Re: Arm Humper

I like to geth free rides and free humps too. But I also consider a bus or train fare, as well a concert or club fee (not that I get to go to those any more) well worth the expense. Where I live, we have "All day" tickets that cover all public transport which makes it a small investment for multilple journeys and opportunities.

Your arm technique is similar to mine. Do you just rest it there, or do you begin to hump against her arm? When mine has risen, I slowly introduce the hump and then slide toward the rear of her arm so that I am resting against her arm in the cavity between her arm and side, and eventually hump with a regular rhythm. Humping and pressing the arm directly, I feel, would be too painful for them. If they are not in to it (or at least not prepared to admit to it), they usually move their arm away when you start humping - even if they seemed to like it up to that point. You can then look for another customer, or change buses or carriages.

Most exciting, is when you feel them tense up and even push back against you as you hump, or as had happened on a number of occasions to me, they cross their arms so that their hand is under their arm and against your humping throbbing cock, and you hump right against their hand.

I thought I had such a circumstance on Friday with an Indian girl, about 22. Soon after I had positioned myself and pressed against her arm, without looking at me, she immediately folded her arms and had her hand against me as I proceeded to hump. I began contemplating undoing my zipper and even taking it out for her (since it was very crowded and I know nobody would have seen). But it would appear that her folding her arms was a coincidence since once she realized that I was humping into her hand (which took about 10 minutes of joy on my part), she removed her hand and her arm from contact with me.

Even though I continued to rub against hers she couldn't get out of my way completely, she never said anything. But her body language was obvious. Eventually, she moved across to the window seat when it was vacated. But I sensed she wanted to do something consensual with me but was really afraid to do so (or the demons inside her were defeated by her own mores).

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