Little sister's friend 2

Well it happened again. I was at my parentís house for dinner and my sisterís friend was over. After dinner we all piled into the living room to watch a DVD my sister rented. My mom and dad sat on the love seat while I sat between my sister and her friend on the couch. They were a little cold so we had two big blankets on us. Iím never cold but I let them put the blanket over me. I wanted my hands and arms covered. It was my sisterís friendís idea to put the blankets on us so I knew what she wanted. As we watched the movie she positioned herself so her legs and butt were facing me. I had my hand in between her ankles at first. Unlike last time I didnít move up slowly, instead I just went for it. There were two problems though. First, because of the way we were sitting I really couldnít get my arm bent the right way to really get up to her crotch. My arm is still sore from being at that angle. And second, I kept noticing my sister looking over at us. I was getting a little nervous because I didnít want her to know what we were doing Like always her friend was a little resistant at first but then she relaxes and lets my hands wander. She moved her legs out so I can get a better angle but it still didnít help. I had my hand on the inside of her upper thigh right by her pussy. It was so warm in between her legs. The only other problem was that she was wearing those damn jeans again and I really couldnít feel anything. I know she has some stupid dance or something tonight so if I happen to go over there she might not be there. Hopefully if I go over this weekend she might be there. Maybe she will wear better pants then those damn jeans. I need her to wear sweat pants or something. The first time I ever fingered her she was wearing these cotton pajama pants that girls wear. They were perfect because they cling to her body. You can feel her crack and slit in those. Plus there were easy to get my hand in to. Well, every one enjoy your weekend and maybe Iíll have more for Monday. Anyone have any ideas on how I can move things forward faster?

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