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Mon 13 Dec 2004 15:26:36 GMT)In the morning, at school time
What could it be a more pleasurable sensation than pushing your erect cock up against a delicious and innocent schoolgirl butt cheeks, doing it every morning, when taking the bus, and remain pressed up to the girl all the necessary time to reach an orgasm. While her hair get into your mouth, your cock is stuck into her butt crack, and your hands grab the girl by her waist. Is there anything more pleasurable than that ?
Original in Spanish
por las mañanas, hora de colegios

Que sensacion puede haber mas agradable, que la de sentir por la mañana al tomar el autobus como tu polla erecta se presiona contra las nalgas de una deliciosa e inocente jovencita, y poder estar asi el tiempo necesario hasta llegar a una corrida sublime. Mientras sus cabellos estan en tu boca, tu polla esta en su raya del culo, y tus manos agarran a la chica por la cintura.....Hay algo mas agradable..


Electronic dictionaries are good help, but the translation is difficult if there are slangs in Spanish. For exmaple the translation done right after Alfonsos article was

Alfonso (Mon 13 DEC 2004 15:26:36 GMT) by the mornings, hour of schools That
sensation can have but pleasant, that the one in the morning to feel when taking the bus as your turgid pullet presses itself against the rumps of a delicious and innocent youngster, and to be able to be asi the necessary time until arriving at a sublime bullfight. While their hair estan in your mouth, your pullet this in its ray of the ass, and your hands take hold to the girl by the waist.....Hay something but pleasant. FrotteurAñejo _ Barcelona

Some mistakes:
1)pullet: actually means "penis"
2)asi: is in spanish and means "like this"
3)bullfight: there in no bullfight, Alfonso used the word "corrida" that means ejaculate, or cum, or orgasm
4)estan: is in spanish and means in the context that Her hair is in his mouth
5)ray of her ass: actually means butt crack

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