A good weekend!

After having a very dry inactive week Dr. Dry Hump was back in business in a big way. It started off on Friday night. Starving for some booty action I decided to head into the city to sample some butts out and about. My Friday night began in a very crowded bistro. Before going in there I just knew I would definitely get what I was looking for. I couldn't have been calmer.

So I stroll my happy ass in the spot and move immediately to where? That's right .... the crowded bar area. It's gotta be that spot. I wedge my way to the bar near some sexy ass women, order a beer, and park myself there for the evening. To my left is a guy with four girls looking at me suspiciously like I was trying to get near his freaks. Wrong answer dude! The girls I'm interested in were to my right. Beer in hand I turn to the right in the direction of two sexy girls standing there. Doing it so cool with my right arm on the bar with beer in hand.

The girl closest to me has dark hair, a pretty face, and a nice round ass covered in tight black stretch pants. I was definitely in the right spot. Her back is towards me and she's only standing inches away. I could be agressive and just close the space and be all over it from jump but I'm in no rush. Besides I don't want to scare her off. Instead I just wait for my time. And my time didn't take long to come. Sure enough someone comes to the bar looking to fill up on some rocket fuel. They push her friend back, which pushes her back directly on me. Right where she should be. Boy was it worth the wait. Her ass was so soft that it's not even funny.

Pushed back on me and moving ever so slightly to the music blasting in the background. "Hey Ya" indeed! Now that contact has been made from her all I have to do is stand my ground and ride the wave. That's exactly what I did. Back ..... Forth ....... Back ...... Forth ... circle-circle ...... Up - Down / Tick Tock the time goes on. This lasted at least 20 to 30 minutes. I can't complain one bit. It was definitely all good.

Before I left that bistro I ended up on two or three more girls for similar action but nothing as long or as good as the first.

After leaving the bistro It was time to hit the club scene for some more action. Action in the form of standing behind girls in crowded areas of the club of getting girls on the dance floor and freaking them. I went to my usual spot. (usual as in whenever I go to that city) But the club was almost completely empty. I thought, "What the fuck!" The night was quickly turning for the worse. After seeing how empty the club was I decided to go to another club but no luck there either. Did I go all this way for just some bistro action? "Fuck that! I'm going back to the first club and getting some action."

Having a stamp from the original club I headed back in there to see what was up. It was still bullshit for the majority of the night until .......

BAM! A freak on the dance floor. You know what I'm talking about. The air humpers that are all alone in the club. She was definitely in heat dancing up a storm on an almost empty dance floor. I said Banzaii and jumped all on it. Did she just run away? NOPE! She was ready for some action. "I'm gonna give it to ya!" Left hand holding on and riding that ass on the dance floor. Grinding, Freaking, Humping away with Hip Hop jams blasing through the almost empty club. I felt the ass pretty good even though she was dancing kind of goofy. A couple minutes worth and then she just jetted to another spot on the dance floor. I wasn't mad at her though. She was down for those few minutes so it was all good. She didn't actually run but slightly fade away. (kind of funny)

A little later in the night I saw the same girl give me a glance from across the dance floor. A quick flirt. I wasn't sweating her though. I was about to get the fuck outta there but then saw her dancing near the dance floor off to the side. I said fuck it. Let me go get some more before going home. That's exactly what I did. I got behind her grabbed her with both hands and went to work. Only now I have my fingers under her soft skirt and directly on her legs feeling smooth stockings and humping away. That was just too much for me. Here comes the wood! I'm not backing up though. I'm staying right there and freaking her. And she's freaking the hell out of me ..... with her fine round ass. This was a beautiful thing. Her doing her sexual dance moves off beat with me feeling her legs and grinding harder and harder.

If that would have continued longer I would have definitely busted a nut in my pants. That would have been a first. Eventually it ended and I decided to call it a night. A good night after all. One that will stay with me for a while.

I did say it was a good Weekend though, didn't I. What I just spoke of was Friday night. Saturday was a whole different story. I'll make it short for you. I'm riding the bus that is almost packed full. The bus breaks down and a smaller bus comes to pick up everyone. On that small bus I'm behind a tall sexy blond that rides on my dick to the point of wood for about 15 minutes. This party of the story deserves more attention because it was a very nice ass to grind on but surely you are getting tired of reading my adventures. Right?

Well anyway ....

A good weekend it was indeed!

Thanks for the memories ladies.

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