Morning bus

It was cold rainy morning today. The bus was full when I stepped in, but
not full enough. We were three people standing on a coridor. The bus
stopped and a man stepped out. I noticed that he left an empty seat
next to a young woman. I immediately steped in and sat down. She was
quite tall, skinny, a bit shy looking redhead. She had thick, medium long hair,
blue jeans and purple jacket. She was sitting a backpack on her lap. It is hard
to tell how old she was - something between 17 and 25. I was also having a
backpack with me and I lifted it to my lap the same way. The backpacks
were giving a very good cover to work her out. I didn't manage to get my
hand in a proper position at first, but after adjusting my backpack and
taking advantage of a bus breaking suddenly, I managed to slip my
hand below the backpacks. My hand was resting on my thigh and I
gently pressed the back of my hand against her thigh. I could feel some
very light movements, she could feel my hand but she was not backin off.
I tried to look her from the corner of my eye, but she was hiding behind
her hair. I was a bit unsure about her, so I decided to go for
"I'm not conscious that I'm touching you" -role. I relaxed and let the back
of my hand press firmly against her so that finally the whole back of my hand
and my fingers were resting on her thigh. The denim she was wearing was
surprisingly thin. I could feel the warmth of her body in my hand. That
felt especially good as it was a cold morning. She stayed very relaxed
and I had an impression that she actually liked the touch. She had been
looking out from the window all the time, but then she slightly turned to
me, straightened her back a bit and, I could follow from the corner of my
eye, looked between our backpacks to my hand leaning against her. She
certainly was aware my touch, but she was not sure whether is was just
an accidental touch she liked or an intentional grope. I wanted to keep
it that way. She turned back to the window and we continued in the
same position until I had to step out. When I stepped up and walked to
the door, I noticed that she turned her head and looked at me. I tried
to catch her eye, but she turned her head away very briefly. She was
very nice and receptive girl. I hope to see her again soon!


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