Hi Everyone adventures in Tiger Tiger London

Hallo to all my chikan brothers. In particular Brother Shogun, PBH, PBG, Dr Iron Dick and our good friend Ozzi.

Friday night, hit Leciester square and ended up outside Tiger Tiger chatting up this 17 year old girl from Birmingham. Nice tight ass, short skirt slim body, nice fleshy thighs any man would die for ahahahaha..Anyway I convinced her and her friend to join our group in Tiger Tiger. After convincing the door man she was my girlfriend and was actually 23 years old we got in ahahahahah.

Once we got in there I directed her to the bar. Since it was so crowded. I pushed up close behind her and begin pushing my hard knob into her crack and rubbing my lips in a good smelling hair. Ohhhh blonde hair oooooohh. She kept talking and I just kept saying yeah yeah..fuck knows what she was on about all I cared about was molesting her body with my hands and knob.

Anyway once she got to the bar she leaned across to the bar man. As she leaned across I pressed myself on her, as she leaned forward her backside went back aaaaaaaaaahhh and my knob went foreward ooooooohh aaaaaaaaaahhhh. Such heaven !!!!!!!!!!!!...nice 17 year old blonde bitch and my knob was stuck inside her crack. I began moaning as she begun moving her ass back and forward to the music. I was moaning oooohhh aahhhhhhh. My dick was getting squashed between those young cheeks ooooooooohh aaaaaaaaaahhh.

I could no longer control myself and grabbed her round the waist and began pulling her bum hard between my legs and licking her hair. She turned and said 'easy tiger'. Meanwhile she was still trying to get the attention of the bar man because it was so crowded. I placed both my palms on her naked legs and moaning aaaaaaaahhh. Then began rubbing up and down her legs. Corrrrrrrrrrr. This prick tried to get in close and take a share of my fuck meat. I pushed him away and gave him a long hard stare, no one takes Nanbreads fuck meat..fuck off tosser i thought ahahhahaha.

Finally she managed to get her drinks I whispered in her ear dont worry I shall pay for them at the same time licking her ear ooooohhhh. As we walked away from the bar my dick was still jammed inside her crack so I walked behind her staying close in licking her hair. I was dying to feel her breasts but she seemed to get a bit agitated now.

Anyway who cares ...I got to molest her body and thats all that counts ahahhahahahhah. I asked her back to my place but she said she had a boyfriend so after a chat i left with my mate, who was already pissed out of his head.

On the way out I grope this blondes bottom and looked back and smiled at her. She looked back and gave me a grin ahahahahaha. Such is the way of the Nanbread..life exists on his terms alone.

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