first concert bust

I would first like to say that I have been frequently visiting this site for the last couple of weeks and it has provided the inspiration for my nights activities.
For the past few years I have used concerts as an opportunity to cop a few feels and rub my hard cock against an unsuspecting girls ass. Before visiting this site I would not have thought it possible to actually take your dick out and hump to the point of cummnig but after seeing the stories on this board I was inspired.
I had tickets to this concert and had been anticipating going and using some new techniques learned from this board and getting off on some girls ass for the first time. I got to the show early to scope out the situation ala Black Shogun and saw this very hot girl wearing a frilly white skirt with knee socks and immediately felt I should get behind her and position myself for some groping throughout the show but my first plans were somewhat upset when I spotted some people I had met at a previous show and they called me over. I was pretty pissed because I usually try not to interact with people at these shows so I can get my hump on incognito, but I couldn't blow them off so I was stuck talking to them until the first band went on but at this point the original girl was nowhere to be found so I looked for some new prey.
I spotted a girl upfront against the barricade and slipped away from the people I was taking to to position myself behind her. I originally thought she was alone, which I prefer because they usually are easier when alone. She was thin wearing an orange skirt but with black stretch pants under it. The show was 18 and over but she looked about 16 with pale skin and nice but small tits. She struck me as kind of shy, which I also prefer which led me to beleve she wouldn't put up much of a fight.
I am not at the caliber yet of the great masters of chikan and did not plan on moving along throughout the night to different women, I like to take my time and make sure shes not going to give me alot of trouble so I work the same girl slowly throughout the night hoping to get someone receptive or at least not someone who would get me in trouble. So during the first band the crowd was sparse and I didn't want to raise up any alarm because I now saw she was with two friends so I played it slow. I originally wanted to wait until the first band was done and the crowd got more packed so the contact would seem incidental but with her cute little ass in front of me I could not resist, so I went in for a touch. Her ass was small but nice and soft and still felt good even though she had on the skirt and pants, but once I touched the bitch she looked back at me. She seemed kind of jumpy which wasn't good so I decided to lay back a bit. As the next band came on and the crowd tightened I took the opportunity to get a few more feels in and she seemed less tense. but as the second band ended she said something to the guy next to her and he offered to switch places, which she declined but I could already see this wasn't going to be as easy as I had hoped. On top of that this was a CMJ showcase and the sets were short which didn't give me as much time to work as I like.
When the third band came on I was a bit bolder and touched her sweet soft ass more firmly she looked back a couple of times and the proceded to shift her bag to cover the right side of her ass which I had been working on. but the stupid bitch left the left side of her ass open to a few more feels with the back of my hand. During this set I also started to rub my semi-erect cock on her ass a little which did not seem to please her too much. When this bands set ended I was a little pissed because as is my normal technique after feeling the girls ass a bit I step back in order to see if they back up into showing at least some acknowledgment and seeming acceptance of what was going on and this bitch did that a few times and then has the gall to put her bag over part of her ass to stop me.
In between the the band that just endeds set and the next band I was thinking of moving to find new prey as this one didn't seem to be working out but as im thinking this she backs her hot little ass right back into me and sets herself in an animalistic postute aking to something on the discovery channel. she rested her elbows on the barricade in front of her bent over and put her ass on display for me leading me to belive the bitch might want to play after all. And that pose got me really turned on and I started to get hard again and decided to unzip my pants and let my cock slid out a bit(something I had never tried before but was tempted to do by the stories on the board) I was a bit worried someone might see me dick and alert security so i was ver carefull pulling down my long shirt and taking off my jacket and using it to sheild me from one side. The bitch then moves away again frustrating me. The next band comes on and im touching her ass and rubbing my dick against her butt more forcefully now and she again adjusts her bag adding to my frustration and begins to look pretty pissed so I just enjoy the band as they are one of my favorites and decide to back-off a bit.
After this set the place gets pretty packed and we are forced even closer and she again starts to bend over. Now I have read some stories on here about women trying to create seperation by sticking out their asses but with this girl the only time she did it was when I had backed off so the mixed signals were pissing me off especially as seeing that now that the crowd was very densely packed it would be harder to fing a new target. Then the main act comes on and they are sort of an electric pop band which plays dancy type music and the crowd goes crazy and starts dancing including the girl in front of me gyrating and shaking her ass and as i am so close behind her I start dancing right up on ther and rubbing my dick on her ass getting pre-cum on her skirt which really turned me on. As she bent over and rubbed her ass on my cock I was loving it her ass was soft and I was geting up in the crack a little. I started to then dance more agressively ramming my cock into the bitch whenever I started to really go at it she would freeze but then statr shaking fine little ass some more but then a terrible thing happened my chikan bretheren the crowed stated to push form the left and this asshole knocked me off the girls ass which pissed me off greatly and also got me worried someone would see my cock exposed. I jostled with this fuck for a while but it was clear the current of the crowed was too much and there was noway I could get a good hump in under these circumstances so I step back feeling a bit defeated and zip up my pants. At this point the guy who was an asshole and drunk was pressed up against my girl. And I must say I wished he'd chikan her because then at least this stuck up bitch would still get ass fucked but he instead just crushed her against the barricade. At this point she asked her male friend to step in behind her to pretect her from this guy. Now my question my chikan brothers is does this mean she was into getting felt up and humped by me but was just palying hard to get and when I backed off and this guy got behind her see asked for help I just don't know.
Now you may have thought my night was over at this point but it was not. After I backed off I noticed I was beside the first girl I saw with the white skirt. She was a sexy blonde 19-20 nice b-cup sized tits bearing somewhat of a resembalance to Hilary Duff at least facially. When I see it's her I'm like when the fuck everyone is dancing I feel a few asses and work my way behind her. I undo my zipper and start grinding her and feeling her as shes wearing a thong I get up in her ass crack a bit too. And let me tell you this girl has one of the nicest asses I have ever felt in 12 years of groping. It's soft and a little on the big side your hand can melt right into it. I then manuver my hand to the bottom of her ass where when thighs meet the ass between the two cheeks I was in heaven. I then try something I never have, palming an ass. I used to think it would be too obvious but after hearing the stories on this board I tried anyway. So I palmed this bitches sweet succulent ass a few times and she didn't mind. I then put one hand on her hip and started to rub my aroused cock on her beautiful ass. The great thing was she was grinding right back along with the music moving her ass up down and around against my cock just like if we were dancing together in a club. We then are knocked aside a bit by the crowd and she moves up. We were near the front near the people I was trying to avoid which made me a bit uncomfortable because I see them at shows alot and if they caught my humping it would get quite awkward. The girl also had stepped up onto a little platform the rose about two inches while I was on the regular floor this caused her to be a bit too high to hump and her ass was partially blocked by the girlfriend of one of the people I knew. But at this point I was horny and hard as fuck so I said fuck it my mission when I set out was to bust while chikaning a chick for the first time and I wasn't going to miss the opportunity with this hot at least somewhat receptive chick so I bump the guys g/f off the girl throw caution to the wind and get my dick completely out. I put my hand on the girls hip again but she kind of knocks it away but at this point I don't give a fuck. I start humping hardcore and shes dancing back into me just as before though even harder now although she must know my cock is hard. I also know I must be getting pre-cum all over the back of her skirt which turned me on immensely. I'm really grinding hard now as she swayed her hips back and forth and my dick explored every inch of her ass. At one point she started jumping up and down as my cock slid along the entire expanse of her sweet ass crack. At this I was about ready to cum and closed my eyes, forgot any pretense about dancing and just started humping it must have been obviouse because she stoped for a minute then seemed to accept the fact she was getting ass jacked and kept moving her ass to the music my dick started to twitch up against her ass and I at the last minute felt it prudent not to cum on her ass because she know I was humping her and if she found cum on her ass she might get pissed and tell security so I quickly move in back in my pants and cum up agianst her hot ass. It was my first and it was great.
After this I backed off her a bit not wanting to piss her off but she moved closer to me so durind the last two songs I groped her ass a few more times as well as doing the same to a few others. I must admit I wanted to get a feel up this bitches skirt and touch her bare ass as well as grab her tits but it had already been I good night and I didn't want to push it.
On the way home getting onto the train I saw a bitch that looked like the one I had humped and got a bit worried she might say something to me but I noticed she was wearing pants and not the same chick but still quite hot. As the train pull up I figured why not end the day well and did an old fashioned "brush-up" on her and she had a very nice soft ass which ended my day well.
I hope you all enjoyed my adventures as I have come to enjoy yours. Let me know what you think.
On a side note I had a few questions to ask of you guys. First those of you who actually cum on girls asses what are their typical reactions, if you have any stories reguarding this please post them. I also would like to know after you cum on them if they don't relize it but later notice cum on themselves or their friend notices it what their reactions were. I could also use a few tips on how to conceal you dick when its out of your pants in more sparsely crowded conditions as well as how to hump at shows when such closeness in not natural.

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