Fun time for me and maybe a pic for you

Iíve lurked at this web site for some time and now Iíve decided to post. Iím into younger girls, like most of you, and have had my fair share of them. The young ones are more gullible and are more exceptable to having a good looking guy grind them. I have younger sisters and have grinded and groped their friends more times then I can count. About two weeks ago my parents went away for the weekend and I stayed at their house to keep an eye on my sisters and stuff. Well that night after my sister fell asleep I was talking with her friend and stuff and one thing lead to another and I was rubbing my hand over her sweat pant bottoms. Iíve grinded on her a bunch of times and sheís cool with it. I was rather surprised when I found out she wasnít wearing underwear and eventually got to finger her. She loved it. Sheís 16 almost 17 and is athletic. Her body is perfect. Itís small and tight. She wasnít a virgin, which I knew, but she was so tight. I was fingering so good she was begging me to fuck her. I was actually afraid because I didnít want to hurt her and there is that whole under age thing. I quickly talked myself out of thatÖ However, just as I was about to stick my dick in her she freaked. She was like we shouldnít be doing this because Iím her friendís brother and all that stuff. I backed off and got her to let me finger her some more. I donít think any ones ever rubbed her clit while she was fingered because that was new to her and drove her crazy. Eventually she came and freaked out again and asked me to stop, so I did. Iíve known her since she was 6 months old so it was a little weird for her. My parents are going to a wedding this weekend and Iím watching their house again. I just found out that she is sleeping over again. Hopefully this will be another happy weekend for meÖlol. Iím going to try and talk her into letting me take a pic of me grinding on her tight little ass for all of you to see.

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