Still active

I had two orgasms by frotting today. On the bus on the way to work I was standing behind a young woman in a blue pants suit who was letting me have my way, and to add to my excitement there were two schoolgirls who knew what I was up to and were looking discretely. It was one of those interesting psychological situations. They may not have realised that I knew that they knew what I was doing; certainly the woman in blue didn't know that she was being observed by a third party breaking the sisterhood's rules of solidarity. But nothing came of it! Unusually, I dilly dallied and the girl got off before I came. I knew my statistical chances of finding another willing partner on the same bus were low but I was lucky to find a willing seated young woman.
She was dressed in green and her top had short sleeves so I was able to press my penis against the bare part of her arm. I looked at her face a little but for most of the time I looked fixedly at where the swelling in my trousers was touching her bare flesh and came rapidly. The schoolgirls were still there but they were not close anymore so they didn't have a good view, but they probably knew what I was doing.
I came again on my way back home by humping the arm of a schoolgirl. When I was looking down at her near the beginning, after I had made my desire known, she pulled and released her T shirt rhythmically giving me flashes of her small breasts. Funnily enough I've done this so many times and no girl ever did this to me before. The woman I had frotted before the one this morning had adjusted her collar a little bit, but it wasn't clear to me whether or not that was a deliberate act of provocation.
I once read that perverts tend to be obsessed by the mathematics of their perversion. The girl I did this afternoon comes from a school that has supplied me so far with over twenty partners.

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