Re: Stath2 - Where Are The Stories???

Hello Stath2! Long time no see! The routine of several good stories each month fell off late last year when regular, longtime contributors, many of whom are enshrined in the Hall of Fame today, stopped producing stories and/or posts. I, for one, was tired of writing stories after 2 solid years at it producing a good story or post every two weeks over those same 2 years when you add it all up by my count! And having to put up with plenty of bullshit for my efforts along the way!

What we have today is far too many parasitic lurkers who ocassionally open up their evil "yuck mouths" to demand that SOMEBODY ELSE write a good piece or simply to attack another person, incessant and often off-topic news reports (many of them repetitive), irrelevant videos and photos, and people just tending to lose sight of what the board is all about and what made it so great in the first place . . . STORIES of CHIKAN!

Look at how a great story energizes the board and gets everybody going and excited again. This is why the good storywriters are the royalty on this board, and should be recognized as such. Don't "defer to me" on this issue (or any other) as MITB incorrectly put it once. Defer to what the fuckin' board is all about . . . CHIKAN STORIES . . . and recognize good contributors when they deliver the stories we all love to read so much!

Today, even when we do get stories, far too many of them feature circumstances that are just too hard for even a longtime chikan like myself to believe. As has been said many a time, truth CAN be stranger than fiction, but these new storywriters just don't do a good job of conveying why it is that anybody should believe. Now, if you don't give a rip whether anybody believes or not, well that's another matter. In the case of O-Kay, the writer would have been much better served by writing some of the background pieces first before putting out some of the other stuff that's hard for seasoned and unseasoned folks alike to accept.

But still, having hope and believing is still worth it. Each month, we still get that good piece of work . . . barely . . . but it happens enough that we've still been able to find a worthy winner of the monthly award (we only need one). And out of that, we'll get our man (woman?) of the year. My worries that there won't be a single person worthy of a monthly award have not come to fruition . . . yet. But somebody better start writing something soon, or else it's just gonna be an easy "route" by Opportunist. He's clearly had the best stuff so far this year.

Black Shogun

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female butt She's just inviting a chikan to say hello!

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yesterday i went to a mini(about 300 people) gig.. THE CROWD WAS PERFECT!!!
there were lotsa crazy girls with miniskirt around!!!
At 1st, i was at the second row, right behind a girl weargn tight long jeans. She is very tall and my dick and her butt was at the same height. Before the opening act came on, i was touching her with my leg once in a while, just to see her reaction. seems like she didnt mind. When the opening act came on, the crowd went crazy extremely squeezy! my dick is now directly on her ass. Soon i was losing balance and i had to reach for the barricade. she was in the 1st row and when i reach my hand forward, i could feel her big breast. she was wearing a t-shirt. the crowd got wilder when the main band came out and soon we were separated. I thought everything was over. Then another girl(fleshy n pretty type.. not fat!!!) got push to my side(right) i was facing the front while she was facing me with her breast on my side. She thought i was a good guy and told me to grip the barricade and she hold on to me. soon i was push to face my right(her) while she face the front. my groin was rubbing the side of her leg. she was wearing a jeans material miniskirt. Soon she got to my front and my dick was on her ass. I got push away serveral times by the crowd but i struggle to get to her ass. she was jumping and i jumping along with my groin rubbing her ass. sometimes, i stand still while she rock my dick with her ass!!i shift my hand her front and my hand was touching her upper chest. she was wearing those top that the sleve is halfway down her shoulder. i try to pull it down a bit more and was touching her upper chest all over!! we got separated later but my hand was on her waist. at 1st i crunch my fist as i was afraid that she might suspect something.. soon we got further and i thought she wouldnt know it was me touching her. i open my fist and was placing my hand on her belly. i started fondling was too squeezy and i could not and dare not shift my hand to her breast. i then pull up her shirt and was caressing her naked belly. i shift my hand up and down. near her vaginal. soon the crowd was pusing backwards and she nearly fall. i couldnt find her after that. i think she went all the way to the back. god damn it i thought.. forgot to mention about it, while the fleshy girl was infront of me, there were a few girls body surfing!!! i only manage to grope the 1st girl bodysurfer's ass. 1 of the guy around me was slapping her ass. i then started to pay attention to the bodysurfer, soon another girl went pass and i reach for her soft breast!! i didnt notice her looks and her clothing as everything went too fast. all this while i was humping the fleshy girl. soon the 3rd girl surfer came. she look very pretty. i saw her in the crowd before and she was just on top of me. she was wearing a white top(only cover breast no stomach) with lots of holes and a black bikini inside. she is real hot!!! my hand immediately went to cup her breast and it felt so good!!! it was soft and firm!! i was squeezing lightly. After awhile i got push to the middle row. and i was looking around for girls. no luck. those people infront were all boys. since i was alreadi in the middle, i decided to go all the way back where i believe all the girls are. i was right!! there were many teens(16 17) girls around with their boyfriends. i then pretend to squeeze in the crowd again rubbing my groin against those many different girls' ass. then i found a pretty young girl about 16 yrs old. she was wearing a light blue spaghetti strap shirt. it was really tight. her skin was fair and she look very sweet. the was wearing a red sports bra and her spaghetti strap got pull so far down that her sports bra was exposing so much!! exposing her fair soft looking breast!! she was wearing long pants. those material that is similar to those female tennis player!!! OMG!! it was purple in colour.. looks weird but tight and nice!!! everything about her is tight, fair and sweet!!! PERFECT!! too bad her old gay boyfriend(looks 25 yrs old) was trying to protect her standing behind her all the while.. i stand next to her and was peeping at her fair smooth exposing breast and her sweet face without makeup(natural beauty) soon her pussy bf got squash by the bodysurfer trying to start surfing and i swear he look like he was going to DIE! lol.. they got separated for a while and i took the opportunity to stand behind her and hump her a few times.. her bf struggle to get back to her every once in a while. i had to pretend to move around her to look out for opportunities. there were lotsa people trying to start bodysufing as we were at the back. i then pretend to carry them and push them. she was kinda enthusiastic in helping to surf too! and therefore we were reachign our hand out to surf them front and i pretend to move forward to help to push those surfers feet while bashing into her soft tight ass frequently. i tried to touch her breast a few times but unsuccesful. only less than a second or something.. her breast was not big but looks very firm fair and nice.. just nice for her petite body. at the end of the concert.. i peep at her under the light.. she was perfect. her nipple was obvious as it poke through those tight spaghetti strap and sports bra.. wad a perfect day


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