Halloween two birds with one stone

How was the Halloween weekend for everyone? Mine was fantastic. I went to the Halloween parade (NYC) with high hopes and it did not disappoint. The evening was a busy one but two experiences stood out from the rest.
When I got to the parade I quickly made my way to one of the streets that fed the crowd toward the main parade route. As I approached this area the crowd grew thicker – rush hour thick – and I realized maneuvering for a target would be difficult. Being selective didn’t seem like the way to go so I plunged into the crowd and let myself get carried into the stream of people. To my left and right people jostled for position and I grabbed an occasional costumed ass but there was never time to really make a good contact. Soon things would change! I found myself right behind to cute teenage girls, all dressed up (or down really) for the parade: tight mini skirts, mid-rib baring tee shirts, the works. It was so crowded I didn’t even hesitate. We were all just trying to stay on our feet and not get swept away by the crowd – I reached down and brushed my hand against the first girl (a brunette). She didn’t mind or couldn’t turn around so my hand was quickly all over her. I felt her tight ass, ran the side of my hand up her crack and reached farther down to cup the bottom of her ass and the inside of her thigh, it was delicious. Then the crowd shifted and I had her friend – blond but the same petite hot body and a similar tight mini right in front of me. I pushed forward and rammed myself into her (she had to know) humping as the crowd surged. When I was forced aside (the crowd was crazy people pushing hard) I reached down and felt her ass. It was softer than her friend’s was and the skirt was not so tight so I was really able to get my hand between her cheeks and I alternated rubbing and grabbing both of them. Then as abruptly as we had been pushed together the crowd surged again and I was several feet away watching them float through the bobbing heads.
My second great encounter was mid way into the parade. I had positioned myself next to a narrow entrance where the flow of people was tight and constant. A subway entrance, a prime parade viewing spot and a crosswalk converged and made for tight conditions. From my spot I watched people pass by and go into the crowd trying to make it’s way through the “funnel”. I waited for a good opportunity and it came: a group of young sweet teen girls, dressed in Halloween costumes headed into the crowd. One of them was dressed as a cheerleader! I made a quick move and got behind the cheerleader and a friend – dressed in a thin brown mini dress. I followed closely but waited because I knew from my scouting that the crowd would get tight soon. It did. Soon the crowd surged and I palmed the brown girl’s ass. I wanted to hump her so I slipped right behind her and let myself be carried into her sweet ass, I was running my Dick across her ass when I noticed her cheerleading friend next to me – we were shoulder to shoulder. Not believing my luck I stepped, let her move next to her friend and (what a great maneuver) was snugly behind both of them, almost between them, so close. I was drunk with excitement but the crowd was really tight and I let myself go. I reached down with each hand and moved forward, through the crowd feeling up each girl’s ass. It was fantastic, palming two tight young highschool asses at once! I had a blast with my middle finger resting right above each of their assholes and a raging hard-on too! I’m sure each one knew what was happening to her but they were trying to move forward and didn’t look back at all. The girl in the brown dress caught my eye, and later I would focus on her even going so far a to start working my way under her dress but the crowd parted and I had to let them go. It was a satisfying evening!

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