Groping in airplane

It was a domestic morning flight, about one hour long. The plane was fully booked so I sat
next a nice looking business woman. She was about 38 years old, had black short hair and
b-cup breast. She was wearing dark tight jeans and blouse. I knew she was not an easy one
and definitely the type I usually grope but she looked very sexy. Airplanes are more difficult
than busses because there is an armrest between the seats so I couldn't just lay
my hand on my knee and press it against her thigh. I decided to go for sleeping tactics.
I layed my hand on the armrest and pretended to sleep. My fingers were hanging relaxed
and as the plane started to taxi to the runway, my fingertips very lightly touched her
thigh. I repeated that very light touch a few times to get her comfortable with
my touch. Then there was very loud announcement and I had to "wake up" for a moment, but
I returned very shortly to my "sleeping" position. there was some turbulence and it was very
easy to let my hand slide against her thigh. She didn't withdraw, but I could notice that she
was a bit nervous about the touch in the begining because she wasn't relaxed and I could
see from the corner of my eye that she was nervously rubbing her fingers. I let my hand
to rub her thigh as the plane shaked and three fingers were touching her thigh firmly.
After a few minutes she get relaxed and I opened my eyes a bit. I could see that she was
looking out of the window and her hand was resting on her other thigh and she was rubbing
her inner thigh with her thumb. I guess she was not consious about the very sexy signal
she was sending. I got an overall impression that she was well aware that I was rubbing
"by accident" her erogenous area and she had got turned up about it. We continued that play
for something like 10 minutes untill they served coffee. I got good erection but I'm not
sure whether she noticed it because I was wearing loose trousers. During the coffee I couldn't
do much but immediately after the trays had been collected I returned my hand to the playing
position. This time completely wake I let my finger to go down on her thigh. I was just acting
that I am not aware about it or the reaction it creates in her. She turned to look out
from the window to avoid my eye contact but she clearly pushed her thigh against my
hand so that my fingers get jammed between her thigh and the armrest. The plane was
already descending from the cruising altitude so I knew that there were only about ten
minutes left. I lightly fondled her thigh with my fingers and looked at her. She
was still looking very firmly out, there was little red on her cheeks and I noticed that
she was pressing her thighs together very tightly. I know that some women can masturbate
just by pressing the thighs together tightly rhythmicly, but I don't know for sure.
It was hard to resist to go further but as there was another person sitting on my other
side I just couldn't be too explisit. It was pitty that it wasn't an long haul flight.
I was just imaging what I could have done under the blankets... The plane landed and
I got up. But there was one more surprise to come. I was waiting on the aisle for the
doors to be opened and my hand was resting on the headrest of the seat that had been on the
front of me. The woman collected her bags, stepped up, and as she stepped to the aisle
she leaned forward and pressed her tits against the bag of my hand! I got very good feel
of booth of her tits for second or two. I was completeley surprised and quite sure that she did that intentionally.


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