nature surprises

If a bears back itches, maybe he'll rub himself agaist a tree. If a young girl gets horny, maybe she'll rub her ass somewhere.
I am an older guy, certainly not the first choice for some hot young thing, but I still like roller coasters. I was in line behinda family of 4: dad, mom, a boy about 10 years old, and an attractive young girl of about 13. As we got close to the front the line compressed and we were all close together. The young girl leaned tiredly over a convenient guide rail with her nice little ass sticking out. She was the closest to me.
Know this: I've got a job, lawyers are expensive, and my kids are old enough to read a police report.... so I am not about to step up and start grinding on this minor, although, a mere 6 inches from my stiffening dick, it sure looked good. She was wearing some shorts high enough for me to see tan lines and some bun.
Suddenly the line compressed again and I bumped her with my cock. I pulled back immeditely but the bump was enough for her to act on a dirty idea.
Her little brother, showing the effects of out half hour wait, was giving mom and dad all they could handle.
I looked away but then I felt it. The distinct ass bump of a player wanting to be played with. She bumped me then slow-dragged her young ass accross my cock.
My dick hopped in response. Now she pushed back into me enough for me to know it was on purpose.
I looked up long enough to see dad and mom still occupied with that sugar-snack, hyper-active young brother of hers. then I caught her eye and perhaps the strangest glint I've ever seen from a female. It was way more yes than no.
I pressed in and, had I been exposed, I would have painted her young butt with a gratuitous couple squirts of precum.
Aw man this was going to special!! I forgot about being pounded half to death by her dad and park security and just enjoyed a few seconds of pure sexual feel-good. I think If I were a shark, my eyes would have rolled back in my head and whatever was there would have been bitten in half. She held her position against me, obviously enjoying the hop, hop, hop my dick just did.
The line moved again and we were diconnected but without my doing anything but taking a step forward, she fould her position again.
A small amount of blood-supply returned to my endorphin-sotted brain and I made a plan. With the tips of three fingers on my right hand, I gave her lower right bun a tap tap tap. This is how I confirm players.
If you are the female side of the player-player relationship you know that you have been touched by a man The man who has his stiff cock buried in your crack. What are you going to do: scream or play? In my experience, most fems continue to play. Important for me is the fact that now my hands are in play as well as my dick. She gave me a hard left to right smear with her ass.
I looked around. Our only cover was the fact that no-one was interested in looking at us. My dick was now in direct contradiction of my sense of self preservation.
The line moved again and contact was broken. Just then her dad turned around and told her stand up and not lean on the guard rail. She played it with the sullen reluctance of a teenager.
When we were inside the gait a few minutes later, I said good-bye to this happy adventure by skimming my fingers over the back of her right thigh. She looked back and said good-bye with her eyes.

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