Alternative Concert

I went out to a concert last weekend, and you know what that means, some girls got their asses fucked. It was a fairly popular alternative band, so i knew there would be good turn-out.

Before the opening band even started up there was a ton of people in the pit, there was only one opener so everyone was waiting for a good spot for the main act. I made my way up to the front, keeping an eye out for any nice looking girl's.

I spotted a girl right up around the front. She looked about 17 or 18. She was wearing a black long sleeved shirt and tight black pants. I fought my way up to the front, and when i say fought i mean it. This crowd was packed, and it was only the opener! It took me about 10 minutes to get to her, but I was determined.

I squeezed in behind her and my dick was immediately jammed into her ass. I started to get hard right away, this girl had a nice juicy ass. I just had to get my hands on it! I reached down and placed my right hand on her ass cheek. I started rubbing and palming her ass. It was nice and soft and just the right size.

I decided to take this girl slowly, so I left my fly done up. I figured I'd get some good feels in during the opener and wait for the main act to fuck this girl's plump ass. There was quite a bit of movement in the crowd, so i figured i could get away with some decent gropes.

I started palming her ass with both hands, running them up and down and back and forth. She looked back and gave me a dirty look. She didn't look like she was gonna put up with too much groping. I decided that if i was gonna feel her up i should let someone else take the blame. I moved sideways and let another guy get directly behind her. This way i could grope all i want and she would think it was him.

I waited a few minutes and then started rubbing her ass again. Again she looked back, but this time she was looking at the other guy. I kept rubbing her ass and started giving her some soft squeezes, damn that ass felt nice. She turned around once more and told the guy behind her to fuck off, causing him to look confused. I continued to grope and squeeze her ass for another 10 minutes, she seemed to have given up on complaining so i figured i could get away with a bit more.

I reached my hand up to get a feel of her tits. I reached up and cupped her right breast ( the only one i could reach). Then she did something i've never had a girl do before, she grabbed onto my wrist. I jerked it away, but not before she had seen who was groping her. At this point i decided that this girl was more trouble than she was worth. I decided to go look for a more acomodating girl. There was plenty of girls to choose from at the show, this one was trouble.

I found myself another target, a hot girl with an ugly friend. This girl looked around 16, she was wearing tight jeans and a blue shirt, one of those ones with a collar and buttons about a quarter of the way down. She had light brown hair, with a bit of blonde in it, and a nice sized set of tits. I got myself in position behind her just as the opening act was finishing up. I'm not a big fan of groping girls in jeans, but these ones were super tight, thin stretch ones. The feeling wasn't as good as other types of pants, but this girl was hot and i didn't want to let her go.

I started softly palming her ass, but wanted to wait for the main act to anything else. It turned out to be a long wait, but it was well worth it. All throughout the wait for the main band the pressure from the crowd was building up and as soon as they hit the stage everything went nuts! The crowd was crazy packed and everyone was moving, it was chaos! i knew i was gonna be a good night.

I started feeling up her ass more aggressively, and was surprised by how good her ass felt in jeans. I squeezed her ass cheeks and rubbed my hands all over her ass and in between her legs. I saw her look around, but she couldn't tell where the groping was coming from. I reached my arm around her and mashed my hand into her tit, no squeezing, so it would seem like incidental crowd contact.

I decided it was time to unzip and fully enjoy thing cute young bitch. My dick was rock hard and sprung right out of my pants. I leaned forward and pushed my cock hard into her ass. It sunk right into her soft ass crack. It had been awhile since my last good ass fuck, and the feeling was spectacular. I started to slowly hump her ass, while at the same time running my hands up and down her thighs.

I noticed her turn to her friend, i could tell from her face that she was nervous, probably she had never been humped before. i couldn't tell what she said, but her friend just laughed, so i figured i was in the clear. I continued to hump her, harder and harder, my dick fit perfectly into her ass crack.

I wanted to get a better feel of her tits. I figured i would go for a few squeezes and see how she reacted. I started one hand at a time. I reached my right arm up and squeezed her tit. It was beautifully round and felt great in my hand. I just gave her a quick squeeze, but there didn't seem to be much reaction. I waited a little bit and then went back for more. this time i cupped her breast and left my hand there. She didn't do anything! I started squeezing a bit and rubbing my hand all over her boob. After about 3 minutes of groping she pushed my hand off. This girl was definitely a mosh pit novice.

I went back to her ass and started groping the hell out of her. I ran my hands over every inch of her ass. I squeezed away and
rubbed my hand up and down her ass crack. I went back and forth between groping the shit out of her ass, and humping it. I must have been humping and groping this girl for a half hour non-stop.

I was getting closer to cumming and i knew it was gonna be a big load. I started giving her some slow deliberate thrusts, hard into her ass. I was holding on to her hips and pulling her back onto me at the same time. I started humping her faster and faster. With one hand i cupped her breast, with the other i rubbed her thigh up and down. She kept looking over at her friend, and her friend could see what i was doing, but neither of them seemed to know what to do

I could feel the orgasm building up inside me. I thrust my dick into her crack one last time and then exploded all over her ass. I spurted cum all over her tight stretch jeans. Damn that felt good! I looked down and i could see a big gob of cum sticking to her ass.

Before i left for the night i gave her tits a few more nice squeezes, then i decided to just go home. I was drained and didn't want to risk any trouble.

(I also went out to a great halloween party, i'll write up the story when i have the time)


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