Buses are best

I have been frotting for many years and just discovered this message board. I expect I will submit on a regular basis. My passion is Catholic High School girls in uniform. Years ago there used to be an elevated subway in Queens where I would often stand during dismissal time. I get aroused beyond belief just remebering how it felt waiting for the girls to come along. They would start coming down the block from school. I could see each one approaching and pick out the ones I wanted to be sure to get a good glimpse of. When they would reach the stairs going up to the train I would casually stand on ground level and watch them ascend the stairs. I literally would watch 50 in one afternoon. Those creamy white legs, frilly panties and bobby socks were too much. I have more of a leg fetish than anything else so a few times if I was really worked up I would haul ass up the stairs to get more than a view. Once the train came in I would follow them in, there would be a crowd of them and I would sit next to the sexiest one I could. The more crowded the better. They would be busy in conversation, oblivious that their skirts were riding high up on their thighs, sometimes legs open with a flash of panties. Once seated I would test out my victim by letting my leg creep over and touch her bare leg. Usually there was little to no reaction. I would then hold my leg against hers increasing the pressure gradually. When I was making good contact with her I would move my leg up just enough to rub against her leg and really feel the softness of that pure white skin. After awhile I would rest my hand on my knee and let my finger tip rub her leg as the train jostled us around. Sometimes they would just pull their legs away and depending on the circumstances I would either give up or pursue it further.
But my favorite is doing this on a bus. Now I know busses are tricky but the seats are laid out perfectly. You need to watch the bus-stops around the schools and look for a long line of people waiting for a bus. Make sure there are a few nice school girls in front of you. I like to follow school girls onto busses and sit down next to them on the aisle seat. The advantage of this is that when I push my leg against theirs no one can see and they have no where to go.
A few weeks back I sat down next to this blonde beauty, no more than 15, she was maybe 5’6” with a pretty face, slender with small breasts. Her uniform was exceptionally short and I was in heaven just watching her bare thighs jiggle back and forth. I began to ease my leg closer to hers and made contact quickly. It made her uncomfortable and she shifted her legs away from mine immediately. I kept staring ahead and gradually worked my legs over closer to hers until again I was touching hers. She finally moved them all the way against the wall of the bus and had no where else to go. Again I slowly inched mine over towards hers, I could see her out of the corner of my eye watching me move my legs closer but I kept staring straight ahead. She looked so innocent, so sweet, she wasn’t the typical teenager, boy-crazed, covered in make-up; she looked like daddy’s little angel and all I could think about was coming all over her. I couldn’t help but take a few quick peeks directly at her eyeing her from head to toe. She was trying to act calm, staring straight out the window. Finally my leg was against hers, alittle at first bumping with the rocking of the bus but soon it was firmly against hers and I started to move it up and down slowly to really feel the smoothness of her skin. I could feel her trying to pull away but there was no where else to go so I kept applying more and more presure until I was rubbing her leg for all I was worth. I kept praying she would not get off soon or change seats. We reached a point in the bus route where no one gets off for a good 5 minutes so I knew she was mine for the full 5. I rubbed and pushed and imagined her creamy thighs in my hands. I stared right at her , her face, her breasts and her hemline where her gorgeous thighs disappeared up under her skirt going straight to teenage heaven. I then tried something Idon’t do often but in a quick move I pulled my legs away as if the whole thing had been accidental and rested my hand where my leg had been. I eased it towards her until the side of my hand and my pinky were rubbing her thigh. I began to move my pinky deliberately, just brushing her thigh and started to make faint moaning noises. She looked as if she was completely in a trance and stared blankly out the bus window. I just rubbed and rubbed as if I owned her, I starred at my hand rubbing her thigh and glanced up at her face, I wanted to be very deliberate. If that bus was empty I hate to think what else I might have done to that young little thing.
Finally, she rang the buzzer and jumped up to get off at her stop, except I wasn’t going to make it easy for her. Normally the person in the aisle seat would turn their legs towards the aisle to make it easy for the other person to leave. I had no such plans. When she realized that was not going to happen and her stop was fast approaching she attempted to step over my legs which lifted her skirt up almost to her crotch just a few inches from my face. I had all to do to not just reach out and grab her. But she was unable to maintain that stance instead had to squeeze out pushing past my legs with all her might. Of course as she did she was sliding her delicious legs over mine and right in the middle of it I decided to place my hands on my knees, which meant she had to drag her bare leg over my hands. Feeling this I could barely keep up any pretense of this all being accidental. As she began to work her second leg passed me I raised my hands as if I were changing position to make room for her and suceeded in rubbing both of my hands so far up over the backs of her thighs that one of my hands dragged along her panties as she left. When she got in the aisle the bus stopped and as the side door began to open she turned to me and kicked me in my leg and ran off. People looked at me like – “what happened?” and I just kept a confused expression that said “psycho bitch”. I watched her run all the way down the block away from that bus stop and just vibrated inside with one of the biggest rushes in my frot career.

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