Back on biz...

Satyr, welcome back at the board. Lines have thinned out a bit especially ozzi groper is being missed.

Here is my latest story: I was at a large shopping center that attracts 1000s of people from all over the region especially on weekends. At the main mall they have some kond of varietee-show (3 pro afternoon). I did some rubbing and feeling asses in the dense crowd. I am turned on by rubbing the butt of pretty wives who stand right beside their husbands - and let me go !

My main event though was a 14 or 15 year old girl who looked quite tall for her age. She was darkblonde with short hair and beautiful dark eyes. As I noticed her she was standing at the railing looking down from the first story down on the stage. Then I saw her bend over, sheltering her little brother. She really sticked her soft jeans clad ass out towards me. Sure I couldn't resist such a chance.

I positioned right behind her, holding my handy armed hand right against her tight ass. In the usual Featherway I explored her ass softly. But her bent down position was a too much invitiation I let my finger wander slowly deeper rubbing gently her pussy. Well that was the time she noticed. But she stayed bent down with reddening cheeks. Now and then I īlet my hardon rub against her crack. But wearing jeans and underwear myself I did'nt feel too much.

After 10 minutes she left the position and stood upright. I was sure she wouldn't make a fuzz and I positioned my hands left and right to her on the railing. I had her caged now rubbing my hole front against her back. With my left hand I caressed her belly which I felt through her shirt. She was slim and soft at the same time. I longed to move my hands upward to feel her tiny but visable breast. I prayed, "baby lower down a bit, give pappa some titty", but she stayed upright - and reaching up had been much to visible. Some times she would make little defensive reactions but I think she was herself caught up in the conflict of enjoying my feathering (perhaps I was the first man to touch her pussy?) and the shame, who knows ?

A fine recollection not to be forgotten so soon...


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