Female groper

As the subway door pushed shut, Natasha was sandwitched tightly between two people she didn't even know. Behind her was a very distinguished businessman who apeared to have everything under his control, that is untill he gets crammed inside a subway car where he can only hold onto the rail with his one hand & his breifcase with the other. To make things worse for him, is that he is pressed up against a hot woman who wants him under her control.
She starts to press her hot butt into his crotch with, at first, no responce.
But then she feels a bulge starting to form in his crotch. She continues to rub away at his obviously enlarging erection as the subway sways from side to side.
He tries to ignor her, but she is too much to ignor. But then to his dismay, he feels her reach around & starts to unzip his pants. What is she doing, he thinks. But he cannot stop her, both of his hands are tied up with other things.
She then pulls his hard cock out of his pants & starts to stroke it. Now what can he do? He has no control!!! He feels himself getting closer to shooting his load which was stored up for weeks, but he doesn't want his cum all over his fancy suit. Just as he is about to let loose, he feels her other hand reach back and move down under his balls. She then pushes up hard on his cum tube & blocks it off, thus preventing his sperm from even getting near the end of his throbbing cock. He feels the mind blowing orgasm let loose, but that is it, no sticky slimy liquid shows up. She can feel his prostate pumping away, but she knows that she will not get creamed, because she is holding it inside his body. As the throbbing of his cum tube slows down and stops, she releases her hand which was holding his jizz back, but she continues to slowly stroke his cock untill it starts to soften. Then she puts it back into his pants and zipps him back up. She then glances back into his face an smiles, as he mouths the words
"THANK YOU". Just then the train stops & they both leave with nobody else even knowing what had just happened.

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