Ass Sniffing

I love to sniff girl's asses.
Strange, some of you may say. But the sense of smell is primal and the ass is the most private area of a woman's body. To smell it is to sense the most primal aspect of the female. It's invigorating to say the least.

Not long ago, I was in Brighton. It was a fairly warm day and there were a lot of hot girls walking around in various little tight things. During the day I watched the girls and my I yeared to sniff their asses. Imagine the reaction of a girl catching you sniffing her ass!

That evening, I went clubbing under the arches. The venue was packed with hot girls who were either drunk or on exctasy. I positioned myself by the bar and was watching this hot blonde girl with the nicest ass. I could take it no longer. I got behind her and dropped my cigarettes. I lent over to pick them up with my face level with her ass. I went forward and put my nose between her asscrack at the point her asshole is and took a long deep sniff. I arose and she had not noticed. I looked around and no-one had noticed either, so I did the same again. The smell of her ass was the smell of the fabric of her tight bottoms mixed with the scent of girl's sweet sweat and a hint of the musky odour of her asshole. I was so aroused at this point, however the barmaid had seen me do the second one and was giving me a strange look. This just aroused me more.

I positioned myself in a new position at a different bar at the same venue. I had found a girl who was slightly bent over the bar waiting for service. I used the same technique with the cigarettes. This time I got a stronger scent of her asshole as her ass cheeks were slightly more parted due to her leaning over.

I left early to relieve myself. (I, myself, am neither much of a dry or wet groper... I just like to sniff girl's asses)

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