just found this bbs via search engine based on curiosity, mainly after getting a few accidental touches on crowded busses i started thinking about maybe doing it on purpose in the future...

im a college kid, ride crowded busses all the time around campus
the other day i was stepping off the bus in this huge flow of people at a busy stop, and as im reaching around my back to pull my backpack on i feel a nice pleasant squish of breasts in my hand
so i turn around and theres this really hot brunnette in a tight tank/bra top she must have been about C-cup size, i just got a free feel of her tits and she didnt even notice with all the pushing and shoving to get off the bus
so then i was really horny thinking about it for the rest of the day, and started thinking about keeping my eye out for other opportunities
lucky me, cause when im stepping off the bus on the trip home, theres this tight latina girl standing by the door
it wasnt her stop, so she didnt want to get pushed out with everyone else, but she couldnt really move back into the bus either, so she squeezed up against the wall right next to the door to try and let everyone else get past her, with her arms lifted up to keep out of the way
she was wearing this skintight tube top that showed off her sexy middriff and her tits were small like A-cups, but she had really perky nipples poking out through her top. so on the way out the door i made sure to rub my whole forearm against her soft nipples and tummy 'excuse me'. looked totally like an accident and she didnt complain

looks like you guys have a lot of great stories and advice to give, so i guess i'll hang out a bit

also, while frotteurism is kinda new for me i do consider myself an all-around pervert, another thing thats kinda a hobby is stealing panties
anyone here know a similar bbs to this one specifically for panty thiefs?

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