My girlfriend and I enjoy rubbing up against each other in musical concerts

girlfriend Hi Black Shogun. Hi dear Chikan friends ┐How are you doing ?. I feel like a new man since I met my girlfriend KISSI. We like to go to musical concerts and get into the mosh pit and stand rubbing up against each other during many hours. It feels great. I like concerts at night and day. I like to smell KISSIs hair heated by the sun, it is a special scent. I like feeling the way we get crushed by the people, and the way we move back and forth everytime the crowd surges. When we go to a party she pleases me dressing a white elegant dress wich is almost transparent, revealing her round onion bum, using a small panty that gets stuck between her butt cheeks. The dress has a small and hidden hole to plug my finger into her pussy during the party. I like to taste the juice of her pussy and mix it with my Scotch or Rum ( RON ). KISSI has noticed that I can not control my urge of touching and openning up her bum, but she likes pleasing me. I like when she sits on my lap during any party, and when we dance she stands backwards so her bum rubs my cock. I was lucky to meet her.

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Once Upon A Time

Hi everyone, thought it was time to register(been hanging around this site for the past week wondering if i should join) but all u lads sound like a laugh so it'd be a honour for me to be a part of this world(once again).
Ahh my credentials u may ask, well to be honost i hav'nt done any chikanery in years(shame on me) but lately i hav been going out to clubs(slut hangouts) and finding it hard to resist that booty scratchin urge. Maybe u guys could rekindle my courage for the lost art of hornification.
I hav to ask all of u this question : When was ur first ever chikanfrotteurism(fiddling as i like to call it) experience and if u knew wot u were doing was chikan ? I only ask this question as i would like to get to know u all and its abit of pain to go through all the archives :P.
My first experience was back in '92' when i had jus started secondary school. I was only 11 years old at the time but my hormones had kicked in early, especially when i clocked my eyes on the 5th year girls(16 year olds) and it wasnt their faces that interested me. My gosh breasts on school girls wot the hell was going on(i was naive as fuk at the time). The school i to went was overly populated(3000 pupils) for the size of the building(4 foot wide corridors), and this is where the fun began for me. Girls with the fullest figures(woman like not fat) were my only targets becoz, for obvious reasons there was something to grab and i wasnt discreet either. For som reason i could get away with grabbing breast and ass (maybe coz i was 5 years their senior and cute ofcourse), but as the years went on the cuteness disappeared and i began to get out of hand. The girls in my year wernt upto to taking my shit and i would constantly get slapped for ass grabbing(my prefference) but there were a few girls who didnt mind having a laugh and then there was then there was The One.
This girl was the first girl i ever chikaned(i hav only recently learned that this is the word they associate with wot we do). Bus stops used to get packed by hundreds and hundreds of students eager to get home as soon as possible, and now that i was a 5th year i had no problems getting a seat on the bus. One day im last on and its a mighty battle to get to the bak of the bus(to where i may bully somone off a seat) so i decide to hang on at the front, un-noticed by me there is a very attractive girl standing in front of me(from my own year aswell),and shes not one of the sluts coz they all sit on the bak seat(smoking ofcourse) anyway shes only a few inches way from me(coz i need my space), in fact i hav no intentin of getting close to her even tho she has a very nice round ass(apple butt) pushing its way out of her 60% cotton 30% nylon Very short skirt. As it goes the bus is moving the crowd and all who stand at the front are jostling for a tassle to grab or a pole to hang onto(hehe), she is stuck in no-mans land attempting to balance with knowhere to hang onto so she decides to find a place with somwhere to lean on, she bullies her way past me unintentionally grinding her phat azz across my crocth. Instantly i feel a Hmmm that felt good in my pants reaction, never before hav i felt such a sensation on my penis(i've had erections before but none with the purpose and intent as the one i was about to hav). She had decided to stand right next to me but now she's facing away from me which caused me a problem as i was beggining to get hard down under, so without a second thought for prying eyes i turned to her back to rub my half born turtle against her pooty lil booty. I wasnt thinking straight coz if i had been i wouldav stopped right there and then by thinking of me and my 90 year old gran taking a naked bath together(again-dont ask). Hormones had overidin all senses and there was only one place on my mind yeah u guessed it "canyon bootyville". Rubbing wasnt enuff so i took the chance, slotted smoothly like hot dogg in a bum err bun i mean, anyway a 3 inch height differential made it easy no need to hunch or any other bullshit. I was now fully aroused but in her ass which made it even sweeter and i was rubbing no more, it was time for som pump action and boy did i go at her like a 2 year old pitbull with a nut sack full of power juice. The most fuked up thing was she didnt turn around once or even giv a hint of displeasure, to be honest i didnt care i was to busy jizzing in her ass now(romantic eh). i get home and the first thing i do is put my pants under the tap to rinse off the excess so mother doesnt ask questions of my school activities, and then throw them in the wash basket. I couldnt sleep all night wondering if she went home and told her parents some weirdo had jus butt hugged her all the way home and if her dad was some 7 foot giant who was gonna com into school the next day and kick the living shit out of me infront of my mates and the entire school, well no such luck.
School was the same the next day and so was the girl it was as if she didnt aknowledge wot i did yesterday(i was baffled), i decided to give the bus a miss that day(and the next 3 days). This wasnt the end however my story continued throughout the rest of the school year with the same girl and on the same bus(meaning i aint sat down on a bus for a long time).
This is the first time i have ever shared this life tale with anyone(not even my friends know of the sordid shit i hav done).
Suprise i met this same girl(butt hugger lover as i remember her as) only lastyear in a shopping mall with her 3 year old son, she decided to say Hi and strike up a conversation of how i was and about life in general, i didnt panick tho i felt as if we had som weird bond where i didnt need to fear her, and that she had no problem with the past(but i obviously did and it kept playing on my mind to say something but i couldnt as it may hav broken the ease of which we were socialising) so i bit my tongue, smiled and went on my way wondering wot the hell just happened, still im wondering wot the hell happened im sure its the same girl i butt hugged. Anyway thats a small taste of 1 girl i sodomised(for a whole year, now who can beat that?). Anyway if u enjoyed this i'll post more if not jus say so i dont really mind either way, im sharing this coz i happened to fall upon this site by chance, had no idea that this sexual affliction has being going on longer than i hav been around and that it has a name(lol), well i salute u all for ur brave endeavors(garryG ur one brave mofo) and to the man who took it on to himself to create a site for us all, respect Mr ayashi.

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