OK, one more story

I didn't know you guys would like my perverted experience so much. I guess I am a star in the wrong place!

But I will tell you one more event that happened in my life that I am pretty ashamed of, but was an interesting time.

I had a friend who came over quite frequently to my apartment. We would go shoot hoops and watch a movie or something. Well, one time he brought over his little sister, who was about 14. She was one of these girls who always had something to say, and loved a good sense of humor, so I obliged. I joked with her so much I had her on the floor rolling.

One thing about her that I wished I hadn't noticed was she had a very well developed rear and some nice thick thighs. I mostly noticed them the second time she came over with my friend, about a week later. She had these levi almost "daisy-dukes" things on, and I must admit, I couldn't stop looking at her whenever my friend would turn away. After some time, I would hope she would be with him when he'd come over.

Well, one day I was doing some college school work on my computer, and there was a knock at the door. It was her. Alone. I asked if her brother was there too, and she just said she "stopped by" just to say hi. So I let her in. I sat down at the computer, and she sat down in a chair near me. She had on some tight sweats, light blue with a white stripe down the side of the leg part. Her thighs and hips were nice and snug in them, and I would occasionally take a peek at them when she turned away (I think she noticed a couple of times).

Well, she came to laugh, I figured, so I kidded with her for about 10 minutes, making silly comments, and she loved it. So, as I was sitting at the computer, she asked if she could check my email. I told her "no," and said I was busy (with my school work). She said, "I'll just sit on you then." My mind just freaked! "She will sit on me!" I thought. I told her forget it, and that tactic work, because she stood up and begin to wrestle on to my lap. I played it off well, pulling her off me and on to the ground, and she laughed a bit. But she proceeded to beg. I said, "OK, but make it quick." By that time I was pretty erect.

She sat on me. The way she sat on me was pretty interesting, too. It was like she was getting on a horse, one leg over my legs, and her butt was in my face for about a second, then, Plop! Both of her large butt cheeks (large for her age) just mashed into my penis, and it felt too good. But I felt REAL bad, because I was almost twice her age! I told her, feignly, to hurry up with the email, and she smacked my leg with her hand and said she will take as long as she wants. That was a big mistake on her part, because it is exactly what I wanted, unfortunately.

I leaned back into the chair a bit, and just took a look at those cheeks mounted on me, and I couldn't believe how nice they looked for such a young lady. So I began to hump them a little, very carefully. That is when she told me, "hey, what are you doing?" and move a bit and looked at me. I proceeded to stand her up and I got up and told her to hurry and check her email. She smiled a bit, and checked it some more. I went to my room and just got it out of my system, jacking off with a pillow. I went out there, and she was still on the thing, and I told her that I needed to finish my paper, and she had to leave. I was so ashamed that I took advantage of my friend's little sister!

I actually tried to avoid her after that, but she loved coming over with her brother, just to hear me joke. He never told me anything, so I guessed she never said anything. I always wondered if she really knew what I was doing. I moved shortly after to a different state, about a year after that experience. But sometimes when I fantasize, it is her I think of. Even my last girl friend, I told her to check her email a few times on my lap, just to bring back that experience.

I didn't really want to mention that story, but I guess that for some reason you all appreciate a good experience like that. Oh well, good night all.

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