Only when asleep

I don't really believe half of the stories you guys put out, especially the stories of you rubbing until you are completely satisfied.

I myself have only done what you guys say you do when a woman is asleep. I will give you an example. I had a friend, a latina, who was very voluptuous, and very sexy. We were good friends, but I didn't want to date her because she had children and a drug problem.

Well, one night we were up late watching a movie at her house, and she went to bed exhasted from a long day. She was wearing just a large tee shirt, no bottoms (although she had her panties on that I caught a glimps of a couple of times while she laid on the couch). She told me to just sleep there on the couch if I wanted.

For about 20 minutes I just sat there, wondering, "should I just sneak into her room and have a peek?" Well, I finally did, and when I got into the room (luckily the door was half open) I saw her laying on her side, and her nalgass exposed because her shirt had creeped up her body. (Nalgass is the spanish term for her butt, by the way). I made a little noise just to see if she was at all awake, and was going to say an excuse if she was. But she didn't budge. I giggled the bed just a bit, to see if she would respond, and she stayed very asleep. I knew she was tired from the long day at work, so I figured that I would just feel her rump a bit. Boy was it so nice, and my eyes had adjusted enough that I could see it real well. She had a very typical latina body, very thick thighs, very nice round hips, and a lot of bump on her rump (hey I rhymed).
I got on the bed, and began to slowly skoot over toward her. Finally I placed my manhood on her butt, very carefully, and she didn't move. It immediately got erected, and was throbbing when I placed it between the two cheeks and slowly began to push against her. Again, she didn't even move, so I figured she was really asleep, so I proceeded to place my hand on her hips, and squeeze a little, while pushing harder against her buttocks. Boy they felt better than I had imagined! I then began to grind her hard, pushing her back into me while I grinded, and she finally "kinda" woke up! She moved to where she was facing me, but her eyes were still closed, and she made a large sigh. I just laid there, waiting to see if she would wake, and my heart was pounding. I must of waited about two minutes, and she didn't move. So I proceeded to look at her butt again. This time she was completely on her stomach, and her butt was fully exposed. I lifted her shirt a little more up because she had this nice tatoo at the top of her butt, where it meets the lower back, and it was certainly sexy. I slowly mounted her, going down on her slowly as not to wake her. My penis went right into her crack so nicely, and my legs felt her very sexy thighs against them. I proceeded again to hump, and this time I was on top of her, and riding her, staring at her butt while doing so. I finally let loose, and much of it stained the back of her panties. When I dismounted and got of the bed, she finally moved a little, and I was so relieved she did not wake up.

I would repeat this a couple of more times, but I haven't really gotten a chance in the past couple of years. I have never done this with anyone else though, with the exception of my ex-girlfriend. But she let me do it, even when she was asleep, the latina didn't even know it was happening.

As far as doing it on busses and other ocassions, I just never wanted to take that chance, it is tooo risky.


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