I was at the nyc halloween parade as well, but I didn't get to get my ass grabbin on. I saw a bit too many police and as u said before I saw some opportunity to grab but I was being sort of too picky. I did get to grope one black girl when the crowd got thicker right around where u said something like 14th and 5th ave. She was there with her man too, the crowd just got thick and I was right at the side of her and her man was in front of her. I just reached out a grabbed the ass lightly cheek to cheek for about 2 mins as the lineup in the crowd was so thick and not moving. She eventually moved out the way but didn't look back at me. I saw some nice spanish ass there but I notice some girls who were dress in really skimpy stuff seemed cautious to go into the crowds when it got real thick. I wonder if these were some of the girls you had already groped. Do your thing player. I don;t hump on the train any more I just grab. I feel humping is too risky, people seem more alert these days than say 5-7 years ago. What train did the subway ride occur? That is one thing I move to different subway lines alot and I definitely see other chikan too (all ages too from 13 up to the 40 and 50 I guess) It is funny how you can notice something that many people probably would not notice on the train becuase I do this stuff myself. About the parade again, I hated the fact that most of the upper streets blocked off. I could've grabbed some more ass but just didn't get to.

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