British jumble sales!

I went to a jumble sale near me on Saturday after reading about it in the local paper. When I got there it was a scout hut packed full of people who were barging towards the bargains on sale. A load of old junk really, and more than a few old grannies as well. But a few nicely shapely butts too, and a lot of body heat!

I worked my way around the room looking at all the stuff but more interested in the buttocks, and managed to parking my throbbing hard cock up against more than one bum crack as I went. If I did find myself in a compromising but subtle position (hand between legs by "accident" or back of hand against curvaceous bottom) I delayed it deliberately, also keeping my hands by my side meant a good few nice peaches got goosed on the way round. I must Some of the grannies were a bit smelly but I enjoyed this thoroughly & was most surprised how many times I felt my own backside being prodded goosed nudged and caressed as I went around. It all added to my delightful boner & if you fancy some randy English grannies try a good old jumble sale any time, I say! Look them up in your classified ads & go prepared for an erotic time....

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