Awesome subway ride!

During rush hour today I took a detour and spent some time on a very busy line, hoping to get a good grope. I was looking around half-hearted thinking that it would be hard to top the weekend parade. Then on a crowded platform I saw a hot little thing in a tight form fitting thin wool skirt, beautiful ass, nice legs, cute too, Russian I think. I wasn’t too sure of my chances (not the parade anymore) but “scoped” her out nonetheless and waited to see what happened. I was glad to see the trains were running full so when ours came I rushed behind her and pushed my way one the train following her sweet ass. Then as I was preparing to push up another guy pushed me aside –! It was a competing chickan! A Mexican guy in his 20’s he was bigger and had the better position so I had to stand for a second and watch him work her. I noticed she did not react at all and he was obviously going at her good. I glanced at her face, I don’t know if she was excited or resigned but she was definitely pretty. I wanted some too! The chickan and I were shoulder to shoulder so I pushed against him, made some room and slid my hand between him and her, cupping her ass lightly. I could tell he was rubbing the other side. I wanted more and was really getting excited so I reached down and moved my hand between her legs rubbing her thighs and the bottom of her ass. Then I noticed he was humping her while I groped! The girl never moved, I saw him do a chickan whisper right in her ear and then I spread my fingers and stared really working the crack of her ass, feeling no panty line, only a thong deep inside. Her ass was tight and delicious, I was all over it, not an inch left unexplored. We were all over this girl, hard cocks, hands everything. I have never groped a girl so hard on the subway, we followed, groping her as the train stopped and we all moved toward the door. As we waited to get off and were pushed against the doors I pushed against her, reached around, in front and rubbed the mound of her pussy through the thin dress. I wish the ride had been longer, I think we could have kept it up for a few stations and I would have loved to stain that skirt for her! Had to come right home and relieve myself after that one. I know what she looks like and I’ll be looking out for her again!!

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