new here but wanted to give respect and props to the chikan soldiers. Iron and Black. I fell upon this sight while lookin for some gropin pics. I think this here is the shit. Its bout time I ran across some mufuckas that is real wit there shit. Cauz I hate these playahatin faggots be ruining my game. Damn yall do I got some stories for you. Im gonna break you off on one of my first very memorable stories. First off I live in so Cal. So we gots like a million Dime pieces all over the place. Especialy at the clubs. So check it out Im at this cool club Called Seville. Its the night of high school graduation. So alot of fine ass 18 year olds. So I see thes fine ass HINA bitches.( fine ass Latin girl). she is dancin wit some dude. She has got the phatest booty I have seen all night. So this dumb ass dude she is dancin wit starts acting all dumb and shit like gettin in front of her and puttin his ass on her. So im like fuck it open opportunity. I dont know this bitch and will probably never see her again. so I pretty much force my way through the crowd to get to her the whole time Im sliding my hands over the asses of these little bitches. The best part about tonight is that most of the girls here tonight you dont see all the time cause they act like there to good to go to the club. and im catching glances like "why the fuck are you touchin me like that. I just act like i dont even know i touched them. when i do this 98% of the time they just turn around because making the " im pissed off" face at the back of someones head makes you look stupid bitch. fuck man i gotta get going but basically I get behind this little J-lo bitch. with my back turned to her i unzip my zipper and pull my manhood out. turn around and study the way her ass is movin damn and no panty lines. Yeah boy heaven sent. I start freakin her with the rythym of the music and she turns her head back to see who has just got on her msphatbooty. and well like most she sees my handsome face and her angry look turns to a little smile. Yep i know I look better then your your man. I was pretty sure he was her man. as soon as she turned her head back around i let her feel my meat. oooh I wanted to freeze that moment for ever. so as i do this I feel her move her body and bump into her. I see her whisper something in her mans ear and turn around and start dancing with the first chick i saw. after a minute I turn to see what just has progressed and i see them looking over in my direction. This little whore told her man. i knew I could fuck man up and im pretty sure he knew it too. I just shrugged my head like "soory dogg but your bitch is too hot. I just had to feel that ass on my Cock." then I stared at him "what you wanna do." he turns his eyes away and I knew i difeated him. In this happenening the walk away from the dance floor. my addrenaline rush then begins to die. I will tell you it was well worth it to feel her tight big rounbubble ass. after about a 1/2 hour of bullshit chat with some peeps i knew there a fight breaks out. we go over and fists are flying boy. i see the couple again behind the fight in the corner more people and security get involved. now all the little hoes are panicking screaming and shit. Most have probaly seen people getting hit so hard live. panic is now in affect as people start rushing to the front door. i see the fine ass girl and her man now looking scared and moving to the front door. he in front of her trying to push through the ruch to the front door. she is behind him holding on to his shoulders with both hands. her ass is so bomb i gotta get another taste. i run as not to miss this opportunity and get right behind her. My heart is beating so fast. I stick my right hand right beneath her skirt and goe for the pussy. ooh its a phatty yeah awww. I put my left hand on her left ass cheek and cup it. what a lucky fucker. this bitch is so scared she didnt even look back she kept slaping at my hands with her left hand. she never took her right hand off her man. she probably dint want to alert her man and have to watch him get beat doen like the people in the fight behind us. i was behind her groping with disregard for like a good 2 minutes. I didnt grab her tits as I didnt want to be greedy. Lol. Well goota go fellas and females. tilll next time "keep it real". UGLY

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