I humped My Cousin !!

Yeah I went there......Last Saturday I was at home preparing to go to this club to "get my grind on" I been doing all my humping there lately it's safe and consenual to many cats been getting arrested for me to use publc transportation to satisfy my Fetish. Anyway, My Cuz calls me and asks me what i'm doing and would i like to go to a friends party with her. I was like what the hell alright, now I'm 6'1" she's 5'9" with a phat ass and i've always fantasized about grinding the shit out of her. but i never thought about attempting it (she is my cousin after all). So we get to the party and it's kinda dead at first so we grab some drinks and head to the dance floor, after having a "couple" i'm feeling nice and the party starts to get packed and the Reggae music comes on. Now i'm dancing woth this chick but, i'm watching my cousin dance with this dude and grinding that big juicy ass all on him and i was turned on and jealous at the same time. She had on these tight stretch jeans and it looked like her ass was gonna bust right through 'em, so after we finish dancing with our respective partners she's standing there dancing along to the Reggae alone jsut about every dude in the party came up to her trying to dance but she was turning them down, her juicy ass plus her gyrating to that reggae was making dudes crazy. Now i don't know where it came from but something in me said "fuck it" i walked over to her and i didn't wanna freak her out so i put my around her shoulder praying that i would at least get her hip to brush against my "woody" but she does me one better, she slides in front of me and starts dancing!!. My woody became a full fledged hard on in an instant! her ass was so soft my dick just sunk right in to her ass as i matched her gyrations and just looked down at this beautiful ass massaging my dick. i almost nutted right off the bat, i think it was a combination of this being Taboo and her just having a phat ass. Then i got greedy and put my hands on her hips and started grinding into her ass hard instead of taking my time, she looked back at me with this "ok your getting a little carried away' smile and moved to my right. I got a coupla short humps after that but she would always move away after about 30 seconds of pleasure, I guess to keep me from getting carried away again.

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