Whassup My O.G.'s in da Chikan Game

I never left the game, just didn't have any stories share till now. Last Friday, We took my cousin out to a club to celebrate him coming home from lockdown. As soon as we walked in the club, these 2 females approached us talking about they love us Islander Boyz. The female talking to me was 1/2 black, 1/4 Filipino, and 1/4 Irish. She wuz BANGIN! Now I haven't been to a club in 4yrs myself and boy has things changed. In about 5 minutes into our conversation, she turns around backs her plump booty up right into my cock and starts grindin on my shit. She puts my hand on her hips and she grabs her fucking ankles. Now this is some shit I would pay for at a strip club but damn, I am getting this shit for free. We head over to the couches in the back and she just sits on my woody riding it like ain't nobody watchin. There are peeps walkin by giving me props. I never shot a load but I will next time. I got her cell phone number and we're suppose to hook up tonight for a Halloween party.
I'll let you know what happens if anything does.

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