Re: Old Timer- Girls strategically placing their hands

I havenīt noticed girls who would place their hands on purpose to feel me up in a crowded subway carriage. I have placed my boner against the hands and arms of young and mature women but they would change posture to avoid me. But I have done it to young teenagers and some of them would smile and even they would try feel me up. It really arouses when me these young girls smile and move their arms on my cock, making it become erect. Then these young girls would take advantage a surge of people getting in the carriage and use their hands to feel up better the shape of my cock and I would behave as if I didnīt noticed anything.

I remember one evening rush hour that I was in a hurry to go home, and I got into a crowed carriage of the subway and I accidentally pressed my cock against the hand of a young lady (about 20 years old) who was balancing her handbag in that hand. When the train started to rock back and forth her hand was fondling my dick and I liked the way it felt on my groin her rubbing me up. Actually it turned me on and my cock got erect. I was wearing my business suit made of a light piece of clothing, so it was easy to feel up the shape of my erect pole. She was giggling and yapping with her friends and as she was fondling my stiff pecker she had a smiling grin in her face and telling something at the ear of her friends. I would figure she was commenting about my hard cock on her hand.

One of my favorite fantasies is having a beautiful woman fondling my naked hard pole and kissing it and licking it too. OOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

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