I got my ass grabbing on today boy. Whats good people. Satyr, whats up, was grabbing on the 1 train uptown today. Caught this really cute young spanish chick maybe 15, blond and reddish highlights and small frame but a really big ass. She was there with another girl but I just got behind her and just grabbed away. The ass was really big, but not as firm as I usually like it. I also grabbed a 30 something latina with a really big thick ass. I got caught however, I mean she didn't hit me or anything but after pinching and grabbing the ass for about a minute she turned around and just screamed on me. This was a thick ass man, at least nothing happened to me, but I took it a step out of my range. For about the first ten seconds I gave the ass a quick pinch then pressed the ass in with my index and middle finger of the right hand, I knew everything was good but like I said for about a minute I would pinch and just explore the ass with the two fingers I mentioned before. That was a bit more than I usually do so it was a bit risky. Hey I got my ass grab on and I will just avoid the chick if I see her again on the train, that's about it.

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