I was hanging out with my girlfriend this weekend and her sister and her sisterís friend were there. Some how the conversation lead to her sisterís friend telling us about how some guy squeezed her auntís butt in New York last week. After we all made jokes and laughed my girlfriendís sister told us about how something like that happened this past summer at a concert. The best part of the story was that she didnít mind it! Sheís 15, really cute, and from what my girlfriend says, still a virgin. Sisters talk about things like that and my girl is so cool that I got that info out of her. Sheís the best. Anyway, so my girlfriendís sister was at this concert and noticed some one get behind. She was dancing and all of a sudden felt a hand on her waist. She kept dancing and the guy behind her started dancing too. She didnít care because she was having fun. She said that after dancing for about a song and a half she felt something poking her. She said it took her a second to realize what it was. She said sheís danced with guys her age before and have felt stuff but this was an older guy. She said she turned her head to look at the guy and he wasnít even paying attention to her. He was just going with the music and looking at the band on stage. She thought maybe he didnít realize and started dancing again. My girlfriend and I looked at each other and almost at the same time started laughing and called her naÔve. Her sister said that half way through the concert he started pushing in while dancing. She said it was starting to bother her but she couldnít move anywhere because of the crowd. Now Iíve checked her out a bunch of times. Her ass isnít that big so if this guy was up on her and he was pushing in, he must have been almost entering her with his dick. Lucky bastard. Anyway, she said it bothered her so bad that she turned her head and told him that he was hurting her. He said he was sorry but the crowd was pushing him. She said after she said that, she can still feel him but it wasnít that bad. She said they just kept dancing like that the rest of the show. She said when the band came back on for an encore that she felt a hand squeeze her boob. When she turned around she saw the guy that was behind her walk away. She said she didnít care that they danced like that but she didnít like that he grabbed her boob and left. All I could think of was, oh my god this girl is going to get tricked into sex one dayÖlol. She is so naÔve. Anyway, we told her that he was dry humping her and not dancing. She said she knows and that she didnít mind it. She said that it made the concert better. I was like, Iím taking you to a concert really, really soon. Well I said that in my head anyway, not out loud. Right after she was done telling us about the concert her friendís mom came over to take them to the movies. When they got up I actually caught myself looking at my girlfriendís sisters assÖlol. All of a sudden some one flicks the bulge in the front of my pants. I didnít ever realize that her story gave me a little chubby. I look over at my girl and she has this cute dirty smile and says, donít be thinking about my little sister like that. I stammer a little and we both laugh. She knows I have a concert-grinding fetish and that any stories or pictures about it turns me on. Especially with young innocent girls. My girl and I are really close and we tell each other our little perverted fantasies. No matter how sick and illegal that areÖ.lol. We know all about each other. What she doesnít is that, that night when we were having sex I was imagining popping her sister and slamming the hell out of her. Either way she enjoyed the sex. So if anyone happens to be the guy that was behind a cute little red headed teenager at a concert this summer then let us know how it feltÖlol.

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