Greetings Master Chikans, long time for me.....but here's the lastest.

Sorry I have not kept my stories up on the board, I have been busy working in all the places a motorcycle repair shop ! Most of the old timers know me ~ winks ~ And to all the new Chikans warm welcome to the board !

Last week while working wearing a short red summer dress ( I Live in So Calif its always warm : ) I bend over a bike reaching for a vin number as Im the seceraty there doing the books. I felt something warm behind me pressing up against my bare flesh, as my breasts rested over the seat, a bit suprised but wanting it deep inside I let my boss have his fun. I could feel his hard cock rubbing the crack of my ass his hands lifting up the back of my sun dress. The other guys to busy to bother to look, or maybe I just did not notice, or care. : ) As we where kinda in the corner of the shop with bikes all around us. His rough hands rubbing my creamy phat his cock wome how made it out of his pants. I could feel the wetness my pussy was dripping, the head of his cock teasing me barley slipping the head in. Trying to act like nothing was happing I held the clip board and pen like I was writing down the vin numbers, my nipples brushing the seat of the bike now hard I wanted his cock and I wanted it NOW ! Who would have guessed my Boss was a Chikan ? Just then one of the bikes fired up, my bosses cock resting on the crack of my ass swiftly thrust in, my moans could not have been heard over the roar of a motorcycle being worked on.......It only took a few minutes and as I slide up off the seat pulling my dress, down dipping with cum smiled at my boss and headed off to the rest room...... Oh but things have not stopped, but I will share more soon as my lunch hour is up.

Blessed be and happy hunting Master Chikans ( Y )

Love and Respect, MsDarkSoulDesires

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