Little sister's friend

Last night I was at my parents having dinner. Lots of food and lots of people. It was a good time. Anyway, after dinner we decided to play a board game while all the older people cleaned up or watched old Christmas shows on TV. We played a game where we didnít need a table so I sat on the couch with my little sisterís friend and my sister sat across from us on a recliner. Her friend was laying down a little and had her legs across my lap. She was in jeans and a sweatshirt but she said she was cold so she went and draped a blanket over her legs. I point that out because weíve done this before. Every time she does this I feel her up under the blanket. I knew she wanted me to do it again. If she didnít she could of moved or sat up. So while we played the game I had my hand under the blanket moving down from her knee to her crotch. Even though she was wearing jeans I could feel the heat coming from her. It was hard to rub on her pussy because of the jeans. I really couldnít feel anything. I knew she liked it because she bent her one leg so I can get to her crotch better. The last time we did this she was in short shorts and I got to finger her. She gets really wet and warm. She is so tight. I can fit one finger in but if I try to get two in itís a little difficult. So for about an hour and a half last night I had my hand on the inside thigh of 17 year old girl. Iím 25 by the way. Ever since she was 16, Iíve fingered her twice, made her cum 4 times, massaged her pussy over her clothes 5 times, and have had my bare dick at the entrance of her pussy but we decided it was too soon so we didnít go through with it. I still kick myself for not following through with that because I talked her into letting me enter her with out a condom on. Damn. Oh, well, there will be other times. Anyway, the point of this little story is that I have my only little groping toy that is willing to let me do it. So basically, Iím braggingÖlol. Hopefully Iíll get to blow a load in her before she goes off to college.

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