The cheerleader and the frottager

The slumber party started turning toward slumber in the small hours of the morning, after hours of giggling and gossip. The cheerleaders of Madison High were a close knit group of friends, and each thought she knew all the others' secrets, but pretty blonde senior Kelly was nearly frozen in surprise when Christi slid into her sleeping bag and started kissing her neck. Kelly's breath stopped and her body stiffened, but Christi continued her soft kisses, and her hands were roaming on Kelly's body. "Come on, baby," Christi whispered in Kelly's ear, "It'll feel good if you let it.'

Kelly felt Christi's hand cupping the teenaged mound inside her babydoll nightie. Her finger was working its way between Kelly's groove, slowly back and forth while she ground her crotch against Kelly's leg. Kelly felt the heat of Christi's pussy on her thigh and tender lipglossed kisses on her neck and shoulder. Christi nibbled Kristi's earlobe. "Relax, baby girl," she urged.

Kelly shut her eyes tight and pretended to be asleep, but after a few moments of Christi's skilled ministrations, Kelly felt her young cunt grow wet and hot. "That's what I like," she heard Christ whisper, and imagined the way Christi looked when she leered after the handsome boys at school. Then Kelly felt Christi reach inside her panties, teasing her wet slit with a fingertip before sliding across her engorged young clit. Kelly drew a short pleasured breath, but Christi let Kelly's sleeping charade continue while she rolled Kelly's clit like a tiny marble in oil. Kelly instinctively parted her legs to give Christi easier access, but she kept her eyes tightly shut and tried to keep her quickening breath silent amidst the other girls. Christi rubbed the slick clit gently and steadily, pinning Kelly's body under hers, until she felt Kelly climax in a great spasm. Kelly reached quickly to grab Christi's hands because her soft pussy was too stimulated to take any more. Christi nuzzled Kelly's neck once more, and kissed the younger girl again. Christi climbed out of Kelly's sleeping bag and padded quietly to her own. At breakfast, neither girl mentioned the late night encounter, and both Kelly and Christi kept it to themselves as the school year went on.

The frottager had been fascinated and infatuated with young Kelly for months, ever since he boarded a late train from work and found that the kids from Kelly's and Christi's high school took that train home. After that he lingered at work or around the neighborhood for an extra hour, in the hopes that he would see the tight young blonde on her way home. Every day he guessed at which door Kelly and Christi would board the train, and on the days that he had to move across several cars to get a peek at the girls, he hoped the train conductors never noticed that his change of seat was always to the car with the girls.

He sat in the single seats in the upper berth so that he could stare down at the pretty girls, and on some days he thought lucky, there was no one sitting who could tell that he was rubbing his cock off inside his pants. He didn't always reach a climax before Kelly and Christi unboarded the train -- at their stop, he always tried to time it so that he might get to touch Kelly's firm young ass while he and the girls and the other commuters pushed their way through the doors into the train vestibule. If he couldn't get a furtive touch on Kelly's butt then, he looked for opportunities to brush his hand across her ass while she stood in the train vestibule waiting for the train to come to a stop. Sometimes if he caught a whiff of Kelly's hair while he trailed the back of his hand across her butt cheeks -- when he felt really daring, he would let his hand brush across one firm young buttock and into the groove in her ass. After each secret encounter with Kelly, he would wait impatiently to go home to jerk himself off, or occasionally he wouldn't wait at all, and find an empty place on the train for rubbing off, or in the lavatory.

He was thrilled the day that Kelly and Christi wore their letter jackets to school, for they gave him a clue as to which high school the girls attended, and especially arousing to him was that the girls had earned their varsity letters for cheerleading. From then on, he imagined Kelly in her cheer uniform while he jacked his prick. He marked days on the calendar when Kelly's team was hosting a football or basketball rival, and he would attend those games so he could see Kelly in her tight sweater and pleated cheer skirt. He tried for some rubbing against Kelly in her cheer skirt after the games ended, but the cheerleaders were like some kind of social mavens who had to be the last ones to leave, so Kelly and Christi never exited with a crowd that was dense enough for him to camouflage his frottage.

One day the girls wore their uniforms home from school, and when the pervert saw his dream girl board the train in her cheer uniform, he almost gasped in the anticipation of a touch or a rub against Kelly's ass. On that day he changed his seat on the train so that he wasn't looking down at the blonde, ponytailed beauty, but sat in the lower berth, hoping to look up the cheerleaders' skirts.

His moment of truth arrived when the conductor announced that Kelly's and Christi's stop was coming next. He focused his eyes between Kelly's legs as she got up from her seat on the train, and just a hint of her young thighs and colorfully-pantied snatch shortened his breath. He waited a moment for the girls to pass him in the aisle, pretending to read a magazine, but he got up in a second, hoping that no other passengers would block his access to Kelly's cheerleader butt.

Damn it, a businessman in a trench coat was out of his seat and walking down the aisle between the frottager and the girls, so there was no chance for him to feel her up at the door. When the crowd emerged in the vestibule, he excused himself to an old woman as he moved around her. He hoped he wasn't so pushy that she might take note of his hands or crotch rubbing on the young girl. Suddenly, while the train approached the station, it rumbled to an early stop.

"Sorry, folks," said a railman's voice on the public address, "somehow we got ourselves a train on the wrong side of the tracks up ahead, and we'have to wait here while that train backs up and gets right again." A grumble went up among the riders, but the pervert was excited to have a lengthier time to touch and rub against his cheerleader dream girl.

He took a small step closer to Kelly, his hand dangling low with his fingertips up. With another small step, he was behind her, and he craned his neck forward a bit to get a whiff of her fresh youthfulness. His eyes darted left and right, and it appeared that none of the frustrated commuters was looking his way, so he let his fingertips brush against the fabric of her cheerleading skirt. He looked across her body, down the zippered tunic tight around a narrow waist, and further to a pleated white skirt with school-colored trim and the shape of her marvelous young ass. He saw that the tips of his fingers were under the hem of her skirt. He leaned forward slightly to let her soft yellow ponytail touch his nose. He inhaled, and pulled his hand up so slightly. He extended one fingertip toward her, hoping to feel the beautiful tight panties that he jerked off to again and again. Then the lights went out.

"Sorry again, folks," said the railman. "It's gonna be a while before we get that other train settled, so we're shutting off our engine and lights for now. We'll be moving again shortly. Thank you for your patience."

The pervert's eyes widened in the darkened train vestibule. He was in the dark, and his hand was under his dream girl's skirt. Emboldened, he reached up and forward until his fingertips rested on her firm young ass. Instinctively, Kelly moved forward a bit, increasing her personal space.. The frottager stepped with her, letting the girl preserve her space for a moment, and then he moved in again, this time brushing his leg across her ass as if by accident, while his hand trailed behind to get that teenaged feel.

Kelly knew that someone behind her was playing with her ass, and she felt like screaming, but she first sent a text message to Christi's cell phone.

"SOME1 IS ON MY BUTT," she typed.

Christi read the message. "OMG" she returned.

The man had been massaging his dick in his pocket since the lights went out, and he felt that rush that hardened his cock. He shifted his hips forward until his dick pushed into Kelly's butt. He quickly moved his hips back and stood straight again.

Kelly typed another message. "HE HAS A BONER".

Christi tried not to laugh in the darkened train vestibule. Another message from Kelly appeared on her cell phone display: "WHAT TO DO?"

The pervert moved his hips forward again, bumping his hardness into Kelly's skirt and ass. Kelly was feeling confused, and then Christi's reply startled her. "LET HIM."

Kelly was shocked that her friend would suggest that she let the man behind her continue to bump his boner against her butt. She felt him behind her, alternately pushing his hard cock into her ass and pulling away, or placing his hardness against her and rubbing it across her cheek.

Kelly's phone lit up again. "DO U LIKE IT?" asked Christi.

Before Kelly could voice her thoughts, she felt Christi move right beside her, reaching under her skirt and rubbing her fingers across her panty-covered clit. Kelly hopped a little in surprise, which caused her young tight ass to move up and down on the man's hard cock.

He rubbed his stiff member inside the crack of her skirted ass. He could feel the pleats of her skirt curling around his thighs. Christi moved in closer on Kelly, fingering her panties and pressing her body against Kelly's, which pushed the young blonde flush against the pervert. He buried his face in her hair, and squatted down a little bit low before thrusting his hips forward to hump on his sweet cheerleader.

Christi nuzzled into Kelly's ear. "I said, 'do you like it, having that man getting all boned up on you?' "

Christi and the hard-cocked man had Kelly caught between them, her finger swirling over the young girl's clit while Kelly's pleasurable responses had her squirming against the man and his stiff hard-on. Oblivious to the other passengers and to the possibility that the lights could come back on at any moment, Christi worked Kelly's pussy to a boiling point, and the perverted man had been encouraged enough to place his hands under Kelly's skirt and on her hips, pulling her into each of his horny thrusts.

Christi felt the man pushing and pulling on Kelly, and thought the old pervert was having the time of his life. Christi kept one hand on Kelly's cunt, and raised the other over Kelly's shoulder to touch the man's face. His face was moist with sweat, and he moved his head to kiss Christi's hand. He was breathing hard and grunting small, soft noises into Kelly's ear. Kelly's passionate writhing was better than a the most expensive lap dance to the old pervert -- out of his mind with lust, he unsnapped his pants and let his hard, wet dick out from the top of his shorts. He resumed humping Kelly's sweet little ass with his naked cock. Christi finally brought Kelly to an explosive cum, and Kelly bit on her lip to keep the other commuters from hearing her scream out her pleasure. Kelly's sudden stiffness as her body went rigid with her climax sent the old pervert to his ecstacy -- he thrust his hard cock against her soft teenaged ass one more time, and then spurted a load of semen all over Kelly's bottom and inside her cheer skirt and Christi's arm, which was still inside Kelly's skirt.

The winded man stuffed shirttails, shorts and his wet, spent cock into his pants, and stumbled backward toward the door leading into the train car. Kelly felt him slip away, and Christi whispered to her in the dark, "You sure made him happy." She reached around to fondle Kelly's ass, which was wet with the man's cum. "Mmmm," she breathed into Kelly's ear. "Sure a lot of stuff inside that old pervert." Weak from her climax, Kelly could only murmur.

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