he groped, but he definitely had a hand on that ass. Which turned out good for me. When the song changed he moved his arm so that he had two hands around the teen’s sister again. I swooped in and laid my hand on that teen ass. This time she didn't respond. Maybe she thought it was still her sister's boyfriends hand. Who knows? As the music went thump thump, I proceeded to squeeze that teen booty, proceeded to running my hand across that tight ass. She tried to move again but there wasn't any room and I was all over that booty. Then she leaned up and whispered to her sister’s boyfriend. Uh oh! I moved my hand and prepared to slithered into the packed crowded, if I could (which I had my doubts about because it was super jammed). But this dude must really have been a big perv too, cause he put his arm back around her was like before and before letting his hand rest on her ass he gave it a couple of pats. Full hand pats, making sure to get a hold of as much of that booty as possible, including those milky white hanging cheeks. Shit! Next thing he's whispering to his girlfriend and as the song builds to a crescendo, they do a switch in the crowd. Now the redhead teen in the Daisy Dukes is in front of the boyfriend and the sister is to the side. Of course I've got to try to get a grope of her too, even though she has a real lard ass. I give it a squeeze, definitely more than a handful and this girl does absolutely nothing. I explore that big soft ass while Sean Paul raps: “stick to my girls like glue.” This chick has been here before, she must have some hooiche in her. It's like for her getting felt up is par for the course. I'm hard and decide to move to my left a bit so that I'm right behind her. Bye bye primary groping angle. Inspired by the boyfriend holding the teen, I lay my cock right on that Pillsbury Dough Boy ass. In my periphery, I can see that the teen is grimacing--her sister's boyfriend must have his cock in her crack. The redhead teen looks like she's in shock. Now I know the boyfriend is getting that booty good. Meanwhile I'm about to hump the sister when she gives me a sharp elbow to the ribs. Ouch! The kicker: she's not pissed at me, she's pissed at her boyfriend for trying to hump her sister. As quick as I can rub my sore ribs, she's switching places with the teen. They complete the switch and the teen is freaked, caught between a humper and a groper. But she's safe for the moment because I'm too intrigued by the situation developing between the sister and her boyfriend to proceed. This guy is definitely a horny perv, seamlessly he's giving the sister the same treatment as the teen. I'm watching intently. I notice the teen is watching too. On the sneak tip, I inch forward bit by bit until my wood is resting on her booty. I don't move. I don't hump. Steady. Steady. Next door the boyfriend is humping sis. On stage Sean Paul has these female dancers who are on the floor doing the booty dance while he belts out "Shake That Thing!" In tune with the beat I give the teen a little hump and see takes it. It's enough of a cue for me, and I start humping that booty steady. My cock is at attention and deep in that crack. She looks at her sister and she's doing the same thing so the teen submits and goes with the flow. The perv boyfriend sees me and smiles. Team Booty Hump! Big sis is a freak! She's showing her little sis how to do it by example. From the side, her facial expression doesn't look too comfortable, but she's mimicking her sisters moves. Man, the boyfriend is giving the sister a super hump, really taking advantage of that big ass. He even has his hands up on her tits. I want to try that too, but I'm a little scared. Between humps I reached down and squeeze that teen booty though. Strange--she knocks my hand away, but doesn't stop me from humping that booty. Guess she just wants to hump like big sis.

When Sean Paul finished his set there was a lull in the action, as the stage was changed for the headliner. The teen stopped humping and starting talking to her sister. The humping had been awesome, buried deep in that teen ass, but I wanted more. I wondered if I could get my hands on those perky tits, the way the boyfriend had on her sister. During the lull, the boyfriend poked me in the side. I looked over, he nodded at the teen and smiled, we pounded our fist together. Wow! Definitely in perv territory now. And it was just getting started. No more beer for me. The music started again and Jay-Z came on stage. The crowd when berserk. Jay-Z is the one everyone came to see. He launches into “Big Pimpin” and everyone is dancing. Even those folks up front in the seats are on their feet. I’m about to get up on that teen ass again when the boyfriend switches places with me. He beat me to it. That cat really wanted that teen ass. I’m not fazed though. I move over behind the sister. She must be Jay-Z’s biggest fan. She’s too caught up now to care if her boyfriend is grinding on her sister. What the fuck? Anyhow, I proceeded to hump her big soft booty and she was backing it up like her life depended on it. Her hands are in the air waving back and forth, she’s singing every word, she must have every Jay-Z album memorized. If we were close to the stage, no doubt she’d tried to jump up there and hump Jay-Z. Lucky for me, I dig down and try to press my cock deep into that crack. Her jeans shorts are so tight I can’t really bury it, but it was fun to try. What a weird sensation, those jeans are hard and stiff because they are so tight, but beneath that mammoth ass is plush and soft. A denim pillow. I had to be real careful cause the way she was moving I could feel a nut coming. Man. How much could I get away with with this freak? Like the boyfriend before me I reach around and grabbed her tits. One of the greatest gropes ever, humping that big soft lard ass with two handfuls of hanging tits. She must have been in her early 20s but gravity was definitely taking affect on those flesh puppies. During “H-O-V-A” I put my hands under her loose hanging top and felt those tits through her bra. Her thick nipples had even popped out above the cups of her bra (suppose that’s what happens when big hanging cow udder tits get to jostling). Lard ass; big hangers—maybe these girls aren’t sisters, if so the young’n got the all the good genes.

Meanwhile next to us, the perv boyfriend gave the teen the hump of her young life. I knew from the previous set that although those daisy dukes were super short that they were loose enough to allow some serious crack digging. And of course, he got his hands on those tits too. I was too busy working on her sister, but at least once I saw her grabbing his hands to get them off her tits. Jay-Z ended with “Encore” and I had a great hump that tested my cock control. Thankfully I didn’t nut because between the line to the parking lot and all the cars it takes an eternity to get out of that venue. It would suck to do that with a load in your shorts.

On the way out of the concert, the boyfriend and the sister were hugged up again. No doubt he was going to get some freak booty when he they got home. As they walked out, the sister walked beside them, wide, glaze eyed like a zombie. From that look I knew that in addition to the acts I observed while I humped her sister, that the boyfriend had really worked over that redhead bubble butt teen in the Daisy Dukes with her ass cheeks hanging out. I wonder how aggressive he got mauling those perky tities? I bet she went home and promptly burned those booty shorts that night. On the plus side, her milky white booty and tits were probably bright red now (to match her sunburned legs and arms) from all the humping and groping.

“Rider in the Crack (RITC)”

Bomb Scare Booty (Tue 14 Jun 2005 20:40:28 GMT)

What up, fellows?

I've told you about 3 of my best experiences, but like all the veterans know the best gropes are few and far between. Practically, most of the time a full fledged grope is out of the question. Unless you want to share a cell with some guy named Bubba. But that doesn't mean a perv can't, to quote Gary Hart from the 80's presidental primary, "sin in his heart." Or, in this case, make "accidental" contact in cramped quarters.

Therefore, here is a quick hitter, a one time causal feel with good cover when the situation was perfect.

I work with this girl Amber who is 6'2. She's 23. For a tall chick she's got some serious tits (I'm talking D cup) and ass. And she dresses the part. She's gotten 2 promotions in a year. Man, I'd been dreaming of feeling up on that ass. I saw her bending over at the copier one day. She had on brown stretch pants. In those pants you can see her thong line and every curve on that ass, right down to the dimples at the bottom of that sweet amazon booty. She starts the day in a jacket that covers that ass but it usually comes off.

When I saw her squatting down by the copy, I saw her thong poking out of those stretch pants and she has one of those tatoos across the small of her back. Fuck.

Now that would be one awesome grope I thought.

Since then I've seen her in a similar pair of black pants serveral times. The best ever, a white pair. She also wears a lot of low cut tops. She's the cleavage queen brothers. Especially when she loads those D cups into a push up bra. At least a few times every day guys are around her desk like flies to shit. Any change to get a look at those tits.

We had a bomb scare one day and only one elevator in high rise building was working when folks were trying to get back inside. That day she had on black stretch pants. Of course every guy in the office tried to cram into the elevtor with Amber. She was the only chick surrounded by two tons (literally) of guys who want a piece of her. In that crowded elevator I was able to run the back of my hand across that ass, from left cheek into the valley and across the right cheek. That's it. One back hand journey across the promised land in an elevator on the brink of maximum capacity. Best part was that with all those guys as far as she knew it could have been anyone. Man, that booty was shapely and tight like a drum. I think a lot of nice booty is shaped by a chicks clothes, but Amber's got an ass you can bounce a quarter off of. After that one swipe my hand was shaking. When I got back to my office I had to raise the back of my hand to my nose to make sure it didn't smell like roses. With an ass like that you never know.

Alas, a bunch of women here complained and she was told to dress more professional. Bitches! Still, I dream about running into that ass at a club or concert when the music is thumping and the freaks are humping. I've been trying to get her to go out with a group to happy hour, but she has a 2 year old (which makes that body all the more amazing) and can't get a baby sitter at night. Oh well.

p.s. I wish I had been the guy standing in front her with those mammoth tits pressed into his back. I bet he was rock hard.

"Rider in the Crack (RITC)"

Girlfriend booty. (Tue 28 Jun 2005 03:04:38 GMT)

Thanks for the props brothers.

I liked Kass's buffet line booty story from earlier in the month. I can imagine how hot it was to palm that ass with your girlfriend right there. For some reason I love the proximity grope. I really get off on girlfriend groping too. Nothing's hotter than being out with your girlfriend and getting a handful of her ass. But if your girlfriend has a nice booty you can bet other dudes are scoping on it to. I dated this chick who had a nice big ole booty. We went to the club one night and she wore a pair of tight jeans, the type with no pockets in back so that that ass is totally on display. It was really crowded and throughout the night she kept telling me that guys were grabbing her butt. I told her not to worry about it. The entire time I was getting a handful of ass whenever I could. I even got my hand under this Asian chick's short skirt and palmed some bare cheek. The chick I was dating was kind of a bitch and I needed a reason to breakup, so I let the gropers abuse that booty all night. Of course I got my feels in too. That night when I nailed that booty for the last time before saying hasta bitch, I got it doggie style. While I fucked her I saw that her juicy right butt cheek was burised from all the groping action. It should have been the last time brothers, but that booty keeps calling me back despite her bitchy attitude. Oh well, such is life when you love the big booty as much as I do.

July award: Opportunist
and free concerts in Philadelphia.
(And those who have the nerve to sell a bottle of water $3.)

Live8 Attendance (Mon 04 Jul 2005 12:01:48 GMT)

Philly was practically shut down on Saturday for Live8. We had estimates of over a million people. I had mistakenly thought that some of the previous 4th of July celebrations had numbered that high but I was wrong. The Parkway has never ever been covered so completely from the steps of the Franklin Institute to the base of the Art Museum. Have you seen the pictures? It was 12 hours of humping, groping and cumming. In addition to the constant barage of upskirts from the everpresent girls sprawled on blankets and perched on curbs was the impossility of moving through the crowd without feeling, stroking or poking butts or boobs. My favorite experiences were the long term hump sessions with 5 very willing playmates throuhout the day. Sorry for any typos I'm throwing this together on my way out the door to the 4th of July concert at the same locale featuring Elton John, Patti Labelle and others. If there is a quarter of the crowd for this outing I will be happy. I'll share my experience in installments so that you won't have to wait for a humongous post. Wish me luck today.

Happy Humpin'

MCH visited Philly? (Wed 06 Jul 2005 04:04:03 GMT)

First, MCH let me say, welcome to the board. I’m not trying to out you, but since Philly was the American site for Live8, and water was being sold for 3$ a bottle, I'm assuming you were down there with me. I'm amazed that you would be so reckless with the kind of police presence we had on Saturday. It doesn’t indicate necessarily where you live since I spoke to people who drove from as far away as Ohio to attend. The problem I have with your account is this: there were video cameras mounted on poles, plainclothes cops mixed in with the crowd and because of security concerns we even had the F.B.I on board. With all that surveillance around you grab an obviously under aged girl in the middle of the crowd!! I saw a lot of clumsy, obvious upskirters and a couple of the worst gropers in existence. The worst by far is a guy I’ve been seeing for years at the 4th of July celebrations. He is an old black guy maybe 75 or so. He looks like an old vampire. I know he can’t do anything about his looks but his main mistake is a habit of wearing the wrong clothes for his method of frotting. He wears tucked in polo shirts and jeans which do nothing to hide his actions in a crowd. I first noticed him because he will stand behind a woman and push his pelvis forward as far as possible. Maybe at his age he can’t summon wood. He and the other bad ones share a common habit of always looking furtive and sneaky. I didn’t see him on the 4th but I saw him at Live8. He is not often successful because he is so obvious. As bad as these guys are they at least attempt to be discrete. I don’t mean to come off as holier than thou, or come off as the wise old man on the mountain, but if you are in the area then it’s possible that we could end up at the same event. I’m not trying to kick off a beef or anything but I’d consider you dangerous to be around. You were amazingly lucky if you were in Philly on Saturday. If you want to continue the swashbuckler routine then take a page from Shogun, the retired Perveman, Moshpit et al and do a better job of picking your spots. Go to a darkened club, packed show or theater. If you want to try to have consensual encounters I will answer any question you have within reason. I always pepper my accounts with tips and clues anyway, so if you’ve read them you already have a primer on initiating these opportunities.

Stay safe

My favorite experience from the summer of 04 (Wed 06 Jul 2005 04:12:48 GMT)

The Cowgirl and the Ballerina Part I
I’ve outsmarted myself this time. In an effort to allay any suspicions the wife may be harboring I let her talk me into allowing her to drop me off in Center City rather than drive myself or taking the Regional Rail. She’s done her usual dithering around and my intended arrival time is long past. I can’t even complain because, according to my cover story, I’m only going in to do some catch up work on Saturday. In actuality I’m planning to check out the free concert being given by John Mayer the hot young pop balladeer of the moment. The concert is being given at the huge Tower Records store on Broad St. This is just the kind of situation any serious Chikan should be searching for if you live in a relatively big city. An event practically guaranteed to attract a good number of enthusiastic young women. After having the wife drop me off a couple of blocks from the store I shouldered my laptop, don’t forget my cover story, and started towards the store. A block away I could see the lime was already as long as a city block and growing around the corner. Line humping is, in my opinion the hardest form of Chikan activity, and the second riskiest. The riskiest form is acquaintance humping, because this acquaintance, whether she is a friend or co-worker knows who you are and could easily cause trouble for you if the attempt goes sour. Line humping is risky because you are making contact with a total stranger, often in broad daylight, in a situation where, unlike a concert, there is minimal distraction and cover. The initial difficulty in line humping, which I alluded to in part III of Roots VIP is actually deciding where you are going to enter, to ensure that you end up behind someone you’ll enjoy following for half an hour or so. The problem is staying close enough to enter the line at a moments notice yet finding a plausible reason to avoid the line until a suitable quarry comes along. I waited against the wall until 2 girls, who looked to be of Indian extraction joined the line. One was a total write off, too short, too flat and too homely. The one who interested me was slim with a delicately rounded little derriere. She had a pretty heart shaped face and wore thin, tight black cotton pants. Unfortunately for my plans even though there was an extended period of time waiting for the line to move the conditions were never favorable to initiate any contact. The little homely one kept insinuating herself between me and my target. I contemplated leaving the line and rejoining the end. The concert was one of a number of free voter registration efforts just like the Roots concert. Staff from the store and the registration drive, while attempting to sign any unregistered voters, were spreading disappointing news. The store was almost filled to capacity and it was doubtful that anyone this far back would get in for the concert. If there was even the smallest chance to get in I would be foolish to give up my place in line. Since there was no chance for any booty at the moment I started looking around to identify alternative playmates. There was a trio of cookie cutter coeds about 30 people ahead of me. Tall, slim, blonde and tanned they seemed almost like triplets they were so similar in appearance. There was an interesting older woman in her mid 30’s about 5 places in front of me. My attention was drawn to her 1st by the filmy multicolored wrap skirt she wore. When she responded to something her companion said there was a definite French accent. As I continued watching her it became obvious what an outstanding body she had. The steady breeze was pushing the sheer fabric at the rear of the skirt an inch into her crease. I vowed to keep track of her inside the store. We continued to shuffle forward and Homely continued to get in my way. I realized that I may have an opportunity after all as the line started bunching up as we approached the main entrance. The line was blocking the doors of a number of businesses. Store staff came out and requested that we avoid doing so. As the line redistributed, the little princess and I were jostled together shoulder to shoulder. At the first moment of contact she practically leapt over to where her homely friend was standing. This was really turning into a dud of an outing. I’d already invested over an hour and I was still stuck behind this depressingly skittish female. I remained optimistic that things would improve once we finally got inside since the crowd in line was about 80% women. I was now only 15 feet back from the main entrance but the line hadn’t moved in more than 10 minutes. A few feet back from the main entrance is a large display window that allows you to see into the store all the way up to the 2nd floor. Some of the people near the front of the line started to cluster in front of the window to ascertain what was happening inside. Just then a store rep came out and made an announcement. The store was filled to capacity for a concert and no one else would be allowed in. Of course, he continued, anyone who entered after the concert could still purchase a cd to have autographed by John Mayer. Many in the crowd, including the 2 girls in front of me walked away in disappointment. Many from the front began joining those already bunched in front of the window. I was heartened to see that the triplets and the French woman were among them. I lost no time joining them. The triplets disappointingly put their backs to the wall and sat down. The French woman never joined the crowd but hung around on the periphery. Plans B and C had fizzled but plan D was right in front of me. She was a special variation of one of my favorite fruits the ever popular Main Line Matron. This MLM had a decidedly western flavor. She wore very tight faded denim jeans with a black tank top which showed off her well defined biceps and upper arms. As an extra added attraction she was slightly bowlegged. For her age she was a real hardbody. She had a pretty oval face topped with blonde shoulder length curls. Her face supplied the only clue she was over 30. She had fine lines bracketing her eyes and mouth which did nothing to detract from her attractiveness. Think of a slightly stockier Linda Hamilton type circa Terminator II. Next to her on the left was a tall slim chestnut haired girl of eighteen or so. The teen was wearing a man’s cut striped shirt open over a pale blue camisole. Her slacks were pale blue cotton and stopped at her knees. Behind the young girl was a really big guy 6’3” 280 lbs, about 20, maybe a boyfriend. I began checking out the Cowgirl’s receptivity by lightly tapping her side with the corner of my shoulder bag and immediately apologizing. Her only response was a sunny smile and a cheery “that’s alright”. As I said in my last post I will very rarely touch first, but if I do that first touch is never sexual. It is just a signal to alert them to my presence. Step 2 was to get her used to having our bodies touching while still having her initiate the contact. The cowgirl was between me and the younger girl on the 2nd row back from the window. Directly in front of the Cowgirl was a very fat mugwump with elaborately high braided hair. Cowgirl craned her neck and stood on her toes to attempt to see what was going on. I made a show of stepping to the side about a foot to allow her access to a line of sight. In offering her that space I was testing whether she would have a problem being sandwiched between Ol’ Oppy and the mugwump. She smiled brightly and slid in front of me brushing her tight little hindquarters against me ever so slightly. Surprisingly the cowgirl turned to the younger girl and said” it’s a good thing that you got your height from your dad. It’s no fun being short.” So the tall girl was her daughter. I looked more closely at the daughter as she moved over to fill the space right next to her mom. She had the body and erect carriage of a ballerina. She had a long swanlike neck with a tendril of chestnut hair trailing behind both ears. Apparently she had inherited slightly stronger features from her dad too. Though not quite as classically pretty as mom she was every bit as sexy. When she turned to speak to her mom I noticed that she wore a set of acrylic braces evidently to correct a slight overbite. Mom was a fidgeter. She would shift from foot to foot and move her body while gesturing during the one-sided conversation with her daughter. Every shift and turn sent a new sensation of pleasure to my slowly swelling stiffie. Experimentally I pulsed forward, slowly increasing the pressure of my cock into her ass. Cowgirl never faltered in the running commentary she was giving her daughter. At one point she lamented her choice of footwear for the day. She put her hand on her daughter’s shoulder and stood on one leg as she did something to the other foot. This posture, her being bent from the waist, leaning on her daughter vastly increased the pressure of the well rounded rump that pushed into my now fully engorged cock. She straightened finally with a low heeled boot in her hand and said “wrong day to wear these”. I was glad she had worn them otherwise her shapely ass may have been too low for me to sample. Mom bent over again, my dick wedged firmly in her crack now and started massaging her foot with one hand. Every stroke of her hand along her foot caused her to jerk just a little. Every jerk was translated into a slight thrust against my Throbber. She emitted a low groan while rubbing her foot which somehow turned me on even more. She bent over once again to step back into the boot giving my straining cock another little treat. The daughter stood there with this strange snooty little half smile on her face. It was obvious she also failed to inherit her mother’s vivacity. While the Cowgirl was down to earth I thought that the daughter was much more reserved and less spontaneous. The daughter then started teasing her mother, saying things like “I can’t believe you took your shoes off. I can’t take you anywhere can I?” They put their heads together and giggled. This resulted in more pleasant tremors from the Cowgirl’s derriere. Maybe the little princess wasn’t such a priss after all. I was still glad that my shoulder bag was obstructing her view of my riding her mom’s ass. Their conversation revealed the daughter’s name to be Virginia, Gin for short. I was brought back to the business at hand by the crowd surging forward complete with girlish squeals. John Mayer had finally made his appearance. Those of us facing the window were now inundated with a few dozen more defectors from the lemmings who had remained in line all this time. Now I’m really jammed up into the mom’s split. The Ballerina has turned at a slight angle and her back was pressed into my shoulder. I restrained myself from letting my hand trail against her hip. Besides I didn’t need any extra stimulation because mom was rising up on her toes over and over again in an effort to see. Each extension on her toes stroked both sides of the head of my dick with warm denim covered inner cheek. Much more of this and I’ll cum out here on the sidewalk. The crowd was densely packed around the display window despite the fact that all we could see was John Mayer’s back. Fortunately it was a relatively cool and overcast summer day. The Cowgirl was still giving me a vigorous dick massage by shifting and fidgeting. The music was barely audible through the heavy glass but that didn’t seem to deter these die hard fans. I began rocking heel to toe to increase the friction Cowgirl and I were generating. Cowgirl began moving to the barely audible music. The funny thing was that she had a lousy sense of rhythm. This did not affect the enjoyment I received from the steady booty bumping my pole was receiving. This continued for a very pleasant half hour or so. Abruptly the concert ended. We could see Mayer make his way upstairs to begin his autograph session. A store rep came out and announced that there would be a substantial delay before anyone else could expect to enter for autographs. Complaining that her feet couldn’t take it anymore Cowgirl patted the princess on the shoulder and promised to return when the line started moving. My throbber reluctantly slid out of her crack as she turned and made her way through the crowd. I barely had time to wonder who my next playmate would be when Gin stepped over and took her mom’s place in front of me. I was doubly surprised because there was a lot more pressure being exerted on my boner than before. Gin’s feet were almost a foot back from the wall she was deliberately jammed into my crotch. As much enjoyment as I’d gotten from Cowgirl it was eclipsed by the pleasure of riding the younger girl. It wasn’t just the thrill of going from mother to daughter, though I’d be lying to say that wasn’t a factor. Gin being taller was a much better fit, allowing my dick to drill into the center of her ass. The much more yielding fabric of the soft cotton was also a distinct improvement. The most important improvement was her oh so enthusiastic participation. She was thrusting that pert little round hiney back on my pole for all she was worth. Don’t get me wrong she wasn’t humping back. It was a continuous push, almost like she was sitting on my dick. Fortunately the crowd was still thick enough to supply cover for our activity. As great as this consensual experience had been up to this point Mother Nature was about to step in and make it even better. (To be continued)

The Cowgirl and the Ballerina Part II (Wed 06 Jul 2005 23:34:50 GMT)


In the midst of surreptitiously grinding into Gin’s ass I paused long enough to take a look around and saw the Mom seated on the shelf projecting from the base of the bank building across the street. She seemed content to watch the waiting throng from a comfortable distance. When I turned my head back Gin shifted forward off my dick, took her shoulder bag off her left shoulder and hung it on her right. I glanced right and saw one of the triplets looking in our direction, wearing a quizzical expression. Noticing the girl scoping us Gin was providing cover. Camouflage adjusted, Gin settled back onto my boner. The overcast, late August day started slowly warming up. Gin and I were glued together nuts to butts. The crowd density wasn’t quite severe enough to justify that but since she was the initiator, who was I to object? With the increasing heat Gin decided to remove the striped shirt. This situation provides another test when it comes to consensual humping. If she’s enjoying the contact she will be reluctant to put another layer between you. Gin passed the test by draping the shirt across her big canvas shoulder bag rather than tying it around her waist. Now, in addition to the superb tactile stimulation I was receiving I had the added visual stimulation of her lean back, creamy lightly freckled shoulders and the knowledge that she was braless. I took a half step to the right not as a test, but just because I wanted a slightly different sensation. Now though the head of my cock was firmly socketed in her split a couple of inches of shaft were pressed against the inner curve of her right cheek. She must have preferred the direct angle because she quickly took a half step over so that we were realigned with the head of my cock buried directly into her crevasse. There’s nothing like the validation that you get when, in essence, your playmate chases your dick. I love it when she adjusts the position until the contact is exactly where she wants it. We are engaged in a little private dance of thrust and stroke, when I feel a light tap on my shoulder. It’s the mom! It takes me a second to calm down and realize that she isn’t about to demand that I cease and desist molesting her precious baby. She’s standing there holding a container of chicken nuggets from the Wendy’s resturant across the street for Gin’s lunch. They start bargaining exactly how much Gin is going to eat. Because of her braces Gin finally insists on taking only two in a napkin leaving the rest for her mom. Bear in mind that the negotiation took place with my dick still firmly ensconced in Gin’s ass, covered by my bag, but with the added bonus of Cowgirl’s tit pressed into the side of my arm. Lunch successfully delivered Cowgirl repaired to her perch across the street. Here’s where blessed Mother Nature comes to Ol’ OPPY’s aid. As I mentioned it was a cloudy, overcast day with the temperature slowly rising. Now the sun finally burns it’s way through the clouds. Brilliant sunshine hits the window at an angle in effect turning it into a mirror. I was unaware of the exact moment when it happened. I guess I was checking out the crowd or something, but when I looked forward again these warm brown eyes were fastened onto mine. While I’m languidly pulsing into her, our eyes are locked onto each others. It was like no other experience I’ve ever had. Eyes still riveted onto mine she opens the napkin and begins to eat one of the nuggets. Anyone who’s ever seen the dinner scene in the movie “Tom Jones” knows that eating is not always just eating. I know that part of it was caused by the limitations imposed by her having to eat with braces, but I also know that 90% of it was pure tease. Each bite was a production. The plump bottom lip would first slowly drop away from her teeth then the mouth would sag open lazily and she would finally take a dainty nibble, staring into my eyes the whole time with an exaggerated expression of concentration. Each agonizingly slow chewing motion was accompanied by a prolonged pouting of her moist little rosebud lips. The little minx was eating AT me. It was a transparently obvious seduction ploy and was it ever working! I caught a glimpse of my face in the window and realized that this little 18-19 year old was on the verge of turning Oppy into a drooling idiot. Just as she finished the second one I felt that familiar tap on the shoulder as Cowgirl worked her way through the crowd this time bearing a small frosty. For those of you unfamiliar with the fare at Wendy’s a frosty is a chocolate frozen dessert with a consistency that is a cross between soft serve and a milkshake. Too thick for a straw it must be eaten with a spoon. The self satisfied little smile on Gin’s face told me that she was preparing to continue teasing me into submission. But I realized that though my knees may have turned to jelly my dick felt like titanium. She had a more potent weapon this time. She first dipped the spoon then instead of just inserting it in her mouth she turned the spoon upside down with the ice cream pointed to the ground. Slowly she extended her glistening pink tongue and began flicking tiny scoops into her waiting open mouth. I could feel my cock swell to its max in her crack as I was transfixed by her performance. After removing most of the ice cream from the spoon she finally inserted the spoon into her mouth moved it around slowly with her tongue, she took it out and dipped it again. She did this with her eyes glued to mine the whole time. But this time, just as she readied to begin flicking at the spoon I remembered that she had started this escapade not to tease but because she is one of those singular girls who enjoys the feel of a stranger’s stiff dick from time to time. That meant that I didn’t have to be the only one on the receiving end this time. As she brought the spoon to her mouth again I gave an abrupt sustained push of my swollen cock into that taut little butt. I pushed so firmly that she was forced to take a little half step forward to maintain her balance. As she regained her balance her eyes, conveying a slight look of surprise, quickly found mine in the mirror again. Wearing just the hint of a smile she returned to finishing off the frosty. Each spoonful became a playful contest to see who could have the most effect on the other. Finally she finished the last drop of the dessert. She bent over slowly to place the empty cup on the 3 foot high ledge bordering the window. She bent over so unexpectedly that I was unprepared for the push from the tight little butt and was shifted momentarily off balance. As she straightened back up there was a mischievous glint in her eyes. Now I settled in for a steady session of heel to toe and side to side rocking that allowed me to massage the head of my twitching cock all over that soft, yielding ass flesh maintaining eye to eye contact the whole time. Using the sun created mirror was great. There were so many visual turn-ons that you just don’t get directly in the standard humping position. I could watch the subtle change of expression on her face as I increased the pressure. I could see her close her eyes and watch her exhalation change when I nudged in tighter side to side. There was a moment of surprise when I realized that no one else in our vicinity was still facing the window but us. Everyone had turned facing the door in preparation for entry into the store. With a final moment spent gazing into her amber colored eyes I reluctantly turned left toward the door. She turned almost in unison with me so that we remained connected with the throbber firmly socketed. Almost as soon as we were in this new position Gin switched her bag from the shoulder facing the window. Being the greedy perv that I am, a willing playmate is always an invitation to up the ante to find how far I’ll be allowed to go. As I believe that I’ve said before, I try never to surprise a cooperative playmate. I always move very slowly and signal my intentions. This isn’t always required at a dark crowded anonymous concert, but it is essential on city sidewalk in broad daylight. There is always the chance of alienating a previously cooperative partner by going too fast or too far. This time it was easy to work out just how to let her know what I was doing. I placed my hand on the glass of the window directly along side her waist. Since the window was filled with book displays my actions were hidden from those inside the store. I tapped the window lightly with my knuckles to draw her attention. She shifted over a couple of inches closer to the window until my thumb made contact with her side. I slowly moved my hand up along her side until it was nestled under the soft swell of her right breast. My dick was throbbing wildly now pulsing harder than ever. I know that she could feel the rapid beating of my heart through my chest which was pressed against the top of her back. I was moments from cumming, trying to figure out how to get her to turn into the window so that I could watch her expression as I came, jammed into her soft yielding tush while grasping her pert, high little breast. As I moved to bring my hand up higher, her arm clamped down on my hand, trapping it to her side. The reason became apparent as the smiling face of the Cowgirl came into view. She eased herself into the one inch of space between me and her daughter, whose face took on a completely unreadable expression. The Cowgirl had the side of her hip lodged into my crotch and her right boob pressed into my left arm. As the line inched forward I was witness to what looked like a weird battle of wills as each jockeyed for position Gin was now standing very awkwardly, making sure that no part of our bodies touched while still practically walling as much of her mom away from me as possible. It had taken an hour and a half for the original line to wend its way to complete the autograph circuit. I wondered what an hour or so of these two playing whatever game they were playing would produce. Unfortunately, once they allowed our line into the store everyone dispersed. Most headed to the pop section to pick up their John Mayer memorabilia for autographing. Gin grabbed her mom’s hand and pulled her off down an aisle. I stood there for a few minutes and decided to cut my losses right then and there. Whatever the dynamic in operation here, it appeared that fun time was over. I didn’t want to speculate on the response of either of the women if I materialized behind them in the autograph line. I don’t know if Gin was aware of my earlier contact with her mom, but since I’d been happily wedged into her own ass for an hour the mom had to at least suspect. Maybe she mistakenly believed that her little princess hadn’t yet developed an appetite for kinky fun to rival her own. That would explain she had felt safe leaving her in my perverted presence. What Gin knew or suspected about her mom’s actions and intentions I have no idea. I do know that after getting a taste of my inclinations it became of the utmost importance for her to prevent any contact between her mom and me. I’ve had a couple of similar experiences with girls who were friends and sometimes a couple of strangers that I jokingly refer to as “Battling Booties” where two girls almost seem to get in a competition to play with Ol’ Oppy. Some of you may wonder why I tout an experience in which I never got to cum as the best of the summer. This occurred in the same time frame as the P-Funk show and the Roots show, which I related earlier. On both of those occasions I was able to get off twice and only fatigue prevented a possible hat trick. I rate this episode so high because of the amount of involvement of Gin, who supplied me with the best visual tease/turn on of my life. Okay there’s also the mother daughter kink-factor to appreciate. I may not have cum out there on the sidewalk but I guarantee I’ve cum a few times since then with the image of Gin’s amber eyes supplying additional motivation.

Happy Humpin’

warped tour lineup (Sat 09 Jul 2005 11:19:06 GMT)

Slick's suggestion is a good one. My Chemical Romance had a huge hit this spring, and a lot of women may still be interested in seeing old time bad boy Billy Idol. I don't think you can go wrong at any stage. I've seen a number of the lesser known bands such as Reggie in Full Effect, when they opened for New Found Glory. They are wild boys, who give a hell of a show. They also have very rabid fans, who love to crowd surf. I'll have 4 chances to see the tour this year within driving distance. Greedy man that I am, I'll probably catch it twice.
Happy Humpin'

Untitled (Sat 09 Jul 2005 11:31:19 GMT)

That band is Reggie & Full Effect. Atreyu and Hidden in Plain View also had packed houses when they came thru.


Nobody won August award
(But O_Kay won webmaster's special mention.)

Groped in the Park (Tue 09 Aug 2005 23:12:29 GMT)

First Post
I am in the process of joining, but have not gotten my confirmation email yet.
Hi, ya’ll.

I have been randomly groped on several occasions and this looked like the right place to share those experiences. My experiences are not stories or fantasies. They are totally true. I know most women do not appreciate being touched by strangers, and for the most part I do not either. It is a violation of personal space and private places that a woman should have complete control over. Still, when taken by surprise, at the right time, in the right moment, under the right circumstances, it is an exhilarating experience.

When I was 22 I spent a day at a local park by a lake. It was a cool day and I had on loose pants and a button down shirt, but no bra. Sometimes I just like to feel more natural. I sat on a park bench under the picnic enclosures by the restrooms. There were families and singles around, but no one near me.

I watched a distinguished, self-confident, elderly man pull into the parking lot. He went to the back of his car and opened his trunk. I could see that he was pouring some kind of hard liquor in a large mug. I watched him looking out at the lake for a bit and then he started walking slowly in my direction.

He stood near a bench close to me and eventually said “hi”. We had a little bit of small talk and he walked over to where I sat. I was sitting up on the table top with my feet on the bench in front of me, but my back was partially facing the other people. He moved slowly closer to me as we spoke until he was directly in front of me.

To my great surprise he set his mug down beside me and while speaking as if nothing was happening, he began to unbutton my shirt. I sat there frozen and he continued to act like he was not doing anything strange. I immediately felt flushed and outraged, but I sat there paralyzed. I found myself answering him in his casual conversation as if we both were now pretending this was not happening.

Since I had not stopped him at the point of the unbuttoning, he took it further. He reached out with his large, rough hand, reached in my open shirt, and palmed my naked breast. I began to realize at this point that I had somehow become a partaker in this, because I did not stop him earlier. My thoughts became confused and muddled. Not only was I being groped unapologetically, but it was in public. If anyone had been paying attention they would see a young woman with her shirt hanging completely open being felt up quite vigorously by an older man.

I was horrified, stunned, and stimulated. The man stopped talking and stared at my face and eyes as he pinched, squeezed and kneaded my breasts with both hands. My shirt now was barely hanging from my shoulders. There was silence between us and I stared down and off to the side flushed with humiliation. Why didn’t I stop him?

After he tweaked my nipples to full erection he proceeded to comment directly on the size and firmness of my young breasts and that he enjoyed them thoroughly. He wrote his number on a small sheet of paper and left it beside me and then walked away. I quickly grabbed my shirt and pulled it closed and scurried to the nearby bathroom, where I hid until I was sure most of the people who had probably seen me exposed had left, before driving home.

Story: Movies - Stuck Inbetween (Wed 10 Aug 2005 18:57:13 GMT)

Another true event:

At the age of 16 I went to the movies with a group of girlfriends. We argued about what we wanted to see, and I being stubborn, decided to see the show I was pushing for by myself. Then, we would meet up afterwards.

It was crowded in the middle section where the seats where the best. I ended up having to move over to the guy next to me to make room for a couple on the end. It turned out that the couple ended up moving right when the show started, but I stayed put because I felt awkward about moving so obviously and didn’t want to be told to move back if another couple came.

I did not notice the man next to me at all. The theater was pitch black and I did not even see the shadows around me. Part the way through the movie the man next to me pushed his legs apart further and let his thigh rest against mine. I did not want to lose my space so I kept my leg held fast. This may not have been the best move.

Not much later he stretched his arm out, put his hand on his knee, and let two of his fingers fall upon my knee. He rested them there, making it seem almost accidental. I was alarmed and wondering what this meant in his mind. It soon became clear as he ever so slowly worked his entire hand over until it rested squarely on my leg just below my knee.

I looked around. No one was looking. Everyone was engrossed in the movie. He was on my right and there were two empty seats to my left. I froze there in my seat. I pretended to completely ignore the stranger. He inched his hand up my thigh. I did not flinch. I acted ignorant and oblivious.

He took his jacket and laid it over the armrest between us. Underneath and hidden from any suspecting eyes, he ran his fingers along the crease in my jeans where the bend is. He leaned in slightly and began rubbing his middle finger against the denim between my legs. He pressed firmly as he ran it up and down. I continued to act as if I were not aware at all of anything out of sorts.

The man next to him had to get up and he pulled his hand back momentarily to let him by. After the man squeezed past us, he was back to rubbing me between my legs. I did not move, neither bringing my thighs closer together or further apart.

After a few minutes the man who had gone past before was back. I assumed he wanted back in to his original seat, but to my astonishment he sat down right next to me on the other side as my groper.

I felt the groper retreat, but still lean close to me. The new man reached over with the arm closest to me and began to fiddle with the button on my jeans. What had I gotten myself into?! This was a theater full of people. Now I froze not just being oblivious, but also with fear, and amazement!
I felt the button pop open on my jeans and then he began to play with working my zipper down. I stared straight ahead. Soon my zipper offered me no protection and he has pulling aside the sides to the front of my jeans. He put his man hand wide on the flat of my stomach just above my low rise panties with his fingers pointed downwards. I felt his hot flesh on mine. It did not seem like anyone else was aware, but I was screaming out on the inside.

His fingers squirmed a bit as they worked their way into the elastic of the tops of my pink panties. Soon he met the pillowy patch of my soft hair. He made his finger sway about in it. Then he dove. My jeans were tight so it was hard for him to make room for his fingers deep inside. Yet, he worked at it until he got himself positioned as he wanted. I felt helpless. Any chance I had to cry out, leave, or protest in any way had to be gone now that a stranger’s hand was buried in my pants.

He worked his fingers back and forth in my slit that had become slippery with contact. He was slow and tortuous in his movements to not draw attention. At one point the man next to him flung the jacket he had used before over my front. The stranger withdrew his hands from his pants.

I visibly let loose a sigh of relief. Only to have the original man to my left reach under the jacket and slide his hand down into my gaping pants. The jeans had been worked loose enough that it was no problem for him to get straight down to it! He was successful at getting a digit inside of me and wriggle and twist it around. I could feel the other man staring at the me and not the show.

I knew the movie was starting to wrap up. The stranger pulled his hand out of my pants, squeezed my thigh, and then they both snuck off in the darkness. I sat there in shock. I waited for a noisy scene to zip myself up, and then I left when the movie was over. Why tell? It would just be embarrassing for me and get a lot of people up in arms.

Did I do something to make them grope me?

Background (Thu 11 Aug 2005 17:24:14 GMT)

Here’s a post (story) for anyone who wants to read it.
If you doubt my sincerity, feel free to skip it. :)

There are a couple of things that happened to me that provide a background of sorts to why I have reacted to groping the way I do.
The most impacting on me was a groping or one might say “molesting” by a family member. I was 15 when it happened, but I remember back to being 11 and playing cards when he would rest his hand on my thigh under the table. I am speaking of my grandfather, who was the characteristic “dirty old man”. Everyone knew it and just sort of ignored him.

They came to visit our family for a few days and one afternoon everyone left the house except for my grandfather. As a teenager I had no interest in family outings and was hardly paying attention to their comings and goings. I had not realized we were alone in the house.

He came into my bedroom and talked to me. He asked me strange questions about having a boyfriend and about teasing boys with my body. I found it strange and inappropriate. He suggested that he give me a backrub. While I am always happy to get a backrub, I felt uneasy. I reluctantly “allowed” him because, well, he was my grandfather and I was all of 15 years old.

With my back to him he began to rub my shoulders. He complained the position was awkward and said I needed to lie down. I did, once again, RELUCTANTLY. This was my grandfather – I could trust him, right????

He leaned over me and rubbed my shoulders and upper back. It felt nice. I started to relax. This was not so bad. But then, we kept going lower. He wound up rubbing my ass. I immediately said “Grandpa that is NOT my back!” He said he was sorry and went back to the top again. This happened several times and he was finding his way down there quicker and quicker.

The problem was – while I was getting steamed in my mind, I had a horny teenage body. I could feel myself being grossed out by the thought, but obviously stimulated by the touch. It was a horrible betrayal on several levels. He was betraying my trust. My body was betraying my feelings.

At one point I finally did not protest him rubbing my ass. I froze. I detached myself mentally. I just lay there as he ran his hands over me feeling oddly stimulated. He would go up and down my back and started to let his hand slip between my legs when he went down. Pretty soon it was just a motion of up to my shoulders and down between my legs. I wondered if he could feel my wetness. With all that was going on I eventually came. I held so very still hoping he could sense it. I did not want to give him the satisfaction.

With the stimulation factor over, the humiliation flooded my mind. I now had the courage to sit up, walk to the bathroom, and lock the door. He left the room after waiting a bit. He did say NEVER to tell anyone, and added that we could do more another time (assuming I was interested).

For the longest time I told myself what happened was no big deal. I did not tell anyone. How could I? But at some point I realized that linking those two things in my mind: groping & sexual stimulation, had affected me.

From then on and without me even trying, they (gropers) found me. Did I put myself in opportune places at opportune times? Sometimes. Did I like it? Usually, but mostly afterwards. Sometimes I enjoyed being the object of desire – sometimes I liked the CHOICE of letting it happen.

My usual reaction is to freeze or “disconnect the mind”. It is a completely normal response. (I think some guys in the group only like it if the girl is disturbed and offended. Maybe they have power issues.)

PS – I never was alone again with my grandfather and I despised him for destroying the trust between us. (sick bastard!) Years later when he was gone, I did tell a few other family members.

Treehouse (Thu 11 Aug 2005 21:00:37 GMT)

Another post (story)
This is mild, but it contributes to my willingness to sit silently and be groped.

I was 15 and I knew of two guys who were best friends that went to a neighboring school.
We had a mutual friend.
One day a girlfriend and I were walking past an apartment complex and we saw the guys there. We said”hi” and went on our way.
A few weeks later I found myself in that same area and saw the guys again.
Charles was the bold one, and Rob was shy.
We hung out a little and then Charles asked if I wanted to see their tree house.
It was basically a platform of wood up in a tree overlooking the complex.
I went up there with them. Charles sat opposite of me.
I was wearing running shorts and sitting Indian-style.
While we were taking in the view, Charles reached over and pulled the side of my shorts and panties away from my pussy.
I looked at him.
He looked at me.
Rob looked at me.
Charles began to finger me and I was really wet.
He circled and teased my clit and thrust deep inside of me.
Both boys took one of my legs and helped spread me open as far as was comfortable.
Rob stretched and tugged my clothing further and held it back to expose me.
I shuddered and came.
My eyes rolled back in my head.

From then on, whenever I was with these two guys, whenever and wherever Charles wanted, he would make me cum. It seemed like he always knew exactly what he was doing. He liked to do it in front of Rob or sometimes a different guy. Nothing more ever happened and we went on as if it was nothing. It was exhilarating.

Ride (Fri 12 Aug 2005 23:09:19 GMT)

(quickie)True Story:

When in college I picked up a guy around my age with a Burger King uniform on not far from campus.
It was a hot day and he needed a ride to his apartment on campus.
Harmless enough, I thought.

Not long after he got situated in the car and told me where to take him, he reached over and began fondling my tits.
I said "pardon me?!?", but he continued.
It made it hard for me to drive.
I said "people are going to see what you are doing!", as we approached a traffic light.
So ... he got his hand up under my shirt and worked his way into my bra.
I was getting really turned on and wet, but to save face I still acted pissed.
"I didn't say you could do that!"
He just looked at me with an sly, evil smile.
He saw right through my fake protests.

I felt vulnerable and not in control of the situation.
A few minutes later I pulled up to his apartment complex.
He swiftly lifted up my shirt as his hand departed to get a good peek at what he had been mauling.
"Ummm, nice!", he said.
I quickly pulled my shirt down and looked around.
He got out and said, "Thanks for the lift! - I'll be thinking of you."
Then, he winked.

. . . I was compelled to see him again several weeks later. (by accident?) The whole thing got hotter & hotter the more I replayed it in my mind.

Ride Home (Sat 13 Aug 2005 13:10:31 GMT)


While in college I had some friends who were very active with helping low income and subsidized people. They worked directly with individuals and families to help them with housing and work. There was a center near campus.
One evening I had been there and I was leaving to go across town. A friend of mine asked if I wouldn’t mind taking a man home, since it was on my way. He looked dirty, weathered, and at least twice and a half my age. I asked if he was “okay”, and my friend said he was just a nice man and a ride would be harmless.
It was fairly late when I pulled up to the building he had me drive to. It was in a bad neighborhood, known for drugs and crime. I was nervous just being there and the parking lot I took him to was near the back of a building and not in a well lit area. In fact it was quite dark.
I sat there waiting for him to get out, so I could leave that area. There was a pause. He looked at me making me feel uncomfortable. He said. “I can’t leave until I see those young girl titties.” This made me really nervous. I was not in a perceivably public place, where I could feel safe. What if he was dangerous? What if honking my horn or trying to get away put me in greater peril?
“Okay, I will give you a peek, but then you have to promise to go.”
He agreed. I slowly lifted my shirt, not to be dramatic, but because I felt fear, humiliation, and titillation all at the same time.
I lifted it until my bra cups were in full view in the limited light we had in the car.
He practically began to drool. I looked at him and found him quite repulsive.
“Uh, uh – no bra!” he said as if I was not holding up my end of the bargain.
He shifted around in the passenger’s seat with anticipation as I unhooked my bra from the front and freed my tits as they bounced out of their bondage.
I could feel the cold air night on them – full, firm 19 year old breasts.
He told me to pull my bra all the way back because he couldn’t see as well.
I was awkwardly obedient.
I took a photograph in my mind of that moment, my tits fully exposed to this almost creepy man as he leered at them. I could feel his eyes on me.
I looked at him with a flushed face.
“I know I said I’d get out, but . . . “
He moved a finger along the outside of my nearest breast.
I jumped. “YOU PROMISED!”
“I know. Take it easy. I don’t get this kind of opportunity very often. You are so soft and young. You have nice titties.” He continued to trace the outside. I shivered.
I had no where to go.
I knew I may have gotten myself into BIG TROUBLE.
He continued to toy with me with the one finger, circling my tit getting closer and closer to my protruding nipple.
He twisted in his seat and moved closer to me and with his other hand he laid it flat on my stomach. “I like this.”
“Please stop. I don’t like what you are doing.”
“You’ll be okay. I am not going to hurt you. Just let me have a little fun.”
His finger found its way to my nipple. He was leaning in so close I could smell him now.
He pinched and twisted it as if he were making it perform for him – making ME perform for him.
He made little circles with his hand flat on my stomach.
“You don’t have to like it. Just do it for me.”
I looked off to the side as he worked on my tits.
He got under one then the other and squeezed and jiggled them to his full pleasure.
In my mind I found him repulsive, but my body was enjoying it way too much!
My tits felt as if they were swelling from the continuous attention.
He stopped eventually, but continued to move his hand around slowly on my stomach and the sides of my waist.
“One last thing . . .”
“I just can’t leave without a little feel.’ At that moment I felt two of his fingers barely duck under the top of my jeans.
I jumped again – I was frightened!
“Please don’t”, I said softly with a noticeable weakness in my voice.
“It’ll be okay.” He tried to reassure me. “It will make me so happy.”
My driver’s side seat is already slightly reclined when I drive, so he pushed gently, though firmly on me to have me sit back.
I was hoping that he would get a little touch of my patch and call it a night.
I had never felt more vulnerable.
He reached over and unsnapped my jeans. I looked at his face and saw the lust in his eyes. I could feel and hear his heavy breathing.
I felt the zipper making its decent, and then the fingers – rough and calloused and dirty.
He stayed just above my patch of hair. Was he drawing this out???!!!
His palm was still on my stomach.
“I love the way a young girl feels,” he said as he pressed into the flatness of my stomach.
“So many women are too fat!”
As his hand swayed, his arm continually brushed past my tits.
He was positioned for the dive.
He inched inside my panties and swirled about in my pubic hair making little circles.
Then the thought occurred! – a horrible, horrible thought!!!
This whole time I have protested and said I didn’t like it.
He was going to know! In just a moment he would know!!!
I was panic stricken.
And then, it happened, he dove down with two fingers right into my slit.
He knew.

He looked at me with anger and delight in his voice.
“Ohhhhhhhhh, so you DO like it.” It was condescending and arrogant.
I shuddered and turned a crimson red.
He pulled his fingers out and they were covered with my pussy juice.
He licked them in the most grotesque way.
Then he said in a commanding voice, “Lay back until I’m done!”
I submitted.
He told me to lift my ass up, leaned over me, and worked my jeans down past my knees and spread my thighs out.
He reached in my panties and worked up a lather between my legs.
He fingered me hard in the pussy and in the ass and when I would let out a moan he would pinch and twist a nipple.
He made me come.
I shook all over.
I was sweaty and spent.
“I’ll do worse to you if you come back again!” He told me as he got out and shut the door.
He looked back at me through the window, laying there exposed and stared at me.
“You better get out of here before someone else sees your tight ass laying there!.”

I barely got myself together before speeding away.
I never made an appearance at the center again.

I was just so glad I didn’t get raped!!!!!!

First-timer? (Sat 13 Aug 2005 22:29:29 GMT)


I lived 25 minutes from campus one year in college and I would find places to hang out between classes or things I wanted to do later in the evening.
I had some friends that went to a church denomination run campus union house where people could hang out.
I would go there sometimes, too.
Everyone was so touchy feely and would hug hello and goodbye.
There were some real homely guys there who seemed to be too happy to hug the girls, but they were harmless. Maybe that was the furthest they had ever gotten with a girl.
One of these guys was so proud that he lived in a nearby fraternity – sort of a “revenge of the nerds” type of place. He showed it to me once. He was pudgy with one of those barely mustaches and a bad, nerdy haircut.
He knew I lived a ways off campus and said I was always welcome to take a nap in his room if I got tired. I had mentioned that I had nowhere to take a rest and sometimes I would be going all day, but not to him directly. I had at one time or another taken a nap on a couch in a girl’s dorm sitting room.
One day at the union I saw him and I was exhausted, I said I’d take him up on the nap if it was no trouble for him. He said “sure, no problem.”
We walked to the frat house and went up to the second floor. It was pretty vacant being the middle of the day. I laid down on top of the covers. He got me a separate blanket. I didn’t want to get into his unwashed sheets or even presume it would be okay.
He asked if I was comfortable and then shut the door and left.
I was relaxed and probably dozing when I heard the door gently open. I am guessing it had been 15-20 minutes. He whispered my name, “K-a-y”. I did not answer. He did it several more times quietly. I remained still. I really didn’t want to be awoken. I was in a dreamy place.
I felt his weight sit gently on the edge of the bed. Then, I felt the blanket being careful pulled away from my top. Now I was sleepy-headed and very curious. I twitched a little. He stopped and waited a minute.
I felt his hand on my shoulder barely pressing down. I continued in my sleepy daze. Then, I couldn’t believe it! The little nerdy bastard put his hand right on my tit! I could feel the heat from his sweaty palm.
Oh yeah, what a nice boy! He’s just like all the rest! So, I thought I’d have some fun and see how bold he’d get. He acted like he had ever felt a tit before – all clumsy and nervous.
Then I heard something behind him. He had one of his goofy friends in there, too.
“Do it! – she would’ve woken up by now!”
I felt someone sitting on the other side of me on the bed.
And, what do you know, another hand lands on my other tit.
They weren’t bold enough to get my shirt off, but I could feel them lifting and moving my sleeveless shirt around to try to look up it, down it, whatever view they could get.
I wanted to laugh out loud. Every now and then I would twitch or moan a little to scare the mess out of them.
They got it in their heads to move the blanket up to my top and expose the bottom half of me. I was a wearing a skirt. Lucky Day!
I felt a hand outline my thighs and pet my mound so very softly. Then from the other side of the bed a similar ritual.
And then, probably sensing this may not happen again for a long while, I felt a hand working between my legs, under my skirt, approaching my panties.
Believe it or not, I was barely moist and not wet. I had been more amused than actually turned on.
I could feel his fingers trembling as he approached the mother load.
He poked at my pussy as if he didn’t know what to expect. Was there just a hole or other stuff too??
He finally slipped a finger in the panties from the side.
His finger was definitely virgin.
He kind of poked around awkwardly and the contact did make me slick up a bit.
“C’mon, man! That’s too long. I want a turn!” the other one whispered sharply.
I felt the hand retreat like a snake slithering away.
I acted disturbed from my slumber and rolled over and “went back to sleep”.
I heard “No way, man, she’s gonna wake up!”
“You wuss!” “No way”
“ I dare you to stick her in the ass”
I thought “oh this’ll be great!’ sarcastically.
There the hand went slipping up quickly to my ass.
He felt around in my crack – TRYING to be gentle and covert, but quick.
He found my hole and then slowly (like watching paint dry) he pushed a little of his finger and a bit of my panties into my ass.
“there! I did it!”
The hand was gone and so was he.
The first guy covered me back up and slunk out of the room.
I never said a word about it to him, but I did tell the girls who thought he was so sweet that I thought he was probably a perv.
I had quite a wedgie!

Daryl (Mon 15 Aug 2005 21:27:16 GMT)


If you are offended by the author or stories that don’t take place on a subway or train, skip this.
If not, read on.

My experiences can be classified as high school age and college age.
I don’t want to get all mixed up and repeat myself, so I will try to focus on one time period and then the other as far as my posts go.
I find a big difference between high school and being an adult. In high school it is okay for the most part to experiment. I found the guys I encountered to be relatively safe. They were just happy to get a look or feel.

This is the story of Daryl. He hung out with our group of friends every now and then. His sister was more of a regular. He was a flat out, unapologetic pervert. He always talked about girls, made sexual comments, etc. The interesting thing about him is that he was very forthright about his commitment to not have sex until he got married. Of course, he was willing to do close to anything else! It was quite a paradox.

Daryl was always asking for a peek or a feel and usually got no where. Then, he would explain how the girl really wanted him and what she was or wasn’t wearing under her clothes. It was an endless broken record.

To change the subject: I used to ride my bike all over town, especially write before I got my driver’s license. I needed my freedom. Often I would become over zealous and ride too far. It was no problem getting there, and then hanging out until almost the time I was supposed to be home, but then I was screwed because there was no way I get home in time. Besides, by that time I was too tired for a ride that distance.

I would often call one of my older friends who could drive and had clunkers who would come get me and my bike and drop me off near my house. One day I had used up all my possibilities trying to get a ride home. Usually, I always finagled something and never planned ahead. I knew Daryl’s sister’s number and called and he answered. He had a license and access to a car.

I asked if he had time to help me out. He said “depends . . .” I knew this meant trouble.
“If you can pay, you can ride.”
“What do you want, Daryl?” a said a bit sarcastic.
He asked me what I was wearing sheepishly.
“I’ll come get you and put your bike in the trunk. You get in the front seat with me, undo your bra, pull down your shorts & panties, and sit beside me with your arm around my shoulder. I can do what I want on the way to wherever you want to be dropped off.”
Back then you feared your parents more than the police.
So, I said “fine!”

It did not take him long to get there.
I went to get in the car (a big Oldsmobile type) while he situated the bike.
I saw that he had put a towel down on the seat.
I scooted to the middle.
Then, I unhooked my bra and pushed my shorts and panties down to my ankles.
I felt awkward and exposed.
I covered my self with the overlap of the towel.

He got in and I put my arm around him. It forced me to be snuggled up close to him.
And we took off. I should have known he would be taken the back roads, but maybe that was best.
First, he rubbed my nipples and felt my tits with the backside of his right hand.
He kept saying “yeah” and “ummm” and “oooh, you like it!”
He did not wait much time working his palm down my stomach, tossing aside the towel, and diving in.
He was quite adept at driving with one hand and working my slit with the other.
He would reach around and grab hunks of my firm ass and then work my pussy coming at it from behind.
I did obviously spread my legs for him to have better access.
He made me cum with his furious rubbing and poking.
He was all up in my business until we got to the “drop off spot”.
He pinched each nipple and my clitty before he got out, making me whine.
I quickly tried to arrange myself and wiped my juices off with the towel.
(I bet he was planning on keeping that for awhile.)

He got my bike and told me if I needed a ride again to give him a call.

Eventually I found myself in a jam and had to call Daryl.
The problem was I was on my period, so he said he would collect later.

The next weekend he called and told me to meet him on a dirt trail where they were going to build a new development and not to wear a bra. It was woodsy and private. I rode my bike to meet him to “pay” my debt.

He was waiting for me. He took me back into a more secluded place and told me this would be a little different, but he wouldn’t keep me any longer than before. (What was I in for??)

He said I would get to stand the whole time. First he told me to lift my shirt slowly and say “I hope you like this special present.” I did feeling so, feeling self-conscious and kind of stupid. When my tits were in full view, I stood there holding up my shirt while he licked them top to bottom, bottom to top, side to side with the flattest, thickest, widest part of his tongue. He completely covered them with his saliva.

“Now turn around and slowly take off your shorts and panties and say what you said before. Then go back to holding up your shirt.”
I complied. My coverings came completely off.
He kneeled behind me. I “hoped he liked this special present”. And then I felt the licking begin from the backs of my knees to my lower back – licking, licking, licking!
He used his hand to guide my feet a little wider. He paid a lot of attention to my ass cheeks and where they meet my thighs.
“Turn around slowly”.
He stayed kneeling before me.
He licked my inner thighs, my stomach and belly button, he lapped my snatch, but only on the outside, never right in between.
I was dripping on myself, but mostly I was covered with his mouth juices.
I looked down at my naked body as if it were being bathed by a dog.

He never got to really working on my clit, just grazed it.
I couldn’t really get off on his "technique", but it was a really unique experience.

Sci-Fi (Tue 16 Aug 2005 19:12:31 GMT)


If you are offended by the author or stories that don’t take place on a subway or train, skip this.
If not, read on.

Another Adventure with the Treehouse Boys

Charles and Rob were friends of mine from another school.
I wrote about an experience with them before.
Whenever I would hang out with the two of them, we would do normal things, but at some point (wherever he chose and in the middle of whatever was going on) Charles would grope me, and play with my pussy until I came.
Then, we would all go back to normal.
Rob would usually watch and sometimes help with access, but he never groped me.
(I wonder now if we turned out to be gay.)

This was an unsaid norm for us, and for whatever reason, I just let him do it.
I found it hot. He could get me excited quickly and I would say, expertly.

One thing we would do on a few Saturday mornings is I would come over to Rob’s house after he and Charles had a sleep-over. Rob had a single Mom and she worked on Saturdays. We would go and get in her bed (me in the middle) under the sheets fully clothes and Charles would read stories from a Hustler magazine out loud.
At some point he would stop and take off my pants and panties and throw them in the corner. He would continue to read and they woould be clothed, but I would be missing everything below my waist.
This always made me feel so nasty in a stimulating way. Sometimes Charles would leave me like that without any thought or glance for awhile. Eventually, he would finger my pussy until I had sweet release. I remember Rob watching one time while eating a bowl of cereal halfway interested.

Charles, Rob, and I went to a Science Fiction Convention in a town a couple of hours away. It was just a day trip.
It was at the Holiday Inn. They knew some guys that were going and had gotten some adjoining rooms on a high floor.
You could hang out in their rooms and go down for whatever parts of the convention you wanted to attend.
We walked around the exhibit area and then caught up with a couple of the other guys.
I did not see many girls at this thing. (Hmm – wonder why?)

They took us up to the rooms.
It turned out that I was relaxing with Charles on a bed watching tv in one room and the others were in the adjoining room.
The door was shut between us.
It wasn’t long before Charles decided to take off my pants & panties.
He tossed them near the door.
This wasn't too out of the ordinary.

Then I got a BIG surprise.
“Kay, I need you to help me with a little game.”
I got nervous and excited.
“A guy is going to come in here, and I promise he won’t touch you, but I said he could tell you to get in any position he picked and you would do it.”
“Now you be a sweet girl and I’ll give you your pants back.”
I felt like he taken all the air out of my lungs.
He jumped off the bed, grabbed my clothes, and disappeared behind the adjoining door.
I always trusted him before, but what was going on here?

I laid there in shock as I heard the door slowly open.
One of the guys from before came in.
“Hi” he said shyly.
He looked down at me on the bed staring at my small patch of hair on my swollen mound.
My legs were close together.
He smiled a large smile.
“Um, please, sit on the edge of the bed facing the bathroom and then lie back with your thighs apart.”
I knew nothing about this guy.
I felt very uneasy, but I found myself “playing” along.
I moved to the edge, spread my legs, and laid back.
He moved in front of me and squatted down to inspect my glistening goods better.

The bathroom was only a few steps away.
He walked into the bathroom and while standing over the bowel, he pulled out his dick and began to wank.
All the while he stared intently at me.
“umm, baby, umm, baby, etc.”
I saw his face scrunch up when he came.
He cleaned up, said thank you, and left the room.

I waited for Charles to return with my pants and undies.
The door opened . . . but it was a different guy!
A little younger and really skinny.
He had me kneel on the bed and bend over until my head rested on the bed too with my ass facing the bathroom.
Then I heard him jerking off “uh, uh, uh, uh”.
He sounded like he was almost going to cry.
I could not see his expression that well from my view.

THERE WERE FIVE GUYS IN ALL! One right after the other - Two I had never seen before!

The other 3 positions were –
Lay on the bed, holding my knees to my chest
Another ass shot
(the boldest) Gyno pose with me holding my lips apart

I have to admit, posing as an inspiration to their wacking off made me feel like a centerfold model.
I was detached somewhat in my mind, but my body was trembling and shaking with wantonness.
Finally, Charles came in.
“You bastard! What if one of those guys had raped me?!”
He laughed.
“We’ve been keeping an eye out.”
Just then Rob emerged out of the closet where he had been watching all along.
“You were totally safe. Didn’t you like it?”

I didn’t answer. How would I answer a question like that?

“Okay, one last thing.”
“I promised the guys one more thing and then they have to leave you alone.”
I was exasperated!

“It’s just what we always do, but I said they can watch.”
I sunk in my chest. I almost started to tear up.
“Hasn’t this been enough??”
He looked into my eyes and told me to trust him.
“I’ll be the only one touching you.”

The guys filed in. Some had brought chairs from the other room.
There were 7, including Charles and Rob.
They gathered around, taking up strategic points.
I sat there bottomless on the edge of the bed in the center with my legs crossed.
I was fiery red with shame.
“Such a production!” I thought.
In the past it was so spontaneous and my lust drove me without time to think.

Charles sat beside me. The other guys were a little more than arm’s length away.
I felt surrounded.
I felt lucky that they were all clothed and ZIPPED UP.

Charles said, “yeah, this won’t do” as he reached for the bottom of my t-shirt.
He slowly lifted it over my head and off and tossing it away.
I hid my head in my hands.
He crawled on the bed behind me and unfastened my last holdout of clothing.
It popped in the back but hands were in the way from it coming free in the front.
Charles crawled back around and sat beside me.
There were noticeable cheers when he took the side of my bra and gently pulled it until it freed itself of me.
I sat there on display with my legs tightly crossed and my arms over my breasts (at least covering my nipples!) and my hands hiding my face.

“Do you guys want to see her tits?”
There were cheers and hoots and whistles.
He pulled my hands down and away.
The crowd was happy with what they saw.
Charles bounced and jiggled them to their delight.
After a good and thorough tittie teasing, He laid me backwards.

Okay, now I was starting to loosen up to this whole scene.
I looked from face to face leaning into me with wide eyes and ghastly grins like a pack of wolves.
I would have opened my legs myself if I could have been bold enough.
Charles reached down and spread me as he put my heels on the bed.
“Drop your knees to the side,” he said as he applied pressure to each one.
And there I lay – my fate had come to this.

Charles caressed my stomach and sides the way that always gets me primed.
I could feel the juices dripping down to the crevice to my ass.
“Take note, boys!”
He took two fingers and began to work them up and down my pussy lips.
The squishing sound was almost deafening and all too revealing.
“See how she likes it.”

The cheers grew in enthusiasm.
He slid a finger in and out of my cunt.
He got more and more aggressive.
“Let’s hear TWO!” “YEAHHHHHHHHHH!” they yelled.
He then shoved two in my tight little hole, I felt it stretch – “ugh!”
He worked it slow and then fast and then hard.
“Fuck it! Fuck it! Fuck that cunt!” they chanted.
“Let’s hear THREE!”
(did I mention I had not had actual intercourse yet?)
He pulled back and I took a big breath.
I was already in a frenzy myself and had just become aware of my own moanings!
He worked it persistently into my pussy until I was stretched out enough to make good slurping and popping sounds following his in and out motions.
“Fuck it!” The chant continued.
I was out of my head.
My hips rose to meet every forward thrust.
I cried out.
I grabbed Charles hand and held it as deep in me as I could while my pussy contracted hard against his 3 fingers.
I held it there forever until I fell back and released him.
I was spent.
I lay there wet, naked, and exhausted and not caring who saw it!

“Show’s over guys”.

After I came back to my senses, I spent the rest of the convention hiding upstairs because I was too embarrassed to make eye contact.
The only exception was when I sneaked into a movie they were showing called “A Boy and His Dog”.
I'll always remember that one.

Sam-Trickery (Tue 16 Aug 2005 20:05:07 GMT)

I've been busy writing.


This is a story of a groping by a complete stranger that I had never met or communicated with in any way before.

After my high school days I realized that men where not like boys. They would not be happy with a simple grope or peek like a boy would. I wanted to be safe and still be in a position where I could get felt.

I thought my answer could come from elderly men. If they are old enough and horny enough then they are probably harmless enough. I felt that with even my small stature I could fend off an old geezer if I had to. Therefore I felt safe and that I would be doing them a favor to get at some young flesh.

While in college I moved away from my hometown to a big place. Far enough away was a park where old, retired people would hang out. (mostly single men or couples) There was a senior center nearby.
I hung out there on several afternoons and just waited on a bench.
I was friendly and would said “hi”.
Sometimes I would strike up a conversation with a seasoned citizen or he would with me.
That is where the dance begins.
Most of these men are super horny and not getting any or at least anything as young and tight as me.
When we talk he will, at some point, make a harmless, seemingly careless, sexual reference.
Like a guy who had been divorced told me "she was a bitch but the sex was good".
He is feeling me out.
If I look shocked or overly embarrassed, he can back off with no damage done.

So I met Sam, who joined me on a park bench. We chatted for quite awhile. He slipped in a little something here and there, becoming bolder when I did not get offended. I even offered up a little comment here and there about my own life – not having a boyfriend, missing being touched, etc.
Finally, he felt bold enough to say to me, “I really miss women. You look so pretty. I don’t want to upset you at all, but I would really love to see you naked.”
Well, you can’t very well take that one back!

I looked at him unsure. It made him backtrack. He said, “Even if it was just your bra and panties, that would mean sooo much to an old man like me.” He sounded pitiful.

I looked at him with pity and said okay, but only if he behaved.

A short ways away was a wooded nature trail. We slowly walked there and then detoured off the beaten path until we could not see or be seen by others.
I was wearing a thin white undershirt under my regular shirt and similar panties under my jeans. I had not worn a bra.
When we got to a good place, I told him to sit on a stump while I let him see my underclothes. I walked several paces away and took off my shirt leaving the undershirt.
It was more see-through than I realized and with no bra it gave a perfect outline of my ample firm tits.
He stood up and walked over to me and grabbed a boob.
I said “hey, you said you’d be good!”
He apologized and said he was just overcome and I bought it.

We went back to our spots and then I took off my jeans.
I stood their in my low-rise French white cotton panties and thin undershirt. The color of my reddish-brown hardened nipples showed through.

He smiled and was very pleased.
I did a little twirl for him.
He said thank you again and again.

Then, he made a request.
“Please let me rub your bottom.”
After begging and pitiful looks, I agreed.

He wanted to sit on the stump because he was tired of standing and coaxed me into laying across his lap.
I did.
He began to caress me over my panties.
There is no mistaking the heavy, lustful breathing of a dirty old man!
I was liking his touch.

In a moment things changed.
All at once he placed one hand on the small of my back and with the other he forcefully pulled down my panties and with one motion stuck his long boney finger right up my pussy hole.
He basically impaled me on his finger.
I was shocked and started to wriggle, but he held me firmly in place, by pressing on my back and up forcefully with his finger.
“You weren’t supposed to do that! STOP! I don’t want you to do that!”
I continued to protest. I was mad!
He was strong – stronger than I thought and he held me there until I stopped squirming and kicking.
When I finally went limp, he started to pump his finger in and out of my cunt.
I felt it juice up.
He felt it juice up.

I struggled again and he held me still, once again I was impaled.
When I stopped, he resumed the pumping action.
Soon he had two fingers in my pussy and his thumb in my ass all working in unison.
“Wow – you sure get sloppy wet!!!”
Squish, Smack, Slurp, Splat
He finger fucked me good!
I started to grunt – “uh . . . uh . . . uh”
“Here it comes girl.”
He rammed in me over and over fast and wickedly hard!
Bam, Bam! - Making me take it!
I burst.
He felt the little explosions grip him from my insides.

He pulled out and back and told me to get up and get dressed.
I shot him a dirty look.
He said, “I just gave you what you needed,” in a matter of fact way.

I was kind of pissed as we walked back out of the woods, but later I "got off" to thinking about it again and again.
(I think I am about to again. Thanks, Sam.)

LONG 4 Parts (Wed 17 Aug 2005 20:15:05 GMT)

Rapid Fire Humiliation

Short Summaries:

In addition to the experiences I have already shared, I have sunk lower –
I met an elderly retired man (different one) at the park, convinced him to take me to his house (turned out to be a trailer) so I would have a place to hang out until I had to be home. I don’t know if he was blind or dense.
I watched TV with him in the living room . . . nothing happened.
He didn’t even talk to me.
I reclined on the couch across from his easy chair . . . nothing happened.
I unbuttoned my shirt. He did not notice.
I had no bra on and I opened my shirt wide will reclining on the couch.
He did not notice.
I took off my pants . . . nothing.
I ditched my shirt and laid there on his couch in nothing but my thin, skimpy panties with my hands clasped behind my head on display.
He FINALLY swiveled his chair towards me and squinted at me for a couple of minutes.
“Well, I guess I could fuck ya . . . (long labored pause) but with my luck you’d probably get pregnant, and I ain’t having that. Got no condoms. What about you?”
“Uh, no, but uh I’ve got some massage oil in my car.”
So, I got dressed, went out to my car, got the oil, went back in the trailer and stripped down to my panties again.
He wasn’t in a hurry to move from his recliner so I kneeled in front of him, gave him the bottle, and put my hands on top of my head.
He plunked a huge glop on each tit and oiled my entire chest and stomach.
He stopped. I think he was annoyed that we weren’t fucking.
I told him if he would sit on the couch I could lay on his lap and he could get the other side.
I was practically spoon feeding him.
He did and I did and he rubbed the oil on my back and then after pulling off my panties, he oiled my ass. It was then I finally felt him getting hard against my side.
I rocked gently back and forth trying to get him more stimulated.
I finally got a little finger action out of him that I could use and was able to get myself off.
He said, “yeah, so don’t come back unless I can fuck ya.”
I said okay and he went back to his chair and tv while I dressed.
It was humiliating.

I needed more control in my encounters, so I found a guy with an ad in a magazine – mid 50’s, not attractive, but was willing to play if it meant he would get to “eat pussy”. Apparently, this was his favorite thing to do.
He had to drive 5 hours to meet me in a dirty little motel off the Interstate. I drove 2.
I had written a script and he followed it to a “T”. We met in the parking lot to get a look at each other and then there was no backing out.
He got a room and I waited to watch him go in.
I followed 10 minutes later.
He took my script into the bathroom to read it. He would do this periodically throughout play.
The script basically consisted of an “exam” or sorts.
I undressed as he told me to.
It was erotic. I knew nothing about this man and no one knew I was there.
He could do anything to me and I knew it and yet I bore myself willing to him.
First, I was examined visually in numerous positions, while he spoke dirty about what he saw. He did not touch me.
This took at least 30 minutes.
Then, he began the full gyno exam – slowly and methodically – as he humiliated me verbally. Breasts, stomach, ass, pussy – thorough probing was a must. He used a medical glove for my rectal exam.
Everything was done from multiple positions.
He was completely clothed the whole time.
I was not allowed to cum during any of this and had to signal him if I got close and he would make me take a break.
The build was making me crazy and needy.
Finally I was made to beg him and he rubbed his hands up and down my body until I exploded covered with my own juices.
After this I had to pay up. I had just had an earth shaking experience and was coming to - not so horny anymore, but yet still in a room with this stranger. It was really a downer.
I did as I was told and laid down on the bed with my ass on the edge and each foot on two nearby chairs positioned apart. He kneeled before me and began to eat me.
He did not stop for at least an hour and a half unless he wanted to move me.
I was made to sit on his face, get on all fours, lay over the back of a chair, etc.
Honestly, I was pretty numb to it all and just felt whorish and dirty.
I finally focused all my thoughts on my cunt and his lapping and worked in some thrusting until I could cum again. He took that as his stopping point and said he liked it.

(We did this another time – similar deal – this time he tried to put a HUGE dildo up my ass. I couldn’t take the pain! I'm a clencher.)

Fat man, early 50’s, bald – shaped like Alfred Hithcock
Found him in an ad.
We lived much closer.
Met him late one night for introductions. The rule was that he had to stay in his car.
I lifted my shirt for him and let him feel me up while he masturbated.
We met later that month at a hotel room.
He tied a towel to the door knob. I was scared to be seen going in.
We had each added to a script that we had written to each other.
I was to go in and strip down completely before seeing him.
He was in the shower naked.
I stepped in and pulled the curtain closed.
He felt my tits for awhile.
I reached out and grabbed his dick and stroked it until hard. (first time for dick play for me)
I lead him by his dick out of the shower to the 2nd bed.
The covers were pulled back and the pillows stacked by the head.
He had placed a red light in the room that made the whole place glow though still dark.
We stopped in front of the bed and I bent over placing my palms on the bed in front of me.
He leaned behind me a “painted” my pussy and crack up and down with his dick.
I leaned into him and whined a little.
Then, I laid down on my back on the bed with the pillows propping up my chest, so I was almost sitting with my tits thrust out and full (no flattening effect or having them roll to the sides).
He laid on the bed in the opposite direction and stroked my thighs and stomach.
Then he fingered my pussy.
I had never seen someone so delighted.
I stroked his dick some more.
He kept saying, “I need this.”
I had promised him was a handjob at the end. (That was HIS price.)
He did ask if he could strap a plastic hollow dick on and fuck me with it.
I told him I would give it consideration.
While we fondled each other, I consented to TRY it.
We moved to the other bed.
Did I mention this guy was obese!
I laid down on my back and spread my legs - knees up and FAR apart.
I had a tight twat to begin with.
He kneeled on the bed in front of me with that hard plastic thing hanging between his legs strapped around him.
He leaned into me and started poking and lunging at me with his belly flopping on me.
It wasn’t getting in.
I reached down and guided it to my juicy cunt hole.
He sank his body down on my little frame.
It went in and it HURT.
It was HARD plastic and big enough to fit over a regular dick.
He did some thrusting and it kept popping out of me.
I watched in the mirror while the gut of this man slapped onto my naked stomach and tits and flattened me out.
The fake dick would fill me up so invasively and then pop - go shooting out.
We repositioned it several times.
I eventually asked to stop.
The pussy pain was starting to bug me and I said I was ready to finish.
It was time for me to pay.
I kneeled before him naked as he stood towering over me and stroked his cock until he came.
I never even got off myself.

Last One
Mr. Spanker
Met online
I went to meet him at a supermarket parking lot.
We thought each other looked honest enough and he took me home.
He lived in a very nice, big home.
We chatted and he was pleasant. (60’s, retired)
Then he ordered me to strip naked and to address him as “Sir!”
His demeanor changed.
I am not really into pain or spanking but I thought I’d give it a go.
He pulled out a chair in the middle of the room and sat down.
He made me stand in front of him until I turned red with embarrassment.
“Oh, you will be red, my dear!”
He made me assume the position lying across his lap, my toes and finger tips barely touching the ground.
Then, he smacked my ass cheeks over and over and over again.
I was doing a little dance in his lap.
He smacked my upper thighs which were particularly tender.
He made me count as he alternated cheeks.
I was exhausted but not broken.
Then, he would stop and caress my ass.
Spank, caress, spank, caress, and so on.
I lived for the caress and dreaded the spank.
At one point he traced my crack down until he was rubbing my slit.
I had never been wetter in my life!
“I love a slick slit!” he said as he slipped and slid all around in it.
More spanking, then some pussy play, more spanking, then some deep fingering . . .
More spanking and it didn’t let up.
Was I starting to break?
“please, please, enough, enough!”
He let me up and then beat my butt and fingered me lying over the back of a couch.
I begged for it to stop.
He had me stand up and came up behind me.
I could see us both in a mirror.
He held me under the chin and with the other hand whooped my ass.
“I can’t take it anymore!!!!”
He reached between my legs from behind as I watched in the mirror and grabbed my clit and started rubbing and squeezing the slippery nub furiously.
I started coming and dripping right onto the floor.
He held me up because my legs were giving way.
He told me to clean up in the bathroom and he wiped up the floor.
“How was that for your first spanking?”
“Thank you, sir” I said exhausted.

That’s it for those of you who have stuck with me as I have recorded my experiences.
Believe it or not all those things happened to me.
It has been awhile since then and it was a big deal for me to write them out.

So, let me wrap it up for you.
I sold my soul and my dignity to be the "victim".
I let guys victimize me, sought out guys to victimize me, and even “paid” to be victimized.
I got what I wanted, so how could I be the victim, right?

I never got what I wanted. I wanted my power back, my self-respect, my decency.
I played out these experiences again and again with different people, thinking in my head, “I’m in control. I am leading him by his lust. I hold the cards. I am the predator.”
Yet, each play for power only left me feeling like a whore.
I’m sure if you read all my posts, you are most likely thinking “You are a whore.”

I got to the end of this chronicling journey and was left with:
I did this stuff because I was SICK.
Most women don’t want to be groped unless they advertise it, and I would be willing to bet that those who advertise it are either DRUNK or SICK.

September award: muff diver
and receptive heavy metal girls.
(They are not just receptive but willing...)

the "ins and outs" of heavy metal (Sat 24 Sep 2005 01:12:13 GMT)

What's up everybody. I haven't posted anything in a while. Busy summer, lots of concerts, clubs and shows and lots of stories to write about.

One of the shows I attended was the "Sounds of the Underground" concert. About 20 metal/punk/thrash etc.. bands. It started at 12 noon and was to end at 11pm. A test of stamina to be sure. I arrived around 11am. The venue was actually 20 minutes from my house and that's by bus. I hadn't been to a concert of this type in a while because they're usually so far out from the city that I can't go.

I didn't know what to expect. An orgy of testosterone? But to my surprise, there were a lot of females. I would say a ratio of 4 guys to every girl. And at a metal concert, I would say that's pretty good.

Some cute girls caught my eye, but I was really there to see the bands and hear the new wave of metal. From Lamb of God to Strapping Young Lad. I wore something simple. A hooded sweatshirt, a wife beater, a pair of denim cargo shorts and some boots. (good to mosh in)

Due to the heat (high 80s) and the fact that the concert was outside, I had already taken off my hoodie and tied it around my waist and taken off my wife beater and put it in one of the pockets of my shorts. I don't have anything special about my physique except i have nice abs and a flat stomach. And a flat stomach can make your dick look bigger. i would notice girls looking at my crotch from time to time. I kind of expected that since i also wear a cock ring. A chrome teardrop one at that. A cock ring will make your dick look bigger too.

I guess I'll explain how. When you wear a cock ring, whether leather, metal or rubber, you pull your cock AND your balls through the ring and you automatically have this bulge regardless of having an erection or not. If a girl happens to look at your crotch, she'll see a bulge because your dick is "forced" forward.

There were no seats to be found, so I found a good spot to stand and I waiting for the first band to start playing. There was this couple next to me that caught my attention. The reason being the difference in height. The guy was at least 7 feet (I'm 6' 2") and the girl was barely over 5 feet, so it was hard not to notice. But as I hear the first guitar chord ring out, I quickly forgot about them. As the music began to move me, I felt something soft and at the same time firm press into my bare arm. I took a look to my left and the girl with the tall boyfriend was pressing her breast against my arm. She was wearing a wife beater with a bra underneath and some jeans. The softness of her breast and the firmness of the material from her bra. She reminded me of Trish Stratus in face and body type. Nice breasts and a big full ass in a small package. I wasn't getting turned on though. The thought of her giant of a boyfriend wailing on me because I "touched" his girl wasn't appealing. So I would move a step to my right, away from her, and damnit, if she didn't move to her right as well. I wanted to say

"Are you trying to get me in a fight?"

But I just kept my mouth shut.

Suddenly there was a commotion behind us. A moshpit of course. What's a metal concert without a pit? The boyfriend couldn't resist and away he went to join in. Suddenly the short girl stood in front of me. She backed that full firm ass against my cock and I could feel her long blonde hair against my bare chest. I let out a sigh because any other place, maybe I could get into it, but her boyfriend could be back any moment. I took a look down at these full firm denim encased cheeks, made a mental picture to file away for later viewing and slowly, reluctantly moved away from the area. I moved to a space away from center stage, but at the same time closer to the stage.

Next to me was a somewhat tall blonde. She looked to be a teenager, maybe mid teens with her braces and some acne. She smiled at me and I smiled back. She and I started talking about the heat and what we expected from the show. Suddenly the next band was warming up. The girl was standing behind this guy who was taller than her, so I asked if she wanted to stand in front of me so she could see. (Aren't I the gentleman?) I looked her up and down. Another girl in jeans and but with a loose fitting white tank top and bra underneath. The lead singer asked how was everyone doing, counted out "1,2,3,4" and the band started playing. I assumed this band was a favorite of the girl in front of me because she started jumping up and down. I tried to move back because I worried about her swinging elbows, but I didn't have any room. And I like I feared, one of her stray elbows hit me. For some reason, when a girl is front of me, my knee jerk reaction is to put my hands around their waist. After she hit me, she turned around and said sorry. I put my hands on her waist and told her that it was okay. I asked myself

"What are you doing? You fool! Get your hands off this girl!"

But I couldn't. And she didn't seem to mind. As she jumped up and down, I kept my hands on her waist to she wouldn't swing about. So I guess I had a legitmate reason for holding her. She began to brush that young ass against my cock. I could feel the bottom of her cheek, the curve of it and then the top of it ride against my dick repeatedly.

Bump, bump, bump, bump, bump, bump.

And so it went.

Another sigh as I looked down. I looked in both directions to see if anyone was watching, but the people were into the music.

I felt my erection coming and there it was. I kept looking down and I could see it get thick and hard as her cheeks bounced against it like it was a trampoline. I wanted to look ANYWHERE except down. Look up and be blinded by the sun? Look to my left or right and watch some dude bang his head? I didn't want to keep looking, but I did. I could feel her slow down her rhythm, so I knew she felt my cock getting harder and harder. I thought

"Okay, here it comes, this is when she moves away. Okay, okay... I can live with that. Just don't turn around and look at me and say something. And if you do say something, for God sakes, don't say it loud enough for anyone else to hear!!!"

But she didn't turn around or move away. She would give me the full length of her ass against my dick. Now it took seconds for her to go up and down. Sweet painful seconds. I had to do something. I held her waist tighter and pushed her into me. I did my "sumo" move and squatted down. I'm somewhat flexible that I can almost do a full split. So i turned my thighs outward in different directions and came back up with her ass in my lap and her thighs enclosed by mine. I began pumping up and down, in and out. I held her for all she was worth as I watched her head bob up and down as she rode me. I didn't know how long I could keep this up because I knew the band couldn't play much longer since there were so many groups, so I increased my pace. Pretty soon I saw the familiar welcome sight of a girl arching her back. I leaned my head forward to take a good look at the teenager cumming in a public place. The biting of the lip, the eyes glued shut. The breasts heaving in and out.

But what about me? I wanted to cum too *laughs*.

I pulled her hard and firm on my dick and I busted a nut of white hot honey. I felt the head of my dick throb as I held her still. I exhaled so hard I could see her blonde hair fly away from her ear. After cumming, we both stood fully erect, but I kept my arms around her. Why not? We stayed in this position and enjoyed the rest of the band's set. As the singer said "Thank you", I loosened my hold on her. She turned around and gave me this braces filled smile, told me she was going to find her friends and waved goodbye like teenage girls do.

And as always with an experience of this type, it rang in my head


It echoed over and over. And I told myself I had to be careful. And that lasts as long until the next ass is pressed against me. *ha, ha, ha, ha!*

As the crowd moved about, waiting for the next band, I limped (and I mean that literally) closer to the stage. I couldn't get right up against the barricade because there were these slightly overweight girls standing there like a united front. And what raced through my mind? The usual thoughts..

"Hmm...they're kind of cute, a little overweight, I wonder how often do they get a guy up against them? I bet they're probably horny.Hmm... look at that nice fat ass. I bet she would LOVE to have a hard dick against her. Aw fuck it, I didn't come here for that. I came for the music. I have to remember, I came for the MUSIC!"

So I stood behind the girls because they were right at center stage, but I didn't get close enough to be press against any of them. But ALL plans CAN go astray from time to time and this one certainly did.

As the band started playing, suddenly a rush to the front and I was caught up in it. Suddenly I found my cock plunged into the ample ass of this brunette with red streaks in her hair. She was wearing blue jeans and I think a "Devil Driver" shirt. She turned around and gave me this real nasty look and bumped her ass against me to knock me back. I couldn't blame her though. But then, even though I wasn't even touching her, she pushed backwards again until she bumped my dick.

"What the fuck?"

And this time I didn't say it to myself, i said it out loud so she could hear it. She bent over a little bit more and backed her ass into me again and again. So she wanted to play, eh? Well I was ready for it. I moved in right behind her and put my hands on either side of her on the barricade in front and let her ram that ass into my cock. it was time for a "grudge fucking." And i didn't care if we both had clothes on, I put my hands on her hips because I was going to bang the shit out of her. And away we went. i didn't give a fuck about the band at this point. I didn't know who they were and they became white noise to my ears. I was so into it and I didn't care who saw it. Everyone headbanging and thrashing about was a perfect cover to the moves this girl and I were making. I took a look to my left and one of the girls with her was just watching us with a smile on her face. And I NEVER talk, while doing this but my mouth had a mind of its own on this day as I said just loud enough for my "Suicide Girl" to hear...

"When was the last time someone fucked this big ass of yours, huh? When was the last time that fat wet pussy of yours had a thick cock in it, huh? Bend over some more for me, okay? You want this hard cock in you? You know I like this fat pussy of yours, huh? You know I would LOVE to SLIDE my cock up to my balls inside of you in front of all these fucking people. So everybody can watch your ass cheeks ripple everytime I pump my dick inside of you and then they can watch my hot cum squirt all over your ass.. They call me the priest, bitch! Know why? Because I'm going to fuck you until you see God!"

(and yes, I actually said all of this)

And then I felt the atomic bomb explosion in my shorts. And of course this was more intense than the first girl. The tight feeling around my eyes, the uncontrolled spasms and then the searing white light when I have an orgasm. I gently leaned into her because I didn't even know if I could stand on my own. Did she cum too? From her heavy breathing I would guess so. I put one arm around her waist and held her close to me and stayed that way until this band's set was over. She unpeeled her sweaty body from me as she gingerly walked away to regain her bearings I guess. I leaned with my back against the barricade and wondered how do I do this and not go to jail. For the next couple of bands, I didn't think about a girl. I thought two "silent one night stands" were enough. I honestly did want to see these groups perform.

I found myself standing next to another couple. This was one memorable because the girl was wearing jeans, had on a pink jacket, a tshirt, a pink bandanna in her hair and a pink backpack with Dora the Explorer or Spongebob Squarepants or something like that. She and her boyfriend, who looked like an aggro version of Harry Potter, started making out. Tongue wrestling, you name it, they were going at it. Little did I know that this was going to be to my advantage.

Another band, more chaos. This time, nearly the whole place turned into one giant mosh pit. People running, jumping, kicking, flying everywhere. Alas, the girl and her boyfriend were separated. She was knocked back into me and he was carried away in a human wave of moshers. When I caught her, I had my left hand on her hip and the right was touching her right ass cheek. I asked her if she was okay and she looked at me with half closed eyes and a smile and nodded yes. My hand and her ass cheek suddenly became Siamese twins. I felt how firm it was. I gave it a gentle squeeze. She looked at me and smiled. I kept the other hand on her hip and let my right hand slide to crack of her ass. I let it slide down further until my hand was completely between her thighs. I began on instinct to rub that hot pussy of hers. Her boyfriend had already warmed her up and I was there like a closer in the 9th inning of the World Series to finish the job. I actually enjoy fingerbanging a girl than having my hard on pressed against her. I began to massage her tender pink love box. I rubbed faster and faster as she began to squirm. I was confident no one even glanced at us because either they were moshing or trying to avoid being hit. I just leaned back against the barricade with the girl right next to me and my hand rubbing her pussy. I took my other hand off her hip and began to brush against her tit. She just kept her eyes closed and enjoyed the experience. She looked so beautiful as she had her orgasm. I felt her close her sweet tender thighs around my hand real tight for what seemed like an eternity and then she opened them again. She rested her head on my shoulder as we watched the people continue to mosh. I looked out and saw her boyfriend with this frantic look on his face trying to find his girl. I pointed him out to the girl and told her that we better go to where he was so he wouldn't worry. So we walked over to him and he gave her a hug and said thanks when I told him that I took her over by the barricade away from harm. So we stood watching the band with the boyfriend on the left, the girlfriend in the middle and me on the right with my hand on her ass. From time to time we would look at each other with a knowing look. And I would actually lean forward, grab the girl's ass, ask the boyfriend something. And of course he would lean forward to reply and he couldn't see my hand on his girlfriend's ass.

Okay, okay, okay.ENOUGH! That's it. No more girls. What happened? I went to a metal show and it turned out to me a gropefest? No, it's the Sounds of the Underground tour and I came once again, to hear music. Well...that was until...

This time I was next to another slightly overweight girl. Right at the barricade. And I wasn't thinking about being against her. She was pretty to me and all that, but I had been standing (or squatting) for 4 hours. A slightly overweight Latina.Latina girls with love handles and big asses are almost to me like Krpytonite is to Superman. I still think of Iris Chacon from time to time and get light headed.

She was wearing black pants and a "Lamb of God" tshit with the caption "As the Palaces Burn" or something like that. I was standing right next to her, our bare arms touching. I took a look at her face.Kind of cute. She had black hair and wore glasses. I love girls who wear glasses. Don't know why. The band coming up was Strapping Young Lad and once again a rush to the front. I didn't care because I was as close as you could get to the stage. Standing at the barricade. But the unexpected happened. These three short Spanish guys to my right were pushed into me and I was knocked against and then BEHIND the girl in "Lamb of God" tshirt. I tried to move back to the barricade, but to no avail. I stayed behind the girl, but squeezed my hand between her and one of the guys to hold onto the barricade.

I heard a lot about Stapping Young Lad and wanted to see what the hype was about.

But once again, my plan was derailed.

The lead singer talked for a little bit and then they launched into one of their songs. Head bobbing, elbow swinging, devil horns being thrusted in the air. And lots of "Fuck yeah!" being thrown about. I noticed that. And I also noticed my unrelenting dick getting hard at the movement of the girl in front. She would move her ass against me from side to side and up and down. I put my brain on autopilot and let my body go to work. I took my hand off the barricade and put it on her stomach. I took my left hand and put it on her waist. I leaned forward and began to move my pelvis back and forth. She picked up on my rhythm and matched it. I took my hand from her stomach and began to massage her breast. She raised up for a second and I thought I had went too far. But no. She was taking her glasses off and putting them in her pocket. I guess she had a crystal ball and knew what was coming. She bent over again. This time she put her arms over the barricade and presented her ass to me. I didn't need to be told twice. I momentarily reached down my shorts to "adjust" myself and began banging her again. I loved the feel of her breast as I cupped it in my right hand. It felt sooooooo fucking good. But today I seemed to be a greedy bastard and I wanted more. I took my hand off her breast, reached down and put it under her shirt. I let my hand caress her stomach and I let my finger run a circle in her navel before I kneaded her breast once again. She pulled on the front of her shirt at the collar and looked inside to see my hand rubbing her tit. By this time I slid my hand under her bra and was rubbing her bare breast and pencil eraser sized nipple. I wrapped my left arm around her stomach and basically fucked her, if you want to call it that. I never been so turned on in my life because I was banging this girl so fucking hard her head would jerk back. I bit my lip because I didn't want to talk this time. Plus the band was so fucking loud, I don't think she would've heard me anyway. Even after she came, I kept banging her.

And banging her.
And banging her.
And banging her.

Until I bent forward with my chest on her back and felt my cum ooze from the head of my cock. I let out a low moan and leaned forward some more and pressed my cheek against hers. I then stood up straight and pulled her back with me and wrapped my arms around her and put my chin on the top of her head and stayed that way until the band was through. All of a sudden her friend shows up and asked if she wanted to get some water. For some reason, security wouldn't let people bring in bottles of water. I guess not, seeing they were selling it for 3 dollars a bottle. I knew the girl probaly felt weak because we both lost a lot of "fluids" in the past 30 minutes. She looked at me and I kind of shrugged my shoulders as if to say "It's up to you." She told her friend she wanted to get some water and motioned to me that she would be right back. As they walked away, i could hear her friend ask

"Who's that?"

and I could hear the girl reply.

"Um...I don't know. Some guy I just met."

Well I wasn't really holding my breath waiting for the girl to come back. And she wouldn't have found me in the same spot anyway, because...

Next up was GWAR. Another band I heard about, but never seen in person. I noticed the security covering themselves with clear plastic. That's strange I thought. Were they going to be part of the show? As it turned out, EVERYONE was part of the show.

The group had some elaborate entrance and began playing. All of a sudden I felt wet. Rain? Without a cloud in the sky? No, no, no. Gwar was spraying red, blue and green food coloring from these massive tanks on the side of the stage. Utter chaos. Moshing, body surfing and people who seemed to be running for their lives. This cute Spanish woman held onto me for safety. What the fuck? I was scared as she was! *ha, ha, ha, ha!* Then people on my right pushed me into her and the people on her left pushed her into me. And there we were, facing each other with my leg between hers and yeah, I was getting turned on. She smiled at me and I pulled her as close as I could, put both hands on her ass and we began dry humping each other. We squatted down a little bit to have a stronger center of gravity as people obviously would bump into us. I almost wanted to take my dick out because the strain against my shorts was nearly unbearable. I could hear myself grunt and moan as I had this pussy all to myself. Some dude came by and told us that we should move around and start moshing like everyone else because just standing there wasn't safe. The girl told him to mind his own fucking business. I was overcome with lust. I pulled the girl up on me and she wrapped both her legs around one of my thighs and I busted a "hard, sanity draining, I'm going to hell, I see dead people" nut in my shorts. I looked in her eyes and we kissed for a little bit and then I told her we better run for cover. So we did. She went one way and I went another.

That was enough for me. I was exhausted. Not to mention red, blue and green. My shorts were relatively clean, but my chest looked like I had been violated by a box of crayons. I found a spot away from the pit and the madness, took out my wife beater from my pocket and began to wipe myself off. I reached in one of my other pockets (I have six in all) and pulled out some deordorant. And then from still another pocket I pulled out a little container of "Axe" cologne and sprayed myself all over.

To my surprise girls were standing close to me. In addtion to the cologne and deordorant I had the feeling they could smell the cum on me and maybe to the girls this was like blood to a shark. But I had really had enough. I watched one more band, Chimaira, perform and that was it. I had been there 7 hours, ONLY saw about 10 bands, but I just wanted to go home.

So that's it. I left out some girls and details because there were so many. Maybe next time.

Re: Muff Diver - the "ins and outs" of heavy metal (Sat 24 Sep 2005 06:32:26 GMT)

Thank you for the compliment.It took me a while to write this because all these memories came roaring back and I would take a break to cool down.Or else I would've been typing with one hand, if you know what I mean.*laughs*

Regarding CHIKHANDJOB (Sun 25 Sep 2005 16:39:59 GMT)

Oh Great Inseminator, I bow down before your presence.

I've done some shit in the past, but jeez, what you did, now that takes balls! (no pun intended)I be so scared of having it yanked or something. I have to sit back and think about this one for a while! And no, I'm NOT going to try it myself! *laughs*

law and order svu (Sun 25 Sep 2005 17:01:43 GMT)

I was watching an episode of "Law and Order SVU" and it was a story about a child rapist. The usual stuff. But in one scene, they had a grown policewoman pretend to be a 14 year old girl. The rapist didn't go for it, but it started me thinking. I know of undercover cops on the bus and stuff, but I would assume their women dress in a provocative manner. And they don't pretend to be teenagers. But does anyone think there are female cops (or male cops for that matter) trying to catch people in all sorts of public places who like to grope?

I mean chatrooms are one thing, because they usually run some sort of sting operation and the offender meets the person at some place planned out in advance.

But what if all of a sudden you have undercover cops at state fairs, rock concerts etc... who in addition, besides looking for alcohol, illegal drugs etc... look out for gropers too.

When I was at the Sounds of the Underground concert waiting to get in, security made a line just for the females so they wouldn't get groped. So it's already a topic of concern.

I personally think it's something to look out for, because who knows. They might just put some law on the books and all you have to do is touch a girl in the "wrong" place, she could say you intended to do more and who knows?

I would like to hear some thoughts on this.

regarding balance is needed (Mon 26 Sep 2005 05:40:51 GMT)

Frustrated Frotteur,

I would have to agree that balance is needed. But there's one thing that you can't rush and that's experience. You'll know something with the next girl that you didn't know last time. And women are so complex that's you can never really know how they'll react to something.

I've been with women who'll let me put my hand between their legs and rub their pussy, but didn't want my erection pressed against them. I had no problem with that because I do believe the women is in control. And some might disagree. And I can respect that. But all a woman has to do is scream or yell and make a big spectacle of it and it's over.

I read that now some women in Japan have come up with a counter attack. When a guy gropes them, they grab his hand hold it up in the air and say at the top of their voice "Who's hand is this that's been touching me?!!!"

Women usually don't say anything outloud to anyone. They'll move away or something, but they usually don't say anything, so I think that's one reason why guys keep doing it.

I try not to take it personally. Rejection I mean. There was a woman that I sat next to on the bus, and when my leg pressed against hers, she gave me a sharp elbow in my ribs and said in a nasty voice...

"EXCUSE ME! I would like to move to another seat, ok?"

Fast forward over a year later. The same woman. The same bus line. I was sitting reading a magazine and she asked to sit next to me. At first I didn't recognize her, so I didn't think anything of it. But almost as soon as she sat down, she pressed her leg against me. And I ended up with my hand between her legs and her coat covering my hand while I was getting her off.

So maybe the day she elbowed me, she had a bad day. Or maybe she didn't like being hit on. Or maybe she had a boyfriend at the time and she want another guy touching her.

I don't know and I don't care. If a girl doesn't want me near her, fine. They'll be someone else.

I just take it as it comes. If I don't get near a woman, no big deal. Plus in the last few years, I've encountered some VERY aggressive girls. I didn't have to do a damn thing. They made the first move. All ages too.

Teenage girls etc... know a whole lot more than some guys think. For a couple of weeks earlier this year, by sheer coincidence, I would be on the bus with all these school kids when I was on the way home..

Some of the girls would grope me, position themselves so I could feel them up etc.. and keep a poker face all the while. And these girls were very experienced in what they were doing. So it's not like

"Oh that poor girl, why is that guy standing so close to her? Why can't he just leave her alone."

No, it's more like

"I can't go anywhere because this girl has grabbed me by the dick and she's trying to jack me off!"

I don't move out of my comfort zone. There are guys who post stories and anecdotes that are more braver than I'll ever be.

But that's okay. I've had a LOT of success with my own style and I'm happy with that.
So I don't let things get to me. As many women as there are in the world, there's nothing to worry about. To quote the movie Roger Dodger...

"Sex is everywhere!"

and believe me, it is.

October award: Opportunist
and Syd the teenage daughter
("Like mother, like daughter" they might say.)

Oppy’s Farewell Performance (Mon 17 Oct 2005 19:37:24 GMT)

I’ve spent most of the months of September and October alternating between a frenzy of attending a show a night and being in a deep funk. My employers have done what the authorities, bouncers and meddlesome onlookers and even April's Psycho Chick have been unable to do: bring Oppy’s reign of pleasure to a close (hopefully temporarily). I’m part of a team traveling to work long term at a client’s site in the mid west. I’ve made a couple of scouting trips to the area way out in Corn Country already and found it depressingly empty. The only redeeming possibility is that one of the most notorious “party schools" in the US is a couple of hours drive away. I’ll probably have a lot more time to contribute past experiences while cooped up in my hotel room for at least the next 3 months. I guess that’s a bright side.

Happy Humpin’

If Oppy wasn’t going to Hell before… (Mon 17 Oct 2005 19:45:53 GMT)

OPPY in the Ring (violence)

It’s the last week in August, and I’m about to enter an involuntary hiatus of concert attendance. The major GA venues have no dates at all for the next 2 weeks. The consensus is that it’s due to the students all returning to local colleges this week. They are giving them time to settle in before resuming full show schedules. The schedule for mid to latter September is so full that it is dangerous for an obsessive person like me. I could go to a packed show 8 days straight. Last night I went to a metal show which was to be the final major show till the end of the 2nd week in September. Attending was a last minute decision because I’ve been checking out a couple of the smaller venues in anticipation of this drought for the 900 to 1500 person capacity halls. The results have been decidedly mixed. So last night I had a choice between checking out a brand new smaller place or sticking with an almost sure thing at the larger familiar place, a real no-brainer. As I entered the venue I was relieved to see that it was already nearly packed. I made my way closer to the front during the performance of the opening act. There were a few cases of “close but no cigar”. A really big girl, at the first stop that I made, obviously wanted to play. She kept shifting over toward me until her sizeable left flank was lined up with my crotch. Unfortunately she was just a little bit too big, so when I felt that she was close to taking that last step back to initiate contact I began working my way through the crowd to find another opportunity in the scattered open spaces. The next candidate was another big girl but one safely on the right side of the cutoff point. She was a farm girl type big, blonde and fit looking with no hint of the tummy that had disqualified the first girl. I first noticed that she had moved up alongside me when I accidentally made contact leaning over to avoid obscuring the view of a short girl behind me. My arm brushed her shoulder and she flashed a merry smile on receipt of my apology. I was pleasantly surprised to notice that she began to angle that big ass in my direction. Some nights are like that. Wherever you go there’s an opportunity. Unfortunately sometimes there’s nothing till a brief encounter at the end of the night as there had been the previous show. And then there is the extremely rare almost unheard of case of a completely dry night. But tonight seemed like it would be one of those nights where you can do no wrong. Before we could make contact she whispered something to the guy with her and disappeared. On her return the guy glanced at me and shifted over so that he’d be next to me rather than her. No biggie! I contented myself with watching the action at the newly formed mosh pit. The pit seemed more violent for the metal guys than the punk crowds I was more used to, and there was an almost total lack of crowd surfing. Two girls caught my eye through a gap in the crowd. I was immediately struck with how cute, curvy and slim they both were. There was a strong family resemblance. They both had keen features with broad cheekbones and extremely pointed chins. They resembled the illustrations in a fantasy book I’d read years ago on elves. So to me they became the “Elf Sisters”. While watching the shirtless savages careen off each other in the pit I spotted a promising Oppytunity (that’s something that is a couple of levels above the average opportunity). A line of four attractive girls, (here’s the thing all of them were fine! What a rarity!) trailed by one short but tough looking dude. He reminded me of the TV character “Beretta”, complete with a backward facing Kangol cap tilted over one eye. One guy can successfully guard 2 girls if he’s alert, but four? Fugedaboudit! I made my way over to the spot they had chosen directly in front of the roiling pit. The next number started and the pit resumed in a frenzy. I never join the pit but I always spend a little time in the ring The ring is what I call that boundary 1 to 3 people deep who separate the action of the pit from the rest of the audience. Whenever a pit like this one forms those closest to it will turn their backs to the stage to face the pit in self defense. You don’t want one of these beered up idiots to slam into you from behind. Often those in the ring become the de facto protectors of the rest of the crowd. Some in the ring are just biding their time until they work up the nerve to enter the pit. A number of macho types will watch those slamming into each other in the pit awaiting the assholes who seek the opportunity to leave the pit and smash into an unsuspecting concertgoer. As usual I stationed myself on the frontline of the ring. I was between a tall rawboned baby faced guy with a wispy ginger goatee and Beretta. I was deliberately next to BA so that when the intermission started I’d be right there with his quartet of lovelies. The next song kicked off and everybody in the ring had their hands full blocking, grabbing and pushing the moshers away from the backs of the audience in front of us. The most surprising aspect was that one of BA’s lovelies detached herself from her friends and stayed behind me and BA on the 2nd line of the ring. As we were grappling with a guy she would dart out and add her shove to ours, shrieking with excitement. The next song turned out to be relatively mellow so there was no action in the pit. The wild girl remained pressed against my side. I then noticed that the Elf Sisters had used the lull to creep up directly behind me. I leaned over and told the older of the two that when the action in the pit resumed they’d want to be behind me and BA, closer to the stage. I stepped to the side, coincidentally closer to the wild girl, in order to let them enter an area of relative safety. The band announced their last song and urged the crowd to go wild. Oh shit! It turned into a war with the moshers practically forgetting about each other and seemingly intent only on crashing through us and our ring. It was easy to see who the worst one was on the other side. We’d already collided a couple of times already and I knew that he was strong. What made him dangerous was that rather than leading with the chest or shoulders this guy would extend his forearms at the last minute. Many of the others go through this elaborate choreography of kicks chops and punches. Some appear to attempt to get as close to your face as possible while doing this. I’d already seen one dude end up on his ass after getting clocked by him. I noticed a new member of the ring a compact young bull who looked like a power lifter. He had his back to them until the forearm thrower caught him in the back. When Ol’ Forearms tried again, the power lifter caught him in the chest with both hands and slammed him to the floor.

Setting the fox to guard the hen house (sex)

During the melee the Wild Child had continued participating in the shoving. She spent a lot of time with her tits pressed into my back, waiting to jump out and push. When the intermission started she was again standing pressed up against me grinning from ear to ear. I took the time to try to carefully examine the quartet. The Wild Child was a tall lean blonde with cornflower blue eyes and long flowing very fine hair. She had a cute double cupcake of an ass contrasting with a spectacular pair of torpedo shaped boobs. The most attractive member of the group was a tall, spectacular brunette, wearing skin tight black denim low riders, accentuated by a gold belly chain. She had a slim though still hourglass shape. Her face and form were superior to the Wild Child but for sheer wanton attitude Wild Child was in a class by herself. She continued an enthusiastic bump and grind to the track playing during intermission. Since we were almost crotch to crotch, you can imagine how good that felt. She splayed her right hand across my chest and laughingly told BA and the other girls that she was planning to keep me by her side for protection. This chick was feeling no pain, but she had to feel my throbber pressed against her inner thigh, as she performed her little hootchie-coo. I couldn’t cover the last couple of inches to plant the throbber directly between her legs because of the broad back of the power lifter, who continued to face the site of the mosh pit, which kept me from moving over another few inches. BA looked on in amusement. It wasn’t just that we had fleetingly bonded during the shoving, I’m sure he was just used to this girl behaving this way. The belly chain chick seemed to be his main focus as I noticed that he planted a meaty paw on that tiny waist as often as possible. An especially popular track started and some of the knuckleheads up on our row started slamming. Wild Child was thrown fully into my arms as everyone attempted to maintain their balance. The older blonde Elf Sister latched on to my bicep and held on for dear life. After a staggered step or two I regained my equilibrium. I noticed that BA had a hand on the younger Elf while his arm was wrapped around the brunette. Security had stepped in and banished the idiots back to the mosh area, the blonde elf relinquished her death grip and shyly gave me a combined thanks and an apology for having dug her nails into my arm. I gallantly told her that I hadn’t felt a thing. More accurately all I’d felt was the Wild Child’s crotch rubbing against mine as we were buffeted by the crowd. She still had her right hand clamped on my chest and that served to push her pelvis into me even tighter. Wrapped in my arms, she had thrown back her head and laughed through the whole episode.
I hadn’t mentioned the other 2 members of the quartet because they had worked their way beyond us a couple of rows ahead. After the scrum kicked off they evidently wanted to reunite with the other 3 and came back. They were both curvy brunettes, who appeared to be sisters. Up close they were both very cute but shorter and a little heavier than both Wild Child and the brunette. One of them forced me to back away from the Wild Child, when she squirmed her way between us to stand facing Wild Child, chattering brightly. I didn’t mind the rudeness as much as I ordinarily would since the throbber, which had been pressed against WC’s thigh, was now buried in the rude girl’s ass. She was bouncing around regaling WC with something or other and treating me to a vigorous dick massage. BA leaned over and said something to the girls, who at first seemed hesitant to comply. They then all trooped behind him as he worked his way through the crowd. As she swung around to join the parade WC gave me a hearty thump on the chest and said “we’ll be back”. I hoped she was telling the truth because behind her was where I was determined to spend the rest of the show.
As I turned back from watching BA lead his little group away I noticed the older of the Elf Sisters was very ill at ease. I stood back and gestured for the 2 of them to step up into the space just vacated by the quartet. The blonde Elf smiled gratefully and asked me what had brought me out to this particular show. I gave her one of my many canned answers, because I get asked a variation of that question constantly, due to my age and ethnicity. Everyone wants to know what the big middle aged black guy is doing at the punk, metal or indie rock show. I’ve often been told that people think that I’m an undercover cop or something. She seemed surprised that I enjoyed being in that type of environment. I took a moment to get a closer look at the 2 of them. The obviously older, blonde elf was wearing a curiously retro looking soft denim shorts and shirt set. The shorts looked almost like hot pants from a couple of decades ago and were molded to her taut little fanny. The younger one was also dressed weirdly. She was heavily made up in dark shades more fitting to Goth/punk than to a metal show. Her outfit was also unique. She wore a pair of painted on green pin striped pants with a matching vest. The pants were tucked into calf high black boots and she wore what I think used to be called a bandeau, resembling a strapless bra, under the vest. There was another abrupt crowd shift and the blonde elf looked panic stricken. I told her that it was obvious that she was only there for her little sister, and gestured toward the other, younger girl who was clearly enjoying the whole spectacle. She gave me her first smile of the night and said “that’s not my sister that’s my daughter”. Up close I could now see that she was older than I’d first thought but she still seemed too young to have a teenaged daughter. I was, almost by reflex doing Oppy maneuver # 15. That is, I was standing on her left shoulder encouraging her tacitly to turn in that direction to establish eye contact. When she turned it brought my dick into contact with her sleek little booty. She settled in comfortably enough and ended up in contact with me almost from shoulders to ass. I felt, however that she wasn’t a player. She wasn’t pressed into me because the prospect turned her on. I felt that my being the only other person in the vicinity over 30, plus my protective gestures toward her and Lil’ Elf had encouraged her to bond with me at least till the show was over. My dick remained nestled in her crack while she related that her daughter Cindy or Sydney was a big fan of the headliners and she had brought her in from out in the sticks where they live to catch the show as a treat. I held back from really taking advantage of the situation for 2 reasons: 1st she was more concerned with the roughness of the crowd than with any contact that may be going on between us. She had just told me that she was unprepared for the crowding, shoving and intensity that occurs at these shows. I was aware that she was clinging to me as a protector rather than a partner in a little illicit fun. I’m a little ambivalent about this situation because usually when I’m “Oppy the Protector” it is with a little cutie, sometimes 2 at the same time, who are not only aware of my carnal intentions, but also share them. I wasn’t that enthused with the prospect of spending a lot of time with the Elf Mom because I would have felt like a scavenger. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not pretending to be holier than thou. I’m sure that if I were not able to pick and choose my partners so readily I wouldn’t be able to dismiss a treat like the Elf Mom so easily. There were too many potential playmates, such as WC, available who’d be as into the situation as I was. I had no need to take advantage of the woman’s discomfort. Let me be clear though. While she was there I never made any move to dislodge the throbber from her crack, nor did she attempt to put any space between us.
.I heaved a silent sigh of relief when a familiar stocky figure worked his way back toward me leading my primary interest for the evening and her friends. BA took off almost immediately after ushering them to the spot. The rude girl demonstrated that the last time was no fluke by shouldering into elf mom till she relinquished her spot on my jock. Wild Child plastered herself to my right side and gave me a loopy smile. I returned her smile and said” you’re back”. She exhaled a cloud of eau de Coors. Her grin widened and she said “told ya”. I teasingly said that I could tell how she’d spent the early part of the intermission, referring to her beer breath without mentioning it. Juiced as she was she caught on anyway and just giggled. For some reason that led her to spend the next 20 minutes of the intermission telling this long rambling, incoherent story about trying to decide whether she should go to Cancun with some guy or not. I nodded, smiled and made vague noises of encouragement, while having no idea or interest in what she was babbling about. The subject matter was immaterial because during her monologue the rude chick was pressed solidly back on my shaft, my upper arm was receiving a steady tit massage from Wild Child as the back of my right hand was pressed into her left inner thigh. This was paradise for an old perv. Too soon the intermission ended and the 3rd act began. Fortunately Wild Child resumed her bump and grind routine. I was trying to figure out how to slide over and nestle between her cakes since I had enjoyed the rude girl’s heftier ass for a half hour already, and would enjoy a change. Before I could implement my plan there was a massive disturbance as the guys up front began shoving and slamming. It created a human wave that swept a good many of us a couple of feet to the left. Once again I put an arm around Elf Mom as BA secured Syd. Fortuitously the rude chick was dislodged enabling me to guide Wild Child forward in front of me with a hand on her hip till she was impaled on the throbber. She settled back until her upper back and shoulders were resting on my chest and turned to show me that same jazzed expression complete with eyes that glittered from excitement. As things settled down Wild Child resumed her bump n grind. It was even better than I’d anticipated. She had an ass of a perfect consistency, just the perfect mixture of soft and firm. The head of my dick sank in about an inch as she went back and forth and side to side. I’ve read the raves that some of the posters give the practice of chewing the hair of the girls they hump. I can’t relate. The idea doesn’t interest me in the slightest. I’ve inadvertently ended up with mouthful of hair on a number of occasions. What I enjoy, no what I love! Is the feeling of long flowing hair whipping around my face as I’m riding the ass of its owner. I’m not sure if I posted the experience of a young hardbody ( I believe I called it “Mohawk and Suede”) who was knowingly whipping me about the face with her long ponytail, while we humped. This was that good if not better because: as I mentioned before, Wild Childs hair was exceedingly fine. Instead of whipping the delicate strands caressed my face like a silken cloud. Now Tha’s Whassup!! I wondered how long I could take this without cumming. I noticed Elf Mom lean up and start speaking insistently to Syd her daughter, who immediately began pouting and shaking her head. Elf Mom grabbed my arm and stretched up toward my ear. I obliged and leaned over to see what she had to say. She said “ I can’t take anymore of this, and I promised my daughter that she could see the show from up front. Will you watch over her for me?”. Stunned I could barely muster up a nod and an affirmative grunt. Two equally potent factors were bouncing around in my head: first “Woman are you crazy? You’re recruiting a professional pervert to protect your “pride and joy”! Second was the fact that Wild Child had the only body that I wanted to guard that night. As another wave of shoving began Elf Mom had been gone about 5 minutes. Syd tucked herself into my side, evidently in obedience to her mom’s instructions. Surprisingly, I was having no trouble confining myself to being “Uncle Oppy” despite the woman sized bundle pressing in on my left side. There was no temptation to turn this into another game of hump one, while groping the other (well almost none). Wild Child was easily dominating all my attention by means of the rhythmic undulations her hips performed. It was as though this chick had no bones in her pelvis, it moved so smoothly and sensually. I tried to compensate for this possible deficit by giving her a rather substantial bone of my own. She was a perfect dance partner, keeping the joystick wedged deeply between the cheeks all through her gyrations. Yet another wave kicked off. This time the gorgeous chick with the belly chain got elbowed in the head. I saw BA appear to resist the temptation to retaliate against the thoughtless idiot who did it. Belatedly he seemed to realize what had occurred to me when he 1st led his group onto the floor. One guy can’t physically protect 4 girls in the midst of an active, sometimes violent floor. After a huddled conference I watched dejectedly as BA led his charges out of the crush and onto the fringes alongside the outer walls where it was relatively peaceful. Wild Child gave me a farewell thump on the chest and a slightly wistful “see yah” as she disappeared after her crew. Maybe the perceived wistfulness was wishful thinking, since she would have no trouble finding a replacement playmate. There had been a number of guys eyeing our interplay enviously. I broke out of my reverie to realize that Syd had been watching me. As I turned my attention to her she indicated with a nod of her head that she wanted to step forward into the opening created by BA’s departure. I shrugged and nodded affirmatively. Syd scooted forward as far as she could and I followed dutifully. The move brought us to the 3rd row from the stage. Syd had a practically unobstructed view of the stage. She was standing directly behind a shorter girl and between a muscular 6 footer on her left and a tall pretty boy and his girl on her right. I was pleasantly surprised to see that our move had also brought us in the proximity of a bevy of curvaceous Latinas. I began planning a way to steer Syd over in that direction. Just as I was settling in what seemed to be the biggest push of the night occurred. What made it so bad was that it came from the rear with no warning. There was no chance to brace against the pressure, which shoved me forward into Syd. The only thing that kept me from pinning her and the 2 girls in front of her to the rail was my being able to get my hand on the rail, straighten my arm and brace myself. As it was I found myself nuts to butts with Syd, unable to resist the crowd surge enough to get any separation at all. It’s already been established that I am a lecher, pervert and sexual deviant. So you may be wondering why I would even consider backing off of that nubile booty pinned against me. As I started to explain when I described my feelings of dealing with her mother, I’m a freak but a freak with standards. You may have noticed that I no longer talk about any non consensual experiences. The reason is that they no longer interest me. The random poke and stroke that you can cop all night at a crowded club or concert is not my thing. I know that many don’t feel the same way. I remember that when Shogun contributed the artwork on the menu page one of the contributors complained that he didn’t like the expression of pleasure on the girls face. I’m just the opposite. That was the best part of the picture for me. My dick however had no conflicts or ambivalence all it knew was that it was buried to the hilt in female ass flesh, so it behaved accordingly. It progressed from a slight twitching to a pronounced throbbing into the resilient mounds moving against it. Syd didn’t make things any easier by engaging in that Metal themed arm thrust with the index and pinkie extended. Every time she thrust her arm forward it jolted her firm shapely hindquarters back against my steadily expanding shaft. It’s obvious that I was having difficulty maintaining any avuncular feelings toward this chick. My dick received this stimulus throughout the entire 3rd act. Only when the last intermission started did I get a chance to step back and away from the girl's fully tenderized little ass. I asked her if she planned on seeking her mom during the intermission, promising to save her spot for her if she did. She said that she’d prefer to stay up front till the end of the show. I decided to make a last attempt to restore a platonic vibe to the rest of my time with Syd. I leaned over as close to the muscular dude on our right as I could thereby moving my dick as far from Syd as I could. The guy looked over at me so intently that I explained that I was only trying to keep from crushing the girl in front of me. He turned out to be a fanatic for the headlining band who had no interest in any of the hotties surrounding us. Syd began standing on her toes and coming back down. Every stretch up in the air brought her little buns back into contact with my ¾ length woody. I realized that she had taken a ½ step over to line up directly in front of me. Only the roadies were on stage adjusting mikes and doing sound checks so there was nothing to see onstage. I was now sure that Syd wanted a more complete concert experience than her mom knew. I wasn’t sure how I felt about that and until I was sure I would hold back. I crossed my arms in front of my chest and tilted my protesting boner back and away. When she felt my crossed arms on her back and no longer felt anything on her hiney, Syd merely gave me a slight glance over her shoulder and made no move to reinitiate. I congratulated myself on being a pillar of restraint and resolution until I noticed that the elbow of the pretty boy on the right was pressed into Syd’s right breast. Oh Oppy the protector was livid! How dare this creep molest this girl while I’m guarding her! I roughly inserted my hand between the guys elbow and Syd while being careful not to touch her. I then glared at the pretty boy until he turned red and looked away guiltily. It only took a second for me to return to my senses. I realized that I had no right getting high and mighty with this chump for some girl I didn’t even know. Then the realization hit me that even though there had been contact the guy had not extended his elbow back. Little Syd had leaned forward into him to initiate contact. The guy had behaved the same way most of us who frequent these pages would behave. He was offered something and he took full advantage. Finally I realized how ridiculous it was for me to try to cast myself in the role of protector of the girl’s virtue. I have no problem protecting girls and women from roughnecks in a mosh pit, or keeping them from being crushed or elbowed in a crowd, but I have to draw the line at protecting one from her own impulses. If this chicklet wanted to experience some of the sneaky freaky at her 1st concert in the big city, then I have just the man for the job. I allowed myself to relax so that a slight contact between my crotch and Syd’s ass was reestablished. At the 1st contact with her taut little backside I started stiffening rapidly. She must have been able to feel the difference immediately through her thin pants because she resumed going up and down on her toes, pressing back against my now rampant woody. I then relaxed the hand that had been held rigidly between her and the pretty boy. After I allowed it to touch the side of her right arm a couple of times she inched over until there was firm contact between the back of my right hand and her right breast. Just as I never initiate the 1st contact with a prospective playmate, I’ve schooled myself to allow them to take things to the next level as much as possible. Often, being the greedy perv that I am I‘ll fall short of this. With one exception, any time the escalation that I initiate is not wanted a change of position by my playmate is sufficient to get things back on track. An example of that would be the situation with Jill on the 4th of July when I tried to step up the action, she moved her arm to thwart me but allowed things to continue as they had been. Sometimes you have to let your environment dictate what you do. I’ve added tit play to my repertoire to a much greater degree when the girl is up for it. Sometimes depending on visibility and who’s watching you must avoid reversing your hand to cup the breast. Sometimes a 3rd party can make trouble if you are too obvious, or they’re too nosey, as was the case with my run in with Zorro. This was one of those times. I chose to keep my palm flat against the back of the pretty boy, who was so cowed at this point he didn’t even turn around. This still pressed the back of my hand firmly into Syd’s firm high tit. The only downside was the feel of the gathered, accordion like fabric of the bandeau. The headliner exhorted the crowd to become more demonstrative. Their actual words were” Move your dead asses” .The metal heads lost their little minds as a wave of pressure shoved everyone forward and didn’t recede. Syd was bent forward over the short girl in front of her. Both of them were laughing like loons. We were packed in so tight that Syd’s previous back and forth motion was impossible. She now began a syncopated bouncing in place to the cadence of the song. The crowd motion had knocked my hand from the pretty boy’s back, and pressed it directly onto Syd’s tit. Surrounded by backs and shoulders I felt safe in finally reversing my hand naturally until it firmly cupped Syd’s right breast Syd paused for a fraction of a second, when she detected the change, but then resumed bouncing vigorously with her firm glutes clenched around my cock. . I was jammed in so close that she was yanking my dick up and down with every hop. It had been weeks since I’d been able to do this but there was never going to be a better time. I shifted my hips to the side as much as possible, and then slid my left hand in until I could use it to free my boner from the confines of my boxers. I then thrust my naked dick back into the yield ass bouncing in front of me. Three minutes or so of those tight young glutes flexing against my straining dripper was all I could take. I hurriedly pulled my shirt back over my spurting dick as each pulsation expelled another rivulet of cum. Syd, still bent over from the waist pushed back steadily. I was so spent that I passed the next 20 minutes of the performance back safely in uncle Oppy mode. The band left the stage while the crowd went through the obligatory chants for an encore. Syd’s jumping and chanting was having a revitalizing effect on my little flopper. I wondered how much damage I could do before the end of the encore. The crowd started thinning just a bit as some left to get a jump on traffic and others made their way up front. Someone tapped me on the shoulder and I turned around to see some guy pointing to the mom. She looked at me smiled and said “tell her we have to go.” I leaned down to break the news to Syd trying to ignore the fact that my naked dick was stiffening due to renewed contact with that nubile hiney. Rather than complying immediately, Syd leaned past me to try to persuade her mom to let her stay for the intermission. I’m now having the awkward but exciting experience of staring this woman in the face while my dick is throbbing into her daughter’s backside. The mom refused to relent however and with a last forlorn “Mommm!” they disappeared into the crowd without a backward glance. That plaintive childish wail served to remind me how young Syd must have been. Two things stand out for me about that situation: 1st I wonder about the mom leaving me to guard her kid after she’d felt my boner in her own ass. She had to know. Even if I’ve used this term before but there is no such thing as being oblivious to a full erection. Maybe mom was being pragmatic, figuring that having her precious feel a stiffie during her big concert experience was no big deal. It ‘s more likely that she was in denial, because realizing that her big protector was a ravening perv would have given her a choice of enduring the conditions up front herself or disappointing her daughter. The 2nd thing is the reminder that true as the axiom about a conscience and a stiff dick is, that’s not the end of the issue. You should always force the big head to rule the little head. That way your conscience is always in operation. Ultimately blaming your actions on loss of control is a cop out. I, not my dick, decided to hump Syd under those circumstances. I take full responsibility that the decision I made about Syd or will make about any other situation is made after a full examination of my conscience. Whether that makes my actions sound worse or better I’ll leave it up to the reader to decide.

Happy Humpin’

How to herd an Oppy (Thu 20 Oct 2005 18:07:23 GMT)

Déjà vu all over again

In my second of four concerts this week I had an experience that started out like so many others but had a pleasantly unique variation. I again got to a show within minutes of the opening act. I hate that because it doesn’t give you enough time to adequately scout for a playmate prior to the show. I was too late to snag one of the spots on the first two rows, but I did end up on the end of the 3rd row, since the crowd was slow to jell. While checking out those nearby I identified two possibles: A 17/18 year old teenybopper, who seemed to orbit around me soon after my arrival, and a smoky MILF with a barely restrained set of phony looking boobs. Neither was ideal. The teenybopper was cute and slim with long brown hair, but was a little on the short side. The MILF was a real hard body with a remarkably well toned set of abs set off by her tiny belly shirt. She seemed to be drifting imperceptibly in my direction during these last few minutes before show time, but there was the slight matter of the scruffy looking biker who seemed to be her date. Both were doable but not ideal. The young girl confirmed her interest by brushing against me seemingly at every opportunity. But she was kind of short. DAMN all you fine assed eager short girls! You are the bane of my existence. You look so fine, move so well, feel so good and send out so many encouraging signals. Then you put that ass on me and it’s so low to the ground that I spend hours alternating between leaning at an angle, pointing my hard-on at the ground or squatting as discretely as possible trying anything to make contact. No more! But that fidgit (Stymie’s name for a female midget) two weeks ago was really worth going home with sore quads and an aching back! Never again though will I squat, point or lean. 5’ 6” is now my limit. Yeah Right!! If you believe that one…
Wait a minute this chick on the end of the 2nd row really looks familiar. I’ve increasingly had the experience of seeing the same girls, with whom I’ve had an encounter, at subsequent shows. I rarely try to hit the same one twice, unless a clear indication is given that it’s welcome. What’s really wild is watching their expression when they see you up on another chick’s ass. Anyway the chick on the second row turns her head toward me and displays a very distinctive sapphire piercing. She has her upper lip pierced high up near her nose. She looks familiar because she‘s a former playmate. We had a very intense session a couple of weeks ago. She notices me and gives me a carefully blank expression. On the first occasion she was with her girlfriends acting wild, tipsy and loud in the roiling crowd of a. tumultuous punk show. Now she is with a stocky young guy wearing a Prince Valiant haircut acting very prim and proper. I keep everything neutral, waiting to divine her intentions. She leans over to her boyfriend /date whatever and says something. They switch places. She moves to the inside away from me and he’s now about a foot in front of me to my right. I know she didn’t mention me to him because he never looked in my direction. I’m momentarily pissed because I’d never assume that she wanted a second go ‘round but she must have assumed that her ass and tits were so good that I would be unable to resist. My resentment faded when I realized that all that she knew about me was that I had humped and groped her, with her cooperation, while her girlfriends were clustered around us. I’d sure had fun and the big smile and merry “thanks for being my bodyguard” (not the first time that I’ve heard that one) that she gave me afterwards indicated that she’d enjoyed it too. Dismissing the last vestige of anger I resolved to take care of business. I realized that either of the two possibles that I’d identified so far would be settling. It was way too early to settle, even though the first act was onstage already.

Meeting the shepherdess

A trio of cuties came pushing through the crowd. They start squealing and jumping as they sing along with the band onstage. Eventually they settle in behind and to the right of me. Suddenly the one closest to me lurches into me while trying to jump in time with her friends. During the long instant in which she stares into my face apologizing I come to realize the chick is ¾ in the bag. When the band began their next number there was just enough room for them to start some goofy little dance, which I didn’t even bother to watch. I dismissed them from consideration because, as attractive as they all were they were just a little too tightly focused on each other. A minute later an arm snakes around my waist and I turn to see the same little half drunk chick peering up owlishly at me mumbling something. Her sober friend tried to pry her from me but finally gave up. She was making my selection process harder, but there are worse things than spending 15 minutes with an attractive girl with her arms wrapped around you. As the intermission prior to the 2nd act started the trio decided to work their way toward the center. My little drunken buddy apologized for leaving but explained that she had to follow her friends. I pretended regret and watched her disappear into the crowd. Before long I noticed a pair of very attractive chicklets making their way to my area. The one in the lead was easily the more striking of the two. At least 6ft tall she almost strode through the crowd until she stood directly in front of me staring into my eyes. She stood gazing at me expectantly until I finally realized that she wanted me to step aside and let her in front of me. No hay problema. She had a real Xena Warrior Princess thing going on. Besides I always make it a policy to let any attractive female stand in front of me if she so wishes. As she moved in front of me I realized that she was Xena from the waist up and Iris Chacon from the waist down. Any of you who remember the Spanish TV show “El Show de Iris Chacon” from the 80’s knows that Iris was the queen of the bubble butts. This chick was like that, possessing an ass so large and round in relation to her size that it was almost cartoonish, but not quite. She was still a couple of Hershey bars on the right side of proportion. The sight of that bubblicious bottom was an undisputed dick stiffener. The 2nd girl was a bubble butt in her own right and could only have been overshadowed by a specimen as imposing as her friend. She was also a pretty brunette, but a more moderate 5’ 8”. Her bubble was also more normal sized though still impressive. Her shapeliness was accentuated by the tight waisted jacket she wore over a navy blue tank. Rather than the jeans that Xena wore this girl wore soft looking cotton pants barely covered by the center vented jacket. A flat, rectangular purse hung from her right shoulder on a long strap. She moved past me to stand beside Xena while I took up my usual position. Whenever I encounter a pair of girls at a show I always stand as close to exactly centered between them as I can. The temptation is to position yourself directly behind the more attractive of them or the one with the better behind. This can sometimes be a mistake because you never know which one may be more amenable to engaging in a little fun. 9 times out of 10 if either one is inclined to play she will make it apparent, and often it is the less attractive one who is more aggressive. Sure enough the smaller girl began that familiar maneuvering of subtle shifts and baby steps until she was making light hip contact with me. In all the time it took her to position herself I never moved. I knew that if she wanted to play I wouldn’t have to. One thing that’s always interested me about concert humping is the importance of strategy depending on who is accompanying your prospect. The rarest thing at a GA concert is a lone female. Almost never happens. Even those that appear to be alone have usually at least come to the show with someone. Different tactics are required if she is with a boyfriend than you would execute if she’s in the midst of her girlfriends. My favorite situation by far is a pair of unaccompanied girls. There are so many different ways this type of situation can play out that part of the fun is trying to predict the outcome. Some of the possibilities are of the hump one grope the other variety another is the tag team situation where you start with one and finish with another. The secret to success in consensual situations as always is to let them dictate everything. The worst possible outcome is described in a little story to follow. My semi-soft was lightly touching her hip while she maintained a conversation with Xena. We were about 3 rows back from the stage on the outer right hand side. Xena was a step ahead of her friend parallel to one of the floor speakers. The crowd started tightening quickly as the 2nd act began performing. Since I called the giantess Xena I’ll call her buddy Gabrielle. I was now, because of her maneuvering, directly behind Gabby. She shifted again until the slight hip contact was transformed into firm pressure centered on that big round hiney. I love the feel of humping a hardbody, but there’s something special about sinking a couple of inches into the plump wide booty of a lushbody. She had taken a half step back from her friend and shifted until her crack was perfectly centered on my twitcher. I was glad that the bill tonight was all mellow indie rock, since it was conducive to the slow gentle swaying that Gabby had begun. As I’ve mentioned before a steady side to side by either participant serves to progressively intrude the head of your dick between her cheeks as much as clothing permits. Her pants were so tight and form fitted into that deep cleft that my dick, as usual protruding from my lowered zipper, was socketed in a couple of inches. Every sway of those broad hips created a sensation not unlike having my dick’s head enwrapped by soft stroking fingers. At this point I began pulsing forward firmly to accentuate the sensations. This was how we spent the entire 2nd act. I was almost glad when the band walked off stage and the intermission began. My throbber had graduated to a dripper as precum had been leaking for the last few minutes. Gabby leaned over and said something to Xena, and in the process, sending a final salvo of stimulation to my overloaded pleasure centers. She the disengaged from me and walked away. My shaft had been wedged up so far in there that I half expected to hear an audible pop or something when it came out. Those of you who have perceived the kind of perv that I am from my contributions will know exactly the thought that came into my mind as Gabby walked away. Say it with me now! I wonder what Xena’s big ass would feel like. Throughout the 2nd act Xena had remained almost a full row ahead of us as Gabby pushed back against me. I’ve become such a smug, self confident sonuvagun about this stuff that I wasn’t especially surprised when Xena began to mimic the shifting and repositioning that Gabby had performed earlier. Maybe the phenomenon that I call tag teaming happens so often because girls attracted to the kinky-freaky often travel together. For whatever reason Xena was closing fast on a meeting with the ¾ length resulting from Gabby’s absence. When contact was finally made my boner sank easily into the semi firm pillowy mass that Xena was shoving back on me. All the while I was keeping an eye out for Gabby’s return. As good as Xena felt I was still going to stick with Gabby. My height enabled me to spot her before she reached our row. I stepped away from Xena as smoothly as possible before Gabby could see any contact. It was apparent that Xena was no longer up where she had been, but there was nothing that I could do about that. Gabby settled that big ass back in front of me all lined up on the twitcher Xena had awakened. Xena’s big round ass was exerting a steady pressure against the side of my right hand. I was preparing for more than an hour of hump one grope one when I realized that something had changed. It took a fraction of a second to realize that there was an elbow buried in my stomach. It hadn’t been jabbed back it was just positioned there from the right side. I’m always attentive for any change in temperament, especially since my April nightmare. I was so preoccupied with trying to read her mood that my twitcher drooped into a flopper. Until I figured out what was up I wanted to avoid contact with her. I stepped back as much as the crowd would allow, only ½ a step. I then shifted my hips until the flopper was pointed or more accurately flopped away from her. My confusion increased when she took her own ½ step back until contact was reestablished. Once I realized that the elbow and purse were not intended to keep me off of her ass it became obvious what the intention was. She had used the prods to force me to move away from Xena. I had been herded by the little lady with the big butt. Maybe Xena’s changed position on her return hipped her to the fact that we had been playing in her absence. It‘s possible that she is used to being overshadowed by her more spectacular friend and determined to ensure that she avoid it whenever possible. I spent the rest of the show smiling to myself. Gabby and I resumed where we left off. She swayed that big booty from side to side while I pulsed forward discreetly. I went from flopper to throbber in about a minute. Xena sidled over and whispered something in Gabby’s ear. After the exchange Xena remained in that closer position with that warm round hip again in contact with my right hand. A minute later I felt that familiar sharp pressure exerted on my stomach. Gabby again was attempting to reposition me. I immediately complied and shifted to the left as Gabby turned at an angle to reestablish dick to crack contact. I LOVE THIS SHIT! For whatever reason, Gabby again left at the final intermission, but this time I heard her tell Xena that she would meet her out front. Xena and I then resumed where we’d left off. She moved over and this time I shifted over to meet her. In a matter of minutes I was pulsing away between those big cheeks. Somewhere in the middle of the last act’s set I spurted between Xena’s poot pillows.
I sincerely hope Gabby didn’t leave with a bruised ego. One of the things a lot of guys don’t seem to realize is the surprising vulnerability that many women have when they initiate a session with a guy. If the guy should turn them down or choose someone else it can sting. That explains her attempt to separate me from Xena.
I’m used to putting on new personas in order to carry out my perversions. I remember a recent show being nuts to butts with a trio of curvy lovelies accompanied by a very tall doofus. I was “Oppy the helpful” that night volunteering to help save their spots up front when they went to the ladies room. I’m often "Oppy the Bully" when required, but this was the 1st time a persona has been assigned to me. For a while there that night I happily became Oppy the sheep.

Happy Humpin’

Oppy's cent and a half (Thu 20 Oct 2005 18:47:17 GMT)

A stiff dick has no conscience…and other ruminations

Most of this in one form or another has been on disk for months. My newly enforced idleness and some recent posts have prompted me to throw it together and see if anyone wishes to discuss some of it. Whether it is a threat or a promise you'll be hearing a lot from Oppy in the days to come.
I referred to a question that mitb asked me months ago, when I recounted my experience with The Amazon, Showoff and Penelope, concerning a perceived double standard. I didn't answer you immediately because I was putting together a lot of related theories and opinions since this was a subject to which I had devoted a lot of thought. One reason that it takes me so long to post is that I seem to have the attention span of a drunken ferret (to paraphrase a line from a recent movie). I started a contribution related to that subject and gave it an appropriate title. I never posted the contribution but have been periodically adding to it.

Concerts are King

If you engage in concert humping your percentage of success is in my estimation higher than any other form of Chikan. If you think about it the reason is simple. It’s a combination of the environment and the music. The playing field is tilted in the Chikan’s favor before the show even starts. The girls and women who are fans of the performer are already turned on. You have only to look at the faces of some of them to see that they appear in an almost orgasmic state when the headliner comes onstage. I believe that some come to these shows expecting if not eagerly seeking to come in contact with a stiff dick. Too many of them initiate contact for me to believe otherwise. Add to that the fact that it is one of the few places people go expecting to be jammed up together. Alcohol consumption, darkness and the driving beat of whatever musical genre is on tap all contribute to making these shows the undisputed best source for humping and groping. Sure you can get the same tactile sensations grinding into a honey on the dance floor but an essential ingredient is missing for me. I love the covert secretive nature of undercover humping. At a concert the woman has to risk a bit too in order to cooperate with you. Mitb and I either briefly discussed the seductive aspect of consensual encounters(drunken ferret cant remember shit).At a club everybody is doing it so my freaking a 20something on the dance floor is fun but to me still second best, not enough of the kinky freaky for me.

A Couple of Double Standards

I mentioned a double standard in an earlier post related to women who frott with a stranger in the presence of their significant others. Some of what I’m going to say will sound like bullshit to a lot of you. I can’t help that. These are my opinions (and you know what they say about opinions: They’re like assholes everybody has one and yours is the only one that doesn’t stink). Before I give my opinion here’s an example:

I went to a lousy concert the week before Live8. What made it so bad was that not only did I have to pay full admission for a change, but also I had really been looking forward to the show and even the music was a disappointment. I must admit that I was off my game a bit. I spent too long attempting to ascertain if any 1 of a group of 5 chicklets wanted to play. By the time I realized none of them were into it the opening act had started. I’ll spare you the rest of the details of the next couple of hours. Suffice it to say that that Oppy kept zigging when he should have been zagging. It wasn’t until the Headliner went off the stage while everyone chanted for an encore that I found her. You know how the crowd reshuffles when the act leaves the stage, some push forward in anticipation and some leave to get a jump on their trip home. She was standing next to her date, boyfriend or whatever, when I noticed her steal a glance at me over her shoulder. My interest was piqued when the next glance was accompanied by a half step back in my direction and away from her guy. After receiving 1 more signal I got in her space. I was still careful not to touch her 1st. She leaned over from the waist to grab the guy’s arm. This shift brought her ass into contact with my budding stiffie. Once that happened it was on for the next 20 minutes. The girl even took off her jacket, draped it over the purse slung over her shoulder and used it to obstruct the view of the guy. With the moderate crowd cover humping was out of the question, but shifting from side to side in time with the music was supplying very good stimulation. Unfortunately the show ended with the 3rd song of the encore. The girl and I stayed jammed together as the crowd was dispersing. She facilitated this by taking his arm and turning him away from my direction. Something triggered an alarm for him however and he spun his head around and stared right at me. He had an expression on his face that I’ve become very familiar with over the past couple of years. It was caused by a nagging sense of doubt that either I was taking advantage of his girl or the unthinkable: that she was cooperating with me. He reacted as most do. He put his arm around her and led her to the exit. I’d be willing to bet that he never brings it up to her later because he doesn’t really want to know. The only reason I’m relating this minor incident is that it is the perfect intro to answer MITB’s question as to what I meant by a double standard with respect to Penelope.
What does this have to do with a double standard? It came almost as a shock to me when I 1st started concert humping to discover how often girls would initiate something with their man right there. I experience it at least once a week. I’ve seen a young boy on the verge of tears because his girl planted herself in front of me and wouldn’t come back to where he was standing, despite his entreaties. She finally took pity on him and reached back and brought him up to where she stood. The kicker was that she had him stand in front of her with her arms around him, so that we could keep humping. Another guy frustrated that his girl didn’t want to “give up her spot”, which happened to be bouncing up and down on my dick on the front row, had a different remedy. He took his keys from his pocket and yelled to her in front of their friends that he was leaving. She sheepishly disengaged from me and weaved through the crowd to catch up to him.
Early on this type of situation created a feeling of guilt in me for my part in trashing the egos of these guys. I found myself identifying with the schnooks whosegirls, in my mind at least mistreated them. After all we guys should stick together right? Bullshit!! If you aren’t sure of your woman keep her home or stay behind her. I began developing this attitude when I remembered a talk that I had my uncle Robert when I was in my early teens. Rob was what today we would call a player today. On one of the many occasions that he was on the outs with my aunt for running around he sat down to “school” me about life. The only thing that made an impact on me was his assertion that “a stiff dick has no conscience”. I’ve now adopted that to mean that in matters of sex, especially illicit sex you can’t get hung up worrying about the other guy. The account with Penelope, the Showoff and the Amazon was originally entitled “A stiff dick has no conscience” for 2 reasons: 1st my feeling sorry for muscling the beatnik led to losing the Amazon and 2nd I had learned my lesson by the time Penelope slid in front of me. Even though I liked her guy, and had enjoyed talking to him that was not going to stop me from accepting what she was offering.
I believe that the women who engage in these practices have already adopted this credo. Maybe theirs would be more “A wet pussy has no conscience” or maybe “a warm clit”. The double standard is our wanting to see women as either these passive victims or ho’s with no morals. People who post about the terrible damage we do to these helpless virginal creatures often have me laughing. I don’t believe in rape. The dark side of me flirts with the fantasy in movies and such but I abhor the reality.
The interlopers who come on to our site and want to show us the error of our ways should go to a club, or a frat party to see what young women are into these days. The most popular form of dancing is crotch to crotch or crotch to ass humping called freaking or freak dancing. We forget sometimes that women love sex. Women really love sex play in a safe environment. They don’t go out looking to fuck some stranger, but a little covert tease and tickle is often welcome.
A few years ago while working out of state a couple female co-workers were discussing going to a ladies night at a local club. They invited me to join them but cautioned me that I would not be allowed to enter the main room until the show was over. Suffice it to say that it was an eye opening experience. The bouncers would permit the waiting men to hover near the door at the rear of the main room while the male strippers performed for the women. There was so much laughter and screaming going on. The women were in such a good mood, playful and very frisky. I tried to remember any male strip club I’d attended that had a similar atmosphere and couldn’t. One dancer with his rampant erection covered by a cloth sheath would pull a giggling woman from her chair and grind on her ass or crotch. Some would hold their dicks in their hands and bat the women in the face with them (these were some big, big boys). Women were grabbing dicks, slapping asses and all in all having a wanton good time. It’s a cinch that having men in the room with them would have inhibited many if not all of them. I’m also sure that a lot of the waiting men were the beneficiaries of the heightened state of arousal many of the women were in after the show.
I firmly believe that many a husband or boyfriend has gotten his best fuck in months the night after his lady shared an experience with me. This isn’t as egotistical as it sounds. It is not me personally or any of us that turns a woman on in a consensual experience as much as whatever the fantasy she attaches to you.
Wake up people! Women have an admittedly different but equally strong sex drive. I’m reminded of this experience whenever I check out one of the CFNM sites on the net. Not the staged sites using pros, strippers and aspiring porn stars, but the ones featuring everyday women. A staged site such as Party Hardcore with it’s perfectly sleek, siliconed participants doesn’t do it for me. I like the sites where you can see grandmothers and fat chicks giggling and even participating, while some local housewife or college girl slurps down a stripper’s dick.
Many women have an especially healthy appetite for the freaky, sneaky side. One of my favorite moments of the Warped tour involved an unfortunate couple expelled from the crowd because one of the bouncers saw the girl giving the guy a hand job during the performance. It was priceless. In the midst of hundreds of pushing heaving revelers they were getting it on in the 2nd row. I’m sure that a lot of our visiting moralizers would try to cast this teen girl in the role of victim as she was obviously younger than the guy. What I found most interesting was that the guy came meekly to the barricade to be lifted over, while the girl unrepentantly balked, and only capitulated when she was assured that she was not being expelled from the venue, only the crowd at this stage. She was not in the least embarrassed even though the asshole bouncer who caught them needlessly pantomimed her indiscretion so that the entire crowd down front knew that she’d been caught doing. Even though I couldn’t understand her lack of embarrassment I admired her defiance. At a recent suburban show that I attended, one of the preliminary rap acts invited girls up onstage. This stunning Carmen Electra look alike went up with a flock of other cuties and planted herself in front of the ugliest, fattest member of the group. As the guy ground enthusiastically into her ass, one of her perfect, natural 36c’s popped out of her flimsy top. She stuffed it back in to chants of “show your tits”. When it popped out again the guy covered the bare tit with his mitt of a hand, then grabbed the other one as they kept freaking until the set ended. I had a couple of good extended grinds that night but didn’t get off. After the show I waited in line at one of the bars, more interested in finding a playmate than a drink, when who should walk in but little Carmen Electra Jr. I maneuvered over behind her until I could engage her in conversation about the show. Okay I was also hoping she wanted to play. After I complimented how good she looked on stage she brought up her “wardrobe malfunction” without a hint of embarrassment. It turned out that she had met the fat rapper at the bar of the venue when he offered her a drink. Calling him a rapper is being generous since he’s little more than a hanger on. Still his connection with the group gave his ugly ass a cachet that he otherwise wouldn’t have had. When she talked about his grabbing her tits she expressed gratitude that he kept them covered while she danced. She wasn’t the least bit embarrassed that this guy was groping her tits, and grinding into her ass in front of over 1000 people including her friends from college. I mention this incident only to remind some of you that we cant try and understand and predict what some of these women will do based solely on our male expectations. Will I ever understand the thrill some coed gets from stripping at a “skin to win” wet t-shirt contest? No. In the same way, we can only guess what urges are satisfied when a woman decides to initiate, participate or even tolerate a humping session with one of us.
One last aspect of the double standard is one that I must point directly at myself. What right would I have to judge the actions of a woman in the presence of her S/O when I’m essentially doing the same thing? Even though my wife may be out with the girls, home in bed or on a business trip to N.Y. I’m still married. Contrary to what certain detractors have opined I’m sure that I’m not the only person engaging in this activity who has an S/O specifically a wife. I’m no better than the girl who initiates a frotting session with me while her S/O stands there oblivious. If anything I’m worse because this is a constant activity for me. I have, over the last year, at least made a conscious effort to divest myself of hypocrisy about what I do. What I do is engage in limited clandestine sex acts with willing strangers. If I bring my hands or genitals in contact with a woman’s body for the purpose of carnal gratification it is a sex act. I’ve made my peace with this and am prepared to accept not only the enjoyment that I derive but also any possible negative consequences.
Last time wake up! It is a new millennium. Women enjoy sex; and many enjoy aberrant variations like frotting. We give them too much power by acting as though they are doing us a favor by bestowing a little attention. If you act like a supplicant it will get you nothing. Women despise beggars. Once in a while you may score a mercy grope, but you wont be successful in the long run. A lot of my fellow “geezers” do it all wrong at these shows. They hover around the fringes looking like predators around the watering hole. Stop looking so guilty and desperate.

I wasn’t trying to come off as the all knowing “Wise Old Man on the Mountain”. Sorry if it strikes anybody that way, but I’d be willing to bet that a lot of the people rendering opinions about this subject are at home in bed while I’m out watching and participating in the action. I momentarily resented the assertion by some guest that most of the stuff on the board is bullshit. I realize that someone who isn’t in a club or concert hall 3 or 4 times a week might have trouble believing that some of these things actually happen. I know what goes on and am still skeptical about a number of contributions. I still read them for the entertainment value. I would prefer that a fantasy be presented as a fantasy, but that’s up to the individual poster. I would never be disrespectful enough to call a contributor a fraud just because his story strains credibility. After some of the things I’ve seen and done I realize truth really is stranger than fiction. I just think it’s unnecessarily sad that someone would sit off and make up experiences when the reality is so easy to attain. Finally I’ve always found it interesting that people who make disparaging remarks about our site spend so much time here. If I stumbled onto a site featuring necrophilia or scat, I’d leave and never return. I would not begin corresponding with the participants. Why do they stay long enough to talk to the perverts?
Also I know that I was all over the map touching on a few different subjects. I cobbled this post together from stuff I’ve put down in different musings over time. I included things that I felt were related even if only marginally. Hey I warned you that while I’m in Green Acres you’d be hearing a lot more from me. Shit it’s only been a couple of days and I’m jonesin’ bad.
Happy Humpin’

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er..., his wife, to be exact
(She was too tempting, you know.)

Nephew a little too excited... (Mon 07 Nov 2005 04:10:43 GMT)

This is a story about my wife and my nephew -

My wife and I had tickets to a Saturday concert and took my nephew along (he's young). We were going to drop him off afterwards at home then go out to a few clubs, so we were wearing club outfits, while my nephew wore basic casual clothes (nylon athletic shorts and a plain t-shirt). When I say club clothes, my wife had on a sleeveless silk top - the kind that ties around her neck with a string bow in the back. She had on a short black silk skirt (my favorite of course!) to match the shirt with three inch heels. No bra, and just a skimpy little thong.

I know - the outfit sounds planned for the story, but it really wasn't! Anyway, we got to the concert and moved into the main area (standing room). I was originally behind my wife, rubing my hand between her ass crack for a while through the smooth silk skirt. At some point, I looked over and realized that my nephew couldn't see around the person in front of him. I motioned, and he and I switched places since my wife and he were almost the same height. He's actually a little taller than her by a few inches. My wife smiled at him and asked if he was having fun. He said "yeah", and she playfully danced with him for a minute. He looked a little nervous at first, but danced stiffly with her. She turned back around still dancing, while he still danced. Twice right after that, I noticed my wife glance behind her and smile to herself (not to me), then seem to move forward. She still continued to dance, as did my nephew. Each time the crowd ended up pushing us all back together.

I leaned over to my nephew and asked "You okay." He nodded back to me, but looked a little tense and wild-eyed. I touched my wife on her shoulder and smiled at her. She looked back, but gave me a little questioning look with her mouth open a little. I didn't really understand at the time.

As the music was going on, I looked over again and saw my wife and nephew glued together in the tight crowd. I actually had someone's shoulder in between mine and my nephew's, but I looked down to see my nephew's hand around my wife's waist, with his open palm resting on her skirt just above her thigh, his hand cupped a little so that his fingers were pressing her skirt material somewhere below her belly. My wife's hand was resting tightly on his. It looked a little odd, but my wife couldn't hear me as I called over to her. Her head seemed to be down though.

I kept glancing over now, and she kept her head kind of down. There were so many people pushing around in the crowd that we all kept getting shoved. Suddenly, I saw my wife's head jerk up and she seemed to just look straight up for a minute and stand a little straighter as if she stiffened up. After that little minute, she looked around and I caught her eye. Just then I saw her eye flinch just a little. She looked away and I got a quick glimpse of her body again. Her nipples were erect under her silk top, and her skirt was lifted up at the back so that I could see the curve of her ass from the side! My nephew was plastered to her back, and his shorts were pulled down enough so that I could see his flesh around his waist. I was really confused at the moment, but was pretty sure what happened.

Walking out of the concert, both my wife and nephew kept their eyes on the ground, and the car ride was very quiet. When we dropped my nephew off, he said a quick "thanks again", to me and "good night" to my wife and got out.

I drove around the block and stopped. "What the hell happened?" I asked my wife. She looked a combination defensive and relieved and said, "okay, look, here's what happened..."

It turns out, when my nephew and I traded places, after my wife playfully danced with him and turned around, they both danced to the music but were innocently rubbing on each other with the music and the crowd. My wife felt my nephew's hard-on grow against her butt, and tried to move away a few times. Each time they ended up together again, and his dick was fully hard. They were like this for a little bit, then one time the crowd pushed really hard and knocked them forward. He grabbed around her front for balance, and ended up grabbing onto her waist. When they stood back up, his hard-on was under her skirt, directly in her ass crack. My wife said she got "carried away" (as she apolgized telling me the story). Before my nephew could move back, she grabbed his hand on her side and held it there. They stood for a few seconds that way, then he surprised her (she said) and pulled out for a second. Before she could react, he put his free hand under her skirt, and pulled on her ass cheek as his hard-on re-entered her ass, free of clothes. She said she looked back and could see her skirt bunched up, her butt partly sticking out, and my nephew's shaft sticking out the top of his shorts and his dick head buried between her cheeks. She (MY WIFE) said they wiggled around a little until his (MY NEPHEW's) dick was around her thong and jabbing her bung hole, the head piercing the rim of her hole as he hugged her tight with his arm around her waist. She said she tried to relax, but ath only left his head go a little deeper. But they "danced" that way for only a few seconds (her words) with his head puming in her asshole before he shot a huge load of jism in her ass. She said she was freaking out because when she and I were exchanging glances just after she looked up, my nephew was still squirting cum up her ass! She explained that the cum lubricated his dick so that he actually pushed almost all the way in by the time I looked over.

I said "No way!" so she said "feel!" indignantly and lifted up off the seat of the car. I took my hand and ran a finger up under her skirt. As soon as I reached her ass, my hand slid through all sorts of cum directly to her bung hold and gently jabbed the rim of her hole. "Hey, CAREFUL!" she shrieked as she puckered her ass. All I could do was say "WOW!" and she exclaimed back "I KNOW!" We sat startled for a minute or so, then I ran my free hand up around her thighs to between her legs and massaged both her clit and butthole. From there she knew I was okay with her. I just couldn't get over the dual shock of my wife getting anal (HER FIRST TIME, and I never had it!), and my horny little nephew giving it to her...more than twice his age!!!!

We both sat with my nephew to talk to him about it later, and he immediately broke down with apologies to both of us. He said my wife was just so hot that he got hard and kept getting horny while they danced. He said he had felt up some dates before. He figured when my wife held his hand around her and his dick was pressing her ass, she wanted it in her pussy, so he got out his dick and pushed in until he got inside her. We laughed and my wife explained he was actually in her ass. "Oh man! I had ANAL!!" he exclaimed with a little excitement. I had to slow him down and remind him he had it with his aunt. He kept saying sorry, but you could tell he was really excited to have plugged my wife's (his AUNT's) ass! My wife and I acted as serious as we could with him, but we were still pretty amazed ourselves.

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and the giggling spanish lady
(Though I don't think she ran into your car for a giggle.)

Spanish Fly (Thu 08 Dec 2005 18:03:30 GMT)

I was waiting for the train to go home last night and i was tired as hell so i hoped it wasn't crowded. when the train pulled into the station the first couple of cars were kind of empty so i figured the rest would be too, Boy did i think wrong it was packed to the gills with people and i knew i couldn't make it all the way to the end of the platform in time to get an empty car. Now about 10-15 feet from me was this spanish chick looked about 20-25 with a Big Juicy ass I'm talking about a, Selena(rip) JLO("In Living Color" days pre-Hollywood)Iris Chacon Ass! I saw her going into the car in front of mine and i was Soooooo tempted but i remebered dude from my previous post that drove me to the clubs so i said let me stick with this car and i squeezed my self into my car.Now the doors are about to close and who should come running into my car? Ms. Juicy ass, Now I was at the door and there was another guy facing me, she squeezed right in-between us facing me. Now i didn't know what to think at first i didn't want to press up on her more than was and i knew she had her big ass all on this guy behind her because she looked back at him twice and started to giggle when i could clearly see him "adjust" himself then she looks at me and says "Mister, i'm gonna be falling all on you" and started gigling again i said "that's ok" and as if on cue she mashes her tits and groin right up into me, and the trian hadn't even moved yet! So the train begins to move and now we're all humping, he's humping her left ass cheek, i know this because i have her right ass cheek cupped in my hand while she and i are rubbing chest to chest and getting real "groiny" My dick is rock hard now as i push on her pussy and rub back and forth. The dude behind her kept trying to catch my eye but i was looking down at the top of this Chicas head and trying to see the look on her face plus i just didn't wanna look at dude, she had her eyes closed and her face looked calm. i could feel her humps though so i would press just as hard back, she had on dark jeans and as good as this felt i wanted to so badly get on that ass. Well, she didn't disappoint me there either. when the next stop came which was about 12 minutes later, a bunch of people got off it wasn't empty but it was still pretty crowded, so now she looks back at the dude one more time and stars giggling and says "sorry" to him he's looking at her all hungry and shit and she comes over and stands right in front of me ! i turned forward from the sideways positon i had at the door and she stepped from in between us when she stood in front of me. She just gave me the ass she giggled again and then leaned back on my dick for the rest of our ride since the next stop was the last stop. The other dude was looking at us but i still never aknowledged him. I said to myself "she wants to play then let's play", I put my right hand on her right thigh from the side and squeezed it while i humped her ass deep then i happened "sploosh" i came on myself like never before and it was a long one too. i convulsed and everything and dude next to me saw it! that was the most embarrasing prt to this little ride. our stop finally came and everyone got off he kept stopping in front of me for some last humpw i guess, but i was spent so i gave some feeble hump as we got off the train plus i could feel the cum running down my leg. I saw dude run over to big ass and say something to her and she started laughing, probably about her little game, Shit chicks like this might bring me out of "retirement".

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