My miserable wife!!!

Hi there lads I just want some adice on my wifes sex appetite she is one miserable bitch .
She has gorgeous boobs and a real round arse, but problem is she is not in to sex.
Iv tooken her to my work once and told my work collegues when Im not there try it on with my wife.
So when I was not there they were groping her from behind whilst she was helping out with some clipboard duties, and the funny thing was that she didnt even mind!...
One lad even told me has panty color and also that he managed to get 3 fingers up her and he even tols me that she is shaven...
I was slightly jeolous but still happy as I new she does get excited , Please get back and give my ideas of turning her on! Or if you can do it please email her by the email address below , but for godsake dont tel her I put her email address on here! I will try and post some photos of her later on! Please reply on this board if anyone manages to get a response from her! As I now know she is quite hot and asian brown arse.

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