ok heres my story my best friends cousin comes every summer and winter break. Her name is crestal and shes from washington and she has a butt that sticks out past her hip almost 2 feet and its very very round and soft shes not she just has a big butt. last summer i told her i wrestled and shes is very intrested because she said its a great exercise and she could do it for basketball. this happend today sunday she got home yesterday and today her family could only bring 7 people to dinner and she was the 8th. so she stayed home and called me and me if i could wrestle with her, i told her ya and to wear really thin pants tight ones told she told she only had had white ones and i said thats perfect i told her i would be wearing my swim suit and ill be right over they just live down my streat. my swim suit fuck yes ill do it in my boxers. so i went over there and when she answered tho door she looked sooo sooo hott the white cotton tight pants got wediged into her ass like a foot and she had on one of thos under armor on. she has huge tits dont get me wrong i was only after her ass. she took me to her room and turned on some rap then she got into a wrestling stance and so did i. i ducked under her arm and got behind her still holding her arm i got right behind her (im now in my boxers and sox and thats it ) and i looked down and saw the niceest as right infront of me gigling and bouncing up in down. my dick instaly got hard and i pulled it threw the hole in my boxers and stuffed it in crystals fat ass it felt so good. she just kept on trying to wrestle only nos she i pushing back and rubbing up and down. then she asked if i wanted to dance and i said hell yes and pulled my dick out of her ass and she went and turned it up she walked over turned around with a straight face and put her huge ass into my crotch and grinded her ass cheeks around on my boner. after about 10 mins i wanted to hump her so i held her still and put my dick in her ass and started hump her crack she grabbed my hands and took me to the wall. she put her hands high up on the wall and stuck her ass out and curved her back in. i humped her ass and asked her if she liked this and she said she dident care and her little 8 year old brother humps her like i was all the time. i asked her if she wants to come over tomarrow and do the same thing she said ok id like to. thats when i started to get close to finishing. so i grabbed her hips harder and pulled her into me as hard as i could and really started to pound into her ass. she started falling over but i held her was close so she dident fall after about 2 mins i was about to cum i pushed super hard into her wegie and reached to the end of the pants crack and cumed all up and down her crack and her crack was soacked . i squeezed my dick to hold in the cum then pulled it out and cummed all over her ass cheeks. the i slapped her right side of her cheek as hard as i could whith my hand and she didnt turn around i walked to get dressed wile she whipped the cum off her ass and in her crack with a towel when she was done she walked over to give me a hug and say good bye i hug her and grabbed her and with both hand and massaged it for about 3 mins then we said good bye and she started to walk over to her streo to turn it off i ran after her not saying thing grabbed her hips and gave her three hard pounds and with out talking to each other i left...

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