trains in the big city

recently visited a larger city in my area. Riding the trains I looked for opportunities and found one. A cute asian girl in her early 20's. Entering a full train, the only available spot was stand next to this asian girl and holding on to the same pole. She stood very close to the pole, almost hugging it. I first streched out my fingers and felt her side under a thin sweater. Not getting any reaction I eased my hand upward toward and streched out my fingers again, attempting to reach her breast. Outstretching them a few times and touching her just under her breast brought no reaction. Then suddenly she bent at the knees, lowering her self ever so slightly so that my fingers were now touching her breast. I took this as a sign that she welcomed the touch and began to rub the back of my fingers up and down her small soft breast. The sensation was wonderful and my dick became hard as a rock. Unfortunately we dearted the train at the very next stop, but the thought and sensation of rubbing a strangers breast lingers.

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