firdt frot

Hi I just found this board and wanted to add some things. First off there is a movie directed John Turturro. I cant recall the name. It is set in the 50s. Three brothers who work in construction. Anyway one of the guys is riding a bus home from school. An older woman is standing holding the rail. She looks back at him and gives him an inviting look. He makes his way behind her and she reaches back and pulls him to her. He begins humping her. He sniffs her hair and neck as he grinds into her. When he comes a satisfied smile comes on the womans face and she gets off the bus. The next scene shows the guy cleaning the stain on the front of his pants.
The first time i ever frotted a woman i was working in a grocery store. There was an older italian woman who would come in after work. She was at least 50 years old but had an ass to die for. One day she was standing in an aisle and as i walked past i let the back of my hand rub against her butt. She didnt say anything, so i kept passing behind her letting my hand rub against her. After the fourth time she said, excuse me. I stopped and turned around. I was afraid she would yell or something. She asked for my help finding some product. I stood behind her and she said it is so hard to find things in here. I was standing to her left and put the back of my hand against her left cheek. She moved a little towards me so that her hip was against my crotch. I moved to my right and my hardon was against her hip. I then made like i was reaching for someting on the shelf and Pushed right against her left cheek. As soon as my dick felt her ass i began shooting off in my pants. I almost collapsed onto her. She just stood there and let me finish coming. She then said oh here it is and picked up a can of something and thanked me for my help. I saw her look down at my crotch and a funny smile came on her face. That started my twice a week fling with this woman. She would come in every tuesday and thursday and i would wait for her to come to a back aisle of the store and rub my aching cock all over her big butt. After a few times i got bolder and would grab her around the hips and really rub her. I would sniff her hair and kiss her neck and hold her big titties as i blasted off in my pants. Sometimes she would tease me by walking away And i would be following her around the store trying to get at her ass. But she would always let me have fun with her. One time i was going crazy feeling her i pulled her skirt up to reveal a black satin girdle holding up her nylons. I had pulled my dick out of the fly this time and was rubbing my bare hardon on her. She pulled her skirt down only to trap my cock between her skirt and the girdle. My dick was between her cheeks and the feeling of the girdle made me lose it right away. I came a ton and when she felt my come on her she looked behind her and got a mad expression on her face and quickly left the store. I didnt see her for about two weeks and was afraid she was mad at me for comming all over her butt. When i finally saw her again she must have seen the scared look on my face and she held my hand and said i got her in trouble at home. Her husband thought she was fooling around with someone. I said i was sorry and she placed my hand right on her ass. I didnt need anymore encouragement and went right to humping her. As i was humping her. she was saying you love my ass dont you you bad boy. One time she came into the store and i was busy working and hadnt noticed her. I was kneeling on the floor stocking the shelf when from behind me i heard high heels on the floor. I turned and saw it was her. She walked past me and then stood about o foot from where i was kneeling. My face was even with her butt. I reached out and began to kiss her ass thru the skirt. I was so horny for her ass i remember sniffing her and grinding my face all over her ass. As i was doing this i heard the sound of a shoe hitting the floor. She slipped a foot out of her shoe and began rubbing my crotch with her stockinged foot. I came so fast. For the next few weeks i would kneel behind her and just sniff and kiss her bigg butt while she got me off with her foot.
I have read the stories on this board and cant believe you guys dont come when you frot a woman. Whenever i have the opportunity to frot someone i always end up with a mess in my pants.

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