I boarded the train and squeezed into place. Herding cattle is what it reminds me of. Everyone slides into place, the doors close, and a sudden jerk gets the train moving. Like a snake the train slithers under the city causing everyone to move in a certain rhythm. Back and forth, side to side. I look around and check out all the different people on the train. I notice a few people out of place in the sea of business people. There is a construction worker, a couple of college kids, and even a pit pocket. He looks in my direction and I shoot him a look that makes him realize that I know what heís up to. Heíll get off at the next stop. You can tell that heís a little nervous now. Heís afraid Iíll rat him out. The train comes to a stop and everyone lurches forward. Heís one of the first off the train. What he doesnít realize is that I could care less about him. My only concern is for the girl in front of me.

This cute little thing has been here the whole trip. Sheís about 5í4Ē, thin yet slightly stacked, and extremely cute. Her tank top pushes her chest up showing off her cleavage. A few other guys nearby notice it also. More people pack themselves on the train. Everyone is pressed up against everyone else with no room to breathe. The doors close once again and the train moves forward. The girl in front of me gets pushed back and she braces herself against me. As we move along her backside repeatedly bumps against me. I try not to make contact but we are so packed that I have no where to move. I look down and watch her bumping into me. Her tight cotton stretchy pants are just hugging her ass. I watch as it bumps into my crotch. There is a slight jiggle but it is extremely tight. Between her short tank top and low pants I can see the small of her back. Her body is so tight. I watch this connection of our bodies for a few minutes and certain feeling begins to build in my groin. I can feel a hard on developing. The motion of the train and the visual Iím getting is causing me to grow more every second. Instead of jeans I threw on some gym shorts before I headed out today. There was no restraint between her and my growing hard on. I try to take a step back so I can control myself. It wasnít easy but I did create some kind of distance.

The train comes to a stop at the next station. More people get off, more people get on. Once we are all packed in again, the train starts moving. The girl is pressed against me once again. Iím not as hard as I was a second ago but I realize with the motion of the train itís only a matter of time. Once again I can feel her against me. Over and over and over. Iím trying to control my breathing. I canít let anyone else know Iím excited. The lady in front of her moves forward a little which gives this girl the opportunity to take a half step forward. She sees the opportunity and takes it.

Normally I would let this go but I was too far-gone. I take the half step forward and lightly place my hand on her waist. With a little push I place myself up against her. She turns her head and looks over her shoulder. Our eyes meet and I try to read them. She doesnít look upset so I push forward again. The train movement causes me to slowly grind on her. My fingertips move up her waist and onto her bare skin. Itís so soft. I move my hips slowly. I look down and I can see my hard on pushing her stretchy pants material into her crack. She leans back causing more me to enter her. I can smell her hair and feel the heat of her body against me. I look around to see if anyone notices. Everyone is oblivious to what is going on. I rub my fingertips against her stomach and move to the waistband of her pants. I let my finger tips slowly enter her waistband then move out and up her side. I can feel her trembling. As I move my hand higher I can feel her ribs. She turns her head to look over her shoulder at me again. Our eyes lock and she pushes back on me. My hand goes higher and I reach the bottom of her breast. I feel the material from her bra. My fingers snake under the bra and I can feel the flesh of her young breast. I touch her nipple and someone bumps into me from behind. I get shot back to the moment and realize that we are still on the train. I lower my hand back to her waist. I look around to see if weíve gained an audience. So far so good, no one is looking. I back off and remove my dick from her ass. As I do I she backs up trying to feel me again. I hold her waist with one hand and with the other I slowly pull my dick out of my shorts. I want her to feel it against her skin. I push back into her again. My hand around her waist slowly tries to pull her pants down. I just want to get my dick against her bare crack. I pull the material back and slide in between her pants and her body. The warmth engulfs my dick and I can feel pre-cum leaking from my head. The movement from the train causes me to slowly fuck her crack. I didnít enter her but just lightly moved in her crack. I use my shirt to cover any evidence. Itís too crowded to see any way.

Once again the train comes to a stop. Neither she nor I move. Iím still buried in her. I can feel her cheeks flexing trying to get used to my invasion. A few people get off but a sea of people get on. I try to hold on to her but the people entering the train turn her around. My dick dislodges from her pants and now she is facing me. My bare dick is against the front of her body. She can feel my pubic hair against her stomach. The train moves on and I place my hand on her waist once again to keep her in place. I move my hand to ass and give it a light squeeze. Her hips start moving and grind against my dick. She is breathing heavier and faster. I slip my hand in her pants and squeeze her bare ass. Her skin is so soft yet her cheek is so firm. I want to fuck this girl right here, right now. I look up and notice the guy in front of me. He is staring at us smiling. He tries to move closer. Is he trying to move in on my territory? I take my hand out of her pants and have it ready to put in between her and him. I hear the brakes of the train. This is my stop. I move away from her and put my penis away. She looks up at me. We both smile.

The train stops and we both move to the exit. We exit the train and some one waves in my direction. The girl gets excited and looks up at me. ďThanks for taking me home, Uncle Tommy.Ē She runs toward the woman waving. They embrace and the woman gives the girl a kiss on the cheek. I walk towards them. ďThanks for picking her up and taking her home,Ē my sister says to me. I stare into the young girlís eyes, ďNo problem. Anytime.Ē We both smile and they start to walk away. I watch my niece and my sister walk away. They start to climb the stairs to exit the station. My niece turns her head and flashes me a smile. We both canít wait until I have to pick her up from school again.

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