wife groped

I didnít have the specifics of my wifeís recent ďadventureĒ with being groped. I was so shocked and she was too upset to talk about the specifics. She admitted that dozens of times on the A train she has been rubbed up against or a bit of humping. She said it was always erotic for her and sometimes the guys who got a grope would look for her on the platform and try again. She said it always could be seen as accidental but she knew otherwise. The incident that happened earlier this week was much more bold and it scared and excited her at the same time. After waiting for nearly 20 minutes at Chambers street a train finally came but there was no room at all. Almost no one got off because they were all going home to Brooklyn or Queens. So she pushed herself onto the train shoving some guy in a suit a little further in. She said he gave her a dirty look and she murmured sorry and explained how long she had been waiting. The next stop at Bdwy Nassau she almost got pushed back out of the train when the doors opened but she grabbed onto one of the seat rails and kept her spot. The next stop is 10 minutes away Ė across the river into Brooklyn. She had been wearing a very thin long dress with a long coat over it but when she got on the train she wasnít able to close the coat around her and it was kind of pushed behind her. She said the train no sooner left Bdwy Nassau and she feels a hand bumping right up against her crotch. She was sure it was feeling around very deliberately trying to locate her mound. She said she went into shock at the boldness and just stood there pinned. She wasnít even sure who it was because she was shoved up against two men and she couldnít tell where their hands were. Through the thin material it didnít take long to find what he was looking for and he actually pinched her underwear and some pubic hair between his fingers and gave it a yank. At that point she was scared frozen. He kept pulling at her underwear through her dress until he managed to actually yank them down in the front below her mound and then of course went to work on her. He rubbed her right on top of her clit and tried to push his hand between her legs. She kept squeezing tighter and tighter to keep him out, sure that he was trying to get a finger in her through the dress. This went on for nearly ten minutes with him trying to force his fingers in and her trying to keep him out. She said he never fully got a finger in her but did part her lips and was madly searching for her hole. When the train stopped at Jay street she jumped off and ran. When she stopped she realized her dress was wet from how hard he was rubbing against her vagina. Now when she talks about it she says maybe she liked it but was too scared to tell. I have to admit I am concerned that she will continue to put herself in a bad situation. Iím also jealous and excited about some stranger getting such a feel on her. I am really confused about all of this. Since I have done my share of groping I feel like I canít really get upset with her and am tempted to go riding the trains with her to watch. Anyway I thought this would be a perfect time to get some pics of her up. She is now 39, slim and attractive. The pics were taken when she was 28 by some old guy who convinced her to pose at a party. I donít know whether she is gullible or slutty?

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