I strongly agree with Alfonso from Spain when he talks about ejaculating behind a schoolgirl every morning during the bus ride.

buttfuck I strongly agree with Alfonso from Spain when he says that: what could it be more pleasurable than pushing your erect cock up against a schoolgirl s butt cheeks everyday in the morning during the bus ride, and remain pressed up to the girl all the necessary time to ejaculate behind the schoolgirl, with your dick in her butt crack, and her hair in your mouth, and holding her by her waist.
I will elaborate more on that article. I like schoolgirls who have round, jiggly, fleshy and plump butt cheeks. Even though they are teenagers some of them have curvaceous hips and round onion booty cheeks and deep ass crack that can be seen through their small and thin blue skirts or light jogging suits. Most of them wear small panties that get stuck in their butt cracks, so their butt cheeks are more exposed to me for fondling. I have seen their beautiful young buttocks naked in the beach when the schoolgirls wear thongs. Their virgin bums are so round and firm, that I would just stare at them all day in the beach.

In a crowded bus ride I would position myself behind a schoolgirl wearing a small skirt and I would took out the head of my cock from my underwear, so head of my penis would be resting inside my pants. Then I would press the head of my cock against the schoolgirl s bum, right in her butt crack. Pushing my cock up against a schoolgirl s butt cheeks is extremely pleasurable. I like to feel the way her butt cheeks press up my dick. I love to feel the way her warm butt cheeks sandwich my cock. I desire to feel up the round shape of her booty with the head of my cock by moving a little bit from left-center-right. I like to feel my testicles sliding over each of her butt cheeks when I move sideways.

During de bus ride I love to rub up my frenulum of my penis against her butt cheeks grinding sideways and feel the way my cock becomes erect. (the frenumlum is a thin stripe of flesh located underneath the shaft of the penis and connects the shaft with the head and is very sensitive). I desire to fondle the curve of each of her butt cheeks with the thighs of my legs, by bending my knee and lifting the thigh of my leg to feel up the shape of the schoolgirl s leg and each butt cheek, several times, while I am pressed up behind her bum. I desire to place the thigh of my leg in the middle of her butt cheeks, and slowly slip my hand over my thigh to feel up the shape of her butt crack and butt cheeks. I like to press the bulge of my erect cock in my pants against one of her butt cheeks while my hand is inside her butt crack.

What really causes me an instantaneous erection is when the schoolgirl suddenly pushes her bum backwards to me, pressing my cock with her booty and remaining pressed up to me like this for a long time. It really arouses me the only thought of remaining completely pressed up behind a schoolgirl during a bus ride. My chest pressed up to her back, the head of my cock pressed up to her plump butt cheeks, her hair in my mouth. I would smell the scent of her hair during all the bus ride. I would kiss and salivate her hair.

The bus ride would be bumpy. Since I would be squashed up against the schoolgirl s back side, every time the bus accelerates or brakes I would be grinding her bum. At the beginning of the bus ride I would be rubbing up my semi erect cock against the schoolgirl s booty cheeks and smelling the scent of her hair and also salivating her hair too. As the bus would move back and forth, the erotic feeling of the schoolgirl s firm bum on my dick would cause my pecker become hard. My cock would become fully erect as I would be grinding her booty during the bus ride and I would be taking deep breaths of the scent of her hair and my saliva would be dripping down her hair, and it would fall close to her neck onto her blouse.

With each bump of the bus my erect cock would be rubbing up against her butt cheeks a lot of times, increasing and adding up my sexual arousal, reaching plateau stage, and heading me toward ejaculation. Each bump of the bus would be equivalent to an stroke penis to vagina during a normal intercourse. As the bus would rocket back and forth my cock would be become throbbing and would be pre cuming, staining with my pre cum my pants and her delicate blue schoolgirl skirt. I would be filling the air with the odor of my own pre cum, and I would be smelling the schoolgirl s scent of her hair mixed with the odor of my own sperm.

During the bus ride I would be enjoying the erotic feeling her firm ass right over my cock. Her bum would be bumping my cock building up a lot of pleasure on my bulge until I feel that I am about to ejaculate over the schoolgirl s butt cheeks. I would slyly moan and kiss her hair that got to my mouth. I would be about to come and I would keep grinding and rubbing against her bum until I start ejaculating behind the schoolgirl while smelling the scent of her hair and my mouth eating her hair and my hands holding her body by her waist all at the same time. I would groan slyly aaaaaaahhhhhhh, aaaaaahhhhhh, aaaaaaahhhhhh……. The schoolgirl would try to bend over a little bit when she hears my furtive ejaculatory groan thus increasing the pleasure of my ejaculation by pressing up more my throbbing cock with her buttocks I would bend over on her back to keep smelling and eating her hair, and I would be holding her by her waist and her arm while I would be feeling my ejaculatory contractions. The schoolgirl would notice that a pulsating bulge is onto her butt cheeks.

My throbbing cock would be pulsating with the last contractions of my pubococcygeus muscles (kegel muscles) that pump my sperm. My the sperm would fill all my pants. Her skirt would be stained with a viscous and smelly sperm that would be pending from the tip of my penis to the girl´s butt cheeks, so that would be between the thin fabrics of my pants and her skirt.

I would have this marvelous ejaculation every morning at school rush hour during the bus ride everyday.

I would also say:
Whenever I see a schoolgirl wearing a small blue skirt in a bus or subway carriage, I desire to stand behind her and push to my cock up against her butt cheeks and grind her bum a lot of times until I ejaculate sliding up and down my throbbing pecker in her virgin crack while I am smelling and salivating her hair and feeling up the shape of her plump buttocks on my hard pole and belly, and my hands are grabbing her waist and shoulders, and her blue skirt gets stained with my semen. I would enjoy looking at the stain of my semen on the skirt of the girl as she would get off the bus.

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