Yes, nice poem. The ending reminds me of two things that happend to me in the past. On a bus I gave a woman my bag to hold then started pressing my erection against her arm. When I was finshed and about to disembark I took the bag from her and told her "thank you," she responded with a very cheerful "you're welcome!" no doubt realising the special significance to us of these everyday phrases.
The other event I related before but long ago. I had humped this woman's leg. Afterwards when she was getting off the bus she said to me: "I hope you had a good time." I was too surprised to make any response. Immediately afterwards I thought she must have been speaking tongue in cheek, but soon realised that she was serious. There was no hint of irony in her voice.
MITB: We can work on the forum whisper campaign idea, but first I have to get an email adress that does not include a masculine name so I can register as a woman.
Old Timer: All I can say about your modus operandi is "wow!" You must be really into this Lolita thing.
I haven't come since I humped that lady on Wednesday and right now I don't where my next orgasm is coming from. Needless to say I'm not in the best of moods.

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