re: my wife is a solid sleeper...

I know just what you mean. My wife is a solid sleeper also with a very soft ass. She also sleeps in the spoon position when she is in a deep sleep. Every other night or so I'll wait for her to start snoring then I get up close behind her and start dry humping her. I pull my cock out of my pj's and hump her with my hand on her hip. She usually wears a short night gown that creeps up when she is asleep. I always hump her until I reach orgasm. To aviod getting any on her I would put a thin business sock over my cock just before I cum. After I put it on I continue to hump her and cum in the sock while continuing to hump. The feeling is incredible!!! She never wakes up while I'm doing this. Last night was a good one. When I came on her I kept my cock there until it went soft. I know my cum soaked thru the sock because when I pulled it off, it was very wet. In the morning after she went to work I checked the back of her gown and there was a dryed stain there. It's also true what you said about dry humping at night while she sleeps the time goes by fast. I stared last night about 12:30 and when I finished it was about 1:45. Hey, you never said if you cum on her or not. If you do, do you just cum in your pajamas? Or do you stop before you reach that point. How many times per week do you get your wifes ass like that? Give some good details.....I love it. Keep me posted buddy.
P.s. I know I just humped my wife last night but just by writing this I'm going to do it again right now. I know she is in a deep sleep.

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